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Nearly two years after trying to adopt a child from the African nation of Malawi, Madonna is behind a new documentary focusing on the plight of orphans there.It's been nearly 2 years since Madonna first made headlines for trying to adopt a small child from the African nation of Malawi. And she's since become a voice for the more than 1 million children or orphans in that country and now she’s behind the film on that subject and Ann had a chance to catch up with her last night.I did that, Mary, in fact, Madonna hit the red carpet at New York City’s Tribeca Film Festival last evening where her new film debuted. It's called I Am Because We Are. It’s a documentary about the struggle of these children who have been orphaned by AIDS in Malawi. And afterwards I sat down with Madonna to talk about the film and why she felt the commitment to help those children. I am because we are.Something about their situation connected to me, and in a way I was going on my own journey and connecting to these children and wanting to in a way heal myself whilst helping them. And hearing about their suffering? Something opened to you?Yeah. I grew up as a motherless child. I had a roof over my head and I had food and I had a school to go to. And I still thought that my world was going to collapse on me, so how could it be for these children who, most of them, having lost both of their parents, having no roof over their head, no food to eat, how horrifying and frightening it must be for them! You know, I wonder how this revelation came to you, you know, this is going to be a thing, you know, for you. (Yes!) This is not how people see you.I think having children and having a family forces you to think about people besides yourself, I mean you don’t really have a choice, I think I just got to a point in my life. / I thought, you know, I have so much, and it’s a great tragedy if I don’t use what I have to make the world a better place. I know that sounds silly, or cheesy, or like a cliché, whatever but it’s the truth. If I was challenging people to open up their minds and their hearts, then I had to be willing to stand at the front of the line.I appreciate and understand how people could be cynical, that’s fine, I accept that.Why do you appreciate that people can be cynical?Because I think we live in a society, that, where people are naturally suspicious of acts of altruism or generosity. Or maybe they might be suspicious because they might think, well, you know, Madonna changes all the time, is this simply another fad, de jour, a trend, or just a new, is this something that is really core to Madonna.My re-inventions are part of my evolution and my growth as a person. They’re aspects of it that are full of lesson. They are aspects of it that are real. His name is David, I decided to try and adopt him. I don’t see how anybody who really understands how complicated it is to adopt a child could say that someone toasts to do that as a fad, it’s just too difficult, it’s too traumatic.It’s been hard then to adopt David.We have not even been granted the full adoption. It’s supposed to be happening in the next month. So for the last 18 months I have been a foster parent. I have been visited every 6 weeks by social workers who come into the house and make sure that you are being a good parent, and David’s health is thriving, and asking you all kinds of invasive questions, and you have to put up with it and endure it and you know, I have been fingerprinted about 20 times, and undergone psychological evaluations and I think everybody who goes through adoption has to do this, I am not alone and, but you know, I do it again.You would?Yeah.Why? Because David is amazing, because he’s brought so much joy to our lives and more than about him. And so, it was worthy. I think most people will suffer for the things they love. And now at this point in your life, it seems you’re opening, to some part of you, it's softening, something that is looking for wisdom, usefulness.Well, thank God. (What do you mean by that?) Well, thank God I am searching for wisdom and usefulness. Em, one hopes that one gets to that point in their lives sooner or later.Do you wish that you could just be