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富阳人流手术医院大源镇中医医院可以做引产吗Given the popularity of giant pandas as attractions both in China and in zoos around the world, it is easy to forget that they still face mortal threats.大熊猫在中国和世界各地的公园都备受欢迎,这让人们很容易忘记它们仍然要面临死亡的威胁。That fact was made clear this week when forestry officers in southwestern China revealed that they had arrested two brothers for killing one of the endangered animals, then trying to sell its meat and fur. A third man was arrested for purchasing panda meat, along with seven others who were implicated in trafficking parts of the protected animal, according to reports in the Chinese state-run news media.这一点在近日的一桩案件中表露无遗,中国西南部的林业官员本周透露,他们已将两名杀害一只大熊猫并试图出售其肉和皮毛的两兄弟逮捕归案。中国官方新闻媒体称,另有一人因为购买这种濒危动物的肉而被捕,还有七人因为参与买卖受保护动物肢体器官而被捕。The panda was reportedly killed in December by two brothers, surnamed Wang, in Yunnan Province. One of their sheep had been attacked and, with the help of a dog, they followed animal tracks leading from the sheep pen into woods, according to the China News Service.据称,这只大熊猫于去年12月在云南省被两名王姓兄弟杀害。根据中国新闻网报道,在自家的羊被袭击后,他们靠的帮助,循着熊猫的脚印,从羊圈一直追踪到山林里。The brothers told State Forestry Administration officers that they shot an unidentified animal in a tree, and only after it was dead discovered it was an adult female panda, the China News Service reported. Afterward, the men butchered the animal and began to try to sell its parts. They offered nearly 80 pounds of meat and four paws for 4,800 renminbi, or about 5. They found buyers for the meat and other parts in Yunnan and neighboring Sichuan Province, forestry officers told the state media. Investigators discovered about 20 pounds of panda meat in a freezer in Yunnan, and also found the animal’s hide, several bones and its gallbladder.中国新闻网报道称,兄弟二人告诉国家林业局官员,他们开射击了树上的一只不明动物,在这只动物死后,才发现是只雌性成年大熊猫。后来,二人肢解了这只大熊猫,开始尝试售卖。他们以4800元的价格卖掉了大约35公斤的大熊猫肉及4只大熊猫脚掌。调查人员对官方媒体说,他们在云南和四川找到了熊猫肉及其他身体部分的买家。在云南的一个冰柜中发现了大约9公斤熊猫肉,还发现了熊猫的皮、一些骨头和胆囊。Although pandas are a national symbol of China and one of the country’s most beloved animals, they were nearly wiped out by habitat destruction and poaching until preservation efforts began in the second half of the 20th century. China’s most recent survey of wild pandas, which began in 2011, found 1,864 of the animals living in the wild, an increase of 16.8 percent from the previous survey, in 2003, the WWF said in February. In addition, more than 300 pandas live in captivity.熊猫是中国的象征、这个国家最受钟爱的动物之一,但在20世纪下半叶开始采取保护措施前,熊猫曾因为栖息地损毁和偷猎行为而濒临灭绝。世界野生动物基金会(WWF)在今年2月表示,中国从2011年开始进行了最新的野生熊猫调查,结果发现有1864只熊猫生活在野外,比2003年的调查数据增加了16.8%。除此之外,还有300多只圈养熊猫。While the killing of the Yunnan panda is a blow to preservation efforts, it also reveals how the growing population is expanding its range. Although pandas were once found as far south as the northernmost parts of Vietnam and Myanmar, their modern range was thought to be restricted to a few mountainous areas of the Chinese provinces of Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu. The Yunnan poaching case led officials to invite experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the State Forestry Administration to investigate. They found signs of pandas living in northern Yunnan but said that further investigation was needed into whether they had sp from Sichuan or had been living undiscovered in Yunnan for generations, the China News Service reported.