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Modern Family Star Jesse Tyler Ferguson Gets Hitched Lara Spencer explains what has people buzzing on the ;GMA; Pop News Heat Index.-Hot news. Yes Indeed. Good morning. It was huge that weve got modern family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson. He married his long time love Justin Mikita in New York City. Muzzle. You guys. We love you. Over 200 guest caters and starts started the reception, including Fergusons modern family co-star Julie Bowen, tweeted Its official, @Jesse Tyler and @Justin Mikita are Mr. and Mr, best wedding ever. Its a big step for Fergusons awe tree, Mike, but fans are still hoping for a modern family wedding between his character Mitchell and Ken played by the Loveable, Eric.-Ken, producers are said to be thinking about that too. -I think so. -So our communicate left, rationale instead of that-Indeed. Congrats, Brits. And get y for the super bat. Two of the most iconic heroes from legal justice will team up at the upcoming movie at a coming movie, according Warner brothers. At comic corner for the weekend, studio announcing Henry Carbul will play the role of superman Siepoul that will feature bad man, no word on casting for that role just yet. -Cuz Christian Bell has said he is...-Too bad, how great we are happy to see these two together-Still will be awesome. -Yes. I know. I love the judge lead. -Just as Saturday morning, thats that we all know. -I want tour power. -Activate. -Indeed. -And finally, thats water keeping way thats swallowed up his girl. That everybody is definitely gonna take a dip over the weekend, except this guy, take a look.-Take him in it by swam . -Show him the lake so good too, to avoid be bathed. -He probably could have held up much longer.Maxs owner, not step in! And take manners in two old hands. But he is trying.-Who is trying?-And thats hot news. -I bet that we have a doctor can see. -Is he gonna see that?-He could see that poor... /201307/249691。

The possibility of escaping the cycle of life and death and the promise of enlightenment encourages people to perform activities that benefit all beings.摆脱生死轮回追求教化的想法,驱使着人们一心向善。This belief assigns as much importance to the environment and its creatures as it does to humans, since every living creature is believed to have a soul.由于相信万物都有灵魂,所以他们认为环境生物和人类都是平等的。In the remote lands of Tibet, for over 1,000 years this concept has been translated into practical benefits for wildlife, and it starts literally on their doorstep.一千多年以来,在西藏这偏僻的地方,这个观念为野生动植物带来了实实在在的好处。Buddhist monasteries have sacred sites, areas where taboos are placed on the hunting and killing of animals. Some creatures have become so tame that the nuns are able to hand-feed them, like these Tibetan-eared pheasants.僧庙的佛教徒有一些神圣的地方,在那里猎杀动物是犯忌讳的,一些动物已经被驯,喇嘛们都可以用手喂它们。Thanks to hand-outs from the nuns, these rare birds can survive the worst of the winter.比如西藏野鸡。由于喇嘛伸出援手,那些稀有的鸟们可以活过最寒冷的冬天。In this extreme place, people with few resources are prepared to share them with their needy fellow-creatures.在这个极度严寒的地方,资源匮乏的人们,随时准备同需要帮助的生灵分享食物。The Tibetan example is a model for conservation.西藏就是一个自然资源保护很好的例子。 /201403/280591。

Its taken China more than 35 years to embrace its most famous son.中国花了35年才完全接受她这个最负盛名的儿子The mammoth series has become the most watched TV drama in the channels history,and incredibly, the techniques used in the filming and fight scenes were those pioneered by Bruce Lee more than 35 years ago,when he changed the way action films would be made forever.这部剧成了电视台历史上收视率最高的电视剧,独特的电影营销机制和犀利的打斗场面都是由35年前李小龙所首创,他对于动作电影的改革将会一直延续。Hong Kong has for many years been the action movie capital of the world.很长一段时期里 香港都是世界动作电影的中心Bruce lee returned here in 1970 to make his four kungfu films and revolutionized the way fight scenes in movies were filmed.自从1970年李小龙回到香港拍摄了四部功夫电影,他改变了电影中格斗场景的拍摄方式。You want to fight?Ill take you on.Cut!想打架吗?我要和你单挑,停!Stunt Coordinator Thomas Sinn is a kungfu master who took up martial arts after seeing Bruce Lee.特技协调员Thomas Sinn是在看了李小龙电影后才开始学习拍摄武术电影的功夫迷。The thinking, fighting, and pictures in his movies are still innovative today.李小龙电影的构思 格斗动作和画面到现在依然历久弥新He just advanced dozens of years ahead of us.他远胜过我们Today hes practicing wire work,where a stunt double is attached to wires to mimic the appearance of flying.今天 他分管威亚(细钢丝),就是将特技演员带着表演飞跃等特技。Its a technique thats been used in Hong Kong filmmaking for almost 50 years and is best known from films like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.这项技术至今还在香港电影界沿用,就像;卧虎藏龙;这部近50年来最著名的电影一样。201402/277246。

