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新疆医大第一附属医院治疗狐臭多少钱克拉玛依市黑脸娃娃多少钱Repeat after me: “I promise…”请跟着我说:“我愿意......”“I will accept everything I am, and everything I am not.”“我愿意接受全部的自己,无论好坏。”Self-worth comes from one thing: thinking that you are worthy. So be confident. Too many days are wasted comparing ourselves to others and wishing to be something we aren’t. Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses, and it is only when you accept everything you are, and aren’t, that you will truly find happiness and success.自我价值来源于对自我的认可。所以自信一点吧。太多时候,我们都把时间浪费在了与他人的比较之上以及期许自己成为另外的样子。每个人都有自己的优缺点,只有当你接受全部的自己,无论好坏,你才能真正地找到快乐与成功。“I will appreciate others for who they are.”“我愿意欣赏他人最真实的一面。”Sometimes the way you think about a person isn’t the way they are. On the outside, maybe they laugh, and maybe they cry; but you would be surprised at everything they keep deep inside. So pay close attention, and love the people you care about for who they are, and not for who you want them to be. In the long run, this is how you will get the best of them.有时候你觉得别人是什么样子的,不代表他们就是你所想的那样。从外表看起来,他们可能欢笑,也可能流泪,但你要为发现他们内在的真实而感到惊奇。所以,仔细观察你在乎和你爱的人,只因为他们原本的样子,而不是你希望他们成为的样子。长远来看,只有这样你才能发现他们最好的一面。“I will speak kindly and consciously to others.”“我愿意心平气和地与人交谈。”Open your mind before you open your mouth. Don’t mix bad words with a bad mood. Just be calm and deal with your emotions. You’ll have many opportunities to change your mood, but you’ll have an extremely tough time recovering the words you have spoken.三思而后行。不要因为心情不好而口出恶言。冷静下来,好好处理一下自己的情绪。你有很多机会可以调整自己的心情,但是一旦说话伤到了别人,就很难再恢复你们之间的关系了。“I will stop trying to control everything.”“我愿意停止想要掌控一切的想法。”You can’t control everything in your life no matter how many safeguards you put into place. But thankfully, you don’t have to control everything to find peace and happiness. It lives with you always, deep within. More than getting into the nuances of control itself, you should be more interested in encouraging yourself to commit to giving it up, on purpose. See what happens when you loosen your grip, throw your hands into the air, and allow life to just happen and flow as it does, without constant micromanagement.无论你为自己设置多少重保护,你都无法掌控一切。幸运的是,你不需要掌控一切,依然可以找到快乐与宁静,它们就存在于你内心深处,时刻与你相随。与其为了控制一切而忧心忡忡,不如有意识地鼓励自己学会放手。当你松开你的掌心,让生活顺其自然,不再施加任何的控制时,看看生活会发生什么变化。“I will appreciate the beauty of small moments.”“我愿意欣赏从小处散发出来的美。”Positive minds live positive lives. There is always, always something to be thankful for and something to smile about. The happiest people are not those who get everything they want; they are those who, while in pursuit of worthy goals, notice and appreciate the beauty and sweetness of everyday moments.乐观的人会有乐观的心态。生活中总是会有东西值得你去感激,去微笑面对。世上最快乐的人不是那些得到了一切想要的东西的人,而是那些在追寻自己的目标的过程中,能够发现并欣赏每一个小细节中所散发出的美好。“I will do what I think is right.”“我愿意做我认为正确的事情。”What comes easy won’t always last, and what will last won’t always come easy. So do the right things, not the easy things. Whatever comes your way, whatever battle is raging inside you, you always have a choice. In the end, it’s the choices you make that make you who you are. And no matter what, you can always choose to do the right thing.容易得到的东西不会长久,能够长久的东西不容易得到。所以,做正确的事不是一件容易的的事。无论你遇到什么,无论你的内心有多挣扎,你总能做出一个选择。最终,是你的选择成就了你是什么样的人。事实是,无论怎样,你总能选择去做正确的事。“I will grow from my challenges.”“我愿意从挑战中成长。”