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春建乡妇幼保健医院妇科人流富阳治疗尖锐湿疣男科医院万市镇妇女儿童医院电话挂号 China#39;s central government departments have been told to buy made-in-China products when making government procurements, Xinhua reported.据新华社报道,政府各部门被要求在政府采购中购买中国制造的商品。China#39;s Ministry of Finance (MOF) said in a statement Tuesday that central government departments should also procure energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products as well as authentic software.财政部周二声明,中央政府各部门还应该选购节能环保产品和正版软件。The statement reiterated the strict regulations which exist governing the purchase of imported products. The statement also suggested that it should be made illegal to purchase imported items which are produced by fully developed domestic industries.声明强调,购买进口产品时要严格遵照规章,并指出如果采购的商品在国内有成熟的生产线,则禁止购买相应进口商品。The MOF requires an in-house review mechanism to check applications for imported items to ensure that the regulations are not violated.财政部要求各单位有内部检查机制,确保在采购进口商品时不违反规章。Luxury office supplies are also prohibited with regard to government procurements.豪华办公用品也被禁止纳入政府采购。 /201205/183543富阳怀孕三个月能人流吗

富阳专业的治疗妇科的医院China#39;s attempts to crack down on illegal prostitution have led to increased police brutality of sex workers in a country where educational and economic challenges lead many to seek opportunity in the underground industry.中国试图打击非法卖淫活动的举措导致警方愈加野蛮地对待性工作者。在中国,教育和经济上的困境导致许多人在这一见不得光的地下产业寻求机会。According to a new report from New York-based Human Rights Watch, periodic sweeps of places such as karaoke bars, hair salons and massage parlors result in detentions, harassment and blackmail of sex workers in China. Police abuse of workers in custody is often so severe that it constitutes torture under China#39;s domestic law, according to the report, which was based on interviews with 140 sex workers, clients and experts.纽约的人权观察(Human Rights Watch)的一份新报告显示,中国对卡拉ok厅、发廊和房的定期“扫黄”行动导致性工作者受到拘留、骚扰和勒索。报告显示,警方常常严重虐待被拘押的性工作者,按中国的法律,这构成了刑讯行为。报告是基于对140名性工作者、客户和有关专家的采访。The Beijing Public Security Bureau did not respond to requests for comment.北京公安局没有回复置评请求。Many women reported having been beaten into confession of prostitution, the study said, noting that confession relieves officials from having to present other, harder-to-acquire evidence of prostitution. #39;They attached us to trees, threw freezing cold water on us, and then proceeded to beat us,#39; one woman was ed as saying.报告显示,许多女性说自己是被屈打成招才承认卖淫,并指出这种供词让官员们无需再提出其他更难获取的卖淫据。报告中引述一名女性的原话说,他们把我们绑在树上,朝我们泼冰水,还打我们。The stories of abuse highlight the lengths to which police force is used in China to stamp out prostitution, a taboo issue that remains rampant despite crackdowns. While prostitution is illegal in China, it is supported by the business and political culture.性工作者遭虐待的事件突显出中国运用警力打击卖淫活动所达到的程度。卖淫在中国被视为禁忌,但屡禁不止并依然猖獗。虽然卖淫在中国是非法的,然而却受到了商业和政治文化的持。Prostitution in China is also the byproduct of an economy that has opened opportunities for many to improve their living standards, but not all. Social disparities created by limited education and employment opportunities have led many women, rural women in particular, to turn to prostitution as the fastest way to improve their livelihood, the report said.卖淫是经济发展的一个副产品。中国经济为许多人提供了改善生活水平的机会,但并非所有人。报告说,因受教育和就业机会受限造成的社会不平等导致许多女性、尤其是农村女性将卖淫当成提高生活水平的最快途径。The report also underscores the extent to which most Chinese citizens are unaware of their rights, or do not feel that they have the right, to protect themselves against law-enforcement officials. None of the women interviewed in the study filed a complaint or criminal charges against police who abused them. Most were unaware that they could hire an attorney for protection, the study said.报告还强调,大多数中国民众不清楚保护自己不受执法人员侵犯的权利,或不觉得自己有这种权利。报告采访的女性没有一人投诉虐待她们的警察或提起刑事诉讼。报告说,她们大多数人都不知道可以请律师保护自己。Human Rights Watch said that police actions open an estimated 4 million to 6 million of China#39;s sex workers under to additional safety and health risks. Many women interviewed also said that they stopped carrying and using condoms after police deemed the condoms as evidence of prostitution.