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哈密手臂激光脱毛多少钱吐鲁番去蝴蝶斑多少钱新疆维吾尔医医院做双眼皮开眼角多少钱 使你的网站在周末拥有更多流量的七种简易方法Web traffic for most websites drop during the weekend because less people are using the internet to look for information or checking their favorite websites for new content.This is a natural and inevitable occurrence and a corresponding dip in traffic figures or sales is nothing to be alarmed about.Jay Wilson recently asked if I had any recommendations to stop traffic from reducing during the weekends and as a matter of fact, I do have some suggestions that might work, although they will require some effort on your part.Getting traffic to your site during the weekends is no different from methods commonly used to increase visitors to your site during the weekdays. The key is to focus on hitting defensible traffic sources for referral traffic, since these are factors which you can control to a certain extent (as opposed to organic search traffic).Seven Easy Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Site on the WeekendYour goal is to target websites with regular traffic flows and large numbers of users and make them referral sources which will send visitors to your website. Naturally, you should try to focus on getting targeted traffic whenever possible.These short-term strategies will allow you to get traffic very soon after you implement them. They will not only reduce your weekend traffic dip but may get you even more traffic to your website than the weekdays.I have omitted other long term traffic building methods like building a community, product development, joint ventures or affiliate programs because they are not something you can easily implement for immediate results.1. Network within Social Communities. This includes posting and interacting with other people on relevant forums, social networks like Facebook, news sites like Digg/Reddit as well as blog sites like Blogcatalog or MyBloglog. There will always been people on crowded online communities and you will always get some visitors if you plug your site discreetly in the right places.2. Create a Weekend Link Bait. Establish the habit of creating and promoting a weekend Link Bait on popular social websites like Digg, Reddit, del.icio.us or StumbleUpon. This is by the far the easiest and most powerful way to get traffic to your site during the weekends.Social news sites usually get less news during the weekend, and it is likely that your bait will be more successful during this time.3. Comment on Blogs. While many blogs don’t update during the weekend, you can still comment on the ones that do. Focus on those with more traffic and try to be the first few to leave a comment. Make your comment relevant and you’re likely to receive some visitors from others who visit the same blog.4. Email Pitch Your Website. Write an email to bloggers within your niche to promote your website, business or best article for last week. Give away a product or offer premium access for selected publishers in return for a mention.Some blogs like Daily Blog Tips have a habit of doing weekend speed-linking. Pitch your site to these blogs and you’ll get some traffic if you get a link.5. Try Blog Traffic Exchanges. Blog traffic exchanges are tools which allow you to get traffic by