You can be stunned, awakened, and changed by what happens to you, but choose to grow from it, and refuse to be reduced by it. Repeat after me: “I am determined to live a happy life no matter my challenges. I will turn all my tales of fury into tales of glory. I will turn all of my tales of woe into tales of WOW!”在面对挑战时,你也许会被吓到,会受刺激,会做出改变,但你应该从挑战中成长,而不是被挑战所打败。跟着我说,“无论我面对的挑战是什么,我都要幸福地生活。我会把所有的愤怒转变为荣耀,让所有的敌人为我惊叹!”“I will realize and use my power.”“我愿意发现并施展我的才能。”The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any. In a world filled with doubt, you must dare to dream. In a world filled with anger, you must dare to forgive. In a world filled with hate, you must dare to love. In a world filled with distrust, you must dare to believe. And once you do, you will find that power you once thought you lacked.很多情况下,人们放弃自己的才能是因为觉得自己没有才能。在这个满是怀疑的世界中,你必须敢于梦想;在这个满是愤怒的世界中,你必须敢于原谅;在这个满是仇恨的世界中,你必须敢于去爱;在这个满是失信的世界中,你必须敢于相信。一旦你这么做了,你就会找到原本你认为自己不具有的才能。“I will follow the path my heart longs to take.”“我愿意听从自己的心声走下去。”Life is too short to live with regrets. So love the things that make you smile, let go of the things that make you cry, and believe that everything happens for a reason. Follow the path that your heart longs to take; it’s your time to shine. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. You are far from what you once were, but not yet who you are going to be.人生苦短,岂能留憾?去爱那些能让你微笑的事物,放弃那些会让你哭泣的东西,相信世间万物的发生都有其原因。追随心之所向,这是你的闪耀时光。如果机会降临到你面前,抓住它。如果它会改变你的生活,那就顺其自然。你已经不是过去的自己了,未来的路还得由你自己来走。 /201301/218169乌鲁木齐隆鼻后遗症 这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:以前自己是住顶楼,对自己楼上,除了楼顶外,没有其他的概念;现在,很多、很多、很多时候,会“被提醒”自己楼上的的确确是住着人呢!译者:koogleMen found it twice as hard to guess a woman’s mood than a man’s after being shown pictures of people’s eyes and estimating how they were feeling, researchers found.研究人员让男性通过看照片中人的眼神来猜测他们的心思,结果发现,男性觉得猜女性的心思要比男性的难猜得多。However, the study showed that it is not because of men’s lack of trying - the male volunteers were given brain scans while they looked at the pictures, and the data suggested an unusual reason for the difficulty in ing women’s feelings.而且研究表明,之所以会这样并不是因为男人懒得去猜——通过对男性志愿者看照片时的大脑扫描发现,男性确实很难猜透女性的心思。When looking at male eyes, men related what they saw to themselves, with the parts of their brains linked to past thoughts and feelings lighting up, the Daily Mail reported.据《每日邮报》报道,志愿者在看男性的眼睛时,往往会联想到自己,大脑中相关过去的想法与情绪会随之调动起来。The study suggested that they understood what other men felt by remembering similar moments in their own lives, and then used them to evaluate the image, the researchers said.研究人员说,研究显示,通过联想自己类似的生活经历,男性能够理解同性的感受,并对照片中的人作出猜测。But when they looked at female eyes, the men were baffled, as their brains searched for memories of when they had seen another woman who looked similar to the image, and meant men found it harder to empathise with women’s feelings.但当他们看女性的眼神时,却变得摸不着头脑,大脑不断搜寻自己看过的其他类似女性神情,自然,这样男性就很难在情绪上跟女性产生共鸣。The scientists found that the amygdala, a part of the brain believed to be important for empathy with others, showed more activity when men looked at a man, rather than a woman.科学家还发现,人脑中的杏仁体对情感共鸣起着重要作用。因此,当男性观察男性时,这部分会很活跃;如果是观察女性则不会。The researchers, from the LWL University Hospital in Bochum, western Germany, said the male ability to decipher a woman#39;s thoughts from her expression relates to earlier periods of history when being able to tell what another man was thinking – and whether he posed a threat – was much more important.