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2019年08月21日 15:02:17 | 作者:百家健康 | 来源:新华社
Ever wonder if growing facial hair has a purpose beyond making it easier to play ;Spot the Hipster; at trendy urban coffee houses? Apparently it does.觉得胡子除了作为装点时尚的元素再没有别的作用?很显然不是!While modern may might grow a beard to intimidate opposing batters, prehistoric men grew beards to keep warm, intimidate enemies and protect their faces from punches. Plus, ancient civilizations saw beards as a sign of honor, and women today — while admitting they find bearded men to be 67% as attractive as clean shaven men — consider guys with full facial hair to be more respected, powerful and of higher status.与现代人用胡须来恐吓对手相比,史前岁月中男性的胡须还有保暖和保护自己脸部免受拳头伤害的作用。另外在古代中胡须代表着荣誉和更高的社会地位,现代社会延续了这一点——虽然有67%的女性觉得大胡子男人一样很有吸引力,但是那些面皮白净的男性则更受尊敬,更强大,也更有社会地位。But not all see hirsute men in a positive way. According to research gathered by Online PhD, beards can predict whether you’re a badass or board room material, and can have people seeing you as less generous, caring and cheerful… and older. Another reason to fear the beard? Possibly.但是并不是所有的人都认为毛发浓密是好的。根据Online Phd收集的数据研究表明,通过胡须可以预测你是一个坏蛋还是一位董事会成员,同时还能分析出你别的方面:慷慨,小气和心情,当然更能据此猜测你的年龄。另一个担心胡子的理由?也许吧。 /201209/201831

Cholera in the Dominican Republic. Dengue fever in the Caribbean. Measles in Ukraine. Lee Tamplin圣布拉斯岛海滩多米尼加共和国的霍乱,加勒比海的登革热,乌克兰的麻疹。 With summer travel season here, so are new warnings about health hazards in many exotic destinations. Granted, I#39;m probably more paranoid than the average middle-aged traveler, having been a bone-marrow transplant patient with a weakened immune system. And my idea of adventure travel is anywhere without a Four Seasons hotel. But in developing countries-and even in many developed ones-many travelers over 50 face special concerns, especially if they have chronic health conditions or take medications such as steroids that suppress the immune system. 随着夏季旅游旺季的到来,也出现了许多新的有关国外目的地的健康危险警示。的确,作为一个做过骨髓移植、免疫系统减弱了的人,我可能比一般的中年旅行者更多疑。而且我所认为的冒险旅行是去一个没有四季酒店(Four Seasons)的地方。但在发展中国家,甚至在很多发达国家,许多50岁以上的旅行者的确面临着特殊的问题,尤其是如果他们有慢性病或用类固醇等抑制免疫系统的药物,问题就更大了。;We see a lot of people who, after retirement, want to take the trek of a lifetime in Nepal, but it isn#39;t the same as going to Kansas City, and a lot of them don#39;t realize this,; says Phyllis Kozarsky, an infectious-disease expert at Emory University and travel health consultant for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, both in Atlanta. Many popular areas lack basic medical care, let alone easy access to a local drugstore. 埃默里大学(Emory University)传染病研究专家、美国疾病控制和预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)旅行健康顾问科扎斯基(Phyllis Kozarsky)说,我们看到很多人在退休后想去尼泊尔徒步,但这跟去堪萨斯城可不一样,而他们很多人都意识不到这一点。埃默里大学和疾控中心均位于亚特兰大。很多热门地区都缺乏基本的医疗保健设施,更别说方便地在当地药店买到药了。See Your Doctor 看医生 Four to six weeks before foreign travel, it#39;s wise to visit a doctor for recommended vaccines and cautionary medications such as malaria pills and a prescription antibiotic in the event of a bad stomach bug. But it is also important to pack mosquito repellent and other precautions for outdoor activities in areas where malaria, yellow fever and other insect-borne diseases abound─and to stock up on other important items. 出国旅行前四到六周去看医生是明智的做法,询问医生应接种哪些疫苗,以及应该准备哪些预防药物,比如疟疾丸和用于治疗严重胃病的处方抗生素。但要是在疟疾、黄热病及其他昆虫传播疾病多发地进行户外活动,携带驱蚊剂及采取其他预防措施也同样重要,还应储备其他重要物品。 ;I walk through the aisles of my local pharmacy and carry the things I#39;d like to have with me in the event of a minor illness,; such as pain relievers and anti-diarrhea medication, says Dr. Kozarsky. 科扎斯基士说,我会去自己本地的药店转一转,拿些防治小病的药物,比如止痛药和抗腹泻药物。 