anonymous?No, no, (No?) I mean, yeah, I have moments of it, but I don’t wanna wish that I am not me, I don’t wish I were someone else. What is it that you want to feel about your life?That my soul reached its true potential. And that I did everything that I was put on this Earth to do. Which is? Well, who knows. We are about to find out.And it’s part of that, she also spoke to me about possibly working with orphanages and other parts of the world beyond Malawi, places like Cambodia and the Palestinian territories and she also does not discount the idea of adopting again. (Very well~) So this seems to be a new sort of beginning for her, she says.01/60845Back to basics节能以人为本Energy efficiency is not very flashy. That may be a selling point能源增效并不那么高高在上,也许它还是个卖点。Hope those are energy-saving bulbs希望大家都使节能灯泡WHEN Richard Sanchez heard from a friend that the city of San Antonio would pick up most of the costs of installing a new lighting system in his barbershop, he quickly made a call. The city was running a new programme called City Lights, funded by a m grant from the stimulus, designed to make energy-efficient improvements to small businesses. But Mr Sanchez was not exactly motivated by greenery. “It was way better than our older lighting, which was costing twice as much,” he explains.一位朋友告诉理查德.桑切斯,要是他为自己的理发店申请新型照明系统的话,圣安东尼奥市政府将承担大部分初始安装费。随即桑切斯先生便拨打了报装电话。圣安东尼奥市在年推出一项名曰“城市照明”的计划,政府投入两百万补助,旨在小型商业企业中推广能源增效。但温室效应对环境的影响并不是打动桑切斯先生的真正原因。他给出的解释是:“新安装的灯具比过去的强多了。耗电量是过去灯具的一半”For many years energy efficiency was the poor relation to cutting-edge clean technology initiatives like wind and solar. But now the more workaday strategies are getting a new look-in. Efficiency measures can often save as much power as the more glamorous efforts can produce, at a fraction of the cost. One widely used estimate comes from a report from McKinsey, which reckoned that America could reduce its non-transport energy consumption by roughly 23% by 2020 through efficiency savings alone.多年来,能源增效就好像风能和太阳能这样的高端清洁能源的穷亲戚一样不起眼。而当下更切合实际的推广策略使人们对能源增效有了新的认识。增效举措常常能比那些更风光的清洁能源节省下一样多的电能,而成本只占一小部份。要知道,要想产出如此大的电能,投入不菲。年McKinsey提出的一份报告被广泛地提及。报告中预计,仅能源增效这一举措,到2020年,美国的非交通能源消耗就会减少大约23%。 Some cities have come up with specific targets for efficiency. In San Antonio, the municipally owned power provider, CPS Energy, has plans to cut its consumption by 771 megawatts through energy efficiency by 2020, using various incentives and nudges. Customers who buy highly efficient cooling systems rather than the minimum-standard kind can, for example, get a rebate to make up the difference in price. As the more efficient systems yield lower bills, this is quite an attractive proposition. The 771MW figure represents about 10% of the utility’s current generation capacity, or about as much as a typical coal-fired power plant can produce. This summer, in fact, CPS announced that it will shut down a 900MW coal-fired plant by 2018, a Texas first.美国的一些城市已经提出有针对性地节能目标。在圣安东尼奥市,国有发电企业CPS Energy, 计划通过推广多种鼓励计划和促进手段,通过能源增效,使用电量在2020年下降771兆瓦。举例来说,消费者在购买高效节能制冷设备,而不是最低节能标准的机型时,其中的差价由政府买单。节能项目越多,未来电费越低,这个议题实在是太能吸引眼球了。之前所提及的771兆瓦等同于当前公用系统发电能力的10%,即一家普通燃煤发电厂的发电量。事实上,在今年夏天CPS就已宣布,将在2018年首先关闭一家位于得克萨斯州境内,额定发电量为900兆瓦的燃煤发电厂。Environmentalists hailed the announcement: coal is the most villainous fossil fuel. As with the customers, though, the city’s motivation was mostly pragmatic. San Antonio has its share of greenish priorities—downtown redevelopment, an electric fleet—but in deciding to close the coal-fired plant, the spur was simply cost. Installing a scrubber that would have brought the coal plant in question up to the Environmental Protection Agency’s standards would have cost half a billion dollars. The utility was keen to put off that expense, if not avoid it altogether, by making up the demand with natural gas or solar. Julián Castro, San Antonio’s mayor, argues that the energy efficiency is a complement to the latter, rather than a competitor. “One of the ways to bridge the time that those renewables need is by reducing the need for new energy,” he says.煤是对环境破坏最大的矿石燃料。难怪关闭燃煤发电厂的消息一出,环保持者为之欢呼雀跃。但对于消费者来说,市政府的鼓励措施才是最实惠的。圣安东尼奥有自己的环保首要目标:市区内城重修和公共交通电动化。但在关闭燃煤电厂上,促使市政府下决心的却是真金白银。为燃煤发电厂安装一个净化器将花费5亿美元,而且还有可能会招致环境保护局对标准是否达标而挑三拣四。要是花了大钱还引来了环保局的质疑就太不划算了。公用局强烈主张不购买这套净化系统,转而增加天然气或太阳能的发电量来缓解用电需求。