虽然发生在云南的捕杀熊猫事件对保护行动是一次打击,但这也反映出数量不断增加的熊猫的活动范围在不断扩大。虽然熊猫的分布曾南及缅甸和越南最北部一带,但人们认为,熊猫在现代的活动范围仅限于中国四川、陕西及甘肃省的少数山区。云南的捕杀事件促使官员邀请中国科学院和国家林业局的专家进行调查。中国新闻社报道称,他们在云南北部发现了熊猫的踪迹,但他们表示需要进一步调查它们是从四川迁徙过来的,还是在云南隐秘地生活了几个世代。 /201505/375340富阳怀孕几个月做人流最合适 Whenever a company suffers a setback or calamity, business school professors and management journalists lay out the lessons for other businesses.每当一家公司遇到挫折或者灾难,商学院教授和管理类新闻记者就会为其它公司总结经验教训。That was true for General Motors and its faulty ignitions (make sure employees who spot problems bring them to management’s attention) and Starbucks’ UK tax difficulties (don’t underestimate consumers’ ability to do you damage).在通用汽车(General Motors)的点火开关缺陷(教训是保发现问题的员工将问题传达到管理层)事件上是这样,在星巴克(Starbucks)在英国遭遇税务问题(教训是别低估消费者给你造成损失的能力)的时候也是这样。But there does not appear much other companies can learn from Malaysia Airlines’ travails. Its twin disasters – one passenger jet lost and the other apparently shot down – are too unusual to generate advice for anyone else.但是其它公司似乎没办法从马来西亚航空公司(Malaysia Airlines)的困境中学到什么。一架客机失踪,一架客机则明显被击落,马航遭遇的这两起灾难太不寻常,不能给其他人带来什么重要教训。It is hard to see what the airline itself can learn from the tragedies. The first is still unexplained. The second was not its fault. It was flying over a war zone, but so were other respectable carriers.马航自身能从这些悲剧中学到什么也很难说。第一起事故至今还未查明原因。第二起事故错不在马航。马航客机的确飞经战区,但是其他优秀航空公司也这样做。Given these awful misfortunes, it is understandable that the airline is contemplating changing its name and starting again as something else.考虑到这些可怕的不幸事故,也难怪马航正在考虑更改公司名称,以新的身份重新开始。We can see how extraordinary Malaysia Airlines’ plight is by looking at the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s safety report.看一看国际民航组织(International Civil Aviation Organisation)的安全报告,我们就能理解马航的困境有多不寻常了。In 2013, 3.1bn passengers took a scheduled international or domestic flight. Of those, 173 died in an accident. This year’s figures will be higher – there have been other fatal crashes, including that of Air Algérie in Mali – but they will still be a tiny proportion of passengers.2013年,有31亿名乘客乘坐国际或者国内的定期航班,其中有173人死于事故。今年的死亡人数会更高——除了马航两起事故以外,还发生了其他坠机事故,包括阿尔及利亚航空公司(Air Algérie)的飞机在马里坠毁——但依然只会占乘客总数的很小一部分。But not even these statistics show how unusual the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 and the downing of Flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine were.但仅仅这些统计数字还不能说明马航MH370航班失踪和MH17航班在乌克兰东部坠落有多么不同寻常。The vast majority of air accidents take place while aircraft are landing or taking off. Just 10 per cent of 2013 accidents happened mid-flight.绝大多数飞行事故是在飞机降落或者起飞时发生的。在2013年发生的飞行事故中,仅有10%发生在飞行途中。And while both Malaysian aircraft were Boeing 777 jets, turboprop planes are more likely to crash. As many as 46 per cent of aircraft accidents involve turboprops, even though they account for a far smaller percentage of the world’s commercial fleet than jets do.马航失事的两架客机都是波音(Boeing)777喷气式飞机,相比之下,涡轮螺旋桨飞机更有可能发生坠机事故。在世界商用飞机中,涡轮螺旋桨飞机所占比例比喷气式飞机要小得多,但前者发生的空难却占到了46%的比例。There will be small lessons the airline industry can learn from Malaysia Airlines’ experience. They will have another look at how they communicate with customers after a tragedy. I was impressed, flying on Malaysia Airlines after its first disaster, to note that, rather than avoiding the subject, Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, its chief executive, expressed his sorrow on the front page of the in-flight magazine.