在德国波鸿市的LWL大学医院,研究人员发现,男性从表情揣女性心思的能力较差也和早期历史有关,对于那时候的男性们来说,能够猜到同性的想法进而判断他是否构成威胁,是更为重要的生存能力。Commenting on the results of the study, published in journal PLoS ONE, the researchers said: “As men were more involved in hunting and territory fights, it would have been important for them to be able to predict and foresee the intentions and actions of their male rivals.”研究人员说道:“因为男性更多从事狩猎和领土争夺 ,因此对他们而言,猜测并预计男性对手的动机和行动就显得非常重要。” 此项调查的结果已经发表在了《PLoS ONE》期刊上。 /201304/236558喀什市治疗狐臭多少钱

乌鲁木齐整形美容医院光子嫩肤好吗I was just thinking the other day: Everyone I know in the country is weird. At least for my town, which has no stoplights and one main intersection, we are a little strange, I think. We don#39;t get out much. We think running across the freeway is a thrill. I grew up playing in mud with frogs and snakes. Is that weird?某天我在思索:我在乡村认识的每个人都很怪异。至少在我的镇上——那个没有红绿灯、没有一个主要交通枢纽的镇上,我认为我们都是有些奇怪的。我们不常出门,连穿越高速公路都让我们觉得激动人心。我是玩着泥巴、看着青蛙和蛇长大的,这样的我是不是很奇怪呢?I feel like my friends and I have had a somewhat difficult time in mixing with others. I almost feel like if I had lived in the city, I might understand more about other types of people (as I#39;ve said before, I am the only Asian in my town, along with my brother) and how they think and interact. I feel at times that I am behind on a lot of things, including how to be cool.我在与人交往时经历了一段艰难的时期,我(乡村)的朋友们也有这样的感受。我都快要觉得如果自己曾在城市生活的话,或许就能更好地理解其它类型的人(之前也提到过,我和我哥哥是我们镇上唯一的亚洲人),理解人们的所思所想以及交往方式。我常常会觉得我对大家习以为常的很多事情都不了解,包括如何扮酷。I feel fortunate at the same time that I have grown up in a rural area. I would never trade in my memories of playing in a stream, climbing trees galore, swimming in the river, and hiking up hills for a breathtaking view... all within a half mile from my house. I sometimes feel sorry for my friends who were surrounded by asphalt, concrete, and power lines.另一方面,我又觉得在乡村长大是一件很幸运的事。说什么我也不会换走我儿时的记忆,那些溪中游戏、攀爬大树、河里游泳、登高望远的美好时光。这些“游乐场所”统统都在离我家不到半英里的地方。有时我会为我那些被沥青、水泥和电线包围长大的朋友们感到悲哀。I also think city life is much less healthy, what with all the waves radiating from wireless items like cell phones and Bluetooth, smog, gross water (tap water in the country is so much better than city tap, I can#39;t even explain the difference), garbage... the country is so CLEAN. The sky is so expansive and the hills so extensive that I couldn#39;t imagine such a thing as disease. The only people I know in my hometown with sicknesses smoke, color their hair, and eat too much aspartame. The people who grow their own vegetables and sit outside during the evenings are pretty healthy, as far as I can see.我也认为城市生活没有乡村生活健康,城市里充满了手机、蓝牙之类的无线设备放射出的微波辐射,还有烟雾、劣质的水(城市里面水龙头里流出来的水也比乡村差太多,我都不知道要怎么描述它们的天壤之别了)、各种垃圾……相比之下乡村是如此干净。天空辽阔,山丘绵延,我不能想象在这里会有“疾病”这种东西存在。我所知道的镇上仅有的几个病人都是因为抽烟、染发、或者吃了太多的阿斯巴甜(属于一种代糖,经常使用在低糖饮料当中)。就我看到的而言,那些自己种菜自己吃、傍晚坐在屋外乘凉的人都很健康。Work may be more difficult if you live in the country - things get pretty dirty, and there#39;s probably more yardwork (we have a big yard with bushes and trees and roses and more). You also have to look out for mountain lions and coyotes where I live... though I guess you have to battle traffic and other such things in the city.生活在乡村,工作或许会更艰难——有更多的农活,容易把自己搞得一身脏(我们有一个大院子,有灌木、树林、玫瑰花等等)。在我住的地方,你还需要小心山上的狮子和土狼……不过我想在城市生活的你也是需要同交通拥挤之类的事情搏斗。