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湖北省同济医院割包皮手术价格Weve heard it a hundred times before. Theres never anything to watch ontelevision.我们已经听过很多次了,没有什么好看的电视节目。Fifty channels and not one worth sitting down to.50个频道却没有一个值得看。Well,PBS is nice.But you get the idea.嗯,公共广播是一个不错的选择。但是你知道的...If you feel bored by TV, why not try a little experiment?如果你觉得电视节目很无聊,为什么不尝试一个小实验呢?All you have to do is turn to a station where nothing is currently being broadcast.你所要做的就是调到一个没有任何节目的频道。What do you see?That blankscreen isnt really blank.你看到了什么?黑色的屏幕并不真正是黑的。Rather its full of random-seeming flashes of light,sometimes called “snow.”相反屏幕上似乎是充满了随机排列的小光点,有时叫做“雪花”。Now, what if we told you that you have just discoveredevidence of the Big Bang?现在如果我告诉你你发现了宇宙大爆炸的据,你相信吗?Its true. Around three percent of the little sparkles of light you see on an unused channel are caused by photons left over from the Big Bang, the explosionthat started off our entire universe.这是真的。在你看到的这些未使用频道上出现的小光点中,有三分之一是由宇宙大爆炸遗留下来的光子引起的。这些爆炸形成了我们整个宇宙。Heres how it works.现在,让我们看看它们是怎样工作的吧!For about 300,000 years after the Bang, the universe was so dense that photons couldnt go anywhere without bumping into electrons and being annihilated.宇宙大爆炸30万年后,密度很大,光子走到哪都会碰到电子相互结合而湮没,At that 300,000 year mark, however, things cooled off enough to allow atoms to form.但是这时候温度下降,原子得以形成。That gave electrons something to do instead ofalways intercepting photons.这就让电子有事可做,而不总是拦截光子。The photons were set free, to cruise endlesslythrough space, right up to the present day—about 15 billion years later.光子自由后,不断地穿梭于太空中,直到今天,大概150亿年以后。These photons fill all of space, trillions passing through your body every second.这些光子占满了所有的空间。每一秒就有几万亿个光子穿过你们的身体。They are so weak by this point, though, that you cant see them or sense them.这一刻它们是如此微弱,你既不能看见也不能感受到。Unless you open up an antenna to a similar wavelength and listen.除非你打开一个有类似波长的天线的设备听听看,Your television set is just the machine to do this.你的电视就是这样的机器。So take another look at that fuzz.Its brought to you by the origin of thecosmos.再看看绒毛,这是从宇宙起源时就带来的。 201411/343088武汉大学人民医院男科where do you sell them,I sell them...On the internet?你在哪里销售这个 我...在网上吗On the internet.On the website.在网上 通过网站销售How much do they sell for.2.99,Oh,I was gonna for 5.98价格是多少呢 2.99美元 哦 我打算卖5.98一包的All right.So do you want a business partner?好了 那么你想要一个生意伙伴吗Cause I could go in with you.Look,I have a television show.因为我可以和你合伙 你看看 我主持一个电视节目And then,you know,we can do it together and we could make a lot of money.A lot of money.Money.而且 你知道的 我们可以合作 我们可以赚很多的钱 非常多的钱 钱Well,I dont know about that.Frankly,I dont know. -All right.好吧 我不知道 坦白说 我不知道 -好的Well,you have a good office at home? yep.你在家有办公室吗 -有Do you want a better office?I can get... No.那你想要个更好的办公室吗 我可以.. -不Let me rephrase it.Here is your staff.我换种说法好了 这些东西都是你的Come on.Have a look.You have a desk.来吧 来看看 你有一张办公桌Come on.Look you can hoard all your stuff there your roller decks看吧你的东西可以藏这里 还有这是你的便签Its the latest technology.这是最新科技Sofia Vergara will be here after this.接下来是Sofia Vergara. 我们马上回来 /201603/432363武汉前列腺炎的检查费用

