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富翁vs美女征婚派对将在上海登场Matchmaking party targets millionairesA matchmaking party organized by www.915915.com.cn will be held on November 25. Amatchmakingparty aimed at pairing up millionaire men with beautiful women will be held on a ship on Shanghai's Huangpu River on November 25.All of the male participants must have assets worth at least 2 million yuan (US0,000), and all the women must be good-looking and desirable, said Xu Tianli, the event's organizer and the owner of www.915915.com.cn, a matchmaking website."Actually, half of the men who registered for the event have more than 200 million yuan (US million) worth of assets," Xu said."They have all come here in search of a serious relationship."More than 20 men have signed up to take part in the event.Xu said his website provided matchmaking services only to the country's elite. He said that at least 3,000 millionaires throughout the country have signed up as members."Rich men are normally very busy, and most of the women they meet are there for work or business, which these men consider to be unsuitable for relationships," Xu said."Every man has certain criteria for his future wife. What these rich men want is a woman who is a bit more than normal," he added.One of the millionaires taking part, who identified himself only by his surname Sun, said he is looking for a woman who is good looking and has a nice personality. Sun, 34, said he had more than 4 million yuan (US0,000) and owned a logistics business."Appearance is most important to me, and I don't want to a woman who only wants to marry me for money," he said.The website has selected nearly 30 out of the more than 1,000 female applicants who applied to take part in the cruise.Xu said that some millionaire women had also entered the event. 一场富翁vs美女的征婚派对将于本月25日在上海黄浦江的一艘游船上举行。据这个活动的组织者、钻石王老五征婚网的总裁徐天力介绍,参加此次活动的男嘉宾必须拥有价值至少200万元人民币的资产,而女嘉宾则必须漂亮迷人。徐总说:"实际上,报名的男嘉宾中有一半人的资产都在200万以上。"“他们都想在这找到一个真正的爱人。”目前已有20多位富翁报了名。徐总说,钻石王老五征婚网主要为社会精英提供征婚务。目前全国至少有3000位单身富翁注册了网站的会员。他说:“有钱人通常都很忙,他们觉得在工作中或生意场上的遇到的女性大多不适合做伴侣。”“每个男人都有自己的择偶标准。这些富翁比较青睐特别一点的女性。”其中有一位姓孙的富翁说,他想找一位长的漂亮、性格温柔的女性。这位孙先生今年34岁,是一家物流公司的老板,个人资产超过400万元人民币。他说:“对方的相貌是我最看重的。我也不想找一个为了钱而愿意嫁给我的女性。”钻石王老五征婚网从1000位报名的女性中挑选出了近30位参加这个活动。徐总说,入选者中还有一些女富翁。 Vocabulary:matchmaking:做媒 /200803/32941。

The latest wheeze最新潮的吞云吐雾方式BETTING against an industry with addicts for customers carries obvious risks. But these are uncertain times for Big Tobacco. Electronic cigarettes, once dismissed as a novelty, now pose a serious threat. E-cigarettes work by turning nicotine-infused liquid into vapour, which is then inhaled. A user is therefore said to be “vaping”, not smoking. More important, he or she is not inhaling all the noxious substances found in ordinary smokes.和一个拥有忠诚客户群的行业打赌,显而易见这是在冒险。但对于烟草巨头而言,现在确实是一个不确定的时期。曾经被视为另类的电子香烟,如今却对其构成了巨大的威胁。电子烟的工作原理是将含有尼古丁的烟液雾化成可吸入人体的烟雾,因此吸电子烟的人通常被形容成“吸雾”,而不是吸烟。更重要的是,Ta们并不会吸入普通香烟中的全部有害物质。In 2012 sales of e-cigarettes in America were between 0m and 0m, say analysts. That is paltry compared with the billion-plus market for conventional cigarettes in the country. But e-cigarette sales doubled last year, and are expected to double again in 2013. Bonnie Herzog of Wells Fargo, a bank, believes sales of e-cigarettes could overtake sales of the normal sort within a decade.