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湖州去毛湖州韩式无痕开眼角日本一白色海豚激动时变粉色 --30 :9:1 来源: 日本一白色海豚激动时变粉色Rare dolphin who turns PINK when it's angry makes waves at aquariumA rare albino dolphin that can go from white to pink when it is feeling flushed is pulling in the crowds at a water park in Japan.日本的一家水上公园中,一只珍稀的白化变种海豚在情绪激动的时候身体颜色会从白色变为粉色,这一奇观吸引了许多游客在此驻足流连Although bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops) are usually grey, this extremely rare creature is an albino and has no colouration – apart from a tendency to turn pink when feeling flushed.尽管宽吻海豚通常是灰色的,这只极为罕见的宽吻海豚却因为是白化变种而没有色——除了兴奋时会变粉Photos show how the animal is normally white, and occasionally pink when swimming along regular coloured grey dolphins.从照片中可以看出,这只海豚平常是白色的,和寻常的灰色海豚一起游泳,偶尔才会变成粉色Albino mammals are born without melanin, which gives the colour to both eyes and skin, and albino dolphins are extremely rare.白化哺乳动物在出生的时候体内就不含黑色素,而黑色素会让动物眼睛和皮肤有颜色白化变种海豚是非常罕见的In fact this specimen is believed to be only the second one ever put on display in an aquarium after it was purchased from fishermen.事实上,据认为这是有史以来在水族馆展出的第二只白化变种海豚,这只海豚是从渔民那里买来的And they may well have been doing the animal a favour, as albinos are easy prey out at sea as they lack the colouration to blend in like their grey coloured relatives.渔民们把这只海豚卖到水族馆可能倒是帮了它一个大忙,因为这只海豚在海上很容易被捕猎者发现,因为它不能像它灰色的同胞一样混迹于大海中Experts said that it was remarkable that the animal had actually lived so long bee ending up at the Taiji Whale Museum, in Higashimuro District, in southern Japan's Wakayama Prefecture.专家表示,这只海豚到太地町鲸鱼物馆定居之前,能存活这么长时间已经很令人惊奇太地町鲸鱼物馆位于日本和歌山县南部的东牟娄郡Controversially, the creature was captured during the annual dolphin hunt in the town of Taiji.这只海豚是在太地町一年一度的海豚捕猎期间捕获的,这一点颇具争议性The town and the hunt was made notorious by the Oscar-winning documentary "The Cove," which shows fishermen herding dolphins into a cove either to be captured aquariums or killed meat.年奥斯卡获奖纪录片《海豚湾致使太地町的捕猎活动臭名昭著纪录片中展示了渔民们的捕猎活动,他们在一个小海湾里围捕海豚,要么把它们抓起来送进水族馆,要么就杀掉吃肉It was reported that 1,18 dolphins and small whales were captured there in , though it did not specify how many of those captured were killed.据报道,在年海豚捕猎活动中捕到了18只海豚和小鲸,但没有明确说明其中有多少只被杀But the rare albino was one that did survive.不过这只罕见的白化海豚是幸存者Since then it has become the subject of a detailed study by the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology and the Institute of Cetacean Research who recently published a paper on the fascinating creature.其后,这只海豚成为了东京大学海洋科学技术专业和日本鲸类研究所的详细研究课题,他们近期还发表了一篇关于这一迷人生物的论文Vocabularyflushed: 激动的bottlenose dolphin: 宽吻海豚albino: 白化病者melanin: 黑色素aquarium: 水族馆(译者:高云BISTU 编辑:陈丹妮)湖州激光去眼袋黑眼圈 《权游季末 你可能错过的八处细节 --9 :5: 来源:chinadaily The season six finale of "Game of Thrones" delivered several jaw-dropping sequences and some long-awaited reveals book ers and show watchers alike. But — as usual — among the epic scenes of dragons and wildfire there were small details and references that the average viewer may have missed.