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Self-esteem is the combination of self-confidence and self-respect—the conviction that you are competent to cope with life's challenges and are worthy of happiness. Self-esteem is the way you talk to yourself about yourself. Self-esteem has two interrelated aspects; it entails a sense of personal efficacy and a sense of personal worth.It is the integrated sum of self-confidence and self-respect. It is the conviction that one is competent to live and worthy of living. Our self-esteem and self-image are developed by how we talk to ourselves. All of us have conscious and unconscious memories of all the times we felt bad or wrong—they are part of the unavoidable scars of childhood. This is where the critical voice gets started. Everyone has a critical inner voice. People with low self-esteem simply have a more vicious and demeaning inner voice. Psychologists say that almost every aspect of our lives—our personal happiness, success, relationships with others, achievement, creativity, dependencies—are dependent on our level of self-esteem. The more we have, the better we deal with things. Positive self-esteem is important because when people experience it, they feel good and look good, they are effective and productive, and they respond to other people and themselves in healthy, positive, growing ways. People who have positive self-esteem know that they are lovable and capable, and they care about themselves and other people. They do not have to build themselves up by tearing other people down or by patronizing less competent people. Our background largely determines what we will become in personality and more importantly in self-esteem. Where do feelings of worthlessness come from? Many come from our families, since more than 80% of our waking hours up to the age of eighteen are spent under their direct influence. We are who we are because of where we've been. We build our own brands of self-esteem from four ingredients fate, the positive things life offers, the negative things life offers and our own decisions about how to respond to fate, the positives and the negatives. Neither fate nor decisions can be determined by other people in our own life. No one can change fate. We can control our thinking and theree our decisions in life. 1。

  • A simple truth about happinessAfter I gave a talk on the subject of happiness,a woman in the audience stood up and said,“I wish my husband had come.”“Much as I loved him,”she explained,“it wasn’t easy being married to someone so unhappy.”This woman enabled me to put into words what I had been searching --altruistic1),as well as the personal,reasons taking happiness seriously.I told her that each of us owes it to our spouse),our children,our friends to be as happy as we can. I was not a particularly happy child,and like most teenagers,I took pleasure in my anguish.One day,however,it occurred to me that I was taking the easy way out.Anyone could be unhappy;it took no courage and eft.True achievement lay in struggling to be happy.The notion that we have to work at happiness comes as news to many people.We assume it’s a feeling that comes as a result of good things that just happen to us,things over which we have little or no control.But the opposite is true:happiness is largely under our control.It is a battle to be fought and not a feeling to be awaited.To achieve a happy life,it’s necessary to overcome some stumbling blocks,three of which are: Comparison with Others Most of us compare ourselves with anyone we think is happier--a relative,an acquaintance or,often someone we barely know.I once met a young man who struck me as particularly successful and happy.He spoke of his love his beautiful wife and their three daughters,and of his joy at being a radio talk-show host in a city he loved.I remember thinking that he was one of those lucky few whom everything goes eftlessly right.Then we started talking about the Internet.He blessed its existence,he told me ,because he could look up inmation on multiple sclerosis3)--the terrible disease afflicting his wife.I felt like a fool assuming nothing unhappy existed in his life. Images of Perfection Almost all of us have images of how life should be.The problem,of course,is that only rarely do people’s jobs,spouses and children live up to these imagined ideals.Here’s a personal example:no one in my family had ever divorced.I assumed that marriage was life.So when my wife and I divorced after five years of marriage and three years after the birth of our son,my world collapsed.I was a failure in my own eyes.I later remarried and confided to my wife that I couldn’t shake the feeling that my family life had failed.She asked me what was wrong with our family now(which included her daughter from a previous marriage and my son).I had to admit that,aside from the pain of being with my son only half the time (my ex-wife and I shared custody)),our family life was wonderful.“Then why don’t you celebrate it?”she asked.That’s what I decided to do.But first I had to get rid of a “perfect” family.“Missing Tile5)” Syndrome6) One effective way of destroying happiness is to look at something and focus on even the smallest flaw.It’s like looking at the tiled ceiling and concentrating on the space where one tile is missing.As a bald man told me ,“whenever I enter a room,all I see is hair.”Once you’ve determined what your missing tile is,explore whether acquiring it will really make you happy.Then do one of the three things:get it,replace it with a different tile,or get about it and focus on the tiles in your life that are not missing.We all know people who have had a relatively easy life yet are essentially unhappy.And we know people who have suffered a great deal but generally remain happy.The first secret is gratitude.All happy people are grateful.Ungrateful people cannot be happy.We tend to think that being unhappy leads people to complain,but it’s truer to say that complaining leads to people becoming unhappy. The second secret is realizing that happiness is a byproduct7) of something else.The most obvious sources are those pursuits that give our lives purpose--anything from studying insects to playing baseball.The more passions we have,the more happiness we are likely to experience.Finally,the belief that something permanent transcends8) us and that our existence has some larger meaning can help us be happier.We need a spiritual faith,or a philosophy of life.Whatever your philosophy,it should include this truism9):if you choose to find the positive in virtually every situation,you will be blessed,and if you choose to find the awful ,you will be cursed.As with happiness itself,this is largely your decision to make. 8599。
  • 品牌口语00句(3):化为乌有 --5 :7: 来源: 每天背 句,你能坚持多久?1. You’re eating my heart out Zhang xueyou.你跟张学友有一拼哪#9658;eat one heart out 有“伤心欲绝”的意思gt;gt;美国习惯用语71 沉痛悼念央视主持人罗京lt;lt;eat your heart out 后接一个名人的名字时,常常是开玩笑地说比其还要强,有得一拼(;If someone says eat your heart out followed by the name of a famous person, they are joking that they are even better than that person;)而当后面接人名时,可以调侃地翻译为“某某,你就羡慕嫉妒恨吧!”有喜欢《Glee的同学,或许会在SE中发现一句话 ;Eat your heart out, Kate Middleton!;. It was a load of waffle.太扯了3. She never loses her inhibition.她从不失态. All planes were grounded.所有航班都取消了5. I’ve been beavering away at this hours.我已经忙了好几个小时了#9658;beaver away 努力工作,勤奋工作,辛勤劳动,埋头苦干e.g. These young people beaver away at school. 这些年轻人在学校里用功苦读6. Our relationship is on an even keel.我们的关系很稳定#9658;on an even keel (船等行驶)平稳;平稳的(地),稳定的(地),均衡的(地)e.g. She does almost everything on an even keel. 她做起事来几乎都是四平八稳的7. Don’t flog a dead horse.别白费功夫了#9658;flog a dead horse 做无用功,做徒劳无益的事鞭打死马令其奋蹄驰骋,这显然是在做徒劳无功的事啊8. Everything went up in smoke.一切化为乌有#9658;go up in smoke 付之一炬,被烧光,化为灰烬9. It’s downright spurious.胡编乱造. You’re inviting disaster.你在给自己找麻烦 品牌英语。
  • 常用英语900句:关于地理和地貌 Geography And Land Features -01-7 ::01 来源: 766. Geographically, China is located in the Northern Hemisphere.从地理位置上说,中国位于北半球767. In this country, the weather is usually very awful.在这个国家,天气通常十分恶劣768. It is a very beautiful country with many mountains.这是一个多山的美丽国度769. This country is famous its beautiful lakes.这个国家以其美丽的湖泊而闻名于世770. The land in this region is rather dry and parched. 这片土地十分干燥771. Along the northern coast of this continent, there are manycrags.沿该大陆的北海岸线上有许多峭壁77. In Brazil, many ancient ests are very well preserves.在巴西,古老的森林保存十分完好773. Lumbering is very important in some underdeveloped countries.在一些不发达的国家,伐木业十分重要77. The scenery is very beautiful in the small islands in thePacific Oceans.太平洋上一些小岛的景色十分优美775. What kind of climate do you have in this country? 这个国家的气候如何?776. In the west of America, there are many high peeks and deepcanyons.在美国西部有许多高峰和深谷777. Which one is the longest river in China? 中国哪条河流最长?778. Do you get much rain in summer? 这里夏天雨水多吗?779. Is the plain along the river good farming? 河畔的平原易于发展农业吗?780. It's cold and foggy in London at this time of the year.在每年的这个时候,伦敦寒冷而多雾 英语 关于 地理 常用。
  • 就为了今天,我将不再害怕尤其我不会再害怕享受美丽的事物,并且相信我给予世界的,世界也会给予我 Just today Just today I will try to live through this day only and not tackle my whole life problem at once. I can do something twelve hours that would appall me if I had to keep it up a lifetime. Just today I will be happy. This assumes to be true what Abraham Lincoln said,that "Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be." Just today I will adjust myself to what is, and not try to adjust everything to my own desires. I will take my "luck" as it comes. Just today I will try to strengthen my mind. I will study. I will learn something useful. I will not be a mental loafer. I will something that requires eft, thought and concentration. Just today I will exercise my soul in three ways. I will do somebody a good turn and not get found out If anybody knows of it, it will not count. I will do at least two things I don't want to do—just exercise. I will not show anyone that my feelings are hurt they may be hurt, but today I will not show it. Just today I will be agreeable. I will look as well as I can, dress becomingly, talk low, act courteously, criticize not one bit,and try not to improve or regulate anybody but myself. Just today I will have a program, I may not follow it exactly, but I will have it. I will save myself from two pests hurry and indecision. Just today I will have a quiet half hour all by myself and relax. During this half hour, sometime, I will try to get a better perspective of my life. Just today I will be unafraid. Especially I will not be afraid to enjoy what is beautiful,and to believe that as I give to the world, so the world will give to me. 83877。