有分析师称,2012年美国电子烟的销售额在3亿美元到5亿美元之间。与该国超过800亿美元的传统香烟市场相比,这个数字是微不足道的。但是,电子烟的销售额却比去年翻了一番,预计2013年将再次翻番。富国的 Bonnie Herzog认为,电子烟的销售额可能会在未来十年间超过传统香烟的销售额。That may depend on how governments react. E-cigarettes are probably not good for you. One study showed that vaping decreased lung capacity. Yet a switch from smoking to vaping could improve public health, some say. E-cigarettes may help smokers quit more efficiently than nicotine patches or gum. This notion has not been thoroughly tested, however, so governments are wary.这可能取决于政府将作何反应。电子烟可能不利于你的健康。一项研究表明,“吸雾”会减少肺活量。但有人认为,从吸烟转变到吸雾,可以改善公共卫生环境。电子烟可能会比尼古丁贴片或口香糖更快地帮助吸烟者戒掉烟瘾。不过,这一观点还没有经过全面验,因此政府对此态度谨慎。America has warned e-cigarette manufacturers not to make health claims. New tobacco guidelines in Europe would either tightly limit the nicotine content of e-cigarettes or force them to undergo clinical trials, as pharmaceutical products do. Elsewhere a patchwork of regulation exists, including outright bans in some countries.美国已经警告电子烟制造商不要做出健康声明。欧洲新烟草准则将严格限制电子烟的尼古丁含量,或强迫制造商参照制药行业的做法进行临床测试。其他地区也有不同的监管规定,包括某些国家实施的完全禁令。None of this has stopped companies from pitching to consumers. In America and Britain advertisements for e-cigarettes have appeared on television—forbidden territory for standard cigarettes. Craig Weiss, the head of NJOY, America’s top-selling brand of e-cigarettes, vows to make traditional ones obsolete. His ads crow: “Cigarettes, you’ve met your match.”这一切都没能停止生产企业向消费者推销产品。美国和英国的电子烟广告已经在电视(传统香烟广告的禁区)上播出。NJOY是美国最畅销的电子烟品牌,该公司负责人Craig Weiss发誓要让传统香烟成为过去。他的广告词是“传统香烟,你遇上对手了。”America’s tobacco giants do not think he is blowing smoke. Last year Lorillard (the maker of brands such as Newport and Kent) bought Blu, an e-cigarette maker, for 5m. NJOY is rumoured to be facing a takeover, perhaps by Altria (the maker of Marlboro). Foreign cigarette makers, such as British American Tobacco and Japan Tobacco International, also have stakes in the industry, while other firms are working on their own vaporous offerings.美国的烟草巨头并不认为他是在说空话。去年,纽宝 (Newport)和箭牌(Kent)等品牌的制造商罗瑞拉德烟草公司以1.35亿美元价格收购了电子烟制造商Blu。据传,NJOY也即将面临被万宝路品牌的制造商奥驰亚收购的命运。还有一些公司也在竭尽全力生产自己的电子香烟,同时,英美烟草、日本烟草国际等国外香烟制造商也加入到这一行业的竞争中。E-cigarette executives dream of relegating traditional cigarettes to the ashtray of history. But as they struggle with taxes, patents and red tape, they may come to envy Big Tobacco’s deep pockets. More deals are likely, thrashed out no doubt in vapour-filled rooms.电子烟企业的高管梦想着把传统香烟尘封在历史的“烟灰缸”中。但是当他们为纳税、专利以及繁琐的手续疲于奔命时,可能猛然会为烟草巨头们的雄厚财力而慨叹。更多的交易可能正在紧锣密鼓地进行着,那里必将烟雾缭绕。 /201303/232639。

An Australian woman who paid #163;800 for two new Apple iPhones lost her money when she opened the boxes - and found two real green apples inside. 一位澳大利亚女子花了800英镑买了两部新的苹果iPhone手机,在收到盒子的时候却发现里面只有两颗真正的青苹果,这名女子的钱就这么打水漂了。 The 21-year-old Brisbane woman had placed an advertisement in an online buy-and-sell site saying she was looking to purchase a number of iPhones. 这名21岁的女子来自澳大利亚东部城市布里斯班,她在一个在线购物网站发广告表示自己想求购几部iPhone手机。 Police in the Queensland town of Upper Mt Gravatt, near Brisbane, said that not long after the advert was placed in the Gumtree site a woman called and said she had two Apples for sale. 