《权力的游戏第六季的最终集上演了诸多让人目瞪口呆的情节,也为书粉和剧迷揭开了一些期待已久的谜团但一如既往,在野火与巨龙齐飞的史诗级场景中,还有些普通观众可能错过的小小细节与指涉1. The Bolton sigil was removed from Winterfell in the opening credits. 波顿家的族徽从片头的临冬城上消失Ever since season four, the flayed man sigil of House Bolton has sat atop Winterfell during the animated title sequence. The broken Stark sigil could be seen on the ground next to the tower. But all have changed after episode nine, "The Battle of the Bastards," when Jon and Sansa finally defeated the Boltons.从第四季开始,波顿家族的剥皮人标志就安在了片头动画的临冬城上可以看到史塔克家族碎裂的徽章躺在塔边的地上但第九集“私生子之战”后,这一切就改变了琼恩和珊莎终于打败了小剥皮家[!-empirenews.page--]. Jon's new sigil as King in the North will be a reversal of House Stark's banner. 琼恩成为北境之王后,新徽章的颜色将与史塔克家族的标志相反In Westeros, bastards who take up their house banners must reverse the colors of the sigil. This custom is meant to signal the man's bastard status. House Stark's sigil is a gray direwolf on a white background, which means Jon Snow's banners will show a white wolf on a gray background. Jon Snow, the King in the North, will be known as the White Wolf. The fact that he owns a snowy direwolf is really just a eshadowed cherry on top.维斯特洛的私生子继承家族的标志必须颠倒徽章颜色这一传统意在指明此人的私生子身份史塔克家族的徽章是白底的灰色冰原狼,那么雪诺的标志将会是灰底的白色冰原狼北境之王琼恩?雪诺会被称为“白狼主”他有一只白色冰原狼明显就是个预兆[!-empirenews.page--]3. Arya Stark's highborn mannerisms betrayed her real identity. 艾莉亚的名门举止透露了其真实身份Some observant fans noticed that Walder Frey's servant girl was not who she appeared to be even bee Arya revealed herself. Because Arya was raised highborn, she addresses other highborn men and women as "my lord" and "my lady." This is a dead giveaway when she's trying to pass herself off as a lowborn servant.一些观察敏锐的粉丝甚至在艾莉亚自揭身份前就发现,瓦德?弗雷的侍女并不是她本人因为艾莉亚出身高贵,她称呼其他贵族男女为“my lord”和“my lady”这是她试图冒充下层侍女时的致命缺陷Tywin Lannister taught her this lesson back in season two.泰温?兰尼斯特在第二季教过她这一课When Arya was posing as a young boy and serving as Tywin's cupbearer, he figured out she was lying very quickly. "Lowborn girls say m'lord, not my lord," Tywin told her. "If you're going to pose as a commoner you should do it properly." The lesson didn't quite stick, clearly.艾莉亚伪装成小男孩,充当泰温的侍酒时,泰温很快就发现了她在撒谎他告诉艾莉亚:“出身微贱的女孩会说m'lord,而不是my lord如果你想装成平民,就要装得像”很明显,这一课她没怎么记住[!-empirenews.page--]. Arya's scene had another hidden reference: The Rat Cook. 艾莉亚那段还有另一个指涉:鼠厨师Feeding Walder Frey's two sons to him in a pie was actually an adapted storyline from the book series. Though Arya (and Lord Walder) aren't the key characters involved in the books, the showrunners clearly had this plan in mind awhile. A big hint about the Freys' cannibalistic fate was given back in season three.给瓦德?弗雷吃自己儿子的肉制成的馅饼实际是书中一个情节的改编尽管艾莉亚(和弗雷)在书里并不是主要人物,但编剧显然很早就设计好了这一段弗雷家同族相食的命运在第三季就有重大暗示Bran Stark told the fable of the Rat Cook right after the Red Wedding.布兰在血色婚礼后讲述了鼠厨师的寓言"The cook killed the king's son and cooked him into a big pie with onions, carrots, mushrooms and bacon," Bran told Meera and Jojen. "That night, he served the pie to the king. He liked the taste of his own son so much he asked a second slice. The gods turned the cook into a giant white rat who could only eat his own young."