There are so few people in the country, you can#39;t help but get together sometimes, and we are so close to our neighbors - even our city neighbors with weekend homes - that it#39;s hard to believe.乡村里人口非常稀少,所以你时常忍不住要同人聚聚,邻里之间亲密无比。也许你很难相信,我们同那些在这里买了房、为了周末来度假的城里人都很亲密。There are some fascinating structures in Urbania - beautiful buildings, great shows and parades, and breathtaking lights and signs. I envy the diversity as well, in every aspect from ethnicity and culture, sexual orientation, political views, and more. It#39;s also nice how much people have in common where I live, though.在乌尔班纳(这样的城市里)有很多迷人的建筑——美丽的楼房、精的展览、热闹的游行、还有炫目的灯光和告示牌。我也嫉妒城市文化的丰富多,从种族、文化、性取向、政治观点、到其他各个方面。不过我们那里人的世界观有很多相同之处,这样也很好。(乌尔班纳:美国伊利诺伊州城市名)I do like that I can set my own pace while living in the country. In the city, it seems like you#39;re on a zillion schedules, and you have to depend on traffic, coworkers, prices... city life is too fast sometimes, but that can be exciting in a good way, too.在乡村我可以跟着自己的节奏走,我很喜欢这一点。在城市,人们似乎有数不清的事情要做,而且还得看交通状况、同事关系、价格涨跌等等因素的脸色来生活。有时候,城市生活的节奏太快;不过这样也很刺激,也有好的一面。There are pros and cons of city and country life. Please tell me some of your own benefits and/or disadvantages you may know of!在城市生活和在乡村生活各有各的优缺点。请告诉我你认为它们各有哪些好处或坏处吧。 /201211/208618乌鲁木齐整形美容医院激光除皱多少钱 新疆省第一人民医院吸脂手术多少钱

乌鲁木齐县做隆鼻多少钱Science and Technology Prevention of cancer Wonder drug科技 预防癌症 特效药Aspirin continues to amaze阿司匹林让人吃惊的另一面FOR thousands of years aspirin has been humanity#39;s wonder drug.几千年来,阿司匹林就一直是人类的特效药。Extracts from the willow tree have been used for pain relief in folk medicine since the time of the ancient Greeks.从古希腊开始,在民间医药中,人们就用柳树的萃取物缓解疼痛。By 1897 a synthetic derivative (acetyl salicylic acid) of the plant#39;s active ingredient (salicin) was created. This allowed aspirin to become the most widely used medicine in the world.1897年,这种植物中的有效成分的人工合成衍生物诞生了,于是阿司匹林变成了世界上应用最广泛的药品。In recent years its benefits as a blood-thinning drug have led to it being prescribed in low doses of around 50mg to reduce deaths from stroke and heart attack.最近几年,由于阿司匹林的防血凝功能,在用其治疗中风和心脏病的时候,剂量很小,维持在50mg的水平左右。There were also hints that aspirin may help prevent some cancers.也有迹象表明阿司匹林可以帮助预防一些癌症。But these were mostly based on observational studies, which can be misleading.不过这些结论大多都是在观察研究的基础上的,因而有可能产生误导。The gold standard of scientific evidence is the randomised controlled trial, preferably one with a lot of people and held over a long time.国际上科学据的标准是由随机对照实验得出的结果,尤其是那些有很多人参与又经过很长时间的实验。The results of just such a trial, published in the Lancet, suggest that aspirin is indeed an astonishing drug.而就是这样一份发表在《柳叶刀》上的论文表示阿司匹林的确是一种让人吃惊的药物。Peter Rothwell at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford and his colleagues looked at deaths due to cancers during and after randomised trials of daily aspirin.来自牛津的约翰·拉德克里夫医院的彼得·罗思韦尔(Peter Rothwell)和他的同事们研究了在每日用阿司匹林的随机对照实验期间或者之后因癌症而死亡的病例。The trials had actually been started to look at how useful aspirin was for preventing heart attacks and strokes. Nevertheless, the data from the 25,570 patients enrolled in eight trials was also revealing about cancer.这一实验本是为了研究阿司匹林在防止心脏病和中风方面的疗效的,然而八项试验25570名患者的数据也揭示了阿司匹林对于癌症的疗效。In trials lasting between four and eight years, the patients who had been given aspirin were 21% less likely to die from cancer than those who had been given a placebo.在那些历时4到8年之间的实验中,用阿司匹林的患者因癌症而死亡的概率比那些用安慰剂的患者小了21%。