  • -- :57:01 来源: 点击下载:.doc One 希望与要求 1.We'd like to express our desire to establish business relations with you on the basis of equality, mutual benefit and the exchange of needed goods. .In order to extend our export business to your country, we wish to enter into direct business relations with you. 3.Our hope is to establish mutual beneficial trading relations between us. .We look ward to a further extension of pleasant business relation. 5.It's our hope to continue with considerable business dealing with you. 6.We look ward to receiving your ation very soon, 7.I hope you'll see from the reduction that we are really doing our utmost. 8.We hope to discuss business with you at your earliest convenience. 9.We wish to express our desire to trade with you in leather shoes. .We look ward to your early reply and trust that though our mutual cooperation we shall be able to conclude this transaction with you in the near future. .I hope we can do business together, and look ward to hearing from you soon. .I hope that we can cooperate happily. .I hope that we can continue our cooperation. .We sincerely hope that this transaction will turn out to the satisfaction of both parties. .We hope that this market trend will continue. .It is hoped that you would seriously take this matter into consideration and let us have your reply soon. .We hope that you will deal with our request earnestly. 18.We hope to receive your immediate answer. 19.We are looking ward to having your early reply to this matter. .We hope that this dispute can be settled through friendly negotiation without its being submitted arbitration. 1.We look ward to your settlement at an early date. .Your early settlement of this case will be appreciated. 3.We hope that you can settle the claim as quickly as possible. .We hope that there will be no repetition of this kind of trouble in the future. 5.We expect that you will offer us a lower price as soon as possible. 6.We hope that the matter can be brought to a satisfactory solution. 7.I do hope this undesirable incident will not stand in the way of our future business. .We hope this matter will not affect our good relations in our future dealings. 9.I wish that this business will bring benefit to both of us. 30.We hope this incident will not bring any harm to our pleasant relations. 产品介绍 31.This model of typewriter is efficient and endurable , economical and practical middle school students. 3.The computer we produced is characterized by its high quality ,compact-sized, energy-saving and it’ also easy-to-learn and easy-to-operate. 33.They are not only as low-priced as other makers, but they are distinctly superior in the following respects . .You will get a 30% increasing production upon using this machine and also it allows one people to perm the task of three people. 35.This product will pay its own way in a year. 36.This machine will pay back your investment in 6 month. 37.The new type of suitcase card designed by our engineers is very ingenious and practical. 38.This kind of bicycle can be folded in half and handy to carry around ,especially useful during traveling and traffic jams. 39.The maximum speed of this kind of variable speed bicycle is 30 KH . 0.These machines have few breakdowns and easy to maintain because of their simple mechanical structure. 1.Compared with other brands, this kind of tyre cost less per mile and wear much longer due to its topnotch rubber. .This kind of tyre is characteristic of nonskid stop on wet road. 3.This material has a durable and easy-to-clean surface. .This kind of air-conditioning system is practical and economical the needs of your company. 5.Our products are as superb quality as well as the typical oriental make-up. 6.Our silk garments are made of super pure silk material and by traditional skills. 7.The garments are magnificent and tasteful and have long enjoyed great fame both at home and aboard. 8.As our typewriters are made of light and hard alloy they are both portable and endurable. 9.The hand bags we ed are all made of the best leather and various the kinds and the styles in order to meet the requirements of all walks of life in your country. 50.As our products have all the feature you need and % cheaper compared with that Japanese made ,I strongly recommended to you. 51.Vacuum cleaners of this brand are competitive in the international market and are the best- selling products of their kind. 5. “ever” multiple speed racing bicycles are sure to be sellable in your market. 53.Owning to its superior quality and reasonable price our silk has met with warm reception and quick sale in most European countries. 5.We feel that our product is the best kind in Asia and we can very well compete against Japan in price. 55.Our goods are greatly appreciated in other markets similar to your own. 56.By virtue of its super quality ,this product is often sold out in many areas. 57.Our products are superior in quality and moderate in price and are sure to be sellable in your market. 58.These items are most sellable in our market. 59.There have been a steady demand in our market this kind of toy. 60.We have the pleasure in recommending you the goods similar to the sample you send. three 业务范围介绍 61.We wish to introduce ourselves to you as a sate-owned corporation dealing exclusively in light iindustrial goods. 6.We are introducing ourselves as one of the lading exporters of the same line of business.63.We have the pleasure of introducing ourselves to you as a state corporation specializing in the export of canned goods. 6.We introduce ourselves as dealers in bicycles and spare parts. We have been in this line over two decades. 65.Our corporation is specialized in handling the export business of textiles. 66.The main products our corporation deals in are electrical appliances. 67.Our company is mainly engaged in agricultural products. 68.We specialize in the export of table-cloths. 69.Our company mainly deals with the export business of silk goods. 70.Our specialization is the exportation of Chinese silk garments. 71.We are engaged in the import and export of machinery. 7.we are now doing a large import business in fruits from Southeast Asia. 73.We specialize in handling clocks and watches of all sorts. 7.We also take on a variety of silk piece goods. 75.Our activities cover a wide range of commodities, such as ties, belts and shirts. 76.We are in a very good position to supply most grades of canned fish at competitive prices and good delivery. 77.We are in a position to accept orders against customers samples specifying design, specifications and packaging requirements. 78.We are not exporting straw and willow products, embroideries,, porcelain wares, jade carvings, antiques, Chinese paintings, silk flowers and various kinds of toys and gifts. 79.Our corporation is a major producer of technically advanced machinery and chemicals industry and agriculture. 80.Electronic products fall within the scope of our business activities 81.We also do export business of hand made woven s. 8.We have been engaged in the glass business with many Asian countries many years.83.Our company is mainly in the line of exporting Chinese art objects to European markets. 8.We also do import and export business in chemicals and agricultural products. 85.We have been importing and exporting all kinds of metals and minerals 30 years and have many customers and friends in over 80 countries and regions. 86.Our corporation is a group enterprise integrating scientific research, business, production and service. 87.As a joint venture, our corporation has won a prominent position in the fields of home electronics, computers and telecommunications in China. 88.We are prepared to accept orders goods with customers’ own trade marks or brand names. 89.We have been handling leather shoes and gloves more than yars.90.We have been engaged two decades in the manufacture of such equipment. e four 承诺 91.We assure you that such things will not happen again in our future deliveries. 9.We’d like to avail ourselves this opporty to assure you of our brond attention in handling your future order. 93.Our products are always good as the samples we send ,I can promise there will be not debasement of quality. 9.I guarantee that there is not difference in quality between the products we send you next month and what’s samples you saw just now. 95.I can promise you that the product we send you will be of A-one quality. 96.Our products are surely of standard quality. 97.I give you my word that the payment will be made not later than the end of June. 98.I promise I will check into these problems and find out if they were our fault. 99.We can make sure that goods avoid been damaged during the transit. 0.We will provide a fresh guarantee the protection of the equipments repaired. e Five 询盘 1.Please e us the goods listed I enclosed inquiry sheet giving your prices CIF Jakarta. 1.Please e us your lowest price CIF Hamburg ten MT of walnut meat. 1.Please e us FOB London 0 reams of good quality white poster paper. 1.Please e us your most competitive prices in order to consummate business. 1.Please e us your lowest price fertilizers . 1.Please e us your best price and let us know the minimum quantity each order. 1.Please make us a offer on CIF Hongkong bases hand made leather gloves. 1.Please make us a offer giving your price FOB New York. 1.We have aly made an enquire your s please make a offer bee the end of this month. 1.I would like to make a enquiry about this type of leather bag. 1.We shall be pleased if you finished us with your ation this product. 1.Many of customers are interested in your “Seagull” brand household scissors and we wish to have your CNF Shanghai ations. 1. We want to know the price CIF Tokyo your printed shirting. 1.We are anxious to get a offer your products. 1. We shall be very glad to receive a offer from you on this brand of radios. 6.We shall like to know the offer the rice of this kind. 7.We ‘d like to know the minimum order quality per color and per design. 8.What price could you e us on two dozens sets? 9.Would you please e us a price one your 71 * 81 reversible wool blankets % wool and 85% cotton, bound with rayon satin? 0.How much you asking this brand of ties? 1.If we order ,000 s what would be your offer? .What’s the price 00 Kg of white sugar. 3. Can you supply this quality at approximately 50% cents per meter? .If our order is a substantial one how much will you bring your price down? 5.How much discount could you offer on a order of this size ? 6.Please inm us what special offer you can make us ? 7.Here is a list of my requirements I ‘ld to have your lowest ations CIF New York. 8.Please inm us of your lowest price CIF London. 9.We’d appreciate it very much if you let us know what discount you can grant us if we give you a large order of your products. 0.Please let us have your best ation by tomorrow together with the appropriate time of shipment. e Six 报盘 1.This offer is subject to your reply reaching here on or bee 9,June. .If we can receive your order within the next days, we will make you a firm order at the prices ed. 3.This offer is firm 5 days. 1.The price we ed is on FOB Shanghai bases instead of CIF Hongkong bases and our offer will be valid until August 31. 5.We make you the offer subject to your apply reaching us not later than noon December 3. 6.We have the offer y you. 7.I’d to remind you that we have to withdraw our offer is we don’t hear you by next Monday. 8.This offer will remain effective another days from June 1. 9.The quality of our product is good and the prices is reasonable so we are confident that you will accept our offer dated th May. 0.Sincerly the market is advancing rapidly the price we offered you is the best I belive. 1.Here are our latest price sheet. You will see that our prices is most competitive. .We believe that the price we offer you can compete well with those of other firms. 3.We hope you will accept our offer and give us order soon. .We feel better offer will give you full satisfaction .I hope to receive a favorable reply from you soon. 5.If you think our proposal acceptable please let us have your order at early date. 6.We have the pleasure in offering you our product. 7.We are interested in making you a offer on our hand-make carpets which is well received in the overseas market. 8.Our price 0 dozens pairs of plastic shower curtains with matching drapes would be 5 USD shall we hold them your order? 9.We give you price of 0$ FOB Chicago. 0.We are pleased to e you 00 dozen man shirts as the sample you send bee at price 5piece CIF New York promote shipment. 1.In compliance with your request we are now offering you 00 dozens magnifiers at 30$ per dozen CIF San Francisco September shipment. .You will note that we are in the position to offer you 50 long tons of ten sheet at the attractive price of £5 per long tons CNF Shanghai. 3.We offer your 00 tons of Canada oats at the price of 500 pounds ton. . We can e you the price of 75$ typewriter and % discount on shipping . 5.Our average whole sell price is 180$ . 6.We offer you firm ,000 tons of chemical fertilizer at £0 per long ton CIF Vietnam deliver in April. 