布兰告诉米拉和玖健:“厨师杀了国王的儿子,和洋葱、胡萝卜、蘑菇和培根一起做成了大馅饼那晚,他把饼呈给国王国王很喜欢他儿子的味道,又要了第二块神把厨师变成了大白鼠,只能吃自己的小孩”"It wasn't murder the gods cursed the Rat Cook, or serving the king's son in a pie," he says. "He killed a guest beneath his roof. That's something the gods can't give."布兰说:“神诅咒鼠厨师并不是因为他杀人,或是把国王的儿子做成馅饼而是因为他杀害了自家屋檐下的客人神决不原谅这一点”Bran tells this story right after Walder Frey and Roose Bolton kill the Starks at the Red Wedding. Walder Frey gave Robb, Catelyn, and their men b and salt, the symbol of guest right in Westeros. By killing the Starks under his roof after feeding them, Walder violated the tradition of guest right. Now, three seasons later, Walder was punished his crime against the Starks and the gods.瓦德?弗雷和卢斯?波顿在血色婚礼上杀害史塔克家的人后,布兰就讲了这个故事瓦德为罗柏、凯特琳和他们的属下奉上面包和盐,这在维斯特洛是宾客权利的象征请他们吃了饭又在自家屋檐下杀了他们,弗雷践踏了宾客权利而今,三季之后,瓦德对史塔克家和诸神犯下的罪孽终于得到惩罚[!-empirenews.page--]#0;5. There was a neat Easter Egg in the Citadel library. 学城图书馆里有个奇妙的复活节蛋This chandelier-looking contraption was hanging in the Citadel library when Sam entered. It seems to be built to reflect sunlight around the large room. Look familiar?山姆进入学城图书馆时,那里悬挂着一个枝形吊灯似的奇妙装置似乎是用来反射阳光,以照亮广阔空间瞧着眼熟?It looks exactly like the spinning astrolabe from the opening credits. This is likely a symbol of the vast knowledge contained in the Citadel. With thousands of books documenting the history of the world, maesters of the Citadel have the globe at the their fingertips.这看起来分明就像片头里旋转的星盘它可能象征学城里浩瀚的知识拥有无数记录历史的书籍,学城的学士们对这个世界了如指掌[!-empirenews.page--]6. Were you wondering how Varys managed to get back to Meereen so fast? 对瓦里斯那么快就赶回弥林感到疑惑?In the finale episode, we saw Varys in Dorne with Ellaria Sand and Olenna Tyrell as they discussed an alliance. But at the end of the episode he was right behind Daenerys as she set sail Westeros. The journey from Meereen to Dorne is a couple thousand miles, so how did he do it?最后一集,我们看到瓦里斯在多恩和艾拉莉亚?沙德、奥莲娜?提利尔讨论结盟的事但是结尾出征维斯特洛时,他又站到了龙母身后弥林与多恩相隔数千里,他是怎么做到的?The show skipped ahead by a few weeks at least. We know because you can see Dornish ships among Daenerys' fleet.剧里的时间至少快进了几周因为你能看到龙母的舰船队里有多恩的船Dorne's sigil is a golden spear piercing a red sun on an orange background. You can spot this symbol among the fleet leaving Meereen. Varys went to Dorne in order to convince Ellaria Sand and Olenna Tyrell to join Daenerys. Because we see Dorne's ships among her Targaryen fleet and the Greyjoy ships, it's clear that a significant amount of time passed between Varys scene with the women of Dorne and Daenerys' departure.多恩的徽章是以橘色为底的金刺穿红日你能在离开弥林的船队里发现这一标志瓦里斯前往多恩是为了劝说沙德和提利尔加入龙母战队我们在龙家和葛雷乔伊家的船队里看到多恩的船,说明从瓦里斯与两人在多恩会谈到龙母出征,其间已经过去了很长一段时间[!-empirenews.page--]7. Tommen's final costume was a callback to the prophecy predicting his death. 