visiting other blogs. They are more useful for newer blogs and as they require more time and effort on your part, I suggest using them strategically to find new blogs within your niche as well.6. Use Paid Advertising. This involves spending money on paid advertising in order to get traffic to your website. Pay per click advertising and social media advertising on sites like StumbleUpon can bring in traffic on the weekends. The benefit of this method is that you don’t have to do any work whatsoever.7. Publish During the Weekend. Publishing during the weekend will get you some traffic, especially if you have many feed subscribers as some of them will visit your site to the full article or comments. Smaller sites can also benefit as new content will bring in a small amount of long tail search traffic.Future publish your post during the weekend so you don’t have to sit down in front of the computer to write. Asking a question is sometimes the quickest way to put out an extra blog post.The downside of all of these methods (with the exception of paid advertising) is the time-investment. Do you really want to spend time in front of the computer on the weekend? The amount of time needed for these tasks will vary and perhaps it would be better to alternate them each weekend to lessen the workload.Another way to deal with this would be to get someone to help promote your site for the weekend instead of doing it yourself. Learning how to oursource marketing is important, even for amateur webmasters or bloggers because they can really help your website to grow much faster.If you have the time and interest, try implementing some of the tactics listed in this article. I’ll love to hear if it helps you to get more visitors this weekend. 由于几乎没有人会在周末利用网络搜索查找信息或者去查看他们感兴趣的网站是否更新,所以每当周末,大多数的网站流量都会有所下降。这一现象是正常且普遍存在的,所以无论是流量测量及出售者都习以为常。然而最近Jay Wilson问到了我关于如何防止流量在周末下降的问题,事实上,对此我的确有点见解,不过这可能需要大家付出些努力。吸引访客在周末浏览你的网站所需要的做的工作总体来说和平时无二,关键在于要将推广重点集中在那些有流量来源保的站点上以为你自己带来流量,这些流量来源相对于搜索引擎来说其推广广度是可以控制的。七种为你的网站在周末带来更多流量的方法你的主要目标是那些有固定流量以及大量用户的网站,以这些网站为中介,为你的站点带来访客。当然,如果可以的话,你应该尽可能以与你相关的网站为目标。这种短期策略将在你执行后不久便为你带来实际流量。这将不仅仅作用于周末的流量同时也能为你在平常的日子也带去更多流量。在此,我会略去的一些长期的流量策略如:建立社区、开发产品、参与合作或建立分等一些你无法立刻看到效果的方法。1.社会化网络群体在一些网站发布文章并和别人互动交流,比如facebook这样的社区论坛或社会化网络站,又比如类似Digg这样的新闻站,当然还有各种各样的客站。这些站点永远会有大量的在线用户,你只要选对符合你需要的网站参与进去便可以得到源源不断地访问者。2.建立一个周末链接诱饵(Linkbaiting)拥有在流行的社会化网站(如Digg,Reddit,del.icio.us,StumbleUpon等)上投放周末链接诱饵的习惯。这是一个使网站在周末拥有流量最容易最有效的方法。社会新闻网站在周末几乎得不到新闻,在此时投放诱饵往往容易获得成功。3.客尽管多数客在周末不会更新,但是你依然可以。对那些流量大的客做出,且尽可能第一个做出。作出中肯的可以为你带来浏览了同样客的访客。4.以Email带动你的网站写一封宣传你的网站,介绍商务或者推荐最新最好的文章的Email寄给客主们。放弃一些产品或酬劳以换取其他发布者为你宣传。有些客比如Daily Blog Tips就有做周末快速链接的习惯。向这些客推荐你自己的网站,如果被其链接,你就会得到一些流量。5.尝试客流量交换客流量交换是一种通过浏览其他客文章获得流量的方法。这对一些新的客来说是非常有用的方法,由于这需要花费你的时间和精力,建议对一些新的文使用该策略。6.使用付费广告为你的网站购买付费广告已获得流量。 在StumbleUpon这样网站上购买按点击次数付费广告及社会媒体广告就可以为你的带去周末流量。这么做的好处是,你不用再为推广做任何事。7.在周末发表文章在周末发表文章页可以为你带来流量,特别是如果你的网站有很多订阅者,他们中的一些人会去你的网站查看完整文章或作出。即使一些小网站也可以因为新文章带来长尾搜索流量从而受益。预先发布篇在周末公布的文章,你就不一定要做在电脑前写作了。有时候提个问题是最快速保留文位置的方法。所有这些方法(除了付费广告外)的共同的坏处是花费时间。你真的想在周末也坐在电脑前花费时间吗?所有这些工作所耗费的时间是无法确定的,或许在每个周末交替着选用其中几个方法会减少工作量。还有一种方法是请人帮你在周末宣传你的站点,学习一些营销方法是很重要的,因为即使是业余的站长和主们也能帮助你的网站快速成长。如果你有时间有兴趣的话,请尝试一下文章中所列的方法。我很希望听到你通过这些方法在周末获得了更多访客和流量的消息。 /200803/31206乌市激光去痘坑多少钱