7. We can offer a quality discount of up to % but we are prepare to give % discount a offer to buy the complete stuff. 8.I have here our price sheet on a FAS vessel basis ,the price are given without engagement. 9.As prices is steady raising, we’d advise you to place your order without delay. 0.Our product is in great demand and supplies is limited so we would recommend that you accept this offer as soon as possible. e Seven 还盘 1. We hope you will consider our counter-offer most favorably and tell us your decision at your earliest convenience. .We wish you will reconsider your price and give a new bid so that there could be a possibility us to meet half way. 3.To accept the price you e would leave us only a small profit on our sales because the principle demand in our city is s in the medium price range. .Your competitors are offering considering lower prices and unless you can reduce your ations we have to buy else where. 5.To accept your present ation would mean a heave loss to us not to speak of profit. 6.I wish to point out that your offer are higher than some of your competitors in other countries. 7.Your price really leaves not margin reduction what so ever? 8.We can obtain the same quality through another channel at much lower price than that you ed us. 9.There is big difference between your price and those of your competitors . 0. We hoped you will e your rock-bottom price, otherwise we have no alternative but to place our orders else where. 1.If you insist on your original offer it will reduce our profit considerably. .We didn’t expect that the discount you offer would be so low. 3.Your price should be base on the actual situation of our customers. .In our market products of similar types are so many and with such a lower prices that many of our regular customers may switch other companies I am afraid. 5.Your offer is not acceptable because we have another supplier offering similar quality products at 5% discount. 6. Your ation is by no means favorable with those of other origins. 7.I am sorry to say that your prices are about 9% higher than those offered by other suppliers. 8.Compared with what is ed by other supplier, your price is uncompetitive. 9.Your price compares unfavorable with your competitors. 180.Our counter offer is well in line with the international market, fair and reasonable. 181.Your offer is wider than we can consider. 18.We very much regret to state that our end user here find your price too high and out of line with the prevailing market level. 183.We appreciate the good quality of your goods but untunately we are not going to accept the offer on your terms. 18.We find your prices are two high to be acceptable. 185.We regret to say that your offer is not at least encouraging. 186.The ation submitted by you is too high. 187.We regret that it is impossible us to entertain the bid. 188.You are making us to pay too high price that will put us in a tide corner. 189.It would be impossible me to push any sales at such high prices. 190.Your price is beyond our expectation. 191.You should know that the price of same product should be fixed differently in different market, but yours is definitely too high in our market. 19.Your ation of sewing machines is too high to be acceptable. 193.We regret to say that your price is on the high side, we do not think there is any possibility of business unless you cut your price by %. 19.Your price has gone up so rapidly that it would be impossible us to push any sales at such a price. 195.We regret to say there is no possibility of business because of your high price. 196.The price you offer is entirely unworkable. 197.If you hang on the original offer business is impossible. 198.If you able to make the price easier , we might take a larger quality. 199.There is a little likelihood of concluding business at your price. 0.We think your offer is not favorable us to increase the market share on our end. Eight 对还盘的反应 1.Your counter offer is much too low ,especially considering the small amount of your order. .Our prices fixed on a reasonable level. .Our products are modestly priced. .This is the best price we can give you. .The price has been reduced to the limit. .Our price is aly on its lowest level. .There is little scope further reducing the price. .Considering quantities has been sold at this level any further reduction is out of the question. .We can not make any further discounts. .This is our rock bottom price, we can’t make any concessions . .Sorry , we generally don’t e on a discount basis. .We can’t make any allowance this lot. .This is the very best offer we can make you, we consider this a rock bottom price indeed. .I am afraid there is no room to negotiate the price. .This is a special offer and it is not subject to our usual discount. .The possibility of fallen price is rather remote I am afraid. .The price we offer you is the lowest, we can’t do better. 18.We are very much regret to say that we can’t cut the price to the extend you required. 19.We are in a difficult position to satifacis your request reducing the price. .It is really difficult to comply with your request to shading the price. 1.I dare say that the price we offer compare favorably with any ation you can obtain elsewhere. .I am afraid you won’t find another company who will give you a cheaper price than ours. 3.What we give you is a good price. We don’t think it could be put any better. Take it or leave it, it’s up to you. .If you compare the quality of our good with that of other country, you will see our price is very reasonable. 5.The price we e you belts is much lower than that of last year’s. You must found it very competitive. 6.Our offer might be a bit high, but you will soon make bigger profits when market fluctuation stopped. 7.The present market situation is on the upward our trend ,so you don’t have to worry about the profit. .Our product is very competitive so there is no question of profit. 9.Your count-offer seams to be a little tide if so our profit margin will be too small. 30.If you increase your initial order to 30,000 , I suppose we could consider reducing the price to 300,0$ per . 31. If you double the order, we may consider giving you a 8% discount. 3.The best we can do is to allow you % off our ation. 33.There is so many rich people in your area ,to them a high price means a good quality product. .If you stick to your count offer without any compromise we may not able to make a deal. 35.Your bid is obviously out of line with the price ruling and the present market. 36.We regret we can not book your order according to your count-offer. 37.Our table cloth is modestly priced and quite sellable in your market. 38.We don’t think that this price can be consider high in your market. 39.We feel that your counter-offer is not proper because of the price such a material is on the raise at present. 0.We are not at in a position to entertain business at your price since it is far below our cost price. Nine 要求优惠 1.All your ations are on FOB Vancouver basis may I ask if you allow any discount? .Isn’t it possible to give us a little more discount? 3.If you are prepare to give me some allowance I will consider placing a order ,000 dozens. .Should you be prepare to reduce your price we might come to terms. 5.If I show you a offer lower then yours ,would you be able to conclude transaction at that price ? 6.If the order is a substantial one how much would you come down? 7.May we suggest that you make some allowance on your ed prices ? 8.If we place a order ,000 dozen up can you give us a special discount? 9.If our order is more than ,000 MT would you give us a additional 6% commission ? 50.We hope you will allowance us some discount on our purchase of 6,000 dozens. 51.We’ld like to ask reduction in price because of the large size of our order. 5.Since the present market is so weak, you have to lower your price if you want us to increase sales. 53.We hope to get your best offer bicycles. 5.We invite ation of the lowest price. 55.May we suggest that you perhaps make some allowance on your ed prices? 56.If you reduce the price by % I think we can do twenty metric tons. 57.If possible we’d like to ask reduction of 5,000.50 Per MT. 58.If you are will to give me a 5% reduction I will order 5,000 dozens. 59.The sugar of French-made has been sold at level 98$ per long ton ,if you can reduce your limit by say 8% we might come to terms. 60.We would very much like to place further order with you if you could bring down your price by % ,otherwise we can only switch our requirement to other suppliers. 61.No one can do business at such a unreasonably high prices, you have to cut them down by % I am afraid. 6.We should book a trial order with you provided you will give us 5% commission. 63.Only by cutting the price by more than % can more customers be lured to buy your products. 6.We would like to ask % off your offer if our offer is more than ,500 per season. 65.We hope that you will give us a special discount of % if we order more than,000 sets. 66.Please make a discount of 5% off the prices in the catalog. 67.We hope that you will make a at least 5% reduction on your ation or business is not possible. 68.We can accept the goods only at a reduction of % at the contract price. 69.If you can lower your limit by 5% , business is hopeful. 70.We will place our order with you if you can lower your price to 00 pounds per MT. 给与优惠 71.On order 0 pieces or more we are allow a special discount 1.5%. 7.A discount of 5% maybe allowed if the quantity each specification is more than 00 cents. 73. quantities if 500 s we can offer a discount of % on our price list. 7.We are glad to make a 5% discount a order of 0 dozen or more. 75.We should be please to allow you the requested discount of 5% ,if you will to raise your order to 50,000 pieces. 76.We would entitle you to % discount during July on any thing you buy.. 77.You can receive a special % discount on orders place bee the end of December. 78.If your order is large enough we are y to reduce our prices by 5%. 79. There is a % discount if you order in volume. 0.If an order is exceptional large, we are prepare to increase the discount. 1.If you are willing to buy the whole lot once and all ,we can grant you a discount of 8% on the price. .To help you sell our product as an exception we will give you a special discount of 5% . 3.We will bring our price down by 5% a good start business relationships. .In order to close this deal, we shall further reduce our price by 5%. 5. the sake of our long-term friendship ,we are going to accept the price reduction on the radios. How about 6% off? 6.In order to help you to develop business in this line, we are prepare to offer you a discount of 5%. 7.In order to wind up this transaction with you we are y to take 3% off this original ation. 8.After careful consideration ,we decide to bring the price down to $ . 9.We are prepare to offer our computers to you at the special discount rate of %. 90.Our ation is subject to 5% commission. e Eleven 双方让步 91. In view of our good cooperation over the past few years, we are prepare to accept your price. 9.As a gesture of friendship , we accept the price of 50,000 $ ,000 pairs of leather shoes. 93.It’s seams there is nothing more I can do but to accept this price. 9.How about meeting each other half way and each of us make further concession so that business can be concluded. 95.I think that we should come to a compromise with each other in order to get the deal done. 96.Business is quite possible if each size makes some concessions. 97.If it is really so, we have to agree to your payment terms. 98.We’d like to reduce the original offer slightly as a compromise. 99.We may consider making some concessions in our price. 300.In order to encouraging business we are prepare to make reduction. 