The CDC travel health website has a regularly updated list of health risks and vaccination recommendations and requirements for specific countries. Some clinics use a software program, Travax, which tracks disease risk data. Paul McKinney, developer of the program and medical director of the travel clinic at the University of Louisville in Kentucky, says it also helps identify vaccine requirements for travelers who may be going from one foreign country to another. For example, travelers going to India from the U.S. don#39;t require a yellow-fever vaccination, but if they are first visiting countries where yellow fever is endemic, India may require them to be vaccinated. 疾控中心旅行健康网站列出了具体国家的健康风险和建议接种的疫苗及要求清单,并且会定期更新。有些诊所会用Travax软件程序,它能够跟踪疾病风险数据。该软件的开发者、肯塔基州路易斯维尔大学(University of Louisville in Kentucky)旅行诊所主任医师麦金尼(Paul McKinney)说,该软件还能帮助确认在国外不同国家间旅行者的疫苗要求。例如从美国到印度的旅行者不需要接种黄热病疫苗,但如果他们要先去黄热病多发的国家,印度可能会要求他们接种疫苗。Vaccine Risk 疫苗风险 Live vaccines such as the one for yellow fever can be risky for those over 60 or 65, Dr. McKinney warns, because of a higher likelihood of side effects. Patients taking steroids, which lower resistance to viral infection of any kind, are also less likely to have a good response to a vaccine. 麦金尼士警告说,黄热病疫苗等活疫苗对60或65岁以上的人会有危险,因为产生副作用的可能性较大。用类固醇的病人也可能对疫苗的反应不佳,因为类固醇会降低人体对各种形式病毒感染的抵抗力。It#39;s also important to be up-to-date on routine vaccinations such as flu and tetanus before leaving the U.S. A shingles vaccine for those over 65 can reduce the chance of being struck with a painful and debilitating case of the virus, which is related to childhood chickenpox. Measles are also a growing concern in Europe, Dr. Kozarsky says. If you#39;re unsure whether you had measles or a childhood vaccination for it, a blood test can determine if there are antibodies to the disease. 还有很重要的一点是,在离开美国前应接种最新的流感和破伤风等常规疫苗。65岁以上者接种带状疱疹疫苗能减少严重感染这种病毒的几率,这种病毒与儿时的水痘有关。科扎斯基士说,麻疹在欧洲也日益受到关注。如果你不确定自己是否得过麻疹或小时候接种过疫苗,那么血液化验可以判定你是否有麻疹抗体。Travelers also need to be careful about organisms that can penetrate the skin while swimming, or bacteria found in drinking water-as well as raw foods such as salad and fresh fruit. 旅行者还需要小心在游泳时能穿透皮肤的有机生物或饮用水中以及沙拉和新鲜水果等生食中发现的细菌。 In Case of Emergency… 万一遇到紧急情况……For the worst-case scenario, it is also a good idea to consider an emergency medical evacuation program. Before a trip to Russia last year, Marvin Freedman, a retired Justice Department investigator and avid world traveler, bought a membership from MedjetAssist, on the recommendations of some fellow travelers. He admits he was skeptical it could deliver as promised: evacuation to the hospital of his choosing for the 0 plan. 如果遇到最坏的情况,最好是考虑紧急医疗后送方案。去年前往俄国之前,热衷世界旅行的美国司法部退休调查员弗里德曼(Marvin Freedman)在一些同行者的建议下,购买了MedjetAssist的会员计划。他选择的是价格260美元的计划,保能在发生情况时将他护送到医院。他承认起初自己对其是否能实现承诺有所怀疑。While poking around historic towns in the Golden Ring area outside Moscow, Mr. Freedman picked up a bug that worsened by the time he got to St. Petersburg. Admitted to a hospital there, he was pumped full of antibiotics by doctors who diagnosed a bacterial infection. But he wasn#39;t getting better. After a few days he placed a call to MedjetAssist, where he was connected to doctors at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center who determined he needed to be brought home. 在游览莫斯科郊外金环地区(Golden Ring)的古镇时,弗里德曼感染了一种疾病,在他到圣彼得堡时病情开始恶化。他住进了当地的一所医院,医生诊断他是细菌感染,给他注射了抗生素。但他并没有好转。几天后,他打电话给MedjetAssist,联系上了匹兹堡大学医学中心(University of Pittsburgh Medical Center)的医生,他们认为他需要被送回美国。The next morning, a Lear Jet with a flight doctor and a nurse arrived to take him on the first leg of a long journey back to Wisconsin. Doctors there determined it was in fact a viral infection-which doesn#39;t respond to antibiotics-and discontinued the drugs. After making a full recovery, Mr. Freedman says he is undaunted from globe-trotting and aly has a journey to India in the planning stages. 第二天一早,一位航空医生和护士乘坐一架Lear喷气式飞机抵达,带他回到了威斯康星州。那里的医生认为这实际上是一种病毒感染,因此不会对抗生素产生反应,医生停用了之前的药物。完全恢复后,弗里德曼说自己对环球旅行的热情并没有受到打击,现在已经开始筹备印度之行了。 /201206/187908

