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新抚医院前列腺炎多少钱抚顺一院人民医院地址Now, I understand--I understand that we all know this has been a tough fight, but the Democratic Party is a family. And now its time to restore the ties that bind us together and to come together around the ideals we share, the values we cherish, and the country we love.如今,我明白了——我明白我们都知道这是一场艰苦的战斗,但是民主党是一个大家庭,现在是时候围绕我们共同的理想、我们抱有的价值观以及我们所爱的国家走到一起,齐心协力了。We may have started on separate journeys, but today our paths have merged. And were all heading toward the same destination, united and more y than ever to win in November and to turn our country around, because so much is at stake.我们也许来自不同的道路,但今天我们的路合并在了一起,我们朝同一个目的地进发、比以往任何时候都要团结和有准备,要在11月赢得总统竞选胜利,使我们的国家彻底不同,因为我们冒着这么大的风险。We all want economy that sustains the American dream, the opportunity to work hard and have that work rewarded, to save for college, a home and retirement, to afford that gas and those groceries, and still have a little left over at the end of the month, an economy that lifts all of our people and ensures that our prosperity is broadly distributed and shared.我们都想要一种经济,一种能够撑美国人梦想的经济,一种让我们有机会努力工作并从中得到回报,让我们在花钱上大学、买房子、交养老金、加汽油、添置生活用品之后,仍能在月末有一点剩余的钱的经济,一种能够振奋所有人的经济,并保广泛繁荣且为大家所分享的经济。We all want a health care system that is universal, high-quality and affordable-so that parents dont have to choose between care for themselves or their children or be stuck in dead-end jobs simply to keep their insurance.我们都想要一种健康医疗体系,一种普及的、高质量的、负担得起的健康医疗体系。这样,爸爸妈妈们不再需要在为自己还是孩子治病之间抉择或者为了交保险费而再陷入没有出路的工作而无法自拔。This isnt just an issue for me. It is a passion and a cause, and it is a fight I will continue until every single American is insured, no exceptions and no excuses.对于我来说,这不只是个问题,而是一种、一项事业、一场战斗,我将继续战斗,直到每一个美国人都得到保,没有例外,没有借口。 /201307/250001抚顺泌尿外科那个医院好 Im now very proud to be a part of Intervoice,身为“众声喧哗”的一员,我引以为荣!the organizational body of the International Hearing Voices Movement,它是国际听声组织的筹划单位an initiative inspired by the work of Professor Marius Romme and Dr. Sandra Escher,在Sandra Escher士和Marius Romme教授的著作启发下成立which locates voice hearing as a survival strategy, a sane reaction to insane circumstances,他们将“听到声音”视为一种生存策略,一种在异常情境下的合理反应not as an aberrant symptom of schizophrenia to be endured,不是旁人必须包容的精神分裂症状but a complex, significant and meaningful experience to be explored.反而是有待深入研究、复杂、重要且有意义的经验Together, we envisage and enact a society that understands and respects voice hearing,我们共同预见并推动能理解尊重“听声者”的社会环境supports the needs of individuals who hear voices, and which values them as full citizens.持他们的需求,把他们当享有权利的公民看待This type of society is not only possible, its aly on its way.这种社会不但可能且已逐渐形成To paraphrase Chavez, once social change begins, it cannot be reversed.用美国社会运动家Cesar Chavez的话说,社会变迁一旦开始便无法回头You cannot humiliate the person who feels pride.自重之人不会为人所羞辱You cannot oppress the people who are not afraid anymore.无所畏惧之人则不为人所压迫For me, the achievements of the Hearing Voices Movement对我来说,国际听声组织(IHVM)的成就are a reminder that empathy, fellowship, justice and respect are more than words;提醒世人同理心、友谊、正义和尊重胜过言语they are convictions and beliefs, and that beliefs can change the world.它们是坚定的信念。而信念可以改变世界In the last 20 years, the Hearing Voices Movement国际听声组织在过去20年has established hearing voices networks in 26 countries across five continents,已在5大洲的26国建立联系管道working together to promote dignity, solidarity and empowerment for individuals in mental distress,共同致力提升承受精神折磨者的尊严、团结和自立能力to create a new language and practice of hope,希望以此塑造希望的言词与实践which, at its very center, lies an unshakable belief in the power of the individual.