We said it. Par. Tay. Being social (without overdoing it) can help reduce the risk of stroke, dementia, and even the common cold. So get out there and make merry – your health may depend on it.我们曾经说过。年轻人聚会。适量的社交活动可以降低中风,痴呆甚至普通感冒的风险。所以,走出家门,开心一点——你的健康或许就依赖于此。You Will Need你需要Friends朋友Proof of age年龄明Sense of humor幽默感Games游戏Flirting调情Time off work下班时间Willingness to shake your groove thing抛开烦恼的意愿Hot lips (optional)火热的嘴唇(可选)Steps步骤While this is awesome, it didnt go to medical school. Always consult your doctor for actual medical advice.尽管这段视频很精,但并不是专业的医学院出品。一定要向医生咨询专业的医疗建议。STEP 1 Drink responsibly1.适量饮酒Have a drink with friends – moderate alcohol consumption in a supportive social setting can lower your risk of heart disease and stroke, and red wine may improve cardiovascular health.和朋友一起喝酒——合适的社交场合适量饮酒可以降低心脏病和中风的风险,红酒或许可以改善心血管健康。STEP 2 Yuk it up2.捧腹大笑Embrace your inner comedian. Laughter can reduce stress and increase blood flow, which can in turn lower your risk for heart disease.享受你内在的喜剧天分。大笑可以减缓压力,增加血液流动,从而降低心脏病的风险。Laughing for 10 to 15 minutes burns up to 50 calories, meaning you might actually be able to laugh your butt off.大笑10至15分钟可以燃烧50卡路里的热量,这意味着笑掉你的大肚子也是有可能的。STEP 3 Game on3.玩游戏Goof off. Play games that elevate your heart rate or that engage your mind. The first can help get your cardiovascular system into shape; the second can help stave off dementia.偷懒。玩一些可以提高心率的游戏或者智力游戏。首先可以促进心血管系统健康,其次可以避免痴呆。STEP 4 Flirt4.调情Flirt like a champ. Studies show those who do tend to have higher white blood-cell counts, which helps fight off infection.适当地调情。研究发现,适当调情的人白细胞数量更多,可以抵抗感染。Kissing can burn up to five calories per minute, so get your smooch on with that special someone!亲吻每分钟可以燃烧5卡路里的热量,所以可以和你喜欢的人纵情热吻。STEP 5 Relax5.放松Take frequent vacations: a study shows a correlation between two or more vacations a year and lower rates of depression and improved quality of sleep.经常度假。一项研究发现每年度假两三次可以降低抑郁率,改善睡眠质量。STEP 6 Dance6.跳舞Regular dancing has been shown to help lower the risk of dementia and osteoporosis; provide a great aerobic workout, and release endorphins for a natural, healthy high. Partying never felt so good!经常跳舞可以降低痴呆和骨质疏松症的风险;跳舞是一种有氧运动,可以自然释放出健康水平的内啡肽。聚会从未让你感觉这么好!One study shows that while close connections to family have no impact on a person’s life expectancy, people with big groups of friends outlive those without by 22 percent.一项研究发现,与家人关系密切对一个人的寿命没有影响,而有一大帮朋友的人比没有朋友的人寿命长22%。201411/342258。


How do I keep him interested when the relationship is past the honeymoon phase?恋情度过蜜月期之后,我应该怎样做才能让他对我保持兴趣呢?How does he keep interested with you? Once again it becomes doing things, going away together on weekends, maybe sleeping in each others houses on different nights, you know, playing games, going out with more people, having a dinner party, you know, going to a sex store together to make the sex more fun, you know, bed time stories to each other. Create different traditions. You need to keep having date nights and keep doing things that attract each other in the first place.他怎样才会对你保持兴趣呢?再说一次,仍然是一起做某件事,周末一起外出,不同的夜晚互相在对方家里过夜,玩游戏,与更多人一起外出,安排晚餐派对,一起去情趣商店,让你们的生活更加有趣。睡前互相为对方讲故事。养成不同的习惯。你们需要继续在夜晚约会,一起做双方都感兴趣的事情。Thanks for watching How To Keep Him Interested When The Relationship Is Past The Honeymoon Phase.感谢收看“蜜月期过后如何保持”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。201307/246722。