导读:2011年3月4日,一年一度的“两会”又一次拉开帷幕。对于象牙塔中的大学生们来说,他们有哪些自己的想法和“提案”(proposal) 呢?专家对此又作何?What proposal would you put forward if you were a National People’s Congress (NPC) or Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) member representing your peers at college? Xu Jingxi invites college students to air their views. Wu Weishan, a CPPCC member and head of the Art Institute of the Chinese National Academy of Arts, gives his comments. 如果你是代表大学生的两会代表,你会提出什么样的提案呢?《21世纪英文报》记者许靖烯邀请了一些大学生来发表他们的看法。两会代表的中国艺术研究院美术研究所所长吴为山对学生们提出的看法进行了。Study学习Wang Shiyi, 20王世义(音译)20岁a senior in Slovakian at Beijing Foreign Studies University北京外国语大学斯洛伐克语专业大四学生We need to change the format in which the courses about politics, history and ethics are taught. No lecturing and paper tests. Students should do surveys, visit museums, take part in charity work and hand in reports for teachers to decide on their marks. 我们需要改变政治、历史和伦理学的授课方式。取消照本宣科和硬性考试。学生应该通过做调查,参观物馆,参加公益劳动,上交给老师的这些活动的报告,决定他们的成绩。Wu: It’s good to add outreach activities to courses in order to enhance students’ understanding. However, lecturing and paper tests are still necessary. Otherwise, students may lack a comprehensive idea of the course. It’s impossible for them to experience all the perspectives in outreach activities.吴为山:在课程中增加拓展活动,可以很好的增进学生对该学科的理解。不过授课和考试仍是必不可少的。否则,学生可能不会对这门课程有一个全面的理解。让学生们在拓展活动中在方方面面都得到锻炼,这是不可能的。 /201103/127941

Lounging on the New York subway with feet up on the seats was costly to lazy riders fined by the city last year, police said on Tuesday.警方本周二称,纽约地铁里那些把脚跷在座位上的懒散乘客去年都付出了惨重的代价。More than 7,000 riders on New York City subways were ticketed last year for putting feet on the seats or otherwise taking up too much space, under a law that makes bad manners a crime.根据一项将举止不佳列为罪行的法律,去年有超过七千名乘客在乘坐纽约地铁时因为将脚跷在座位上,或者因为占据了过多空间而遭到罚款。The offenses, which ranged from putting a bag on a seat to blocking a door to stretching out for a nap, carry fines, police said.警方称,将包放在座位上、挡住车厢出入口、躺下睡觉等犯罪行为都将被处以50美元罚款。In all, 7,373 riders were issued tickets in 2011 for being unable to confine themselves to a single seat. The law making such behavior illegal was passed seven years ago.共有7373名乘客在2011年因占用超过一个座位而被罚款。将这一行为规定为违法的法律条款在七年前就获得通过。While the crimes may seem benign, the New York Police Department said enforcement has made the subway safer.尽管罪行并不严重,但纽约警察局称执行这一规定使地铁变得更安全了。It is not unusual for police to find someone they have stopped for poor subway etiquette has an outstanding arrest warrant, said police spokesman Paul Browne.警方发言人保罗bull;布朗称,警察时常发现地铁中被拦下的举止不佳的乘客是重要的通缉犯。;One of the reasons that crime in the subways has plummeted from almost 50 felony crimes a day in 1990 to only seven now is because the NYPD enforces violations large and small,; he said in an email.他在一封电邮中说:;地铁犯罪的发生率从1990年的每天五十起重案直降到今年的每天七起,其中一个重要原因就是纽约警察局与大大小小的违规行为作斗争。;Police often encounter ;armed or wanted felons who were initially engaged in relatively minor offenses, like putting their feet up, smoking, walking or riding between cars, or fare beating,; he said.他说,警方经常遇到;武装重犯或被通缉的重犯,他们最初犯的只是一些比较轻微的罪行,比如在地铁里把脚跷起来,吸烟,在车厢间走来走去或者骑车,还有逃票。;词汇点津:arrest warrant: 逮捕fare beating: 逃票 /201201/167940

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