圣安东尼奥的市长,Julián Castro提出能源增效是对天然气和太阳能发电的一种补充,而不是竞争。他表示:“在再生能源转化的时期,可行方式之一就是减少对新能源的需求。”It may be that cities like San Antonio are unusually well-placed to pursue energy efficiency. Having a municipally-owned utility, for example, helps local politicians plan an energy portfolio that meshes with their other concerns; this is one reason why nearby Austin Energy, which is owned by the tech-centric city of Austin, has an unusually strong renewables standard. But the energy efficiency approach could have broad appeal. The benefits are easily realised, the costs are reasonable, and the risks of something going wrong are relatively small.或许,像圣安东尼奥这样的城市在大力推广能源增效方面拥有罕见的优势。比如,某些由市政府所有的公用局,可以帮助当地政客把能源策略和他们关切的其它问题联系起来共同组织。邻近的Austin Energy归将奥斯汀市,该市将科技发展摆在突出位置,罕见地制定了极为严格的可再生能源标准,其原因之一也在于此。不过(尽管圣安东尼奥可能还是个特例)能源增效这一方式还可以吸引更多城市参与其中。好处容易实现,花费更为合理,而走弯路的危险却相对较小。201111/160306Did you know that the number zero was discovered by Hindu mathematicians around the sixth century? What? That's crazy! Zero is just a number. It's not something that you have to discover, just there. Well, actually what I mean is … isn't it there? That's… You know what I mean. That was exactly the problem. Sure, people had the idea of a number that stands for nothing, but they were confused by it. For many centuries the notion of number “zero” was disregarded as nonsense. The whole thing actually frighten people. No,kid? No.Why Aristotle himself argued that the idea of zero should be outlawed? because when you try to divide other numbers by zero you don’t get anywhere. Zero times infinity is still zero!【生词注释】actually adv。事实上stand for 代表,象征confuse v.搞乱; 使糊涂 disregard v. 不理会outlaw v. 使……失去法律保护, 宣告非法infinity n. 无限大, 无限你知道“0”这个数字是由印度数学家在6世纪左右发明的吗?什么?那太疯狂了。“0”只是一个数字,那并不是你必须发明的,它就在那儿。是的,事实上我的意思是……它不在那儿吗?那是……我要说的。那正是问题所在,当然,人们脑中有这样一个什么都不表示的数字概念,但是他们被这个概念搞糊涂了。许多世纪以来,零的概念被当作胡闹而没人理会。零的事让人们感到恐惧。不会吧?你在开玩笑?我不是开玩笑。为什么亚里士多德争论零的概念是不受法律的?因为当你用0除以任何数字时,得到的仍然是0。0乘以无限大的数字仍然是0。201111/160512

Rice to New York for Gaza Diplomacy赖斯展开外交努力以解决加沙危机 U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is joining U.N. Security Council and bilateral diplomacy on the Gaza crisis in New York. The ed States is seeking a deal on Gaza that would end Hamas rocket fire into Israel, halt arms smuggling to the militant group, and reopen Gaza crossing points for aid and trade. 美国国务卿赖斯为解决加沙危机在纽约参与联合国安理会和双边外交活动。美国谋求的加沙协议目的在于结束哈马斯对以色列发射火箭,制止向这个激进组织走私武器,并为救援和贸易重新开放加沙过境点。Rice is holding meetings in New York with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, as well as Arab and European foreign ministers in advance of a late-afternoon Security Council meeting on the Gaza crisis. 在联合国安理会星期二傍晚将举行加沙危机讨论之前,赖斯在纽约同巴勒斯坦权力机构主席阿巴斯、阿拉伯和欧盟国家的外长举行会谈。But State Department officials are cautioning against expectations of an early cease-fire resolution from the Security Council, and say Rice's principal focus is on the bilateral contacts, which will continue Wednesday. 但是国务院官员警告说,不要指望安理会能很快做出一项停火决议。他们说,赖斯关注的重点是双边接触。双边活动将于星期三继续进行。The Bush administration has come under criticism for resisting Arab-backed calls in the Security Council for an immediate end to hostilities. U.S. officials say drafts submitted thus far have failed to address the Hamas rocket fire on Israel that provoked the crisis, and have not included terms that would assure that a truce would be durable. 布什政府抵制安理会有关立即结束敌对状态的呼吁,这是阿拉伯国家持的。美国政府由于这一立场而受到批评。美国官员说,迄今为止提交的草案没有提到如何解决哈马斯对以色列发射火箭弹的问题,这是挑起这场危机的起因。草案也没有包括确保停火能够持久的条款。State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack said the ed States would like an immediate cease-fire provided it has a reasonable chance to succeed long-term. 国务院发言人麦科马克说,美国希望立即实现停火,但是必须有适当的机会能够持久。"We would like an immediate cease-fire, absolutely," McCormack said. "Look, nobody wants to see violence. We would like to see the violence end today, but we also want to see it end in a way that is sustainable and durable, so that you do not have my successor up here three months, four months, six months from now talking about the same thing."  他说:“我们当然希望立即停火。没有人希望看到暴力。我们希望暴力能在今天结束,但是我们也希望暴力能以一种持续和持久的方式结束,这样接替我的发言人才不会在三个月、四个月、六个月以后再来谈同样的问题。”