人权观察说,警方的行动令为数估计达400万至600万的中国性工作者面临额外的安全和健康风险。许多受访女性还说,她们不再携带和使用安全套,因为警察认为安全套是卖淫的据。The report -- which focused on sex workers in Beijing#39;s parks, salons and massage parlors -- said that some workers were detained after servicing undercover police.报告说,一些性工作者在为卧底警察务后被拘捕。报告重点关注北京的公园、发廊和房的性工作者。Human Rights called on China to protect basic rights of workers and prohibit arbitrary detentions, arrests and brutality and to ensure protection of workers in a call for basic human rights. It also called on officials to prosecute police offenders and to create legislation that removes criminal sanctions against voluntary and consensual sex.人权观察在呼吁基本人权时,希望中国保护性工作者的基本权利,禁止任意扣押、逮捕和暴行,并确保性工作者得到保护。该组织还呼吁官员们惩处滥施刑罚的警方人员,并立法取消对双方同意的自愿性行为的刑事制裁。#39;Failure to uphold the rights of the millions of women who voluntarily engage in sex work leaves them subject to discrimination, abuse, exploitation, and undercuts public health policies,#39; the report said.报告说,数百万自愿从事性工作的女性的权利得不到维护,导致她们遭受歧视、虐待、剥削,并破坏公共卫生政策。 /201305/240423富阳人流多久 The best things often come in small packages and a new hair clip is aiming to do for women what the Swiss Army Knife did for men.浓缩的都是精华,比如集诸多工具为一身的瑞士军刀,可谓男人的好帮手。现在一款新型发卡立志成为为子们务的发卡界“瑞士军刀”。The Clippa Lady reinvents the metal snap-style hair clip favoured by females the world over into something rather more useful.这款发卡名为Clippa Lady,改良了广受全世界女性喜爱的手掰式金属发卡,将其变得更为实用。Strengthened with steel, the .99 hair clip boasts an array of handy tools and can open beer bottles, file chipped nails and even lever out a pin stuck in a shoe.这款用钢材加固的发卡售价9.99美元,包含一系列简便工具,能开啤酒瓶、能锉光指甲、还能撬出扎到鞋里的钉子。Alongside a screwdriver function, there are also neat markings on one side of the clip should you need a ruler and even a scraper to keep nails looking clean while you#39;re on the run.除了可以用作螺丝刀,发卡的一边还有着清晰的刻度,可以作为尺子使用,甚至可以作为指甲锉,在你忙碌时也能保持指甲边缘整齐。The company behind the hair clip, which comes in a bright pink colour, has issued the latest design in the Clippa range to woo a more feminine audience.这款亮粉色发卡是Clippa系列的最新款,研发这款发卡的公司希望该产品能争取到更多的女性消费者。It has previously gone for more masculine-looking silver and black coloured clips, not necessarily worn in the hair, which have targeted male users.该公司之前曾面向男性消费者发布过更有男人味的银色和黑色发卡,并不一定要戴在头发上。Where previous features on the original design have included a serrated edge for cutting, the Clipper Lady replaces the knife function with a nail file...something which will almost certainly raise a few eyebrows amongst feminists.最初设计出来的发卡有着锯齿状边缘,可用来切割物品,Clipper Lady发卡将该位置的刀具功能替换为指甲锉,这几乎必然会引起一些女权主义者的不满。While it may not be able to deal with more heavy duty tasks easily handled by weightier multi-tools, the Clipper Lady#39;s natty design means wearers can easily deal with tidying up broken nails or removing bottle tops.重型多功能工具可以轻松搞定的更为繁重的工作,这个小小的发卡可能无法胜任,但Clippa Lady发卡精妙的设计意味着佩戴者可以轻松地打理劈裂的指甲或打开瓶盖。All of the above is more impressive when you consider its diminutive size; although it#39;s larger than your average hair clip, the Clippa Lady still measures in at just 4.92 x 2.87 x 0.82 inches.考虑到它小巧的尺寸,能实现上面的功能更加令人叹为观止。尽管比普通发卡要大,Clippa Lady发卡的长宽高仍然分别只有4.92、2.87、0.82英寸。User reviews of the clip suggest that the product is a practical gift not just for women but also for girls.发卡的使用者说这个产品是很实用的礼物,不仅适合送给成熟女士,送给小女生同样合适。On Amazon, one reviewer, Sarah Hubbard, wrote that she bought the gift for her friend#39;s 11-year-old daughter who #39;had been complaining that multi-tools were made for boys#39; and revealed that she #39;loved it#39;.在亚马逊网站上,名叫萨拉·哈伯德的用户说这是她送给朋友11岁女儿的礼物,小女孩对这个礼物“爱不释手”。这个小女生曾经抱怨“那些多功能工具都是为男孩子设计的”。However, not everyone has raved about the product with another Amazon user, Jill, describing it as #39;too flimsy to be useful as a screwdriver or a knife#39;.但也并不是每个人都对这个产品赞不绝口,另一名亚马逊用户吉尔的评价是这样的:“这个发卡太脆弱了,没办法当螺丝刀或刀使用”。 /201508/394527杭州富阳区第一医院有微创手术吗

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