昆士兰Upper Mt Gravatt 小镇上的警方表示,广告发布在这个叫Gumtree的网站后,一名女子打电话过来声称自己有两部苹果手机要出售。 Senior Constable Jess Hopkin of the Upper Mt Gravatt Crime Prevention said the two women arranged to meet at a McDonald`s outlet, where the transaction took place. Upper Mt Gravatt预防犯罪机构的高级警员杰西-霍普金说,这两名女子安排在麦当劳会面进行交易。 The purchaser handed over 00, the equivalent of #163;800, and was given two new iPhone boxes in return, the Quest community newspaper of Queensland reported today. Her mistake was to not look inside. 根据昆士兰当地报纸的报道,买家付了1500美元(约为800英镑),拿到了两个新的iPhone手机盒,但她犯了个严重的错就是没检查盒子里面。 On returning home the young woman opened the boxes and found to her horror that they contained real apples. 一回到家打开盒子,她很惊恐地发现盒子里装着的竟然是真正的苹果。 Senior Constable Hopkin warned people to be wary when they buy anything online.`If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. It`s really just common sense.` she said. 霍普金警员警告大家网购时需谨慎。她表示:“如果你觉得某件事儿太好了,好得非常不真实,那十有八九就是假的,这真的是常识问题。” Commentators writing on an online site weren`t letting the buyer off the hook with their criticism. 不过购物网站上的者们可不会这么轻易放过这个倒霉的买家,他们对这位姑娘大加批评。 `I don`t know anyone that would hand over 00 to a stranger without checking the item,` wrote one man. `Besides, you can buy a brand new iPhone5 for 0. So if this is a true story then I`m sorry but she deserved it!` 一位男子这样写道:“我从来还没见过这么傻的人,不检查物品就把1500美元交给一个陌生人。再说,现在一部全新iPhone5手机售价也只要700美元。如果这是个真故事,那只能说这姑娘活该了!” /201308/251826。

Chinese students and parents are demanding an apology from US Vice-President Joe Biden for ;insensitive; comments, weeks after he referred to China as the nation that cannot “think different” or “breathe free” during a commencement speech at the University of Pennsylvania.5月13日,美国副总统乔·拜登在美国宾夕法尼亚大学毕业典礼上发表演说,称中国是不能“自由思考”或“自由呼吸”的国度,这样的言论引起了在场中国学生和家长的不满,要求其进行道歉。“I believe Biden should apologise over his inappropriate comments made at my commencement in the face of at least hundreds of Chinese people,” Zhang Tianpu, a graduating Wharton senior and Chinese citizen, told the South China Morning Post on Wednesday.宾夕法尼亚大学沃顿商学院毕业班的中国学生张天璞周三对香港《南华早报》表示,“我认为拜登应该为他的不恰当道歉,当时毕业典礼上至少有数百名中国人。”“It was a humiliating experience,” he said. “And how can a graduation speech be this political?”“这是一次羞辱的经历,一场毕业演说为何会变得这么政治化?”Zhang and his peers have aly drafted a letter to Biden demanding an official apology. The letter has 343 signatures as of Wednesday and will be sent to the university’s president before reaching Biden#39;s desk. Requests for comment from Biden#39;s office have not been returned.张天璞和他的同学已经起草一封信,要求拜登做出正式道歉。到22日为止已有343人签名,信件将先被呈递给该校校长,然后转交到拜登办公室。拜登办公室暂未就此事做出答复。Biden’s comments, which were called ;inappropriate;, hugely disappointed the Chinese in his audience. They were delivered in the middle of his May 13 speech, reported by the Guardian as “by far the funniest of the recent commencement addresses”.拜登在5月13日的毕业典礼上的“不当言论” 让在场的中国听众非常失望。而正是这场演说,被英国《卫报》评为“目前为止近来最有趣的毕业典礼演说”。But not everyone appreciated his jokes. Touching on the concern that “the Chinese are going to eat our lunch”, Biden assured his audience that they had nothing to fear.但不是所有的人都欣赏他的玩笑话。