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For:正方辩词:Dressing well is important to ones life.着装在人们的生活中作用重大。I think clothes and fashion speak to people about what kind of person you are. They help you form a good first impression. So, dressing well is important and necessary.我认为,从一个人的穿着打扮能够看出他(她)是个怎么样的人。衣能够帮助你给他人留下一个好印象。所以,合体的衣装打扮是十分重要和必要的。Everyone loves beautiful things. Therefore, if you dress with a bad taste, you will give others a bad impression. Whats more, dressing well and fashionably can give you great confidence. In my view, the clothes we wear say much about our personality. Just as a saying goes, youre what you wear.每个人都喜欢漂亮的事物。因此,如果你在穿着上的品味太差,一定会给他人留下糟糕的印象。另外,大方合体的穿着还能够增加你的自信。在我看来,着装可以透露出我们的性格,就像一句老话“人如衣装”。Against:反方辩词:The inner qualities are more important than dress.内在品质比外部装扮更重要。At present, more and more people are paying great attention to their dress. But in my view, the inner qualities are more important than the way you dress, since your inner qualities decide who you are and who you will be.如今,越来越多的人对其穿着打扮过分关注。但我认为一个人内在的品质要远比其外表穿着更重要,因为内在的品质决定了你现在是并将会是什么样的人。I think pursuing fashion is nothing more than a waste of time and money. Many women squander vast sum of money each year to replace clothes that have hardly been worn.我认为追求时尚只不过是浪费时间和金钱。许多女人每年都要花费大量的金钱在买新衣上,但事实上,她们的旧衣依然可以穿。Although first impression is important in our daily life, it can be changed by further communication. Therefore, the most importan thing for us to pursue is inner qualities rather than fashionable clothes.尽管在我们日常生活中,第一印象十分重要,但这是能通过以后的交流而被改变的。因此,对于我们来说,最重要的是追求内在美,而并非那些时尚的衣物。 /201412/349289。

  • 嘉宾:Debbie Mason话题: The First Feminist Mary Wollstonecraft单词拼写1、manifesto:a plan of faction 宣言2、liberation: freedom 解放3、tarnished: 污色,败坏名声4、laudable: recommended 推荐的,很好的5、distinction: difference 差别6、virginiawoolf 书名7、besoted by sb.: completely in love with 被迷住重点俚语:1、dipped in and out of favour 大起大落2、a set of revelations 秘密都暴露了3、ambivalent: 矛盾挣扎的问题:1、What was Mary’s most famous book called?2、What is the name of the group that is trying to get a statue put on the green?3、What was it in the 1970’s that brought Mary Wollstoncraft to the fore again?:1、dipped in and out of favour 大起大落2、a set of revelations 秘密都暴露了3、ambivalent: 矛盾挣扎的 /201310/261338。
  • 1. 初恋 first loveHe remained true to his first love. 他仍然忠于他的初恋。 /201309/255436。
  • Can I talk to you right now?我现在可以跟你谈一谈吗? /201211/211573。
  • 13. Have you stamped the letter with the right postage?你贴邮票的邮资对吗?还能这样说:Has this letter been stamped with correct postage?Have you put correct stamp on the letter?应用:with a stamp of impatience 不耐烦地一跺脚;the stamp of the age 时代的特征;bear the stamp of suffering 带有受苦的痕迹14. I didnt mail the letter to her, because I didnt have her address.我没有把那封信寄出,因为我没有她的地址。还能这样说:I didnt post the letter for lacking of her address.I failed to mail the letter for I didnt know where she lived.应用:letter of recommendation 推荐书;介绍信;letter of reference 调查信;保书;letter of regret 致歉信15. Your letter is 30 grams overweight.你的信超重30克。还能这样说:Your letter weighs over 30 grams in excess of the allowance.The excess weight of your letter is 30 grams.16. What is the postage of this letter, please?