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阿克苏市做眼袋手术多少钱 WASHINGTON — When a suspected Russian cybercriminal named Dmitry Ukrainsky was arrested in a Thai resort town last summer, the American authorities hoped they could whisk him back to New York for trial and put at least a temporary dent in Russia’s arsenal of computer hackers.华盛顿——当名为德米特里#8226;乌克兰斯基(Dmitry Ukrainsky)的俄罗斯网络犯罪嫌疑人于去年夏天在一个泰国度假小镇被捕时,美国当局原本希望他们可以将他迅速带回纽约进行审判,对俄罗斯计算机黑客团队至少造成短暂的打击。But the Russian authorities moved quickly to persuade Thailand not to extradite him, saying that he should be prosecuted at home. 但俄罗斯当局很快采取行动,说泰国不引渡他,称他应该在自己的国家接受起诉。American officials knew what that meant. 美国官员知道那意味着什么。If Mr Ukrainsky got on a plane to Moscow, they concluded, he would soon be back at work in front of a computer.他们推断,如果乌克兰斯基登上飞往莫斯科的飞机,他很快就会回到电脑前工作。The American authorities continue the unacceptable practice of ‘hunting’ for Russians all over the world, ignoring the norms of international laws and twisting other states’ arms, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.美国当局持续进行让人无法接受的满世界‘追捕’俄罗斯人的行动,无视国际法的规范,向其他国家施压,俄罗斯外交部表示。The dispute over Mr Ukrainsky,乌克兰斯基的案件依然被搁置。 whose case remains in limbo, highlights the difficulties — and at times impossibilities — 围绕他产生的争端,突显出美国在对付俄罗斯黑客上遭遇的困难,有时甚至是不可能实现的事。that the ed States faces in combating Russian hackers, including those behind the recent attacks on the Democratic National Committee. 这些黑客就包括民主党全国委员会(Democratic National Committee)最近遭遇的袭击背后所潜藏的人。That hack influenced the course, if not the outcome, of a presidential campaign and was the culmination of years of increasingly brazen digital assaults on American infrastructure.这场袭击就算没有影响一场总统竞选的结果,也影响了它的进程,称得上是连续多年来,对美国基础设施所实施的数字袭击的巅峰,而且这种袭击还在日益变得肆无忌惮。The ed States has few options for responding to such hacks. 在对此类袭击做出反应时,美国的选择并不多。Russia does not extradite its citizens and has shown that it will not easily be deterred through public shaming. 俄罗斯不引渡它的公民,而且表明它不会因为遭到公开的羞辱而轻易退却。At times, the American authorities have enlisted local police officials to arrest suspects when they leave Russia — for vacation in the Maldives, for example. 有时,美国当局会在嫌疑犯离开俄罗斯时——比如去马尔代夫度假——让当地的警察逮捕他们。But more often than not, the F.B.I. and Justice Department investigate and compile accusations and evidence against people who will almost certainly never stand trial.但更常见的情况是,联邦调查局(FBI)和司法部(Justice Department)调查和整理了针对一些人的指控和据,而这些人几乎可以肯定永远不会受到审判。You can indict 400 people. 你可以起诉400个人,They don’t care, said Robert E. Anderson Jr., who until last year served as the F.B.I.’s most senior executive overseeing computer investigations.他们不在乎,直到去年还在担任FBI计算机犯罪调查部门最高长官的小罗伯特#8226;E#8226;安德逊#8226;(Robert E. Anderson Jr.)说道。The American government divides the cybersecurity world into two categories: attacks directed or sponsored by governments, and those conducted by criminals. 美国政府将网络安全世界划分成两类:由政府指使或资助的袭击和由犯罪分子进行的。But Russian hacking defies easy categorization, American officials say, because the Russian government tacitly supports many private hackers and occasionally taps them for freelance government work. 但美国官员表示,他们无法简单地对俄罗斯黑客袭击进行分类,因为俄罗斯政府暗地里持了许多个人黑客,偶尔还让他们做一些政府兼职工作。That has complicated investigations and upended the normal diplomatic order.这令调查变得更加复杂,也打破了常规的外交秩序。In May 2009, for instance, Secret Service agents met in Moscow with their counterparts in the Russian Federal Security Service, known as the F.S.B. 