301.We found we can make a step further provided that quantities will be no less 1,000,000 tons. 3.To show our sincerity ,we are prepare to make you a special concession of 6%. 3.After serious consideration we can accept your counter bid. 3.Considering your substantial order we can give you this exceptionally treatment. 3.Since it is the case ,we would exceptionally comply with your request by reducing our price to 500$piece. 3.We are please to grant you a 7% discount from the original offer since you agree to increase the order. 3.To get business under way ,we are agree to take this as an exceptional case. 3.We are prepare to reducing the price to 7.1$ . 3.% is out the question but we are prepare to offer you 8%. 3.As a special accommodation we are agree to your DP payment terms, but only once. .订货及确认 3. We are please to give you a order 3,000 computers in current stock at the prices you ed. 3.We wish to order from you your products as pro-ov purchase. 3.We are pleased to place with you a order ,000 washing machines to be supply from current stock. 3.We wish to order from you according to this purchase order. 3.Thank you your ation dated May th. And this is our official order palace lanterns. 3.We are glad to inm you that your samples are satisfactory ,we’d like to order of the items. 3.If the quality is up to our expectations we shall send further orders in the near future. 318.We find both price and quality of your products satisfactory to our client and we are pleased to give you a order the items on this sheet. 319.We should be glad if you would accept our order coffee whose number is No 30. 3.We’d like to place a order with you 00 cases each of No77 and 0 at 5$ and 6$ Case FOB Shanghai. 31.What is the minimum quantity of an order your goods. 3.I am trusted to place an order 0 sewing machines at 50$ each. 33.This is our official trial order 500 computers. 3.We need iron nails of all sizes. 35.If you can fill our order of 5000 ties very soon we ‘d like to place the order with you now . 36.We hoped that you can accept the order in the buyer’s design and measurement. 37.Since you are so eager to secure a order from us now we can place an order with you. 3.We will send you the order very soon ,please hurry on the execution of the order. 39.If we are satisfied with the product ,I think we will place more orders. 330.The order is so urgently required that we must ask you to make the earliest possible shipment. 331.We can now confirm you the order 500 bed sheets and pillow cases. 33.We are glad to receive your order and confirm the acceptance it. 333.This is the confirmation of your order place last week. 3.This is our sales confirmation confirming your order No 6 of April th. 335.We have booked your order No 67 optical instruments. 336.We have accepted your order of June th 300 typewriters. 337.We acknowledged your order of May 5th 0 motorcycle P180. 338.We have decided to accept your order in spite of the current shortage of the goods. 339.We have now decided to supply you with all the parts as itemized in your order and going to apply to the government agencies concern export licenses. 0.We thank you your order of th May and supply you with ,000 ties No.35. 1.You maybe assure that we shall do our best to execute the order to your satisfaction. .We promise to give our best tension to the execution of your order. 3.We regret that owning to the shortage of stocks we are unable to fill your order. .We feel great regret that we can no longer supply the goods you order as the production has been discontinued since last August. 5.It is hard us supply the amount you need. 6.It is impossible us supply 3,000 sets the time being. 7.At present, we can not undertake to entertain your order owning to the uncertain availability of raw materials. 8.We regret that we are unable to meet your requirement the time being as orders has been full booked. 9.We are sorry to inm you that we are not able to supply these s the moment. 350.We are too heavily committed to be able to entertain fresh orders. Thirteen 请求代理并说明代理理由及代理能力 351. We want to know if you could point us as your agent the sale of your green tea. 35. If you are not aly represented here, we should be interested in acting as your sole agent. 353.We should like to be pointed as your agent in our country. 35.We should be glad if you would consider our application to act as agent sales of your plastic slippers. 355.If you none represented you here in London yet, we would like to act as your sole agent. 356.As we have learned from our customer Mr. Harry that you are anxious to extend your activity in our market and you are not represented at present. We would like to recommend our company as a most suitable agent your products. 357.We are in a good position to be your sole agent. 358.We require the agency in our market your precision apparatus. 359.We hoped that you will point our company as the soled distributor in Japan. 360.You can entrust us with the soled agency your shirt in our country. 361.We ask to be the sole agent your clock in our territory. 36.We’d appreciated very much if you could give us the opporty to act you in this city. 363.We can represent your chemical products if you agree. 36.We’d like to offer our service in the sale of your refrigerators. 365.We shall be very much pleased to act as your sole agent in China your products. 366.We are able to work as your sole agent because we have local knowledge and wide connections. 367.We can be a good agent because we have a group of well trained salesman. 368.If we may have the honor to act as your sole agent in the sale of handy crafts in our territory . No doubts such ties will do good to expend our mutual trade. 369.If you can sign a sole agency agreements with us will double our turnover. 370.If you make us your agent in China, we will try our best to push and publicize your products. 371.We have many advantages to act as your sole agent. 37.We have sufficient canvassing abilities to be your sole agent. 373. We have enough positive experiences to act as your sole agent. 37.We trust that our experiences in eign trade marketing will entitle us to your confidents. 375.We believe that many years of our experiences in international trade will undoubtedly meet your requirement. 376.The salesman in our company is well trained and have rich canvassing experience . 377.It is our hope that after knowing our sales ability you will consider according us the exclusive selling right your portable cassette recorders. 378. We have 30 years experience in agency and we believe that we could work up very satisfactory in pushing the sales of your products. 379. We can assure you that we are well experienced in this line. 380. Which our rich experience in marketing your products in our city, we have the ability to increase the turnover to 50,000 $. .对代理请求的回应 381. We are glad to offer you the sale of our products in your city. 38.We have decided to offer you an appointed as our sole agent New York. 383.Your experience in this field make us believe that you can be a good agent. 38.We feeling inclined to agree to your agency of our products. 385.We are willing to negotiate with you on your proposal to act as our agent. 386.After paying due consideration to your proposals and investigating your business standing , we have decided to appoint you as our agent in the district you defind. 387.Considering that you are experienced in promoting the sale of our crafted paper and your market still have potential, we have decide to appoint you as our sole agent in your local market. 388.We regret that we are unable to accept your proposal since we aly have an agent in your area. 389.We have aly appointed a Tokyo-Silk as our agent in your territory. 390.Sorry, we have aly several representatives of our products in your district. 391.We have honestly consider your proposal to represent us in your city the sale of Chinese porcelain vases and have now appointed you as our agent. 39.Your application sole agency is now under our careful consideration , if possible we should like to know your plan to push the sale of your products. 393.I think we have to about your proposal about agency carefully. 39.Please tell us your detailed plan of sales promotion so that we may proceed with our negotiations about the terms of agency agreement. 395. Your proposal sole agency will soon be under careful study. 396.We are not inclined to consider any questions concerning agents. 397.We are not prepare to point a agent your district. 398.We have no intention of considering exclusive sells in your market at present 399.We are not y yet to discuss the question of agency in the present moment. 00.Since the market situation is not known to us, we are not going to take the question of sole agency into consideration the time being. 01.As the volume of business concluded by you is not big enough, we won’ t consider the question of agency. .We think it premature us to discuss the question of agency at present stage. .The time is not yet mature to discussion of agency. .We would like to say that this initial stage contract between us , both side do not understand each other very well, so there seems to be no sufficient bases us to negotiate agency. .I am afraid that this is not good time yet to push the sales of our product in your market. .We do not think the time is right the discussion of the question of exclusive agency. .We regret to say that since there is so far no transaction concluded between us, we have to decline your quest agency. .The question of agency is still under consideration and we hope you will continue your eft to push the sale of our product at present stage. .We shall not consider pointing you as our sole agent until your sales record justify our doing so. .Shall we discuss the matter of agency when your market condition turns better? Fifteen 代理条件和要求 . We can’t give you exclusive agency of the whole European market without having the slightest idea of your possible annual marketing turnover. . Bee we know your sales volume ,your plan promotion and import license’s conditions, it is rather difficult us to consider your proposal. .We have noted your quest to act as our agent in your district, but bee going further into the matter, we should like to know more about your market. .To enable us to make further study of your proposal, would you please let us know as early as possible the sales prospects of the item in your market ,your program in detail, your business organizations in various districts and their activities. .Unless you increase the turnover we can hardly point you as our sole agent. .If you can push the sales successfully the next 6 month we may appoint you as our agent. .We feel it would be better to consider the matter of agency after you done more business with us. 18.To be our agent you need to increase your annual turnover. 19.To be our agent you are requested to push your sales of our product effectively. .We hope you will do your best to push the sale of our products. 1.To facilitate the extension of sales, you mush advertise our products by mean of TV and newspapers. . We hope that you will redouble your efts in your sales pushing. 3.To be our agent your minimum annual turnover should be at least 8000 cents. .If you could agree to terms, we would point you as our sole agent. 5.If terms are workable , we think you will be just the firm we would like to have to represent us. 6.If you wish to work other firms as well, You must obtain our permission first. 7.To be our sole agent you should not sell similar products from other manufacturers without our prior approval . .As our agent , you should not sell products of similar characteristic from other maker’s .We must make that very clear. 9.As our sole distributor ,you will neither handle the same or similar products of other regions nor re-export our goods outside to any other region outside your own. 30.During the validity of the agency agreement you should not handing any other eign products of the same line and competitive types. 