航空业可以从马航的事件中学到一些小小的经验。他们应该反思在悲剧发生后怎么和客户沟通。在马航的第一起灾难发生后,我乘坐了马航的客机,发现马航没有对事故避之不谈,在飞机上的杂志的头版文章中,马航首席执行官艾哈迈德#8226;乔哈里#8226;叶海亚(Ahmad Jauhari Yahya)表达了他的悲痛之情,这给我留下了深刻的印象。As to the lessons on flights across war zones: as Hugh Dunleavy, Malaysia Airlines’ commercial director, wrote in the Sunday Telegraph, a central international body should determine what is safe, not individual airlines.对于飞经战区的飞机的经验教训是:就如马航的商业总监休#8226;邓利维(Hugh Dunleavy)在《星期日电讯报》(Sunday Telegraph)上发表的文章中所写的,应该由一个主要国际组织,而非个体的航空公司,来确立安全标准。Malaysia Airlines appears to have suffered from two episodes of extreme misfortune rather than mismanagement (unless we discover something new about the lost aircraft).让马航陷入困境的,似乎是这两起极其不幸的事故,而非管理不善(除非我们发现失踪客机的新信息)。Yet its business is suffering. Bookings are down. “In this part of the world in Asia people are more superstitious so this works against them,” an industry executive told the Financial Times. It is not just in Asia; many others will hesitate before booking one of its flights.然而马航的业务正在蒙受损失。机票预订减少了。“亚洲人更加迷信,所以这会对他们产生不好的影响,”一位行业主管告诉《金融时报》的记者。不只是在亚洲,其他地方的人在预订马航航班时也会犹豫不决。So should Malaysia Airlines change its name? One person I expected to answer “definitely” was Paul Argenti, professor at Dartmouth’s Tuck business school who, over a decade ago, studied 40 years of name changes and found that the company benefited in every case.那么马航是否应该改名?我认为有个人应该会回答“当然”,那就是达特茅斯大学(Dartmouth)塔克商学院(Tuck business school)的保尔#8226;阿根提(Paul Argenti)教授。十多年前,阿根提教授研究了40年以来公司改名的案例,发现每个案例中改名的公司都从中受益了。He told me he expected to find the same results today. The reason was that a name change usually went along with a new strategy.他告诉我,他认为现在也会是同样的结果。因为改名的同时,公司通常也会采取一种新的发展战略。Malaysia Airlines needs one of those, and did even before its twin tragedies. The company has made net losses for the past three years. As with many large carriers, its long-haul operations are doing reasonably well, but its short-haul business is suffering because of competition from low-cost carriers such as AirAsia.马航需要一项新策略,甚至早在两起悲剧发生之前就需要新策略了。在过去的三年中,马航连年净亏损。与其他许多大型航空公司一样,马航的长线航班业绩相当良好,然而短线航班业务则因遭受来自亚洲航空(AirAsia)等廉价航空公司的竞争而表现不佳。But Prof Argenti told me that he thought that, even with a new strategy, Malaysia Airlines was the one company he had come across that should not change its name. There would be no point. Its disasters were just too big.可是阿根提教授却告诉我,他认为,即使采取新策略,马航也是目前为止他遇到的唯一一个不应该改名的公司。因为改名毫无意义。马航遭遇的灾难太严重了。What about Valujet, the US airline that, after a 1996 crash in the Florida Everglades, re-emerged, successfully, as AirTran? That was a US incident, Prof Argenti said. “This is a global story that everyone is following.”那么美国瓦卢杰航空公司(Valujet)的例子呢?1996年在佛罗里达大沼泽地发生坠机事故后,这家公司更名为穿越航空(AirTran),成功再次崛起。阿根提教授说,那是一起美国的事故。“马航事件则是每个人都在关注的全球性事件。”He is right. Whatever Malaysia Airlines becomes, people will remember what it was. It needs to fix its business and win back fliers’ trust. A name change won’t help.他是对的。不管马航改叫什么,人们都会记得它曾经叫着什么。马航需要重整业务,赢回乘客的信任。改名起不了什么作用。 /201408/318653富阳人流手术妇科医院