武汉华夏男子男科服务武汉包茎医院Alright.What happened.Im doing impressions.Impression? Oh, good.好的 怎么了 我在调整表情 调整表情 好的Oh, alright alright alright. - Oh gosh, Im blanking.I, I was. - Yes, I know, of course.好的 好的 -我晕 我现在一片空白 这个 这个 -是的 我当然知道了My last name is, the first name is the same as Broderick.我的姓 他的名字跟布罗德里克一样Yeah. What?Oh, Mathew McConaughey.Thats it. - Thank you, perfect.什么 啊 是马修·麦康纳 答对了 -谢谢 太好了Ah, you punk. Oh, you punk,Im a director. I directed...噢 你这个小妖精 我是一位导演 我执导过Oh, Clint Eastwood.Yeah.Oh yeah.哦 是克林特·伊斯特伍德 答对了 太好啦she...If I could turn back time.Oh Cher! Wow thats wonderful.她啊 ;如果时光倒流; 喔 雪儿 太棒了And I am telling you. - Ah, Jennifer Hudson.-;我想告诉你; -啊 是詹妮弗·哈德森Okay.Im the most famous person in the world,And I host a talk show, and I Oprah Winfrey.Yeah, yeah.好的 我是世界上最红的人 我主持一档脱口秀 并且我 奥普拉·温弗瑞 答对啦Oh, uh, I, I like shooting guns, and uh...Back in the day of the western most famous.这个 最经典的西部片 我喜欢开射击Who was it?John Wayne. - John Wayne.Of course it was John Wayne.是谁 约翰·韦恩 -约翰·韦恩 当然是约翰·韦恩I did John Wayne.You did very well.I was just blanking.我模仿的是约翰·韦恩 你模仿得非常好 是我短路了Totally my fault.The 87th annual Academy Awards airs live this Sunday night at 830 eastern on A.Well be right back.Neil Patrick Harris.都怪我 第87届奥斯卡颁奖典礼 将于本周日晚东部时间8点30分在A电视台卫星直播 一小段广告之后精继续 谢谢尼尔·帕特里克·哈里斯 /201511/408349But there are now less than 2,000 living here, and they are becoming rarer all the time.但现在只有不到2000只食火鸟了,它们的数量一直不断减少。Before European settlers arrived, much of the coast here was covered in forest.早在欧洲殖民者到达之前,澳洲许多的海岸都被森林所覆盖。And a lot of that was jungle just like this.这样的丛林到处都是。This is a vibrant ecosystem in its own right.这是一个自得其利,充满活力的生态系统。Its full of reptiles, of birds, and you can hear all around me.这里是爬行动物和鸟类的天堂,你可以听到它们。But today, things have changed significantly.但是如今,这里荣耀不再。Much of the coastline that busts the Great Barrier Reef, 80 percent of it, in fact, has been cleaned for agriculture, and much of that has been totally cleaned for sugarcane.紧靠大堡礁的大部分海岸线,事实上80%的海岸线森林被砍伐,为农业让路,有很多地方干净得只剩下甘蔗农场。 201505/373585武汉市门诊看肾虚A shopping centre in Bromley, south London, was thrown into panic on Boxing Day as at least one person was injured in a reported knife attack. 伦敦南部布罗姆利一购物中心发生持刀袭击事件造成一人受伤,节礼日陷入恐慌。According to Channel 4 News, police say the incident isnt related to terrorism. Video on social media shows panicked shoppers running out of the Intu shopping centre. 据第四新闻频道报道,警方称这一事件与恐怖主义没有关系。社交媒体上的视频显示,惊慌失措的顾客从购物中心跑出来。People at the busy shopping centre didnt know what was happening as the police came to the scene, and they feared it was a terrorist attack. 随着警察赶到现场,在繁忙购物中心的人们不知道发生了什么,他们担心这是恐怖袭击。A spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Police told The Evening Standard, ;Officers attended the scene and found a man believed to be in his 20s with a minor head injury. We believe he sustained it as a result of an altercation. 都市警察局的一位女发言人告诉标准晚报,警方赶到现场,发现一名20多岁的男子头部受了轻伤。我们相信是因为发生口角造成的。The injured man has been arrested for affray and possession of an offensive weapon.;伤者因聚众斗殴及持有攻击性武器而被逮捕。”译文属。201512/418260武汉哪家医院必尿科好

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