31.Every six month , we ‘d like to receive from you a detailed report on current market conditions and user’s comments on our products. 3.Your market report should show how big demands our products is in your market. 33.The market report should include the trend of the development of the market , upward or downward. .We ‘d you to send us your sale’s statistics every six month instead of every year. 35.As our agent you should send us your market report regularly at least once every three month. 36.At the beginning of the sales promotion you have to try every means to overcome sales difficulties. 37.To effectively promote sales , your way of doing business should always comply with the constantly changing circumstances. 38.During the agency please pay close attention to the consumer’s comments on our products. 39.You are under obligation to display optimum samples of the products during the duration of the agency. 0.We hoped that you will strictly observe all the terms and condition of the agency agreement. Sixteen 合同 1.We are satisfied with the terms of this contract the most part, but we feel that your terms of payment are too severe. .We would like to have another discussion of these conditions in the afternoon bee there are finally included in the contract. 3. Bee signing the contract this afternoon, I think we better go over few final details. .We’d better draw up a rough draft to the contract then talk it over in detail at our next meeting. 5.This is a copy of our specimen contract in which the general sales terms and conditions are contained. 6.We hope that you won’t object to our inserting such a clause in the agreement. 7.If any other clause in this contract is in conflict with the supplementary conditions the supplementary conditions should be taken as final and binding. 8.We think it is necessary to include a ce majeure clause in this contract. 9. After studying your draft contract we found it necessary to make a few changes. 50.Since both of us are in agreement on all the terms shall we sign the contract now? 51.We think your draw contract needs some modification. 5.Any modification alteration to the contract shall be made with the consent of both parties. 53.No changes can be made on this contract without mutual consent. 5.We must make it clear in the contract that you are obliged to complete the delivery of the good within the contractual time of shipment. 55.If the shipment can not be made within three month as stipulated, the contract will become void. 56.This agreement is made both in Chinese and English. The two versions of agreement shall have equal status in law. 57.This agreement is drawn up separately in Chinese and in English. Each part hold one original and one duplicate of each language. The two languages are of the same effect. 58. Both versions of this contract are equally authentic. 59. Any amendment of the contract shall come to ce only after the written agreement is signed by both of us. 60.The contract shall become effective as soon as it signed by both parties. 61.This agreement will remain valid one year and shall become effective on the date of signing. 6.We’d like to make the contract to be valid two year at the beginning . 63.I think we better make some changes in the wording of this sentence. 6.Isn’t it better to word it in this way? 65.I’d like to replace this phrase with “after the date of delivery”. 66.If neither party considers it is necessary to extend the contract the proposing party may take the initiative to conduct negotiation with the other party one month prior to its expiration. 67.In case of breach of any of the provisions of this agreement by one party, the other party shall have the right to terminate this agreement by giving notice in writing to its opposite party. 68.If you fail to make the delivery ten weeks later than the time of shipment stipulated in the contract, we shall have the right to cancel the contract. 69.If both parties do not agree to renew the contract at its expiration, it will automatically become void. 70.If you want to terminate the contract bee its terms is up, you should notify us of its cancellation six month bee. Seventeen 卖方对付方式的要求 71.Our usual terms of payment are by confirmed , irrevocable letter of credit in our favour, reaching us one month ahead of shipment. 7.We proposed to pay by 30 ds. 73.The terms of payment we wish to adopt are confirmed and irrevocable letter of credit. 7.We should like to advise you that payment by collection is acceptable. 75.We would prefer you to pay in US dollars. 76.According to the contract, after receipt of the preliminary shipping advice, you are kindly requested to open with the Bank of China the relative LC in our favour within ten days. 77.Payment of the purchase is to be effected by an irrevocable letter of credit in our favour, payable by draft at sight in pounds sterling in London. 78.We don’t accept payment in US dollars. Please conclude the business in terms of Swiss francs. 79.We require payment by LC to reach us one month prior to the time of shipment. 80.We require immediate payment upon presentation of shipping documents. 81.Payment by irrevocable letter of credit is convenient us and we shall draw a 60ds bill in your bank. 8.We will draw you a documentary draft at sight through our bank on collection basis. 83.Our terms of payment are 30-day credit period, not 60-day credit. It’s customary. 8.As usual, we should require of you an LC to be issued through a first-rate bank. 85.It would be advisable you to establish the covering LC as early as possible enable us to effect shipment in due time. 86.We propose paying by TT when the shipment is y. 87.We regret having to inm you that we cannot accept payment by DP. 88.We regret to say that we are unable to consider your request payment under DA terms. 89.You can pay all or part of the equipment and technology purchased from us in resultant products. 90.Since you are not short of cash, we can arrange your payment over months without charges of any kind. 91. As a special case , we may consider accepting your payments by DP. 9.If the amount of each transaction is below 0, we agree to DA 30 days terms. 93.We could grant you the favourable terms of payment as DA 5 days after sight. 9.In view of the small amount of this transaction, we are prepare to accept payment by DP at sight. 95.DP or DA is only accepted if the amount involved each transaction is less the £1,000. 96.We request a % payment at the time of ordering . The remaining amount must be paid within 60 days. 97.We can only accept % cash payment in local currency. The other 80% by LC should reach us to 30 days bee the delivery. 98. If the payment is made by installments, the annual interest is calculated by 6% and paid off at the end of each year. 99.Full payments must be made within 60 days. 500.The telegraphic transfer shall reach the bank of China at least five days bee the delivery date of vessel. 501.The letter of credit each order shall reach us 30 days. 5.- days prior to the date of delivery, you should pay against the presentation of the drawn on the opening bank. 5.The payment shall be made by telegraphic transfer to the bank of China , Head office ,Beijing, China, our , within five business days after the contract signature date. 5.Advance payment of 5% of the contract value shall be paid within 30 days of the date of signing the contract. 5.The payment shall be made by five annual installments of % each. 5.We require full payment within 5 days with a % discount cash payment in advance. 5.The total amount mush be paid in full upon receipt of the shipping documents. 5.We require payment by LC to reach us one month prior to the time of shipment. 5.You are requested to pay ,000 as a down payment. 5.Ten percent of the contract value shall be paid in advance by cash, and 90% by sight draft drawn under an LC. Eighteen 买方的付方式 5. Payment by LC is our method of trade in such commodities. 5.Our usual terms of payment are by an irrevocable LC to be established in the seller’s favour through the bank of China. 5. exports, we usually adopt irrevocable letters of credit available by seller’s documentary drafts at sight. 5.We usually make payment by letters of credit or adopt some other modes of payment such as immediate payment, deferred payment and payment by installments.5.We have opened an LC in your favor through the Bank of China an amount of £,000 to cover the full CIF value of our order No 75. 5.We will start the payment in half a year and all the amounts will be cleared off within 3 years by six installments. 5.We prefer to have the payment made by LC through the negotiating bank in Sweden. 518.Payments shall be made by us after receipt of the shipping documents specified in clause of this contract. 519.We shall open a letter of credit in your favor to be settled in US dollars. 5.We agree to accept goods in 3 shipments and you may draw on us at 60ds from the date of dispatch of each shipment. 51.Could you make an exception in our case and accept DP or DA? 5.I hope you would leave us some leeway in terms of payment. 53.Would you agree to a 30-day credit period? 5.Because of the money problem, I hope that you can allow us to pay in installments with the first payment after delivery, then we’ll pay the rest once month. 55.We are having some trouble in receiving payment, so we want to ask if we could defer payment until the end of the month. 56.We refer payment after delivery, because these goods are very expensive. 57.We hope to payment by bill of exchange at 30ds . 5.We hope you can accept payment in other currencies expect in US dollars. 59.We shall be very happy if you can grant us a extension of weeks. 530.We ask to put off the time of our payment 3 months later to facilitate the capital turnover. Nineteen 保险 531. Please insure us these products at invoice value plus % ( at 1% of the invoice value). 53.We’d like to cover our ordered goods against WPA 0% of the invoice value according to our usual practice. 533.Please hold us covered the cargo listed on the attached sheet. 5. this consignment, we shall cover WPA and risk of breakage 1% of the invoice value. 535.Our company will insure against all risks 1% of the invoice value. 536.Please insure the electric fans at 0% of the invoice value. 537.The machines are to be unsured against all risks. 538.We only cover FPA and war risk. 539.There are not delicate goods that can be damaged on the voyage .FPA will be good enough. 50.Our goods are very valuable , so I want insure against all risks. 51.We’d like to get a policy total loss only these goods. 5.I’d like to get a AR insurance policy. That way , we will be covered any kind of loss or damage. 53.I’m afraid that WPA coverage is too narrow a shipment of this nature. Please extend the coverage to include TPND. 5.Would you insure our goods to be shipped from Shanghai to Lisbon next month? 55.Can you cover our goods against breakage? 56.We should be glad if you would provide cover of 0,000 on computers, in transit from Tokyo to Beijing. 57.Please insure us against all risks 0,000 value of 5,000 sets of “ Butterfly” sewing machines, sailing New York. 58.Please insure me against all risks 0 pieces of high-quality furniture valued $,000. 59.We wishes to insure against all risks the sum of ,500 on 3 cases glassware. 550.We shall shortly be making regular shipments of leather goods to Canada, and shall be glad if you will issue an all risks marine insurance policy ,000 to cover these shipments. 551.Please give us the policy rates FPA coverage and WPA coverage. 55.We require the current insurance rates land transportation. 553.I have some glassware to be ship to Hongkong. What risks should I cover? 55.What is the insurance premium these goods ? 