托曼的最后着装呼应了他的死亡预言Back in the season five premiere, viewers watched as a young Cersei had her tune told by a woman named Maggy the Frog. The witch told her that all three of her children would die. "Gold their crowns, and gold their shrouds," she said. Tommen was dressed in a golden jacket when he committed suicide by jumping from his window in the Red Keep. Cersei's prophecy is complete.第五季开头,观众看到“蛤蟆”巫姬为年轻的瑟曦预言人生女巫说她的三个孩子都会死:“以黄金为宝冠,以黄金为裹尸布”托曼从红堡的窗口跳下去自杀时,穿着金色外套女巫给瑟曦的预言成真At least, the whole children dying bit is complete. Jaime could have an unpleasant destiny with Cersei in season seven if the fan theories about her prophecy are correct.至少,孩子全死去这一部分都应验了如果粉丝关于预言的假说正确的话,詹姆可能注定在第七季与瑟曦交恶[!-empirenews.page--]8. Sansa and Littlefinger's conversation was a reversal of a scene from season one. 珊莎和小指头的对话重演了第一季的场景When Littlefinger approaches Sansa in the godswood of Winterfell, they were echoing a conversation between Catelyn and Ned Stark in season one. Remember, Littlefinger set the events of season one into motion when he convinced Lysa Arryn to poison her husband, Jon, and send a raven to Catelyn telling her it was the Lannisters' plot.临冬城的神木林里,小指头走近珊莎的场景,呼应了凯特琳和奈德第一季的对话记得不,是小指头引发了第一季的一系列事件他劝诱莱莎?艾林给丈夫琼恩下毒,并送信给凯特琳说这是兰尼斯特家的阴谋Catelyn told Ned the news of Jon Arryn's death in this exact same place.凯特琳在同一地点把琼恩?艾林的死讯告诉了奈德Sansa still doesn't seem to know Littlefinger was the one truly responsible all the horrors done to her family. Not only was he the one who flared the rivalry between the Starks and Lannisters, but he betrayed Ned in King's Landing. Sansa's refusal of Littlefinger in this same sacred place her parents once stood was a poetic role reversal.珊莎似乎还不知道小指头就是导致她所有家族惨剧的真正黑手他不仅煽动狼家和狮家的对立,还在君临城背叛了奈德珊莎在父母曾站立过的圣地拒绝小指头,形成了意味深长的角色反转英文来源:techinsider翻译:实习生徐晓彤审校#38;编辑:丹妮口无遮拦惹祸,特朗普持率下跌 --7 3:50: 来源:i1st 导读:美国共和党总统候选人唐纳德?特朗普素以口无遮拦、言论激进著称,这在竞选初期为他得超高人气,然而“大嘴巴”也逐渐让他暴露出自己的短板不当言论正在让他丧失选民们的持As the Republican front-runner US presidential nomination, Donald Trump has faced setbacks in the past few weeks. On April 3, he lost an important primary in Wisconsin. Critics speculate that Trump’s low poll numbers were linked to several off-color comments he made prior to the primary.作为年美国大选中共和党阵营的领头羊,唐纳德?特朗普最近几周屡屡受挫月3日,他在威斯康辛州的一场重要初选中落败家推测,特朗普民调持率下降可能和他在初选之前爆出的低俗言论有关In an interview with MSN’s Chris Matthews, Trump suggested “there has to be some m of punishment” women who have abortions–a comment that surely alienated many female voters.在接受微软全国有限广播电视公司记者克里斯?马修斯采访时,特朗普建议对于那些堕胎的女性“应该有某种形式的惩罚”——这一言论自然导致很多女性选民放弃他Then, in an interview with The New York Times published on March 6, Trump suggested that the US’ Asian allies shoulder more of the burden regional defense. He encouraged countries like South Korea and Japan to develop their own nuclear arsenals–a comment that, according to many critics, reveals how little he knows about international politics.其后,在3月6日的《纽约时报上的一篇采访中,特朗普建议美国的亚洲盟友应该承担更多地区防务的责任他鼓励像韩国和日本这样的国家发展本国的核武器库家认为,这一言论暴露了特朗普对国际政治一窍不通Trump has made trade a focal point in his campaign. He boasted he would negotiate “tough new trade deals” and “bring jobs back” to the US. He lambasted US companies such as d and Apple that have moved some or most of their manufacturing overseas. But in response, critics noted that he is guilty of the same practice in his businesses.