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十二星座绝妙英语口头禅Ries#39; key phrase: I am!白羊:我是!Taurus#39; key phrase: I have!金牛:我有!Gemini#39;s key phrase: I think!双子:我认为!Cancer#39;s key phrase: I feel!巨蟹:我感觉!Leo#39;s key phrase: I will!狮子:我愿意!Virgo#39;s key phrase: I analyze!处女:我分析!Libra#39;s key phrase: I balance!天秤:我权衡!Scorpio#39;s key phrase: I desire!天蝎:我要求!Sagittarius#39; keyphrase: I see!射手:我明白!Capricorn#39;s key phrase: I use!羯:我利用!Aquarius#39; key phrase: I know!水瓶:我知道!Pisces#39; key phrase: I believe!双鱼:我相信! /201201/167068

The list was created after consultations with vets, dog behaviour experts and owners from across the UK.这是一份向兽医、行为专家以及英国各地宠物主人咨询之后得出的清单。The bucket list was compiled by MORE THgt;N pet insurance and TV vet Marc Abraham.这张愿望清单是由MORE THgt;N宠物保险公司以及电视兽医马克·亚伯拉罕搜集制作的。A survey found that 8% of dogs had not experienced any of the 50 activities although 7% had completed it in its entirety.一项调查显示,8%的从来没做过这50件中的任何一件,而只有7%的完成了所有这些事。The figures showed that 20% had never had the pleasure of bounding through the forest while 26% had not attended a family picnic.数据显示20%的从未享受到没有穿越森林的乐趣,26%的也从来未和家人野餐过。But they did show that 46.5% had known the simple joy of ;going mad; in the snow, while 39% had gone swimming in the sea and 33% had done the ;Beethoven shake;, soaking everyone around them.不过有46.5%的喜欢在雪地里打滚,39%的曾在海里游泳,还有33%的曾展示过标志性的甩身动作,甩得周围人一身水。Mr Abraham said: “Make no mistake about it, we’re a nation of dog lovers, but it seems a lot of owners have become stuck in a rut. Taking our dogs on morning and evening walks during the week and out to a park at the weekend has become the norm.亚伯拉罕先生说:“毫无疑问,我们(英国)是一个爱的国度,不过似乎主人们都陷入一种固定模式。每天早晚带出去散步,周末去公园已经成了常态。”;Understanding and appreciating the many different things you can now do with your dog will greatly enrich the lives of both you and your four-legged friends.”“要充分理解并享受这些现在你可以和自己的一起做的事,它们会大大丰富你和你的动物朋友的生活。”50 things every dog should do before it dies汪星人死前必做的50件事1. Flop down in front of a morning fire1. 看日出2. Go for a swim in the sea2.去海里游泳3. Go mad in the snow3. 在雪地里撒欢4. Dig up a flower bed4. 在花坛里刨坑5. Do the #39;Beethoven#39; shake and soak everyone around you5. 做汪星人标志性的甩身动作,甩到周围每个人一身水6. Have your own spot on the sofa6. 在家中的沙发上拥有一个自己的专属位置7. Accompany your owner on a run/cycle ride7. 陪主人骑自行车8. Attend a family picnic8. 参加一次家庭野餐9. Help your owner bad a date9. 陪主人约会10. Cheer your owner up when they are down10. 在主人郁闷的时候逗他们开心11. Visit a different continent11. 出国12. Roll around in a really stinky, muddy puddle12. 在泥塘打滚13. Ruin a pair or slippers or shoes13. 毁掉一双鞋,拖鞋也行14. Sleep in your owners bed14. 睡主人的床15. Wake your owner with a big wet sloppy kiss15. 用舌头舔醒主人16. Chase a cat during a dream16. 在梦里追逐喵星人17. Learn the word for #39;sit#39; in another language17. 学习其他语言的“坐下”18. Join in a football game in the park18. 在公园里玩一场足球19. Meet a famous dog19. 拜访一只著名的汪星人20. Try your paws at dancing20. 舞动爪子试着跳舞21. Convince your owner you can howl English words21. 向主人表演说人话22. Get filthy within 30 minutes of a bath22. 在洗完澡30分钟内弄得脏兮兮的23. Howl along with your favourite song23. 跟着最爱的歌一起嚎24. Ride in an open top car24. 坐一次敞篷车25. Learn to skateboard25. 学滑板26. Have a personalised Christmas stocking26. 得到一双专用的圣诞袜27. Show the postman who#39;s boss27. 向邮递员示威28. Be a ring bearer at a wedding28. 在婚礼上当一回护戒使者29. Try to follow a squirrel up a tree29. 上树追松鼠30. Go to work with your owner30. 跟主人一块儿上班31. Have your own social media page31. 拥有自己的社交网站主页32. Bound through a forest32. 穿越森林33. Have a personalised kennel33. 有自己的专属窝34. Go on a boat and get your sea legs34. 坐船(不晕)35. Play frisbee on the beach35. 在海滩上玩飞盘36. Receive your own birthday card36. 收到生日贺卡37. Steal someone#39;s lunch when they#39;re not looking37. 趁人不注意偷吃某人的午餐38. Watch an entire episode of #39;The Washing Machine#39;38. 完整看一集《洗衣机》(英国电影)39. Eat doggy ice cream39. 吃汪星人冰淇淋40. Create a diversion and steal another dog#39;s dinner40. 制造恶作剧,偷吃其他汪星人的晚餐41. Rug a doggy marathon41. 在地毯上跑马拉松42. Receive a doggy birthday cake42. 收到汪星人生日蛋糕43. Rip the stuffing out of a pillow or cushion43. 咬破枕头或靠垫44. Unwrap birthday presents44. 打开生日礼物45. Watch Lassie on TV45、在电视上看《神犬拉茜》46. Be in a family portrait46. 跟主人家一起拍全家福47. Have a stand off with your own reflection47. 在镜子前吓得跑掉48. Have a favourite local pub48. 有自己在当地最爱的酒吧49. Star in a YouTube 49. 有自己的YouTube视频50. Sleep in a boutique dog hotel50. 住一次高级的汪星人旅店 /201210/205388

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