555.We need to send a shipment to England. We want to find out about your marine insurance. 556.Please let us know the premium of breakage. 557.What kind of insurance do you usually provide ? 558.What kind of insurance can you suggest these goods? We don’t want to take the risk of losing money because of under unsurance. 559.I have a batch of glassware to be shipped in the fourth quarter, but I don’t know what risks should be covered. I would like to know some details and your advice of course will be highly appreciated. 560.If we insure against free particular average, can you compensate us all the losses if the ship sinks or bums, or get stuck? 561.Does your company cover all kinds of risks transportation by sea, land and air? 56.We have insured the shipment 0% of the invoice value, but the premium the difference between 0% and 1% should be your . 563.We have arranged insurance on your consignment of electric motor cars to be shipped in these ten days. 56.We may cover the inland insurance on your behalf, but you will pay the additional premium. 565.We can insure the porcelain vases on you behalf , but at a rather high premium and all the additional premium will be your . 566.We shall insure the goods your behalf. 567.We have covered insurance on these goods % above the invoice value against all risks. 568.We shall effect the insurance of the goods 1% of their CIF value. 569.We have effected marine insurance on your behalf the gross amount of the invoice plus %. 570.The marine insurance shall covered by us. Twenty 对包装的建议及要求 571.If cartons are used, please put each chemical in strong polythene bags to ensure protection from dampness. 57.Cases must have an inner lining of stout, water-resistant paper. 573.We do not object to packing in cartons, provided the flaps are glued down and the cartons secured by metal bands. 57.Packing in sturdy wooden cases is essential. Cases must be nailed and secured by overall metal strapping. 575.I would suggest you strengthen the carton with double straps. 576.As the goods will probably be subject to a thorough customs examination, the cases should by of a type which can be easily made fast again after opening. 577.To avoid pilferage, we hope that the goods will be packed in wooden cases instead of in cartons as the cartons are easier to be cut open. 578.We have no objection to your packing the goods in cartons if you guarantee in your sales confirmations that you will pay compensation if we fail to get indemnification from the insurance company the reason that the goods are not packed in seaworthy wooden cases. 579.We want the machine to be packed each in wooden case supported with soft materials to ensure that the machines thus packed will not shift inside the cases. 580.The green beans can be supplied in bulk or in gunny bags. 581.We asked the factory to use stronger cartons and double straps. 58.Please see to it that each carton is properly sealed, with a fireproof lining inside. 583.We need these goods to be packed in special packing materials even though they may cost us more. 58.We would like to have the screws packed in double gunny bags. 585.In order to avoid any possible damage in transit, we would ask you to pack the goods in strong but small wooden cases. 586.We refer special cartons of 30cm*60cm with two or three dozen to each carton because it’s convenient and easy to handle. 587.You’d better pack them in cartons of kg each instead of wooden cases of 6 kg. 588.As you know , paint is a highly inflammable commodity , and extra precautions are necessary. We should like you to have the goods packed in strong metal cartons, each containing 0 tins. 589.Is your normal packing still ten dozen per carton? 590.We hope that the beer is packed six bottles in a box which should be beautiful, durable and easy to carry. 591. The packing must be able to withstand rough handling. 59.When packing, please take into that the boxes must be able to withstand rough handing and transport over very bad roads. 593.Please give special attention to the packing, or the good could be damaged in transit. 59.Greater care must be given to packing, as any damage in transit would cause us heavy losses. 595.Please ship the goods in strong packing to ensure good condition on arrival. 596.The packing must be in line with local market preference. 597.A large number of the bed sps we ordered from you last year were found soiled when they reached us . I hope you will take necessary precautions in packing this consignment. 598.Your packing must be seaworthy and can stand rough handling during transit. 599.We hope that the goods should be packed in a manner which ensures their safe arrival at the destination and facilitates their handling in transit. 600.The wooden cases used to pack the goods should be securely strapped. 601.The packages should be marked with the same numbers as given on the order sheet. 6.As regards markings, please note that the port of destination, Shanghai, should be clearly stenciled on each case with the case number easy indentification. 6.As these machines are precision instruments which cannot stand rough handling, the wording” Handle with Care” should be also marked on each case. 6.Please see that the cases are marked “ Fragile” or “ handle with care”. 6.Port of destination, package number, gross and net weights, measurement and shipping mark shall be stenciled conspicuously on each package. 6. dangerous and poisonous cargo, the natural and the generally adopted symbol shall be marked conspicuously on each package. 6.Please mark the packages with the same lot numbers as given on the order sheet in order to avoid being mixed up. 6.Every package shall be marked “CCD” in diamond and the package number. 6.Please mark the bales with your company’s initials in a diamond. 6.Correct and distinct marking the outside containers is absolutely necessary. Twenty-one 告知客户包装所用材料、方式及其质量保 6.Our packing is strong enough t withstand bumping and rough handling under normal conditions. 6.The cases used packing our transistor radios are light but strong. 6.The export cases used to pack the goods are strong enough to protect the instruments. 6.The cartons lined with plastic sheets are waterproof. 6.we plan to use cardboard boxes with iron straps reincement. 6.Our strip scissors are packed in boxes of one dozen each, 0 boxes to a wooden case. 6.We’ll pack them dozen to one carton, gross weight around 5Kg a carton. 618.Our export fruit knives are packed in boxex of 0 dozen each. 619.The packing of our men’s shirts is each in a polybag, 5 dozen to a carton lined with waterproof paper and bound with two iron straps outside. 6.Our cotton prints are packed in cases lined with draft paper and waterproof paper, each consisting of 30 pieces with 5 colors on design. 61.The cigars are packed 5 pieces to a small packet, packets to a carton, cartons to a cardboard container. 6.These cartons are well protected against moisture by plastic lining. 63.All the goods will be packed according to the special way you require. 6.As requested, the shirts will be packed in waterproof material. 65.We plan to use cardboard or plastic cartons the outer packing. 66.You goods will be packed in wooden cases with tin-lining and iron hoops. 67.The goods we packed in new and sound jute bags, each containing about 0 pounds. 6.The cartons are well protected against moisture by polythene sheet lining. 69.If the goods are packed in cartons, any traces of pilferage will be in evidence, theree the insurance company may be made to pay the necessary compensation such losses. 630.Such packing has also been accepted by our insurance company WPA and TPND. 631. The cartons are comparatively light, and theree easy to handle. 63. It is our usual way to pack these goods in cartons. 633. Cartons are quite fit ocean transportation, and they are extensively used in our shipments to other continental ports to the entire satisfaction of our clients. 6.Cartons are more convenient to handle in the course of loading and unloading. 635.We would like to inm you that we used to pack our scissors in wooden cases but after several trial shipments in carton packing, we found our cartons just as seaworthy as wooden cases. 636.Cartons are less expensive, lighter to carry and cost lower freight. 637.We refer carton packing to wooden case packing. 638.Our cartons canned food are not only seaworthy , but also strong enough to protect the goods from damage. 639. Cartons are not likely to be mixed with wooden cases while in transport or storage, so that the rate of breakage is lower than that of wooden cases. 60.Shirts packed in such cartons are not so susceptible to damage by moisture as those packed in wooden cases. 61.All our wooden cases are well sealed. They are not easily subject to sweat damage. 6.We believe that your clients will find the improved packing satisfactory and your fears unwarranted. 63.We hope that you will agree to our opinion and accept our carton packing. 6.The weight and measurement of each case are clearly marked on every case. 65.You will know that our packing has been greatly improved and we are sure that they will meet with the satisfaction of the clients. 66.The dimension of the cases are cm high, 30 cm wide and 50 cm long with a volume of about 0.6 cubic meter. The gross weight is 3.5Kg. 67.They save shipping space and facilitate the storage and distribution of the goods. 68.In addition to the gross, net and tare weights, the wording “ Made in the people’s republic of China “ is also stenciled on the package. 69.We have made a number of improvements in packaging and presentation. Please set your mind at ease. 650.Our containers are in complete conmity to the specification laid down by the International Standardization Organization. Twenty-Two.货运通知 651.We would like to inm you that the goods were aly shipped out on the 18th of May. 65.We have the pleasure to inm you that we have shipped the goods by “ Pacific Bear “ which left here today. 653.We wish to inm you that we have shipped the goods by “Shanghai” according to your instructions of August 5. 65.We wish to advise you that we have shipped you today by S.S.”Tokyo Maru”, 50 cases of carbon paper. 655.We take pleasure in notifying you that the goods under SC 56 have been dispatched by MV “Greenwood” sailing on May Hongkong. 656.The shipment of chemical fertilizer under Contract No 6 will be effected by S.S.” Calchas”, which is scheduled t leave here on th July. 657.We are pleased to advise you that 0 dozen shirts under order KAB have been shipped per S.S.”Fengqing”. 658.We expect to ship the outstanding contracts bee the end of July. 659.We are pleased to inm you that we have shipped ,000 air conditioners you ordered on board S.S.”Asia” which sails your port tomorrow. 660.Your order No 3. will be shipped by SS.” Pearl” early next month. 661.We wish to advise you that the goods your ordered have been shipped today. 66.We are pleased to inm you that the last lot consignment has been duly dispatched. 663.The ms “ Vicoria” has left our port carrying the goods your order No 3. today. 66.The ship is scheduled to arrive at your port on the th October and you may now make all the necessary preparations to take delivery of the goods. 665.The goods were shipped by the direct steamer “ Eli:” on May th and are estimated to reach Shanghai bee June 1st. 666.We trust that the goods will reach you in perfect condition. 667.We trust the consignment will reach you safely and open up to your satisfaction. 668.We have dispatched your order Indian rugs which are scheduled to arrived at your port next Friday. 669. shirts under contract No 60,we have booked space on SS.” Eagle” due to arrive in your city around the beginning of next month. 