在谈到对“中国会吃掉我们的午餐”的担忧时,拜登向他的听众保,没有什么值得害怕的。“Their problems are immense, and they lack much of what we have,” he said, citing America’s universities, its “open and fair legal” system, vibrant venture capital markets and innovative minds.“中国的问题很多,他们缺少我们所拥有的很多东西”,拜登引用美国的大学举例说,如“开放和公平” 的法律体系、充满活力的风险资本市场以及创新思维。The key to all these, Biden argued, was the ability to “think different”, in a reference to Steve Jobs#39; slogan for Apple.拜登说道,这些的关键是“自由思想”的能力,这里他提到的是史蒂夫·乔布斯为苹果公司设计的口号(“不同凡响”)。“You cannot think different in a nation where you cannot breathe free; you cannot think different in a nation where you aren’t able to challenge orthodoxy, because change only comes from challenging orthodoxy.”“在无法自由呼吸的国家,你无法自由思考;在无法挑战正统观念的国家,你无法自由思考,因为改变只能来源于挑战正统”。To which Zhang argued: “Come on, my ancestors were challenging orthodoxy even before his ancestors got to America.”对此张反驳说:“拜托,我们的祖先在他的祖先到美洲之前就开始挑战正统观念了。” /201305/241303。

With nuptials season in full swing, a Vera Wang wedding dress remains at the top of many a bride#39;s wish list. The designer, who recently took home the lifetime achievement award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America, has been innovating in bridal design for years─using color, knits and even throwing fabric into a washing machine.随着婚礼季的全面展开,王薇薇(Vera Wang)婚纱依然是许多新娘愿望清单上的首选。王薇薇最近刚拿到美国时装设计师协会(Council of Fashion Designers of America)颁发的终生成就奖。多年来她一直在婚纱设计领域进行创新──运用色和编织手法,甚至将面料扔进洗衣机里。Ms. Wang said that her latest collection is about construction. #39;I had felt that I had really messed that vocabulary of perfection for brides for a while, where there#39;s six fabrics to a skirt,#39; she said. #39;I wanted to go back to something that maybe was what I started with, but in a whole new way, and that would be architecture─not simplicity─but maybe minimalism.#39;王薇薇说,她的最新婚纱系列重点在于构建。她说:“我觉得有段时间我确实搅乱了新娘们对于完美的概念,一条裙子有六种布料。我想回到最原始的东西,但是以一种全新的方式,这种方式就是装架构──不是简单──而是极简主义。”The Wall Street Journal sat down with the designer in her studio to talk about some of her most memorable wedding and red-carpet looks, business in China and #39;Tiger Moms.#39;《华尔街日报》记者在这位知名设计师的工作室里对她进行了采访,聊到了她记忆里最深刻的几款婚纱和红地毯装扮、她在中国的业务以及她对“虎妈”的看法。Edited excerpts:以下为编辑后的采访摘录:What is your approach to dressing someone for the red carpet?你给人设计红毯装用什么方法?Vera Wang: In red carpet I am more of a wardrober─like Edith Head─a wardrobe designer, where it has to be reflective of the star. Their look, their personality, their body type and what they#39;re trying to express that night. So that becomes a way more specific journey than what I do in y to wear.王薇薇:在红毯装上我更像是一个造型师──就和伊迪丝#8226;海德(Edith Head)一样──衣必须反映明星的气质。要看他们的长相,他们的个性、体型以及当晚他们想表现什么。因此红毯装就比我做成衣的过程要具体得多。Which red-carpet looks do you get asked about the most?哪些红毯装被人问得最多?Michelle [Williams] ranks up there. Charlize [Theron] in the mandarin orange, #39;30s-inspired dress, where she wore the pair of brooches. She could#39;ve definitely been in a film in that dress. She just shot [#39;The Legend of] Bagger Vance,#39; which was a #39;30s period piece about a golfer, and she wanted to stay in character for the Oscars, so she did the more retro hair. That#39;s definitely one of the ones I#39;ve been asked the most about.