其中的核心就是对个人能力坚定不疑的信念As Peter Levine has said, the human animal is a unique being美国心理医师Peter Levine说过,人类是很特别的生物endowed with an instinctual capacity to heal and the intellectual spirit to harness this innate capacity.与生俱来就有疗愈能力和运用此天赋的智慧In this respect, for members of society,因此,身为社会的一份子there is no greater honor or privilege than facilitating that process of healing for someone,最荣幸的事莫过于帮人自我疗愈to bear witness, to reach out a hand, to share the burden of someones suffering,见一切,伸出援手并分担苦痛and to hold the hope for their recovery.还要坚持人们康复的希望And likewise, for survivors of distress and adversity,同样地,我要对那些历尽磨难的人说that we remember we dont have to live our lives forever defined by the damaging things that have happened to us.我们知道经历过的那些伤害不会让我们的人生就这样下去We are unique. We are irreplaceable.我们是独一无二的What lies within us can never be truly colonized, contorted, or taken away.心灵无法被占据、扭曲或夺走The light never goes out.而光明永存As a very wonderful doctor once said to me,如同一位名医对我说过;Dont tell me what other people have told you about yourself. Tell me about you.;“不要跟我说别人对你的看法!我要听你怎么看待自己!”Thank you.谢谢!201603/428976抚顺市妇保医院网上咨询

抚顺哪家医院泌尿科最好Now, at the outset, I want to be very clear现在首先,我想澄清that this speech comes with no judgments.这个演讲不带有任何评判。I dont have the right answer.我也没有正确的;I dont even have it for myself.甚至就我而言,我也没有完全的。I left San Francisco, where I live, on Monday,在周一,我离开我生活的加利福尼亚,and I was getting on the plane for this conference.我坐上飞机赶赴这会议。And my daughter, whos three, when I dropped her off at preschool,当我送我三岁的女儿到幼儿园时,did that whole hugging-the-leg,她紧紧抱进我的腿,crying, ;Mommy, dont get on the plane; thing.哭喊着,“妈咪,不要上飞机”之类的话。This is hard. I feel guilty sometimes.这很难受。有时我感到内疚。I know no women,我知道whether theyre at home or whether theyre in the workforce,无论是家庭主妇,还是职业女性,who dont feel that sometimes.有时她们都会感同身受。So Im not saying that staying in the workforce所以我不会说对所有人来说,呆在职场is the right thing for everyone.是件正确的事。My talk today is about what the messages are今天我的演讲是要讲if you do want to stay in the workforce,如果你真正想呆在职场。and I think there are three.我想有3条建议。One, sit at the table.一,坐在桌旁。Two, make your partner a real partner.二,让你的伴侣成为一个真正的合作伙伴。And three, dont leave before you leave.三,在你离开前别放弃。Number one: sit at the table.第一,坐在桌旁。Just a couple weeks ago at Facebook,仅仅几周前在脸谱,we hosted a very senior government official,我们主持一个非常高级行政官员会议,and he came in to meet with senior execs他(马克·扎克伯格)与来自硅谷周围的高级行政官员from around Silicon Valley.一一见面。And everyone kind of sat at the table.每个人都坐在桌边。And then he had these two women who were traveling with him然后携同他的2个女性who were pretty senior in his department,在他部门中她们也占非常高的职位。and I kind of said to them, ;Sit at the table. Come on, sit at the table,;我对她们说,“坐在桌边。来吧,坐在桌边。”and they sat on the side of the room.她们坐在了屋子的一边。When I was in college my senior year,我在大四时,I took a course called European Intellectual History.我选修一节欧洲思想史的课程。Dont you love that kind of thing from college?你们喜爱大学的这类课程嘛。I wish I could do that now.我希望我现在能做到。And I took it with my roommate, Carrie,我和我室友卡丽一起学习,who was then a brilliant literary student --她那时是一个才华横溢的文学学生and went on to be a brilliant literary scholar --成为了一个杰出的文学家and my brother --我的弟弟smart guy, but a water-polo-playing pre-med,一个聪明的小伙子,但他爱打水球,他上医学预科who was a sophomore.大二。The three of us take this class together.我们三人一起选修这课。And then Carrie s all the books然后卡丽读了in the original Greek and Latin,所有希腊文和拉丁文的原版书籍--goes to all the lectures.去了所有的课--I all the books in English我读了所有英语的书and go to most of the lectures.上了大多数的课。My brother is kind of busy.我弟弟有点忙;He s one book of 12他读了12本书中的一本and goes to a couple of lectures,去上了几节课,marches himself up to our room在考试前几天他来到我们房间a couple days before the exam to get himself tutored.自己辅导了一下。The three of us go to the exam together, and we sit down.我们三个一起去考试了,我们坐下来。