670.The shipment will be made in three equal monthly installments, beginning fro next month. twenty-three 货运要求及答复 671.Please effect shipment with the least possible delay upon receipt of the letter of credit in your favour established by us. 67. We hope that the goods will arrive in time the new year rush. 673.We hope that you will make all necessary arrangements to deliver the goods on time. 67.Could you possibly make your delivery date not late than May? You see, June is the right season the goods. If they arrive later than June, we will miss the selling season. 675.Can you effect shipment of the order in October? 676.Is it possible the goods to be landed at Dalian in early December? 677.We need the products in less than one month in order to get y the selling season. 678.Please send us the shipment by train. 679.Please ship the goods by the first available steamer early next month. 680.As we are in urgent need of the goods, we would like you to ship them by air freight. 681.We should be obliged if you could arrange the immediate shipment of this order. 68.You should ship the goods within the time as stipulated in clause 9 of the this contract. Transshipment en route is not allowed without our consent. 683.Please lad the contracted goods on board the vessel nominated by us. 68.- days prior to the date of shipment, you should inm us by fax of name of vessel, ETA of vessel and the name of shipping agent. 685.The packing list should be indicated with shipping weight, number and date of corresponding invoice. 686.You should send one copy of the shipping documents to the port of destination together with the shipment. 687.When all of the details of the shipment are finished, please send us the shipping documents that we will need to get the shipment. 688.The delivery will be arranged and the shipping charges will be prepaid by you, we will repay the shipping charges against original receipt. 689.You should guarantee that the commodity is in conmity to all respects with the quality, specifications and permance as stipulated in this contract. 690.We prefer direct sailings, as transshipment adds to the risk of damage and also delays arrival to some extent. 催运货物并告知货物迟到结果 691.It is now over two months since we sent in the order Tape Recorders, yet we are still awaiting delivery. You should know that the delivery date is very important to us. 69.Please take the matter up at once and see to it that the goods are delivered without further delay. 693.Please get the goods dispatched with the least possible delay. 69.I wonder if you could check the order I placed with you last month. It hasn’t arrived yet. 695.Please do your utmost to hasten shipment. 696.We are much in need of the goods. Please expedite shipment as soon as possible. 697.We wish to call your attention that up to the present moment no news has come from you about the shipment. Our users are in urgent need of the machines and are pressing us an early delivery. 698.As our customers are in urgent need of the contracted machines, we hope you can assure us of an early shipment. 699.I want to know why our alloy inserts haven’t arrived yet. Our customers are in urgent need of them? 700.We hope that there will be no delay in shipment any longer. 701.This order is so urgently required that we must ask you to make the earliest possible shipment. 7.We shall appreciate it very much if you will effect shipment as soon as possible, thus enabling the goods to arrive here in time to catch the brisk demand. 7.We hope you will send the air-conditioners as soon as possible, the hot season is rapidly approaching. 7.The goods we ordered are seasonal goods. So it will be better to ship them all at once. 7.In order to be in time the season, early shipment is of utmost importance to us. 7.We might refuse the shipment if it doesn’t arrive on time. 7.We must insist on delivery within the time contracted and reserve the right to reject the goods if we fail to receive the goods bee this week. 7.We regret to say that unless you are able to give us an assurance of delivery within the next two weeks, we shall be obliged to cancel the order. 7.If shipment is too late, we’ll be ced to withdraw the contract. 7.If you still delay delivery , I’ll have to cancel the order. 7.If you can’t effect delivery within the stipulated time, we will have to lodge a claim against you the loss and reserve the right to cancel the contract. 7.If you fail to deliver the goods according to the agreed time, you should indemnify us all losses and corresponding expenses. 7.If there is still no inmation from you about the expedition of shipment by the end of this month, we’ll be ced to cancel the contract and reserve the right to lodge a claim against you the loss. 7.We wish to point out that if you fail to effect shipment within the time specified, we shall not be able to fulfill the contract with our client. 7.We would like to emphasize that any delay in shipping our booked order will undoubtedly involve us in no small difficulty. 7.Your failure to deliver the goods within the stipulated time has greatly inconvenienced us. 7.Any delay in shipment would be detrimental to our future business. 718.We trust you will see to it that the order is shipped within the stipulated time, as any delay would cause us no little financial loss. 719.As you know, June is the right season the goods, so if they arrive later than June, we will miss the selling season. 7.Should you delay the shipment any longer, the fireworks might become useless to us. Twenty-Five 仲裁 71 We should settle the dispute through negotiations without resorting to legal proceeding. 7.We prefer to resolve disputes by amicable , nonbonding conciliation between two parites. 73.As a matter of fact most disputes can be settled in a friendly way, with a view to developing a long-term relationship. 7.All disputes in connection with this contract shall be settled through friendly negotiation. 75.Personally I should say it’s so much better to resolve the dispute through friendly negotiations between ourselves. 76.Friendly negotiation is the best way to settle the dispute between us if there is any. 77.Where do you want to have arbitration held? 7.As far as the place arbitration is concerned, the customary practice is to hold arbitration in the country of defendant. 79.If we submit the case arbitration, the place arbitration is to be in Japan and if you submit the case arbitration , the place arbitration is to be in China. 730.If the buyer is the plaintiff , the arbitration shall take place in Beijing. 731.The members of this arbitration association are professionally competent, and in a position to arbitration that sort of case arising from the quality inspection of the medical equipment. 73.Generally speaking, all the fee arbitration shall be borne by the losing party unless otherwise awarded by the court. 733.the decision made by the arbitration commission shall be accepted as final and binding upon both parties. 7.The losing party shall bear the cost arbitration according to the contract. 735.We require you to compensate us with an amount of losses totaling £78,000 caused by your failure to execute the contract and with all the expenses arising from this arbitration. 736.If any dispute should arise over the inspection, we may submit it arbitration. 737.If you are not prepare to compensate our loss, we suggest that case be submitted arbitration. 738.The dispute shall be submitted arbitration by a mutually nominated arbitrator. 739.We may discuss to agree upon a temporary arbitral body when needed. 70.If no settlement can be reached between the two parties , the case under dispute shall be submitted to the third party accepted by both parties arbitration. 71.In case of any dispute, and no settlement can be reached through friendly negotiations, then we can submit the case to an international arbitration organization arbitration. 7. It’s better to submit the case arbitration to a temporary arbitration court. 73.We think that the court consisting of arbitrators from both sides must be fair and able to handle the dispute without bias or partiality. 7. Since this dispute is not negotiable , it is necessary to resort to abitration. 75. If you don’t accept our propositions, we might submit the matter to arbitration. 76.We should include an arbitration clause in the contract. 77.You needn’t worry about that. There is an arbitration clause in the contract. 78.Shall we discuss the arbitration clause now? 79.It’s the best to attempt to settle disputes without involving arbitration. 750.We are now applying mally to the arbitration commission arbitration of this dispute. Twenty-Six 索赔理由及依据 751.It was found by the inspection that there is a difference of 35 Kg between the actual landed weight and the invoiced weight. 75. The landed goods were quite different from what expected. 753. We find the free acidity exceeds the contract maximum by 0.01% , so we have to ask you to indemnify us a loss of £5,000. 75. The inspection shows that the salt density exceeds at least %. 755.This consignment is not up to the standard stipulated in the contract. We are now lodging a claim against you £,000. 756. The dried mushroom you sent us are far below the standard stipulated in the contract. 757.The quality of you shipment our order is not in conmity with the specifications, we must theree lodge a claim against you the amount of £0,000. 758.We find the copper wire you supplied is not to the exact specifications of your sample. 759.Our customers complain that the goods are much inferior in quality to the samples. 760.The quality of the goods you shipped last week is much interior to that of the goods of our last order. 761. The inspection reveals that both the quantity and quality of the wheat delivered are not in conmity with those stipulated in the contract, though the packing is all in good condition. 76.Most of the shirts are of a smaller size. I wonder if you made a mistake when sending the goods. 763.There are too many defective items in this shipment. 76.The leather shoes you sent us last Friday are not the right size. They should be size . 765.The quality of the goods you sent us last week is too poor to suit the requirements of this market. 766.The quality of your shipment your order No. 6 is far from the agreed specifications. 767.Closer inspection by the health officers showed that the canned fruit were considered unfit human consumption. 768.The loss was due to the use of substandard bags which you should be responsible. 769.It was found, upon examination ,that nearly % of the packages had been broken, apparently to faulty packing. 770.The survey report can certify that the weight shortage was caused by improper packing. 771. A close inspection and a careful test by the China National Import Export Commodity Inspection Bureau showed that some amplifiers are inferior quality. 77.We find that the quality, quantity and weight of the goods are not in conmity with those stipulated in this contract after re-inspection by the China Commodity Inspection Bureau, we are now returning the goods to you and lodge claims against you compensation of losses. 773.The survey has revealed that the damage to the goods is attributable to rough handling. 77.The surveyor’s report indicates that there has been some serious damage to some of the goods. 775. On the basis of clause of the contract, we place our claims bee you as follows. 776.We have to put in a claim against you all the losses sustained. 777.When taking delivery, we found that the cargo had been seriously wet by fresh water and putrefied. You must compensate us the loss. 778.We require you to replace the damaged goods and grant us a special discount of five percent to compensate the loss. 779.According to the contract, you are responsible to compensate us the loss we have suffered. 780.We have suffered a loss of % on the selling price because of the inferior quality of the products you sent us. You must compensate us all this. 781.All expense including inspection fee and losses arising from the return of the goods and claims should be borne by you. 78.You must hold responsible all the losses caused by the delay in delivery of the goods. 