The State Department said Monday that Rice, who has been conducting telephone diplomacy on Gaza, is pursuing a three-pronged accord to end Hamas rocket fire, close the tunnels from Egypt through which the militant group has been receiving weapons, and reopen Gaza crossing points so that the economy of the coastal strip can return to normal. 国务院星期一说,赖斯一直在就加沙危机进行电话外交。赖斯目前正谋求一项三管齐下的协议:结束哈马斯的火箭发射,关闭哈马斯经由埃及获得武器的通道,重新开放加沙过境点,以便沿海地区加沙的经济能回归正常。Officials say such a crossings accord would be based on the movement and access deal Rice brokered between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in 2005, but was never fully implemented. That accord provided for a European Union monitoring presence at the crossings, which U.S. officials say could be augmented by personnel from other countries. 有关官员说,这样的一个过境协议将基于赖斯2005年在以色列和巴勒斯坦权力机构之间进行斡旋而达成的人员流动和过境协议。但是那项协议从未得到全面实施。该协议授权欧盟在过境点进行监督。美国官员说,这可以由其它国家的人员参加来加以扩大。The deal Rice is seeking would not necessarily unfold under U.N. auspices. She is meeting in New York with, among others, Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan, whose government has offered to provide observers, and with British Foreign Secretary David Miliband and French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner. 赖斯推动的协议可能不会以联合国的名义提出。赖斯目前正在纽约会晤土耳其外长巴巴詹。土耳其政府主动提出要提供观察员。赖斯还会见了英国外交大臣米利班德和法国外长库什内。McCormack said Rice spoke by telephone Monday with Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman. Egypt mediated the previous Gaza truce which Hamas refused to renew last month and would be a key to enforcement of any new effort to curb arms traffic to Hamas. 麦科马克说,赖斯星期一打电话给埃及情报局长苏莱曼。埃及斡旋了以前的加沙停火协议。但是哈马斯上个月拒绝延长这一协议。该协议将是加强遏制武器偷运到哈马斯的任何最新努力的关键。Rice also called President-elect Barack Obama on Monday to brief him on Gaza diplomacy. 赖斯星期一还打电话给当选总统奥巴马,向他汇报有关加沙的外交活动。A senior official who spoke to reporters said concerned parties, including Arab states are "starting to coalesce" around the three-part strategy Rice is pursuing, but in his words "are not there yet by any stretch" of the imagination. 一位高级官员对记者说,包括阿拉伯国家在内的有关各方“开始凝聚”在赖斯推动的三方战略周围。但是,用他的话说,“目前还远远没有到能够达成协议的时候”。01/60590

在21日的太空行走中,阿卡巴误将一个螺钉安装颠倒了,致使空间站托架左侧的设备储存平台只能部分展开。23日,阿卡巴和阿诺尔德用锤子反复敲打这个螺钉,虽然最终让螺钉"松了口",但平台仍不能完全展开。二人最后只得放弃。根据地面控制中心的指令,宇航员用绳索固定了平台,以防止其晃动。两位宇航员当天还将一个手推车从空间站一端移到了另一端,润滑了空间站机械臂并为一个断路器重新布线。整个太空行走持续了约6小时27分钟。Glad you are with us everyone. I am Catherine Callaway and here is a look at what's happening Now In The News.The Treasury Department has unveiled a bank rescue plan that will help banks remove billions of dollars in toxic assets from their books. The plan calls for the US government to partner with private investors to buy mortgage- back securities. To kickstart things, the Obama administration said it will commit 75 to 100 billion dollars and would consider how the program is progressing before they committed any more money.Some startling of a Fedex plane crash in Japan. The pilot and co-pilot died when the cargo plane bounced on the runway, veered left and then burst into a ball of flames. That all happened at Japan's Narita International Airport.In the US, another deadly plane crash under investigation. A single engine plane went down Sunday in Butte, Montana. It apparently nose-dived into this cemetery, killing every one on board. Official says seven children are among the 14 dead.The one thing I gotta say there ain't nobody here but us chicken. Another busy day today for the crew of Space Shuttle Discovery. Today is the third and the final planned spacewalk. Two astronauts will try and repair a jammed platform on the International Space Station. That spacewalk set to begin at 11:45 a.m. Eastern Time. We'll bring that to you live.Bruce Willis is a married man again. His publicist says that Willis and 30-year-old model and actress Emma Heming will marry this weekend at his home in the Turks amp; Caicos islands. Guests include his daughter and his ex-wife Demi Moore along with her husband Ashton Kutcher.Be sure to stick with CNN.com 24/7 from news around the world. We'll also have updates for you right here throughout the day.03/65732Christmas is a festive time, especially for children. Families gather to celebrate the holidays with delicious meals and wrapped gifts. But for children whose families have no home of their own, Christmas can be a sad time.圣诞节是个欢快的时光,对孩子们来说尤其如此。家人团聚在一起,互赠礼物、分享美食。但是,对无家可归的孩子来说,圣诞节可能是一个悲伤的日子。