被问起最多的是米歇尔#8226;威廉姆斯(Michelle Williams)。还有查理兹#8226;塞隆(Charlize Theron)那条以30年代风格为灵感、配一对胸针的橘色长裙。她穿那条裙子绝对可以拍电影。当时她刚拍完《重返荣耀》(The Legend of Bagger Vance),那是一部有关30年代一名高尔夫球手的电影,她想为了奥斯卡(Oscars)保留角色的样子,所以做了比较复古的发型。那绝对是我被问得最多的红毯装之一。Certainly Sharon Stone after #39;Basic Instinct#39; when she came in a blond duchesse tight ball gown with a huge train in the back and no jewelry. Just the blond skin, blond hair, and incredible blond dress. That was sort of my first big Oscar moment. Everything came together to make it magical. It really does take a certain amount of luck and serendipity for all the factors to come together. I#39;ve dressed amazing women: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lopez─there have been so many.当然还有刚拍完《本能》(Basic Instinct)的莎朗#8226;斯通(Sharon Stone),她身穿了一条金色丝硬缎紧身晚礼,大大的裙裾,没有佩戴首饰。只有金色的皮肤、金色的头发和光照人的金色长裙。那是我的第一个相当于奥斯卡的时刻。所有的元素组合在一起,造就了这身不可思议的装束。所有这些因素组合在一起确实需要一定的运气和缘分。我为很多优秀的女星设计过红毯装:茱莉亚#8226;路易斯#8226;德利法斯(Julia Louis-Dreyfus)、桑德拉#8226;布洛克(Sandra Bullock)、詹妮弗#8226;洛佩慈(Jennifer Lopez)──太多了。What about wedding moments?那婚纱呢?Chelsea [Clinton], certainly, not only because of her provenance and her family and the fact that they#39;re an extraordinary American dynasty in terms of politics. The wonderful thing about Chelsea was her desire to go a more fashion route, a more unexpected place. I credit her with that. That#39;s really all about her own vision of how she saw herself. For a wedding of that pomp and circumstance, it was really very much of a family affair, and so that authenticity came through not only in the actual wedding but in how she looked. I was not dictating to Chelsea. We collaborated together. There was a youth and a romance and a certain acceptance of techniques that were quite complex from a fashion point of view.当然是切尔西#8226;克林顿(Chelsea Clinton),不仅仅因为她的出身和家庭以及他们在美国政界历史上非同寻常的地位。切尔西很棒的一点是她渴望走比较时尚和比较出乎意料的路线。我觉得她这点很不错。最重要的是在于她自己如何看待自己。对于那种华丽场合的婚礼,确实是一场家族盛事,因此不光婚礼要呈现出真实性,她的装扮也要真实。我并不是在指导切尔西,我们是在合作。要表现出青春和浪漫,从时装角度来看相当复杂的技术性细节,也要能让人接受。Alicia Keys─same night, 6 hours before, in fact I looked at my watch at noon and said, #39;Alicia#39;s getting married right now#39; in the south of France, I believe. She was sort of barefoot and pregnant. She just embraced being pregnant and the fact that she wanted to Grecian and like an Earth goddess. And so: Two very different brides, two very different continents, two very different lifestyles, and yet I think each one felt that she had expressed who she was on her most important day. Even in celebrity weddings I feel like I#39;m a costumer.还有艾丽西亚#8226;凯斯(Alicia Keys),她的婚礼也是同一天,不过比切尔西早六个小时。我中午就看着表说:我猜艾丽西亚现在就在法国南部举行婚礼。她赤着脚还怀着。她坦然接受自己怀,而且想要希腊式婚纱,看起来像大地女神。因此:两位截然不同的新娘,两块截然不同的大陆,两种截然不同的生活方式,但我认为她们都觉得在自己最重要的日子表现出了真实的自我。即使在名人的婚礼上我也觉得自己像个装师。What about business growth in Asia?在亚洲的业务发展得怎么样?Being Chinese, but having grown up in America, first generation, it#39;s meant a great deal, particularly since my parents passed, that I honor my past and my roots. And that means a great deal to me. You can#39;t grow up in a Chinese─even American family─and not know that. If you have Chinese parents, you know. They don#39;t let you forget.作为在美国长大的第一代华人,在亚洲的发展意义重大,特别是由于我父母已经过世。我以我的过去和我的根为荣。这对我意义重大。