特朗普把贸易作为他竞选的核心问题他夸口说自己将会通过谈判制定一个“严格的贸易新规定”,并为美国“创造更多的就业机会”他谴责像福特、苹果这样的美国公司把它们的部分甚至所有的生产线迁到海外而家们则反击说,特朗普自己的企业也难逃其责According to a Financial Times report, many of Donald Trump’s apparel products, including its shirts, ties, cuff links and eyeglass frames, are manufactured in China.据《金融时报报道,唐纳德?特朗普品牌的许多饰,包括衬衫、领带、袖扣和眼镜框在内都是中国制造湖州曙光整形美容医院隆鼻多少钱

安吉县开个眼角多少钱岁女孩患上侏儒症 原因竟是从5岁就开始化妆 --30 18:56:3 来源: 少女正值豆蔻年华,却被诊断为侏儒症出人意外的是,她身体出现问题的原因竟然是化妆品 Manman is a year old girl with a pretty face in Hankou, a city in central China’s Hubei province. She had always been of an average height during growing up. But in the past two years, Manman has not grown at all. After a body check at the hospital, Manma was diagnosed with dwarfism.曼曼(音)是一个生活在中国中部省份湖北省汉口市的女孩,岁的她容貌姣好在成长的过程中,她一直是中等身高但是在过去的两年里,曼曼一点也没长高去医院检查身体之后,她被诊断为侏儒症Surprisingly, the cause of her growth change was cosmetic products.出人意外的是,她身体出现问题的原因竟然是化妆品Manman’s mother is one of those trendy hot moms who pay a lot of attention to the looks. Ever since Manman was five, her mother started to put make up on her and dress her like a beautiful Barbie doll. However, Manman stopped growing since two years ago and her height remained at 1. meters (.5 ft). After her mother took her to the hospital, Manman was later confirmed to have a case of dwarfism.曼曼的妈妈很时髦,非常注重外表自从5岁的时候,曼曼的妈妈就开始给她化妆,把她打扮地像是一个漂亮的芭比娃娃然而两年前,曼曼不再长高,身高一直是1米(.5英尺)妈妈把她带到医院检查,结果却被诊断为侏儒症“Manman’s bone age is years old and her bone epiphyseal has closed aly. She probably would never grow any taller anymore,” said the doctor. After communication with Manman and her mother, the doctor concluded because she has been wearing make up since an early age, consequently an over intake of oestrogen is the major cause of Manman’s dwarfism.“曼曼的骨龄是岁,骨骺已经愈合,以后可能再也不会长高了,”医生说在与曼曼及其妈妈交流之后,医生推断曼曼患侏儒症的原因是很小的时候就开始化妆,导致雌激素的摄入量过多The acting physician would like to remind parents that children’s skin are still poor to function fully the purpose of bodily defense, and is more sensitive than adults’. Using cosmetics at an early age can be very harmful children in many ways. If a child grows less than 5 centimeters a year since the age 3 to puberty, parents should be alert of the situation and have the child checked at the hospital.医生警告父母,孩子的皮肤层非常薄,无法充分发挥保护身体的功能,比成人的皮肤更加敏感在很小的年龄就开始使用化妆品会对孩子造成很大的伤害3岁至青春期期间,如果孩子每年长不够5厘米,父母就应该有所警惕,要带着孩子到医院去做检查湖州第一医院去疤多少钱 上海迪士尼试运营被吐槽消费"贵" -- ::35 来源:chinadaily 备受瞩目的上海迪士尼乐园上周开始运营测试,不过评价并不“乐观”,不少民众“吐槽”消费贵Shanghai Disneyland holds a parade visitors on Wednesday during a trial run bee the amusement park opens to the general public on June .[PhotoXinhua]Shanghai Disney Resort opened its gates in a trial run last week in preparation its official opening on June , but some guests complained about high prices at various facilities, the Beijing Youth Daily reported on Thursday.