To put a smile on homeless children's faces at this time of year, one man in New Orleans, Louisiana, organizes a Christmas party for what he calls the "Forgotten Angels."为了让这些孩子在节日里能露出笑容,一个新奥尔良的男子为那些他称之为“被遗忘的天使”们组织了一个圣诞派对。Getting startedWhen Clarence Adams applied to be a counselor at a New Orleans homeless shelter 16 years ago, he knew very little about homelessness.16年前,当克莱伦斯·亚当斯在新奥尔良无家可归者庇护中心申请一个顾问职位时,他对无家可归几乎没有任何概念。"After the interview, they gave me a tour in the building and it was lunch time," Adams says. "And I saw children there. That really bothered me. I just never thought about a child being homeless."他说:“面试后,他们领我在庇护中心里参观了一圈,那时正好是午饭时间。我看到那些孩子,觉得非常难过。我从来没想过,一个孩子也会无家可归。”Adams got the job and took it upon himself to help the kids coming to the shelter in any way he could. He went with their parents to register them for school and organized donation drives for school supplies. One day as the holidays neared, he talked to a friend about what it might be like for homeless children to celebrate Christmas. 亚当斯得到了那份工作,他开始把帮助无家可归的孩子们当作自己的责任。他和孩子家长一起去学校注册,组织为孩子们捐献学习用品的慈善活动。一年的圣诞节前,他和一个朋友谈论无家可归的孩子们是如何过圣诞节的。"Basically the only thing that these kids had to look forward to was having their Christmas dinner in the shelter with hundreds of people who they didn't know," he says. "I mentioned to my friend that if I ever got rich, I would just have a big party for homeless children. She said, 'Well, let's do it.'"亚当斯说:“基本上,这些孩子只能在庇护所里和数百个他们不认识的人一起吃顿圣诞晚餐。我说,如果我有钱了,我就为无家可归的孩子们举办一个盛大的派对。我的朋友说,好啊,就这么干。”201012/121718Annual compensation figures were disclosed this week from IBM, Ford, and Goldman Sachs top executivesHave you ever wondered how much the CEOs of some of the biggest companies in America are taking home? Let's take a look and break down to numbers that just came in about CEOs over at IBM, FORD, and investment bank Goldman Sachs. Let's start off with IBM. The chief executive over there Samuel Palmisano, recording uh, get this number .9 million in terms of compensation just last year of course. IBM saw a nice uptick in profit last year as well, so that's to be expected. Let's take a look at how the numbers break down here. Palmisano who is 56 years old, he was paid 1.8million dollars in salary, 5.8million dollars under a long term incentive plan, he also got options in stock valued at about .3millon along with add on top of that company perks travel expenses covered all of that. But keep in mind back in 2007 IBM posted a 10% gain in net profit for the year, ah to .4 billion, and its stock price rose 11% last year. So he saw some nice gains out of that success at his company. Ford, though, an auto maker, under pressure, especially over the last, the last end of last year. The CEO over there, Alan Mulally, here is what a Ford representative confirmed for us, he got a restricted stock unit valued at more than millon last year, a tag on top of that. .56million in stock options and the Ford representative confirming to CNN that Mulally and several other top executives over at Ford got a total of 2million stock unit valued at nearly million, it's not a bad there. Finally, wanna take a look at the Goldman Sachs .The stock is up nicely right now, Goldman Sachs is considered by many one of the few Wall Street firms that really skirted the whole subprime meltdown. And its employees are being compensated very kindly for that. The two co-presidents over at Goldman Sachs Gary Cohn and Jon Winker, Winkelried rather, both got .5 million last year in compensation for 2007. Keep in mind that is just under what Goldman's chief executive Lloyd Blankfein got. He got .5 million. So millions and millions in compensation for the CEOs of International Business Machines, IBM, Ford and Goldman Sachs.Notes:Uptick: An increase, especially a small or incremental one.200812/60055