783.You should take back all the disqualified goods and compensate us the value of the goods plus all losses sustained due to return of the cargo, such as freight, storage charges, insurance premium, interest, and inspection charges. 78.We have the right to claim against you compensation of all losses. 785.The products we received last Monday didn’t agree with the samples and feel that you should make it up. 786.This is the survey report issued by CCIB in support of you claim. 787.Almost everyone of the drums was leaking slightly. We must hold you responsible the loss. 788.We have lost considerable business because of your delay in shipment. We expect compensation from you fro the loss. 789.We request that you make up the short-landed goods covered by our contract No.7 promptly. 790.We regret to inm you that we are compelled to return the disqualified goods at your expense. Twenty-Seven 索赔内容及金额 791.The goods we ordered on February have arrived in a damaged condition. 79.A number of cases are broken and the contents are badly damaged. 793.The package are insufficient and the contents leak out considerably. 79.We wish to inm you that five of the cars we bought from you have been seriously out of order within 50Km driving distance. 795.Nearly % of the bales were broken and the contents badly soiled. 796.From the shipment of ,000 cases of glassware, we ind that a number of wooden cases and the contents have been broken. 797.On inspection, we found that about 50 bags are broken and it is estimated that 0Kg of cement had been lost. 798.We regret to inm you that eight of the cases of your consignment arrived in a badly damaged condition. 799.We have examined the contents and find that 9 pieces are missing and the rest unfit use. 800.Your shipment of goods has been found short in weight by reinspection. 801.We are now making a claim against you the ten defective sew machines. 8.There is a shortage of 1,50 pounds in this shipment. 8.On arrival of the shipment, we found at least 50 cases damaged, which made up % of the total quantity. 8.We had the material inspected immediately when the goods arrived, and a shortage of kg was found. 8.It was found, much to our astonishment, that nearly 30% of the electronic components were water-stained. 8.You should make amends the losses by replacing all the detective products, and paying the business we have lost. 8.After the inspection of the goods arrived, we found a shortage of 50MT. 8.Case NO was found to be 3 packages short. 8.We are now lodging a claim against you the shortweight of fertilizer. 8.We have to ask compensation of the loss incurred as a result of the interior quality of the goods concerned. 8.We hope indemnification will be made all expenses incurred. 8.On the basis of the survey report, we register our claim with you ,000. 8.You are requested to compensate us the total loss of sugar at value of Per MT. 8.We claim compensation of ,800 inferiority of quality. 8.We have to file a claim against you to the amount of ,000 plus inspection fee. 8.You should compensate us by 3% , plus the inspection fee. 8.This is a statement of loss and you should indemnify us $,50. 818.We are compelled to claim on you to compensate us the loss, ,500, which we have sustained by the damage to the goods. 819.We found that the quality of the TV sets we received last week is below standard. So we request a 5% allowance. 8.We claim an allowance of £30 on of the quality of this shipment. 81.We have to ask compensation of £6,000 to cover the loss incurred as result of the inferior quality of the goods. 8.We are compelled to claim on you to compensate us the loss, $,000, which we have sustained by the disqualified goods. 83.We are willing to accept the shipment only if you allow a 30% reduction in price. 8.We hope you will settle this claim as soon as possible. 85.Claims shortage must be made within 30 days after arrival of the goods. 86.Kindly remit us the amount of claim at an early date. 87.On examination, we have found that many of the sewing machines are severely damaged. 8.Please dispatch, within one week, the replacement of another five refrigerators with a price reduction of thirty percent of the total value of the five refrigerators. 89.We should be obliged if you would ward us a replacement the machine as soon as possible. 830.We insist that you should send perfect goods to replace the defective goods. twenty-Eight 对索赔要求的回应 831.We accept the claim, but can you tell me how much you want us to compensate you the loss? 83.We will give your request claims immediate attention. 833.We will get this matter resolved as soon as possible and hope to compensate you your loss to your satisfaction. 8.We’d like to express our sincere apologies the poor quality of the products. 835.We regret to hear that the goods you received are not of the quality expected. 836.We are very `sorry the trouble cause by this delay. 837.We agree to accept all your claim. 838.I’ll go to your company tomorrow in person to talk about the claim. 839.We regret the loss you have suffered and agree to compensate you 0. 80.We agree to compensate you the detective watches by 5% of the total value. 81.We will make you a compensation of 6% and give you some preferential terms later on. 8.Since the responsibility rests with both parties, we are y to pay 50% of the loss only. 83.We have credited to your £760 to cover both the value of the goods short delivered and your inspection fee. 8.We shall remit to you an amount of £,000 in compensation the loss. 85.We are willing to give you an 18% allowance of the next shipment to compensate you the loss. 86.You should claim compensation from the insurance company . 87.A thorough examination showed that the broken bags were due to improper packing, which the suppliers should be held responsible. 88.As the shipping company is liable the damage, your claim compensation should , in our opinion, be referred to them settlement. 89.The claim should be referred to the insurance company. We cannot hold ourselves responsible it. 850.Your claim, in our opinion, should be referred to the insurance company, as the mishap occurred after shipment. 851.Since the damage was due to the rough handling by the steamship company, you should claim on it recovery of the loss. 85.You should claim compensation from the shipping company instead of the sellers. 853.We are prepared to make you a reasonable compensation, but not the amount you claimed. 85.The shortage you claimed might have occurred in the course of transit, which is out of our control. 855.The shipping documents can prove that the goods, when shipped, were in perfect condition. They must have been damaged en route. 856.Your proposal to settle the claim is satisfactory. We’ll take it. 857.It seems we shall not be held liable the shortage. 858.The damage to the machine-tools occurred in transit, so you should make a claim on the insurance company. 859.I’m sorry to hear that. I think after we make an investigation of the matter, we’ll consider the allowance. Is it OK ? 860.I’ll try to find out why the shirts we sent you are a smaller size and inm you of the result as soon as possible Twenty-Nine 对引进技术的要求 861.The technology we acquire should be truly advanced and appropriate to China’s needs. 86.The technology you transfer to us should enable the venture’s products to be competitive on the international market. 863.The know-how we import should be directed toward manufacturing products suitable export. 86.The advanced technology we import should improve markedly the quality of existing products. 865.The technology provided to the joint venture must be integrated, precise and reliable. 866.The technology we acquire shall enable our products to achieve significant economic results. 867.Your technology should be advanced, reliable , and helpful to the development of our export-oriented economy. 868.The import know-how should help improve the quality of our products. 869.You should supply us with advanced techniques and modernized management methods. 870.Please provide us with the necessary technical data and, if possible, some drawings connected with the design and building of the new equipment. 871. the success of our joint venture, it’s extremely important us to acquire the inmation concerning the product design and the production processes. 87.You should give us as soon as possible the blueprint plan the introduction of the equipment and a report on a survey of the feasibility entire plan. 873.Please turn over these technical data to our side at the earliest possible time. 87.Shall we discuss technology transfer brief now? 875.We want to import advanced technology from you in order to compete successfully on the international market. 876.Since the existing know-how transferred by your company will soon become obsolete, we expect that you will continue offering us your improved technological expertise. 877.By advanced technology, we mean both industrial property and know-how. 878.If the documents you send us cannot be used, or if one item or more mentioned in the packing list should be lacking, you have to send all the documents or the lacking items at your cost , within 5 days from the date you receive the written notice from us. 879.If any serious difficulties arise with regard to the working of the engines which we built, and if it is proved that such difficulties are at fault in any data, drawings or documents you sent us, you would , at your expense, correct such faulty data, drawings or documents. 880.If the technical documents provided by you are not applicable to our actual production condition, you are obliged to assist us in modifying the technical documents. Thirty 技术引进的方式及费用 881.We will inm you of the weight, measurements, number of cases, cost of the drawings and other documents seven days bee delivering the documents to the airplane. 88.Drawings and technical documents will be sent to you by registered airmail. 883.Expenses the technology transfer shall be fair and reasonable . 88.The royalty rate shall not be higher than the standard international rate. 885.The technology transfer fee shall be paid in royalties. 886.The royalty rate shall be % of the net sales value of the products. 887.The royalty rate shall be calculated on the net sales of the products turned our with transferred technology. 888.You’ll pay the imported technology in the m of royalties apart from a certain initial down payment. 889.We shall pay you 8% on the retail prices of all the goods manufactured with the transferred technology. 890.We require that at the signature of the technology transfer agreement, you will provide us with the bank guarantee the transfer of all payments. 891.The expenses incurred this purpose will have to be borne by the Chinese side. 89.We will pay all the expenses involved in documentation and transfer of knowledge. 893.We will pay all the specialists their services rendered to us. 89.We hope you will continue offering us improved technology without extra charges. 895.To help our joint venture, we hope that you would keep supplying us with advanced management techniques and technologies. 896.We shall help you to update the present and future technology concerned with the production from time to time. 897.As you know that technology is advancing all the time, we hope that you continue offering us your improved technologies. 898.We think that it is better to transfer our knowledge in the m of know-how investment. 899.First let’s start with the delivery of all the drawings, technical data and other documents relating to the engines. 900.You will undertake the obligations to deliver to us the drawing, inmation and other data.58en整理: 点击下载:.doc。
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