请问这封信的邮资是多少?还能这样说:How much should I pay the postage of this letter?How much is the postage of this letter?谚语:Dont put off till tomorrow what should be done today.今日事,今日毕。17. It will take only about 6 days to Beijing.大概6天就能到北京了。还能这样说:Your friend may receive your letter in about 6 days.It needs about 6 days to Beijing.应用:reach ones hand 伸出手;reach sb. sth. 递给某人某物;reach sb. a kick 踢某人;reach toward sth. 伸向某物 /201307/246280。
  • Feifei: Hi Rob. Nice to see you here in the park with this lovely dog.菲菲:嗨,罗布。很高兴在公园里到你和你可爱的小。(Dog barks)(的叫声)Rob: Hi Feifei. Yes, this is Fido. As they say, dog is a mans best friend and... he is my best friend. Im taking him for a walk. But we have to get back home soon.罗布:嗨,菲菲。是啊,这是菲多。俗话说,是人类最好的朋友……它是我最好的朋友。我在带它散步。不过我们马上就得回家了。Feifei: Why Rob? I was going to ask if you wanted a coffee...菲菲:为什么呀,罗布?我刚要问你要不要去喝杯咖啡……Rob: Thank you, Feifei, but I cant. I love walking Fido and sometimes I forget to look at my watch. I keep coming home late for dinner and the family is annoyed because the food gets cold. Im in the doghouse at the moment.罗布:谢谢你,菲菲,不过我去不了。我喜欢带菲多散步,不过有时我会忘记时间。我回家的时候总是会误了吃饭的时间,家里人都很生气,因为饭菜已经凉了。我当时备受冷落。Feifei: You are in the doghouse?! Thats terrible, Rob! How can you say your dog is your best friend if you kick him out of his own house?菲菲:你在窝里?那太糟糕了,罗布!你把你的赶出它的家,你怎么能说它是你最好的朋友呢?(Dog barks)(叫声)Rob: No, no, its not that...罗布:不,不是,不是那个意思……Feifei: Now this poor dog will be left out in the cold, in the rain... Poor Fido! If you are in the doghouse, where does this lovely dog sleep?菲菲:这只可怜的小会被丢在冰冷的雨中……可怜的菲多!如果你在窝里,那这只可爱的小睡在哪里呢?Rob: Well, Fido sleeps where he always does: in the doghouse. But in English, we can say someone is in the doghouse if theyve annoyed another person.罗布:菲多就在它一直睡觉的地方睡啊,在窝里。不过在英语中,如果我们说某个人in the doghouse,意思是他们惹恼了其他人。Feifei: So your family is annoyed with you because you were inconsiderate to them.菲菲:所以你的家人对你很生气,因为你没有替他们考虑。Rob: Thats right. In the doghouse is the expression youll learn in todays The English We Speak. Lets hear some examples.罗布:没错。In the doghouse是今天地道英语节目要讲的表达方式。我们来听些例子。President Bill Clinton said he was ;in the doghouse; after the revelations about his affair with Monica Lewinsky. His wife even considered leaving him.比尔·克林顿总统说,他和莫妮卡·莱温斯基的婚外情曝光后,他备受冷落。他的妻子甚至考虑过离开他。My mother is furious with me. I forgot to do my homework again so Im in the doghouse.我妈妈对我大发雷霆。我又忘记做作业了,所以我受到了冷遇。Feifei: So if you go home on time for dinner, you wont be in the doghouse anymore.菲菲:如果你准时回家吃晚餐,你就不会再被冷落了。Rob: Thats what I hope.罗布:这就是我希望的。(Cat meows)(猫叫声)(Dog barks)(叫声)Feifei: Then maybe youd better hold onto the lead and control Fido.菲菲:也许你最好抓紧绳子,控制好菲多。Rob: Come on Fido! Quiet. Calm down, boy. Ignore that cat.罗布:菲多,安静!安静,放松下来,好孩子。别理那只猫。(Dog growls)(的咆哮声)Feifei: Oh, come on, Fido, quiet or youll be in the doghouse.菲菲:哦,冷静,菲多,安静,不然你会被冷落的。(Dog barks)(叫声)Rob: Come on, Fido! Come on, boy! Who is a good boy? Come on! Get out of here, you cheeky cat!罗布:好了,菲多!安静,好孩子!谁是乖孩子?冷静!离开这里,你这只冒失的猫!Rob: Bye.罗布:再见。Feifei: Bye.菲菲:再见。Cat: Meow.:喵。 译文属 /201408/320548。
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