Palestinian Shot Dead After Crash Israel Labels Terrorist Attack巴司机开拖拉机撞客车警车被击毙  A Palestinian driver has been shot dead in Jerusalem after allegedly slamming his tractor into a police car and a bus. The killing happened as tensions flare over Israel's planned demolition of Arab homes in East Jerusalem and a spate of new violence in Gaza. 一名巴勒斯坦司机在耶路撒冷被击毙,据控他把自己驾驶的拖拉机撞向警车和一辆大客车。以色列当局将这一事件称为恐怖袭击。这次击事件发生之际,正是以色列计划在耶路撒冷拆毁阿拉伯人的住房以及加沙出现新一波暴力行动的时候,巴以冲突正在升级。It was a scene of chaos on Jerusalem's busy Menachim Begin Highway in the moments after police said the Palestinian driver of a large construction vehicle smashed the front-end loader into a police car and a bus.  这个混乱的局面出现在耶路撒冷繁忙的贝让高速公路上,此前警方说,这名驾驶大型建筑车辆的巴勒斯坦司机将他车辆前部的装卸斗撞入警车和一辆大客车。An Israeli cab driver told Israel Radio he pulled a gun and opened fire on the Palestinian.  一名以色列出租车司机告诉以色列电台说,他拿朝这名巴勒斯坦司机开了火。He said he saw a terrorist act, and saw the police car fly into the air. He said he got out of his car with his gun. He said he fired four shots and killed the man. Then, he said, a policeman came and "finished the man off."  他说,他看到了恐怖行动,看到警车飞上了天。他说,他拿着跳出了轿车。他说,他向这名巴勒斯坦人开了四,将他击毙。Police and hospital officials said the man died from his wounds. The officers inside the car sustained minor injuries.  警方和医院官员说,这名巴勒斯坦人因伤势严重而死亡。在警车中的警官受了轻伤。Police said they found a copy of the Muslim holy book, the Koran, open in the vehicle - something Israeli authorities in the past have associated with attacks by Muslim extremists. 警方说,他们发现了一本可兰经,在车里敞开着,以色列当局过去在描述穆斯林极端份子的攻击行动时也经常加上这些细节。No one has claimed responsibility for the crash.  没有人宣称对这次行动承担责任。Officials are probing the circumstances surrounding the incident, but Israeli authorities quickly labeled it an act of terrorism.  有关官员在调查围绕这个事件的情况,但是以色列当局迅速将这个行动定性为恐怖主义行动。Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat went on television shortly after and called it "an attack to murder innocent people." 耶路撒冷市长巴尔卡特随即在电视节目说,这是对无辜平民的袭击和谋杀。He said he wants the authorities to take the harshest measures allowed by law against the attackers and those who helped them.He said he would push for the home of the attacker to be demolished immediately - a response Israeli authorities commonly give after terrorist attacks.  他说,他希望当局采取法律允许的最严厉措施来来对付袭击者和那些帮凶。他说,他将敦促采取行动,立即拆毁这名袭击者的住房,这是以色列当局在恐怖袭击之后通常会作出的反应。It was the third incident in eight months involving a Palestinian construction worker in Israel.  这是8个月来第三次在以色列发生有巴勒斯坦建筑工人参与的事件。Tensions remain high due to Israel's plans to demolish scores of Arab homes built without permits in East Jerusalem to make way for an archeological zone.  以色列计划拆毁几十座阿拉伯人在耶路撒冷东部无照建造的住宅,准备将这里建成古迹园区。Eighty kilometers away from Jerusalem, in the Gaza Strip, a new round of Israeli air strikes killed at least two Palestinians. Israeli officials said those killed were members of the militant Islamic Jihad group who had fired an anti-tank missile across the border at Israeli soldiers. 以色列在离耶路撒冷80公里的加沙地带发动的新一轮空袭导致至少两名巴勒斯坦人丧生。以色列官员说,被炸死的是伊斯兰圣战者组织的武装激进份子,说他们事前向以色列境内的士兵发射了反坦克导弹。03/63951Israeli Intel Says Iran Capable of Producing Nuclear Bomb以情报官员称伊朗有能力制造核弹  A top Israeli general says Iran is capable of producing a nuclear bomb. 以色列一名高级军官说,伊朗有能力制造核弹。Israel's military intelligence chief told the country's Cabinet that Iran has crossed the "technological threshold" of nuclear capability. Major-General Amos Yadlin said this does not mean that Iran actually has an atomic bomb, but that it has the expertise and materials needed to build one. 以色列军事情报机构负责人阿莫斯.亚德林少将对内阁官员说,伊朗在核能力领域已经跨越了“技术门槛”。他表示,这并不意味着伊朗实际拥有了一枚原子弹,而是掌握了制造原子弹的技术和材料。So how long would it take Iran to acquire the bomb? Israeli analyst Barry Rubin says time is running out.  至于伊朗需要多少时间获得核弹,以色列分析人士巴里.鲁宾认为,时间不会很长。"There is a big gap between material and bomb," said Barry Rubin. "But basically, people who are well-informed estimate that Iran will need between 15 months to over three years." 他说:“把材料变成炸弹,这中间有很大的距离。但是,基本上,知情者估计,伊朗大约需要15个月到3年多的时间。”Rubin says that is a significant timetable considering there is a new administration in Washington, and in a few weeks, there is due to be a new government in Israel. 鲁宾指出,这个时间表很重要,因为华盛顿现在有一个新政府,几个星期之后,以色列也将出现一个新政府。"We are entering a period in which we can assume that during the administration of this president of the ed States and during the term of this prime minister of Israel, Iran will obtain nuclear weapons and those governments will have to make major decisions," he said. 鲁宾说:“我们正在进入这样一个时期,也就是,在现任美国总统的任期内,在以色列新总理的任期内,伊朗将获得核武器,美国和以色列的政府将不得不做出重大决定。”Iran says its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. But Israel has grown increasingly alarmed about Iran's intentions since 2005, when the Iranian president threatened to wipe the Jewish state "off the map."  