These results were based on 674 cancer deaths, so are unlikely to represent the kind of statistical oddity that can beset studies on cancer risks that sometimes create headlines.这些结果是在674例癌症死亡病例的基础上得出的,所以不大可能是所谓的统计学上的例外。对癌症风险的研究会因这种例外而受挫,有时甚至会闹成大新闻。The benefits of aspirin were also apparent many years after the trials had ended.试验结束后的很多年后,阿司匹林的效果也仍旧明显。After five years, death rates for all cancers fell by 35% and for gastrointestinal cancers by 54%.五年后,所有癌症的死亡率下降了35%,而胃肠道癌症的死亡率则下降了54%。A long-term follow-up of patients showed that the 20-year risk of cancer death remained 20% lower in those who had taken aspirin.一项长期的病情跟踪报告显示,那些用阿司匹林的患者的20年内的癌症死亡风险比那些不用的低了20%。The study revealed that the effect takes time to accrue, so aspirin must be taken over a long period.这项研究揭示了阿司匹林的效果是随着时间而递增的,所以必须长期用才行。The latent period for improving oesophageal, pancreatic, brain and lung cancer was about five years of aspirin taking on a daily basis.For stomach and colorectal cancer the effects took ten years and for prostate cancer about 15 years.每日用阿司匹林对改善食管癌,胰腺癌,脑癌和肺癌的潜伏期为5年,对胃癌和结直肠癌则要花10年才能起作用,而前列腺癌则要15年。The means by which aspirin prevents cancer is not well understood.这意味着目前还不清楚阿司匹林到底是怎么预防癌症的。It is believed that it inhibits an enzyme that promotes cell proliferation in tumours.研究人员认为阿司匹林阻碍了一种在肿瘤内部促进细胞增殖的酶的活动。The researchers also found that small daily doses of aspirin were enough, and that taking more than 75mg conferred no additional benefits.研究者还发现,每天用小剂量的阿司匹林就已足够,剂量超过75mg后不会再增加效果。Those starting on aspirin in their late 40s or 50s benefit most.那些从四五十岁末就开始用阿司匹林的人得到的效果最好。Current guidelines on using aspirin for reducing the chances of a stroke or heart attack rightly warn of the small risk of ulcers and of dangerous bleeding in the stomach.目前在用阿司匹林治疗中风或者心脏病时,用药说明上会明确提醒有可能出现溃疡和危险性胃出血。These guidelines will probably have to be revised given the new findings.而鉴于这些新发现,这些说明很可能将要被修改了。However, it remains unlikely that popping aspirin will be recommended for everyone like a vitamin supplement.不过阿司匹林泡腾片不大可能像维生素补充剂一样被推广至每一个人。Aspirin is a highly cost-effective treatment: taking it for five to ten years easily beats initiatives to screen for breast and prostate cancers.用阿司匹林是一种非常划算的治疗:只要吃五到十年,就能打败那些让你做乳腺癌或者前列腺癌扫描的建议。To put it another way, ask yourself what a pharmaceuticals firm might charge for a drug that would reduce the chance of death by cancer by 20%—and then note that 100 days#39; supply of low-dose aspirin can cost less than a dollar.换种说法,问问你自己,什么样的医药公司在看到100天的小剂量阿司匹林供应量还值不到一美元时,会对这种能够减少20%癌症死亡几率的药品开价呢?By anyone#39;s measure, that is a bargain.不管按照哪一方的标准,这都是一笔非常划算的交易。 /201301/220729 Each one of us has some risk for becoming depressed. For some the chance might be remote, while for others it can be almost inevitable。我们每个人都有一定程度的抑郁风险。对于有些人来说,机会很小;对于另一些人来说几乎不可避免。We all have our own vulnerabilities for depression, based on our life experiences, health conditions, substance use, and genetic predisposition. A person#39;s risk for becoming depressed at some point in his or her life ranges from low to high, based upon the interaction of all of these factors。对于抑郁,我们都有各自的薄弱点,这些可能和人生经历、健康情况、物质滥用和遗传易感性有关。在这些因素的共同作用下,一个人一生中的抑郁风险有高有低。A good general way to think of the factors that lead to depression is with the two-hit hypothesis. This model suggests that people become depressed when the effects of their genetic composition—which itself puts them somewhere on a scale of low-to-high likelihood of eventually developing depression—combine with stressful life experiences。