And we sit there for three hours --我们考了有3个小时and our little blue notebooks -- yes, Im that old.我们的小蓝笔记本,是的。And we walk out, and we look at each other, and we say, ;How did you do?;我们走出来,对视对方,我们说,“你考得怎样?”And Carrie says, ;Boy, I feel like I didnt really draw out the main point卡丽说,“伙计,我感到我真没有答对on the Hegelian dialectic.;有关黑格尔辩法的主要命题。”And I say, ;God, I really wish I had really connected我说,“上帝啊,我真希望我考试时能想到John Lockes theory of property with the philosophers who follow.;学习过的洛克的产权理论等哲学家。”And my brother says,我弟弟却说,;I got the top grade in the class.;“我会是班里考得最好的。”;You got the top grade in the class?“你会是班里考得最好的?You dont know anything.;你啥都不知道。”The problem with these stories这种故事的问题is that they show what the data shows:出在数据所表明的事实:women systematically underestimate their own abilities.女性被系统化地低估了她们自身的能力。201509/397288辽宁抚顺市人民医院地址查询 Now, think how much progress weve aly made.现在,想想我们已经取得了多大的进步。When we first started, people everywhere asked the same questions.当我们刚刚起步时,到处有人问我一个同样的问题:“Could a woman really serve as commander-in-clief?”“女人真的能够领导国家吗?”Well, I think we answered that one.那么现在,我想我已经回答了这个问题。Could an African-American really be our president? And Senator Obama has answered that one.“黑人可以成为美国总统吗?”奥巴马议员已经回答了这个问题。Together, Senator Obama and I achieved milestones essential to our progress as a nation, part of our perpetual duty to form a more perfect union.奥巴马议员和我一起建立了一块对于我们国家的进步到头重要的里程碑,这是我们永远的责任——造就一个更完美的国家的一部分。Now, on a personal note, when I was asked what it means to be a woman running for president, I always gave the same answer, that I was proud to be running as a woman, but I was running because I thought Id be the best president.这里,就我个人的观点,当被人问起成为竞选美国总统的女人意味着什么,我总是给他们同样的,我以我是一个竞选总统的女人为自豪。但我参加竞选是因为我曾想成为最棒的总统。But--but I am a woman and,like millions of women, I know there are still barriers and biases out there, often unconscious.但是,我是一个女人,像无数的女人一样,我知道那仍然有许多没想到的障碍和歧视。I want to build an America that respects and embraces the potential of every last one of us.我想建立一够尊重和包容我们每一个人的美国。201411/340439抚顺医院男科

抚顺前列腺肥大医院哪家好In late March 1996, soon after I had moved to Stanford for grad school, my Dad had difficultly breathing and was driven to the hospital. Two months later, he died. I was completely devastated. Many years later, after a startup, after falling in love, and after so many of lifes adventures, I found myself thinking about my Dad.1996年3月下旬,就在我到斯坦福上研究生不久,我爸爸呼吸出现困难,被送到了医院。两个月后,他去世了。我当时几近崩溃。许多年以后,在我重新振作后,在我谈恋爱后,在我体验了如此多的人生经历后,我发现自己总是想起父亲。Lucy and I were far away in a steaming hot village walking through narrow streets. There were wonderful friendly people everywhere, but it was a desperately poor place--people used the bathroom inside and it flowed out into the open gutter and straight into the river. We touched a boy with a limp leg, the result of paralysis from polio. Lucy and I were in rural India--one of the few places where Polio still exists. Polio is transmitted fecal to oral, usually through filthy water. Well, my Dad had Polio. He went on a trip to Tennessee in the first grade and he caught it. He was hospitalized for two months and had to be transported by military DC-3 back home--his first flight. My Dad wrote, ;Then, I had to stay in bed for over a year, before I started back to school.; That is actually e from his fifth grade autobiography.露西和我曾去过一个遥远的异常炎热的村庄。穿过狭窄的街道,到处都有非常友好的人,但那是一个一贫如洗的地方——人们使用的是室内卫生间,水流过露天的水沟,径直流进河里。我们抚摸着一个瘸腿的男孩,瘸腿的原因是得过小儿麻痹症。露西和我曾去过印度的农村——那里至今仍是小儿麻痹症存在的少数几个地方之一。小儿麻痹症是通过排泄物传播到口腔,通常是通过脏水。嗯,我的父亲有小儿麻痹症。是他在一年级时去田纳西州旅行时患此病的。他在医院治疗了两个月,是军用飞机DC-3把他送回家的——那是他第一次坐飞机。我的爸爸是这样写的:“那时,在我开始回到学校之前,我不得不呆在床上一年多。”这实际上是从他的五年级自传中引用的。 /201309/257083 Now I get to work in a job that I love, but I have always worked in a job that I loved. 