伊朗表示,自己的核计划是用于和平目的。但是自2005年伊朗总统威胁要把以色列这个犹太国家“从地图上抹掉”以来,以色列对伊朗的意图越来越警觉了。The intelligence report has raised fresh speculation about whether Israel will launch a pre-emptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. Nationalist leader Benjamin Netanyahu, who is forming the next Israeli government, has warned that Israel will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons and that there is a military option. 情报报告使人们再次担心以色列是否会对伊朗的核设施采取先发制人的打击。民族主义领袖内塔尼亚胡正在组建下一届以色列政府,他曾经警告说,以色列将不允许伊朗获得核武器,以色列在这方面拥有军事选择。03/64181UN: Global Foreign Direct Investment Continues to Slide联合国贸发会称全球外国直接投资急剧下滑The U.N. Conference on Trade and Development, or UNCTAD, reports that global foreign direct investment fell drastically last year and that it is expected to continue to slide this year, with significant recovery not forecast until 2011. But the UNCTAD World Investment Report says developing countries are doing better in attracting foreign direct investment, or FDI, than the developed countries.联合国贸易和发展会议说,全球外国直接投资(FDI)去年急剧下滑。预计,这个趋势将在今年继续,而且在2011年前不会有显著改善。不过,联合国贸发会年世界投资报告同时指出,发展中国家在吸引外国直接投资方面表现好过发达国家。The report estimates that foreign direct investment inflows will fall from .7 trillion in 2008 to less than .2 trillion this year. But it is expected to pick up slowly next year and gather momentum in 2011, approaching .8 trillion.联合国贸发会年世界投资报告估计,全球外国直接投资流入将从2008年的1万7千亿美元降至今年的1万2千亿美元。但是,外国直接投资将在明年缓慢回升,并将在2011年进一步加速,达到1万8千亿美元。UNCTAD says the crisis has changed, what it calls, the "FDI landscape". It says the large decline in FDI inflows to developed countries has resulted in a surge of foreign investments in developing and transition economies.联合国贸发会说,经济和金融危机改变了全球外国直接投资布局。报告说,流入发达国家外国直接投资的大幅度削减导致发展中国家和过渡经济体接受的外国直接投资急剧上升。Nevertheless, the report says the ed States remains the world's largest recipient of foreign direct investment, followed by France, China, the ed Kingdom and the Russian Federation. In previous years, cross border mergers and acquisitions were a major source of growth of FDI. These too, says the report, have declined considerably as financial markets seized up in the second half of 2008.过去几年里,跨境并购是外国直接投资增长的主要来源。但是联合国贸发会的报告说,由于金融市场2008年下半年陷于冻结,跨境并购也出现显著下降。The report notes a general absence in projectionist policies despite the global economic recession. But UNCTAD Secretary-General, Supachai Panitchpakdi says governments have pursued trade policies favorable to domestically-produced goods and services.报告说,全球经济陷入困境并未导致普遍的贸易保护主义政策。不过,联合国贸发会秘书长素帕猜表示,一些国家的政府的确寻求了偏向本国商品和务的贸易政策。"There are examples of the so-called 'covert protectionism,' which includes something like, as you can see, you know buy local, hire local, invest local, lend local, do anything local," he said. "So some of this economic nationalism trend favoring products with high domestic content with regard to government procurement. And you can see this is greatly linked to the stimulus measures, particularly in areas of public infrastructure projects." 他说:“有一些所谓‘隐性保护主义’的案例。这包括购买本国货、雇用本地人、向本土企业发放贷款,以及类似的政策。这种经济民族主义倾向还包括在政府采购方面向国产成分高的产品倾斜。这种情况主要和经济刺激计划有关,尤其是在公共基础设施建设方面。”The UNCTAD report also focuses on agriculture, including the crucial issues of fighting hunger, promoting food security and fostering sustainable agricultural development as a pre-requisite for economic growth. 联合国贸发会的报告还谈到农业问题。其中涉及的关键问题包括对抗饥饿、促进食品安全、以及把可持续农业发展作为经济增长的必要先决条件。The report says foreign direct investment can play a major role in helping developing countries enhance their agricultural sectors.报告说,外国直接投资可以在帮助发展中国家强化农业部门方面发挥重要作用。Supachai Panitchpakdi says investment funds from private sources could help spark a green revolution in Africa.素帕猜说,私营部门的投资可以在非洲引发一场绿色革命。"FDI by itself would not be able to do all this," said Supachai. "But I am sure it would help to give impetus to the government policies, to support government policies in areas that technology would be needed, to help create employment that would instill the sense of belief in the farming sector that could give the livelihood to the people and therefore people would remain involved in farming activities." “仅凭外国直接投资本身并不能实现这个目标。但是我相信,投资可以推动政府决策,持政府在技术领域的政策,帮助创造就业,从而增强人们对农业部门的信心。因为农业和人们的福祉息息相关,所以他们应该继续参与农业活动。”The UNCTAD Secretary-General says the green revolution in Asia during the 1960s was triggered when fertilizer, seeds and farming technology became ily available. He says Africa could achieve similar results if it invests private money into the technologies needed to increase food production in an environmentally sustainable way.素帕猜说,上个世纪60年代,化肥、种子、和农业技术的突破促成了亚洲的绿色革命。他说,如果非洲将私人投资引入可持续的粮食增产技术开发,那么非洲也可能实现类似的目标。09/84463

