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第44期:投诉与索赔当我取出时,发现它破了。When I took it out, I discovered it was broken.For example:A: When I took it out, I discovered it was broken.当我取出时,发现它破了。B: Really? Im sorry to hear that.真的?听到此事真遗憾。你真该想点儿办法了。You really ought to do something about it.For example:A: You really ought to do something about it.你真该想点儿办法了。B: We can make an adjustment on the price for you.我们可以为你在价格上作调整。ought to 应该我要退货。I want to return this.For example:A: I want to return this.我要退货。B: We can replace it for you free of charge.我们可以免费为你换新的。对蒙受的损失,我们要求索赔460美元。We have to ask for a compensation of 0 to cover the loss incurred.For example:A: We have to ask for a compensation of 0 to cover the loss incurred.对蒙受的损失,我们要求索赔460美元。B: I was sure everything was all right with that shipment.我肯定那批货的装运一切都是正常的。ask for 要求这件事你们打算怎样办?What are you going to do about it?For example:A: What are you going to do about it?这件事你们打算怎样办?B: If youd like to wait while I contact our Sales Manager, Im sure hell be able to help you.如果您能稍等一下,我这就和销售部经理联系,他一定能帮助您的。我要求退还这台新电脑的钱。I demand my money back on this new computer.I want my money back on the new computer.你确定在使用前读过全部说明了吗?Are you sure you all of the direction before trying to use it?For example:A: It doesnt do what you said it would.它并不具有你们所说的那些功能。B: Are you sure you all of the direction before trying to use it?你确定在使用前读过全部说明了吗?你说可以免费为我们保修两年。You said you would serve it at no additional charge for two years.For example:A: You said you would serve it at no additional charge for two years.你说可以免费为我们保修两年。B: Im sorry, but we dont do that anymore.对不起,可是我们不再这么做了。你说过免费修理,就要说到做到。You promised me free service calls and I expect you to follow through.For example:A: You promised me free service calls and I expect you to follow through.你说过免费修理,就要说到做到。B: All right, Ill send someone out free of charge.好,那我就派人免费去修理。follow through 坚持到底我对我们犯的错误郑重道歉。I apologize for the mistake we made.For example:A: I apologize for the mistake we made.我对我们犯的错误郑重道歉。B: Dont worry. I believe you have tried your best.别担心。我相信你们已经尽力了。apologize for 因......而道歉我希望能公正地解决这件事情。I hope well solve this matter fair and square.For example:A: I hope well solve this matter fair and square.我希望能公正地解决这件事情。B: Its been delayed for too long and has to be solved anyway.这件事拖得太久了,总归是要解决的。fair and square公正,正大光明如果是我们的过错,我们肯定要纠正。If its our fault,well certainly put the matter right.For example:A: What do you mean by saying fair and reasonable?你说的公平合理是什么意思?B: If its our fault, well certainly put the matter right.如果是我们的过错,我们肯定要纠正。它有什么毛病?Whats wrong with it?For example:A: I bought this here this morning.今天上午我在这里买了这件东西。B: Whats wrong with it?它有什么毛病?我们很快就可以把它弄好的。Well soon fix it.For example:A: The light has burnt out.灯自行媳灭了。B: Well soon fix it.我们很快就可以把它弄好的。我能为你效劳吗?What can I do for you?For example:A: What can I do for you?我能为你效劳吗?B: Ill exchange it for another type of T-shirt.我想换一件另一种 T 恤。你有发票吗?Have you got the receipt?For example:A: I wish to exchange it for one in perfect condition.我想换一件好的。B: Have you got the receipt?你有发票吗?我坚决要换一件好的T恤。I insist on exchanging it for a T-shirt in perfect condition.For example:A: I insist on exchanging it for a T-shirt in perfect condition.我坚决要换一件好的T恤。B: Im so sorry ,madam, but that is not possible.夫人,实在对不起,这不可能。insist on doing sth. 坚持要做某事 /201502/360749

out of circulation 不参加应酬(非正式)英文释义 (INFORMAL) Not associating socially with friends or participating in business activities. (NOTE: opposite “in circulation”)例句After having surgery my brother was out of circulation for three months, but he’s starting to become active again now.手术后,我兄弟三个月没有参加应酬,但现在,他又活跃起来了。 /201405/290898