采取“两步假设法”可以从宏观上了解这些因素是怎样导致抑郁的。这个模式认为,在基因组成(其本身也对产生抑郁影响有高低之分)和充满压力的生活的共同作用下,人们就抑郁了。Even those individuals with a low genetic tendency for depression can become depressed when they experience extreme stress. On the other hand, people with strong genetic predispositions may become depressed without experiencing much stress. Naturally, the people with both high stress and strong genetic predispositions are the most likely to have a depressive disorder。即便一个人抑郁的遗传倾向程度低,但是处于极度压力下的时候,这人也会抑郁;同样,抑郁的遗传倾向程度高的那些人,即使没处于压力环境中,也可能抑郁。自然地,那些高压力、高(遗传)基因易感性的人患抑郁症的可能性最大。While the two-hit hypothesis is useful conceptually, making predictions for particular individuals is still a challenge. For example, because of their psychological characteristics, people respond to stress in different ways. Plus, the genetics of depression is not as simple as something like eye color。虽然这“两步假设法”理论上行得通,可是要预测特定个体,依然是一个挑战。例如,心理特征不同的人对压力的反应不同。另外,抑郁的基因可不像决定眼睛颜色的基因那么简单。What stressful conditions might contribute to someone developing depression?有哪些充满压力的环境能让人们抑郁呢?emotional or physical abuse, especially when it continues over long periods身心虐待,尤其是长期的sexual abuse性虐待emotional and physical neglect情绪或身体被忽视chaotic home environment混乱的家庭环境chronic illnesses, especially during childhood慢性疾病,尤其是在儿童时期substance abuse, including alcoholism物质滥用,包括酗酒chronic insomnia and sleep deprivation长期失眠和睡眠剥夺How can stress early in life affect mood and brain functioning later on? There are several theoretical possibilities. One is that stress hormones influence the development of key areas of the brain related to mood and emotions。人生早期的压力对随后的情绪、大脑运作有何影响?有一些理论对此进行了解释。其中一个理论认为压力荷尔蒙会影响和情绪、情感有关的关键大脑区域的发育。Is there a depression gene?有一种“抑郁基因;吗?The genetics of depression are complex and not yet fully understood. A single depression gene locus has not been found; rather, several sections of the genome have been identified that are associated with a higher probability of having depression。有关抑郁的基因研究很复杂,还没有被人们完全了解。尚未找到一个单一的抑郁基因位点;不过,已经发现一些基因组,它们和较易导致抑郁You are at higher risk for depression if ...下面的情况出现时,出现抑郁的风险更大....you have had significant difficulty due to depression in the past抑郁曾为你带来巨大的困扰depression runs in your family, especially in close blood relatives有抑郁家史,尤其是近亲中you have been exposed to chronic stressful circumstances长期处于压力大的环境中If you think that you are at high risk for depression, you should be alert for early signs of any symptoms of a mood disorder and you should then talk with your mental health specialist about possible treatments. Early treatment can have both short- and long-term benefits。如果你认为自己是以为高抑郁风险者,那么对任何情绪紊乱的早期症状都要警觉,和心理健康专家探讨如何治疗。及早治疗会带来短期和长期的好处。Of course, if you aly have severe depressive symptoms, then seek help right away. If you are feeling suicidal, talk with someone about it immediately and consult your doctor, or else get to an emergency room fast。当然,如果你已经有严重的抑郁症状,那么应寻求正确的帮助。如果你感到有自杀倾向,立刻和某个人说一说,咨询你的医生,或迅速前往急诊室。Consider, too, the risks of your family and friends. You might play an important role in helping them get early treatment to prevent worse symptoms in the future。同样,要考虑家人和朋友的抑郁风险。在帮助他们及早治疗、预防恶化的过程中,你可能会起到重要的作用。 /201304/235561新疆生产建设兵团总医院祛疤多少钱乌鲁木齐哪家医院修复疤痕效果好



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