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富阳哪里治疗尿道炎Earlier this year, the best company at surveying the rich in China announced that more than 60% of the people it surveyed had aly immigrated to another country, or were considering doing so.今年早些时候,在调查中国富豪方面最有发言权的胡润百富公司(Hurun Report)宣布,它所调查的中国富豪中有超过60%的人已经移民到其他国家,或者正在考虑移民。The question for the Hurun Report, which publishes an annual China rich list, was why? Was pollution driving people abroad, weariness over China’s political crackdowns, or something else entirely?胡润百富公司每年都会公布中国富豪排行榜,它所面临的问题就是要探寻上述现象背后的。究竟是环境污染、对于中国政治高压的厌倦还是完全由于其它方面的因素驱使富人们要离开中国呢?It turns out the questions also nagged Rupert Hoogewerf, founder of Hurun. At the time, his best guess was that pollution and the desire to park some assets abroad were driving rich Chinese to the ed States, Canada, and Australia—the top three destinations for those leaving China.其实,这些问题也在困扰着胡润百富公司的创始人胡润。他猜测可能性最大的原因是,环境污染和希望把部分资产配置在海外的想法正在驱使中国有钱人移民到美国、加拿大和澳大利亚这三个中国移民首选的目的国。But to find out for sure, he conducted a follow-up survey that is being released today, and Fortune got exclusive early access. Hurun teamed with Visas Consulting Group to ask 141 wealthy Chinese questions about emigration and where they’re moving their money. The researchers discovered that three factors drove emigration from China, with each factor accounting for 20% of the responses:但为了找到确切,胡润展开了一项跟踪调查,此项调查的结果将于今天公布,《财富》亦获得了这份调查结果的独家预览版。胡润百富公司联合汇加顾问集团(Visas Consulting Group)向141位中国富豪征询了一系列关于移民和财富转移目的地的问题。研究人员发现,主要有三大因素驱使富豪们移民国外,且每个因素在答复响应中都占据了20%的比重。People moved because they wanted better options for their children’s education; they were distressed about the growing pollution problems plaguing China’s cities; and they were concerned about food safety in the country, which in the latest scare involved tainted dog treats.富人们离开中国是因为他们希望子女能够接受更好教育;困扰着很多中国城市且日益严重的污染问题让他们苦恼不已;他们也对中国的食品安全问题感到忧心忡忡,新近爆发的食品安全恐慌甚至涉及遭到污染的宠物零食。“Again and again, when talking to people on an individual basis, those are the issues they raise,” says Hoogewerf.胡润说:“在针对个体的调查过程中,这些问题都是他们所反复提及的。”Maybe most surprising, two-thirds of those emigrating, or considering doing so, are also considering giving up their Chinese nationality.也许最令人惊讶的是,在那些正在移民或正考虑移民的富豪中,有三分之二的人也正在考虑放弃自己的中国国籍。As I wrote in March, just as Beijing was coming out of the throes of a smoggy winter, those who can avoid China’s pollution and food scares are doing so. It’s troublesome for the Chinese government because experts conclude that big improvements to the air remain at least a decade away, not to say anything about China’s food safety or its education system.正如我在三月份的一篇文章中所写到的,就像北京正在摆脱冬季雾霾的笼罩一样,那些有能力避开中国环境污染和食品安全恐慌的人们也在做着相同的事情。中国政府对这个问题感到颇为棘手,因为有专家推断,中国的空气质量出现显著改善至少需要十年时间,而解决食品安全或教育体制问题更不知要等到何年何月。The Hurun survey produced other interesting results. As a percentage of their total wealth, rich Chinese invest on average 16% abroad. The most popular investment choice is real estate and the U.S. is the overwhelming favorite destination. Los Angeles ranks as the most popular city to buy real estate, followed by San Francisco and New York. Vancouver ranked as the third most popular city. Detached villas were the preferred type of housing, followed by apartments and townhouses.胡润的这份调查报告还得出了其它一些有意思的结论。中国富豪海外投资占总资产的平均比重为16%。房地产是最受欢迎的投资选择,作为移民首选国家的美国在受青睐程度上远远超出了其它国家。洛杉矶成为了最受欢迎的海外置业城市,紧随其后的是旧金山和纽约。温哥华在最受欢迎的移民城市中排在第三位。独立别墅是中国富豪移民们最偏爱的住宅类型,其次是公寓和连栋别墅。Those surveyed all had assets worth more than million and on average were worth million.所有被调查对象的资产价值都超过了100万美元,平均财富价值达到了700万美元。The top destinations for rich emigrating from China are as follows:中国富豪们的首选移民目的地如下图所示(从上至下依次为美国、加拿大、澳大利亚、欧洲、新西兰、新加坡、香港和日本): /201406/304913 鹿山街道中医医院诊所场口镇妇幼保健院四维彩超价格




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