#.-(zxYAq1EGtx5XlGooW,_,AJNk(Ken早上在饮水器旁见到同事Dan和April,谈起公司首席财务官Jason Smith参与庞式骗局被抓起来的事情Xqw5Fhm,MVIa。Dan问罪名严不严重ig8^pMWrwB7O]y674c。9%qgP#UeJzOD:So how serious are these charges?pL!Xhh(SNj(I.0A:He could end up serving a very long prison term. These days judges are pretty tough on white collar crimes.HKKq4![ejkglg2c5O2D:I actually met Jason at a cocktail party about a year ago. He seemed very charming and bright. I remember we had an interesting conversation and he was quite knowledgeable about Asian affairs.cx;%9QKgLEE+A:Yeah, that sounds about right. Most of these kinds of tricksters are very charming...otherwise, how would they be able to convince so many people to part with their money?]0imN8+~~n4CILqcfApril说,搞不好,Jason会坐很长时间的牢,因为现在法官对白领犯罪下手很重,白领犯罪在英文里叫 white collar crime. Dan 在一次 cocktail party 鸡尾酒会上见过Jason,对他印象不错,April觉得这很正常,因为这些人要是没有两下子,怎么能说别人把自己的钱拿出来呢? to part with ones money 是把钱交出来的意思gUFeHY^dHy_.。iMiNSvSIm#;aKd2TmLK:If someone told me I could get a 200% return on my investments, Id smell a rat. I bet some of these people had a pretty good idea they were dealing with a Ponzi scheme.IT^3gWA+G_*hvcA:Good point, but its going to be hard to find evidence they knew about it beforehand.-Tu]81m~.Z^D:So what happens to white collar criminals in America? Is there a special jail for them?xZI)^DvdB|.K:In the past many of them got sent to low or medium security prisons. People used to joke about how easy it was for them.]YaA%52w0|oNuoJ,UKen怀疑参与庞式骗局的一些投资者其实是知情的,因为如果告诉他说有投资机会,百分之二百的回报,Id smell a rat. 我一定会觉得可疑]OAFH!~hzgK;tOs。Ken说,白领罪犯以前都是被送到 low or medium security prisons 安全级别中低水平的监狱,所以日子比较好过TmNdN2]olR*-#gzFh0B。MGpIJdR-EpF0aA:But more recently, the government has decided to make an example and has been getting much tougher.iAdbVrJ+fK:If he is convicted, Jason will probably end up in a federal prison with hardcore offenders. He could be there for well over 10 years.AVZMn|2lU;_,]D:Wow...thats harsh.^ZTh2@8gtOxMne+4K:Jason Smith says he is innocent, so well have to wait and see what the final verdict is. Im just glad I didnt invest any of my money with him.C_*Bgk(z,Q|cD:Me too!xR)ev%VaucI]V~l_A:Me three!k-)EPVrAQw1t@jKxApril解释说,但是近来,政府决定对白领犯罪加强处罚, to make an example of someone有杀一儆百的意思;;UQfRx*yE45#Mz。Ken说,如果法庭判处 Jason 有罪的话,Jason 就可能会坐十年以上的大牢,而且是跟 hardcore offenders恶性犯罪分子关在一起OLIc4cb~eO0]_XkV6d^。三个人都表示,幸好没有把自己的钱拿出来让 Jason 去投资8~,x9rc!kH(3EApS*Rv。1~!2TAE1;GfSej07;VDJK^Vd_sbCV2SP;+xNCRWqU*Nbgstb /201206/185938

火车是一种重要的交通工具,相信大家在出差的时候一定和它打过不少交道。那么今天让我们来了解一下和票务有关的常用语吧。   Can I get a seat for the D207 on Wednesday?   我想买一张周三的D207的车票。   I want to reserve a sleeper to Shanghai.   我想订一张去上海的卧铺。   I missed the train. Could you please refund this ticket for me?   我没有赶上火车。可以帮我把票退了吗?   Where am I supposed to pay the excess train fare?   我应该去哪儿补票呢? /10/86367

应试人李明对自己成为一名好的出纳员非常有信心,主试人蒂娜给予了肯定。Tina: You are still a student?Li Ming: Yes, but I will graduate from the Shanghai Finance and Trade school next month.Tina: Are you sure you can be a successful cashier?Li Ming: I'm sure. You know my major is statistics and I get excellent records in all of the courses I have taken.Tina: That's only for your theory foundation. I am afraid if you have ever handled large amounts of cash before?Li Ming: Yes, my father runs a business so I have opportunity to work in the finance department every holiday.Tina: Good. I think you'll make a good cashier.Li Ming: Thank you. 蒂娜:你现在仍是一名学生吗?李明:是的,但我下个月就将从上海经贸学校毕业。蒂娜:你有信心成为一名好的出纳员吗?李明:有信心,因为我学的是统计学专业,并且在所有的课程中都取得了非常好的成绩。蒂娜:那只是你的理论基础。我所担心的是你从前是否管理过大量的现金?李明:我接触过。我的父亲有自己的生意,所以每个假期我都有机会在父亲商店的财务科帮忙。蒂娜:很好,我认为你会是个好的出纳员的。李明:谢谢。求职锦句:1. In your opinion, what is the future of the foreign-funded bank in China? 你认为外资今后在中国的发展前景如何?2. As a cashier, you must be both fast and accurate with figures. 作为一名出纳员,处理账目你一定要既快又准确。3. I'm responsible for foreign exchange settlement. 我负责外汇结算。 /201110/155977

jink -------- 急转弯(不及物动词)英文释义 (intransitive verb) To change direction suddenly when avoiding someone or something.例句 The hunter watched as the rabbit jinked quickly right and left as his dog chased it across the field.猎人放在田野中追逐兔子,兔子忽左忽右地急转。 /201506/379900

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