India seems to excel at making things smaller and cheaper. The ,500 car and the computer are just two of the country's latest innovations. Now, India increasingly is focused on low-cost solar technology. The front lines of that effort are seen in a tiny village in the Indian state of Rajasthan called Tiloniya.印度的优势就是能将所有的东西做得又小又便宜。最新研制的2千5百美元的汽车和35美元的电脑就是明。现在印度逐渐将焦点聚集在低成本的太阳能技术上。这项技术的发源地是印度拉贾斯坦邦的一个名叫提洛尼亚的小村庄。In this sunlit workshop, Tenzing Chonzom solders parts onto a device that regulates electrical currents. It will eventually be connected to a solar panel, allowing it to power everything from lamps to laptops.在这个充满阳光的工作间里,肖赞正在焊接一些调节电流用的元器件。这些零件最终将被焊接到一个太阳能板上,为从电灯到电脑的一切电器供电。Make low-cost solar panelsChonzom says she was chosen by her community to come here to learn about solar technology. She says she will take the knowledge back to the villages where she lives. She says many people in her region, in the Himalayan foothills, still do not have access to electricity.肖赞说,她的社区推举她来这里接受太阳能技术的训练。她说,她将把这个技术带回她所居住的村庄。她说,她居住在喜马拉雅山脚下,那里很多地方还没有通电。Chonzom is 50 years old, and one of two dozen people being trained here as solar engineers. Most have had no formal education. It is all part of a program to help India's rural poor by teaching them to make and install low-cost solar panels. Then they teach others to do the same. It is called Barefoot College, and so far it has trained thousands. Sanjit Bunker Roy started the program 25 years ago.肖赞今年50岁,她与另外23个人一起参加太阳能技师的培训,其中很多人过去都没有接受过正规教育。这是印度正在推行的一项计划,通过教授印度农村贫困人口如何制造和安装低成本的太阳能板来帮助他们。之后这些人能够把技术传播给更多的人。这被称为“赤脚大学”,目前已经培训了数千人。罗伊在25年前开始了这个项目。"You have to see how you can demystify the technology and bring it down to the community level so that they can manage, control and own the technology," said Roy.罗伊说:“你能感觉到你解开了这项技术神秘的面纱,将它带入每一个社区。人们能够掌握、控制和拥有它。”Roy is among Time Magazine's Top 100 most influential people for 2010. He says grassroots solar technology is crucial for India. Nearly half the country's rural population – more than 300 million people – has either no electricity or just a few hours of it a day.罗伊是美国时代周刊评选出的2010年全球百大影像力人物之一。他说,普及太阳能技术对印度来说至关重要。该国3亿多人,也就是农村人口的近一半,居住在没有电力供应的地区,或者每天只能使用几个小时的电。201011/116978温总理说,中国仍要对经济危机保持警惕,继续实施经济刺激措施,并就近期热炒的人民币升值话题给予最权威的回应。During his annual news conference following the conclusion of the parliament sessions, Premier Wen Jiabao says the world is still facing uncertainties in the economic recovery and China must take steps to sustain its recovery."China needs to strike a balance between maintaining a relatively fast and stable development, adjusting the economic structure and managing inflation expectations to avert a possible economic 'double dip' this year."Boosted by a raft of stimulus measures, China's economy expanded 8.7 percent in , staging a speedy recovery after being hit by the worst global financial crisis in decades. But worries have arisen over possible economic bubbles. Last year, the country had new loans amounting to 9.6 trillion yuan, or more than 1.4 trillion U.S. dollars. Investment in real estate rose by 30 percent and housing prices remained staggeringly high for residents. Premier Wen says the country's exit strategy on economic stimulus should be "very cautious and flexible" in order to sustain the economic recovery. He says China will continue implementing proactive fiscal policy and moderately loose monetary policy. The premier also says the Chinese Yuan is "not undervalued" and rejects foreign pressure to boost its value."Depreciating one's own currency and attempting to pressure others to appreciate, for the purpose of increasing exports, in my view, is protectionism." The premier says China opposes certain countries engaging in finger-pointing or forcing other nations to appreciate their currencies because it is not good for the Renminbi exchange rate reform.For the Beijing Hour, I'm Shuangfeng.201003/98751

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