据《北京青年报日报道,为准备6月日的正式开园,上海迪士尼乐园上周开始运营测试,但一些受邀游客抱怨园内多种设施价格太贵文中的trial run就是指的“测试运行”,也可以表示“试车”,trial意思是测试的,试用的,比如trial version(试用版),做名词还可以表示法庭审讯,例如:New evidence showed the police lied at the trial.(新的据表明警方在审讯时撒了谎)下面来看看逛一趟上海迪士尼到底有多“贵”:According to estimates, a one-day visit to the resort a family of three will cost at least ,600 yuan (想加薪?多跳槽,就能多赚钱 --9 :35:19 来源:中国日报 Young workers are earning less because they don't switch jobs enough, experts are warning.专家称,近来年轻职工的收入越来越低,原因就是他们换工作不够频繁Despite record growth in employment, the number of times employees move roles has fallen over the past decade, the Resolution Foundation think tank says.决议基金会智囊团认为,在过去的十年中,虽然就业率创纪录地增长,但是从业人员更换工作的次数却减少了Hourly pay to 9-year-olds only recovered last year to its 00 level, according to its report.根据报告显示,去年岁至9岁从业人员的时薪只恢复到00年的水平Young workers' pay would be 3% higher if job mobility had not slowed, it adds.报告中还说,要是就业流动性没有下降的话,年轻从业人员的薪资就能提高3%The Foundation's senior policy analyst Laura Gardiner said: ;Frequent job moves are the main route to the rapid pay increases young people should experience as they begin their working lives, so it is a real concern that job switching slowed down all groups, and particularly young people, even bee the recession hit.该基金会的高级政策分析师劳拉;加德纳认为,;年轻人迅速加薪的主要途径就是频繁更换工作,这是他们初入职场的必经之路即使是在经济衰退之前,对所有群体来说,工作更换的速度放缓下来颇让人担忧,尤其是年轻人;Unpicking the reasons why young people are staying put in their jobs longer is crucial to understanding whether job switching can return to its previous level, or whether we are seeing a lsquo;new normal' of fewer job moves and subsequent slower pay growth generations to come.;;仔细分析年轻人在同个岗位待得时间更长,这对理解以下两点十分重要:一是更换工作的频率能否回到先前水平;二是随着更换工作次数减少,下一代人薪资增长速度越来越慢,这种情况是否会变成lsquo;新常态';Less frequent job moves among young people deepened their pay squeeze by a third during the downturn, the report says.该报告指出,在经济大萧条期间,由于更换工作次数的减少,年轻人的薪资比原来少了三分之一It could permanently slash their earnings potential in the labour market, experts fear.针对以上情况,专家担心这样会长久地削弱劳动力市场中年轻群体的收入潜力Job mobility ndash; the frequency at which people move from one job to another ndash; is a strong predictor of faster earnings growth.工作流动性,即人们更换工作的频率,可以很好地预测人们收入增长的速度And the ;switching premium; ndash; the pay boost from changing jobs compared to staying put ndash; is particularly strong young people.而;转换溢价;,即换工作比待在原岗位增加收入,这点在年轻群体中表现尤为突出Between and , pay growth among 18-9-year-olds who switched jobs was .7 times higher than those who stayed in their existing positions.年到年间,在18-9岁年龄层的群体中,跳槽的人薪资增长水平比留在原有岗位工作的人高了.7倍Ms Gardiner urged young workers - dubbed the ;Millennial generation; - to move to earn more.加德纳女士敦促被称为;新千年一代;的年轻职员,要多换工作来赚更多的钱She added: ;Unless we want to see a long term scarring effect on the wages of future generations, Millennials must regain confidence and increase the frequency with which they move jobs, and firms must be more willing to take them on.;她补充道:;我们都不愿看到下一代人在薪酬方面长期受到负面影响,所以年轻一代需要重拾信心,多换换工作,而且公司需要更乐于接纳这些年轻人;Vocabularydownturn: 衰退(经济方面)), which covers admission fees and three meals plus shopping, while a two-day trip will require no less than 6,000 yuan in total, the paper said.