比如在2009年5月,美国特勤局(Secret Service)的特工在莫斯科与俄罗斯联邦安全局(Russian Federal Security Service,简称FSB)的特工会面。The Americans said they were investigating a hacker who had installed malicious code in the software that some American businesses used to process credit card transactions. 美方表示,他们在调查一名黑客,此人在一些美国公司用来处理信用卡交易的软件中设置了恶意代码。The hacker was stealing millions of credit card numbers and selling them in an underground digital marketplace.这名黑客在盗取数百万信用卡号码,将它们拿到一个地下数字市场出售。The agents provided a name — Roman Seleznev — and the aliases he used online. 这些特工提供了一个名字——罗曼#8226;谢列兹尼奥夫(Roman Seleznev)——及他在网上使用的一些化名。His father was a member of the Russian Parliament. 他的父亲是俄罗斯国会议员。The Secret Service had followed his digital trail to Vladivostok, Russia, and they asked for help catching him.美国特勤局追踪他的数字踪迹至俄罗斯的符拉迪沃斯托克,要求俄方帮助抓捕他。Within weeks, all evidence of Mr Seleznev’s online identity vanished from the internet. 然而在几周之内,有关谢列兹尼奥夫网上身份的所有据便从互联网上消失了。Rather than advancing the case, the Russian government had set it back, the American authorities believed. 美国当局认为,俄罗斯政府非但没有推进这个案件,反倒形成了阻碍。Prosecutors described their blunt conclusion in court documents: Further coordination with the Russian government would jeopardize efforts to prosecute this case. 检方在法庭文件里下了这样的结论:与俄罗斯政府的进一步合作,将危及起诉这个案件的努力。The American authorities were left to pursue Mr Seleznev by themselves.美国当局现在只能自己设法追查谢列兹尼奥夫了。In the D.N.C. case and other election-year hacks, the authorities have concluded that people affiliated with the Russian government are to blame. 当局得出结论,认为在民主党全国委员会的案件和竞选年里的其他黑客袭击中,罪魁祸首是与俄罗斯政府有关联的人。But even if intelligence officials can identify who is behind those attacks, naming the actual perpetrators is even harder. 但即便情报官员能确定谁是这些袭击的幕后主使,要找到真正的犯罪者却更难。One senior federal law enforcement official said this week that investigators still had many unanswered questions.一位高层联邦执法官员表示,本周调查人员还有很多问题没有得到。If it can be done, naming and prosecuting the hackers would follow a path set in 2014,如果可以做到这些,确认身份和对黑客提起指控的情形就会和2014年的案件一样。 when the Justice Department indicted five members of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army on charges of hacking into American networks. 当时司法部以入侵美国网络的罪名起诉了五名中国人民解放军人员。The indictment links the men to specific email addresses and aliases, but does not reveal how the authorities made those connections.这份起诉书将这些人与特定的邮件地址和化名联系起来,但没显示当局是如何建立起这些联系的。The chance of us ever getting those Chinese guys is about zero, said Mr Anderson. 我们抓到这些中国人的几率几乎等于零,安德逊说。But it does show them that there’s a change afoot. 但这的确让他们看到,情况在发生变化。At least the way we’re looking at it policy-wise.至少我们在政策方面看待它的方式在发生变化。Criminal charges have more practical implications, too. 犯罪指控也有更多实际的影响。It’s about denying them the ability to travel freely and preventing them from spending their ill-gotten gains anywhere but Russia, said Leo Taddeo, the chief security officer at Cryptzone and the former top agent in the F.B.I.’s New York computer operations division. 这基本上会让他们无法自由出行,也能防止他们在俄罗斯以外的地方用这些非法所得进行消费,之前为FBI纽约网络犯罪分部首席特工、现在担任Cryptzone首席安全官的利奥#8226;塔代奥(Leo Taddeo)说。You’re confining them to a prison that spans 11 time zones that can be a pretty unpleasant place.你是把他们关进了一座跨越11个时区的监狱,那里有时可能让人相当不舒。 /201612/484522乌市整形美容医院纹眉多少钱吐鲁番市鼻翼整形多少钱



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