在中国家庭你不可能不明白这点,在美国家庭长大也一样。如果你的父母是华人,你就会懂。他们不会让你忘记的。But I have to say in all honesty, there is a business opportunity there that I#39;ve seen since my father#39;s businesses were all in Asia that I#39;ve known about way beyond a decade.但我得坦白说,由于我父亲的生意都在亚洲,我十多年前就知道了亚洲有商机。But also there#39;s an emotional part of this, which is that I feel that Chinese all over the world─and Asians in general─have come into their own. Not only the standards of beauty and commercial success and financial power and all the other ingredients that have made not only China, but South Korea and obviously Japan for so many decades aly─there is a new acceptance of Asians and I#39;m happy I#39;m living to see it because it really means something to me. And that would go also for all the prolific amounts of young Asian designers in fashion who are making their mark. I think nothing is making me feel prouder. As someone who maybe was a pioneer, it#39;s a much deeper rooted journey back to Asia─a much deeper journey than purely financial or commercial. It#39;s a lot about my soul, probably, and my heart. I#39;ve always loved fashion and worked in fashion because of that. It was never about being about a celebrity and it was never about being famous. Unfortunately in this day and age, if people don#39;t know you, no matter how great your product is, they#39;ll never find it.不过也有感情因素,我觉得全世界的华人──以及更大范围的亚洲人──已经独立了。不光是美的标准和商业成功、金融力量及其他元素让中国独立了,韩国还有日本已经独立了数十年──亚洲人重新被接受,我很高兴活着目睹了这一点,因为这点对我真的很有意义。同样的,时装界也有许多年轻的亚洲设计师正冉冉升起。没什么比这更能让我觉得骄傲了。作为一个可能是先驱的人,我的根深深根植在亚洲──比纯粹的金钱或商业要深得多。或许最重要的是我的灵魂,还有我的心。我一直都喜欢时装,而且因为喜欢而在时装界工作。绝不是因为想成为名人,也绝不是想出名。不幸的是在如今这个时代,如果人们不认识你,无论你的产品有多好,他们永远都不会找到。I was the girl always on the other side of the camera at Vogue. And now there#39;s a certain irony in all of this. And certainly I#39;m lucky that I have that kind of respect. But for me it#39;s always been my love of fashion and my love of design and my respect for others in our industry who have achieved such great great great things─some of whom are Asian: Rei Kawakubo, Junya Watanabe, Yohji Yamamoto, Issey Miyake, I#39;m not going to go down the list. Really, I stand in awe.在《时尚》(Vogue)的时候,我曾经老是摄像机另一头的那个女孩。现在这一切有点讽刺。可以肯定的是,我很幸运我得到了那种尊重。但对我来说,最重要的是我对时装的热爱,对设计的热爱,在这个行业有很多其他取得很大成就的人值得我尊敬──有些是亚洲人:川久保玲(Rei Kawakubo)、渡边淳弥(Junya Watanabe)、山本耀司(Yohji Yamamoto)、三宅一生(Issey Miyake),我不想一一列出名字。我真的很敬重他们。Since we#39;re on the topic of Asians, and Chinese parents, does the topic of the #39;Tiger Mom#39; mean anything to you?既然我们谈到了亚洲人和中国父母的话题,那么“虎妈”这个话题对你有什么意味吗?My daughters would not say that about me, that#39;s for sure. I would say that about my mother. I#39;m a tiger cub─an old tiger cub.我的女儿不会那样说我,这是肯定的。我会这样说我的母亲。我是个“虎崽”──一个上了年纪的“虎崽”。Both of your daughters are at Ivy League schools, so are they successful because of other reasons?你的两个女儿都在常春藤联盟学校,那么她们成功是由于其他原因吗?Actually no thanks to me whatsoever. In all fairness, we were told not to interfere when they were in fourth grade, and we never did. They are their own people. I wouldn#39;t use the word #39;successful.#39; I would say they are their own people, for better or for worse.实际上我没什么功劳。公平地说,在她们上四年级时,我们被告知不要干涉她们,之后我们从没干涉过。她们在做自己。我不会用“成功”这个词。我会说不管怎样,她们都在做自己。 /201307/246560。