据估算,三口之家上海迪士尼一日游需要至少600元,包括门票、三餐和购物费用两日游预算需要6000元【食】Some of the visitors said dining and drinks were too expensive. A child-sized hot dog or braised chicken fillet with rice cost 60 yuan, a beef burger with cheese cost 80 yuan, and a Pepsi cost yuan.一些游客说,上海迪士尼乐园里的餐饮价格太贵儿童热或扒鸡柳配米饭60元;起司牛肉汉堡80元;一杯百事可乐元【宿】As accommodation, the resort has yet to announce the price of a stay in its hotel rooms. Nearby budget hotels have a price tag somewhere between 300 yuan and 800 yuan per room per night, it was added.园区还没有公布住宿价格附近便捷酒店每间每晚价格在300元到800元之间【玩】According to Shanghai Disney's website, a standard day ticket is priced at 370 yuan, and that increases to 99 yuan on peak days.根据上海迪士尼官网,门票分为平日票和高峰日票平日票售价为人民币370元,高峰日票价则为99元Children, elderly and disabled visitors are granted a discount of 5 percent, while admission is free babies and toddlers. Those who buy tickets a two-day visit receive a five-percent discount.儿童、老年人和残障游客购买门票可享受七五折特别优惠婴幼儿可免票入园购买两日联票可享有总价九五折的优惠(中国日报网英语点津 yaning)湖州市双林人民医院激光去斑多少钱

湖州纹身最少要多少钱为啥一周的周末是两天? -- :: 来源: 我们已经习惯了一周有两天周末,它是怎么来的,你知道么? In a nation where people work more than anyone else in the industrialized world, the two-day weekend helps keep us sane.工业化世界,大家都争相拼工作量,在这样的国家里,双休日有助我们保持理智No matter how exhausted you are at your nine-to-five, the promise of two full days set aside socializing, sleeping in, and brunching in the afternoon always looms on the horizon.无论你朝九晚五有多劳累,都保能匀出两整天时间参与社交、睡个懒觉、下午的时候早中餐一起吃,而这正有愈演愈烈之势People working 0 years ago weren’t so lucky.The modern work week began to emerge during the industrial revolution—thanks in part to our hard-partying predecessors.两百多年前的人可没那么幸运现代工作周在工业革命期间应运而生,这多亏了我们夜夜笙歌的先祖们Reserving one holy day a week rest and worship is an ancient tradition. Things took a turn in Britain during the 19th century when workers started using their one day off pleasure. After cramming a week’s worth of fun and debauchery into a single day, employees would often come into work the next morning hungover or end up taking the whole day off to recuperate.一周留出一天瞻礼日休息休息、做做礼拜是一古老传统在19世纪的英国,事情发生了转折,工人们开始花一天时间享乐,而把整个星期的玩乐和逍遥压缩成一天后,员工们第二天早晨上班常常是宿醉未醒、或者要请上一天假恢复疲劳In the face of newly-med labor unions and pressure from religious groups to keep Sundays holy, the five-day, 0-hour work week was signed into law with the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938.当时工会成立不久、宗教团体又施加压力要求礼拜天作瞻礼,一周五天工作制、每周四十小时的工作量签署成为法律,写入了1938年颁布的《公平劳动标准法中The practice of playing hooky on the first day of the work week, also known as "Saint Monday," became so common in the 19th century that many employers started making Saturdays a half-day as a compromise.工作日第一天偷个懒,即人们所知的“圣周一”在19世纪非常普遍,不少雇主开始安排周六干半天活,作为折衷While the two-day weekend is a fairly recent phenomenon, today some people are working to extend it even longer.尽管双休日这一现象近年才有,如今仍有人想要延长双休 <牛人_句子>湖州整容老了以后会怎样湖州去痣多少钱一颗



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