我热爱我的工作,但是我从来如此,I loved it just as much when I thought it was a big deal or to make 1,000 bucks. 无论我在谈大生意,还是只赚1000美元的时候,我也爱我所做的亊情。I urge you to work in jobs that you love. 我希望你们也做自己喜欢的工作。I mean I think you are out of your mind if you take, keep taking jobs that you don’t like because you think it will look good on your on your resume. 如果你总是为了简历上好看些就不断跳槽,做你不喜欢的工作,我认为你一定是脑子进水了。I was with a fellow at Harvard the other day who was taking me over to talk.He was 28 and he was telling me all that he had done well in life, which was terrific. 我碰到过一个28岁的哈佛毕生,他告诉我他一直以来都做得不错。And then I said, “What will you do next?” 我问他:“下一步你 打算做些什么?”He said, “Well,maybe after I get my MBA, maybe I will go to work for a management consulting firm because it will look good on my resume.; 他说:“可 能读个MBA吧,然后去个管理咨询的大公司,简历上看着漂亮点。”I said, “Wait a minute. You are 28 and you have been doing all these things, you have a resume 10 times better than I have seen. 我说:;等一下, 你才28岁,你做了这么多亊情, 你的简历比我看到过的最好的还要强十倍,I think if you taken another job you dont like, isn’t it a little like saving up your sex for your old age?” 现在你要再找一个你不喜欢的工作,你不觉得这就好像把你的性生活省下来到晚年的时候再用吗? ”You know (what) I mean. 你们明白我什么意思。There comes a time when you ought to start doing what you (want). 是时候该去做自己喜欢的事情了。I think I got an important question. So you ought to take a job. When you get out of there, take a job that you love. 我想我有个重要的问题要说,你们应该做你们喜欢的工作,Don’t take a job that you know you think it will look good on your resume. Take a job you love. 应该选择那些你热爱的工作,而不是让你的简历看上去风光的工作。You may change it later on, but you will jump out of bed in the morning. 当然,你的爱好可能会有变化。(对那些你热爱的工作,)每天早上你是蹦着起床的。I mean when I got out of Columbia (the university), the first thing is I try to go to work for Graham immediately. I offered to go to work for nothing.当我从哥伦比亚大学毕业时,我恨不得马上就给格雷厄姆干活,无偿为他干。He thought I was over-priced. But I kept pestering him. 他认为我太高估自己了(所以他没有要我),但我总是不停地请求他。I went out to Omaha and I sold securities for three years and I kept writing him and getting him my own ideas and finally I went to work for him for a couple of years. 我去了奥马哈市, 卖了3年的券,期间从不间断地给他写信,聊我的想法, 最终他要了我,我在他那儿工作了几年。And it was a great experience. 那几年带给我的是非常有益的经验。But I always really worked in a job that I loved doing. 我总是做我热爱的工作。You should really take a job that if you were independently wealthy that you would to take, that is the job you would to take. 抛开经济因素,如果你单纯地喜欢做一项工作,那么那就是你应该做的工作。That’s the one you are going to have great confidence. You will learn something; you will be excited about it. 但是从中你会得到自信,你会学到很多东西,工作起来也会觉得有无穷的乐趣。And you can’t miss, you may go to do something later on, but you will get away more out of it and I don’t care what the starting salary is. 可能你将来会变,但是做你热爱的工作,你会从工作中得到很多很多。起薪的多少无足轻重。I don’t know how I got off on that. But there I am. 不知怎么,扯得远了些。So I do think that if you think you are going to be a lot happier, if you got 2x instead of an x. you are probably making a mistake. 总之,如果你认为得到两个X比得到一个让你更开心,你可能就要犯错了。I mean that you ought to find something you like and works with that. 重要的是发现生活的真谛,做你喜欢做的。You will get in trouble if you think making 10x or 20x will be answering everything in life 如果你认为得到10个或20个X是你一切生活的,那么你就有麻烦了:because then you will do things like borrow money when you should cut comers on things or your employers want you to cut corners on. 你想走捷径或者你的员工让你走捷径,那你就会做出借钱这类的事情。It just doesnt make any sense. You wont like it when you look back on it.这根本没有意义。多年以后,你会为你的所作所为而后悔。201309/254417抚顺市顺城区第二人民医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱抚顺曙光泌尿医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱



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