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关于音乐“music”的日常英语 -- :39:6 来源: 我买两张月3号的票Id like two tickets October 3rd, please.对不起,卖完了Sorry, were sold out.Do you have any tickets the concert? (还有那场音乐会的票吗?)Sorry, were sold out. (对不起,卖完了)有什么时候的票?When do you have tickets?Which date do you have tickets ?几点开始?What time does it start?What time does it begin?可以预订吗?Can I make a reservation?在哪儿买票?Where can I buy a ticket?△Where can I buy a ticket? (在哪儿买票?)▲At that counter. (在那个柜台)这位子有人吗?Is this seat taken?A)△Is this seat taken? (这位子有人吗?)B)▲No, it not. (不,没人) * 这句直译是:A:这个位子被占了吗?B:没有被占Is anyone sitting here? (这儿有人吗?)Can I sit here? (我可以坐这儿吗?)Do you mind if I sit here? (您介意我坐在这儿吗?)Is this seat free?我们这个位子真棒We have great seats, dont we?再来一个!Encore!Bravo, bravo!××加油!Go it,...!Yeah...!Go...! 日常英语 英语口语The Wedding DanceThe hand that clasps mine is not that of the child I can still remember,but that of the man he has become.From that hand to his face to the smile he beams at me,he is his father in days gone by.We move gracefully across the floor as his young bride looks on.My new daughter.Oh,how the years have passed.It seems I didn't even notice.One day,I held a squalling infant in my exhausted arms and counted tiny pink fingers and toes.The next,I'm no longer the most important woman in his life.An eftless spin1) and he's taking me across the floor with a flare) like his father's.I wonder if he's looking down on us at this moment as my son' s eyes sparkle3) with his mischief).Suddenly,I'm bent back-ward and laughing like a girl half my age,my young rogue leaning over me and guests applauding.He kisses my cheek and spins me upright a gain.The regretful tears of the past threaten my eyes.No,they are not regretful tears.I have no regrets where this boy--this man--is concerned.He has been,and always will be,my pure joy.Time cannot wipe away the sadness and heartache,but there was never regret.Heartache comes with having children as it does with being alive.If my son is all he wants to be,I have no regrets.As the music slows,his mood seems to waver.Knowing that if I see any of what I'm feeling in his eyes I will surely cry,I move into his arms and rest my head on his strong shoulder.A hush has descended on the entire room;not even the babies are fussing.The gentle piano guides us around the floor,passed faces that have always been near,and new ones destined the same.Their smiles bring one to my face as I realize this is not a day tears.The hand against my back gives me a squeeze.It is a most subtle5) gesture to let me know my new daughter's turn to care him has come.It is not a day tears,but they threaten nonetheless6).I sigh and touch his smooth cheek,seeing the face of a baby,child,teen,and man.Is this day so difficult all mothers?I can't help wondering.As the music switches with ease to the one he chose to dance to with his bride,I turn and find her shy face with my other hand.I can't speak to either,but I know that my heart is in my eyes as each receives my kiss.Walking to the edge of the floor,I suddenly realize I do have one regret today.I regret that my husband is not here to hold my hand.by Melissa K.Beynon 9My People by Langston Hughes The night is beautiful,So the faces of my people. The stars are beautiful,So the eyes of my people. Beautiful, also, is the sun.Beautiful, also, are the souls of my people. 8998说话也要有名媛范儿 淑女都这么说英语的! -- 00:7:9 来源: 是不是你说的话常常会引起误会呢?你请求是否通常没有回应呢?如果是这样的话,可能别人认为你的英语不够礼貌客气通过阅读以下的指导避免发生让人感觉不礼貌的情况!1.Can you pass me...? vs Give me...人们不喜欢别人配他们去做事情,有时想直接得到你想要的可不是那么简单换掉那些听起来是命令的语句,例如将"Give me the newspaper""Can you pass me the newspaper?".Could you give me five minutes? vs Go away.你工作非常忙,但是你的同事却请你帮忙...当你工作非常忙而无法抽时间去兼顾其他事情时,如果只说"Go away"肯定是不合适的取而代之,使用以下的短语就能让每个人都觉得愉快了"Could you give me five minutes?"3.Excuse me. vs Move.让别人"Move out of the way"听起来特别粗鲁而且这样说很可能会得到别人拒绝当下一次有人挡了你的路时,你可以说"Excuse me"这样就能避免不愉快的情况出现而得到你期待的结果!.I'm afraid I can't. vs No.有时侯要拒绝一个朋友的邀请是很困难的若说"No"听起来很不礼貌下一次你要表示拒绝却又不想冒犯别人的话就可以说, "I'm afraid I can't."5.I would like... vs I want...用下面的词表示请求常常被认为很不礼貌,那就是说"I want"下次试着向务生说,"I’d like a cup of coffee, please">而非"I want a cup of coffee"你就能得到你要的咖啡,和别人的会心一笑了!6.Would you mind...? vs Stop it!如果有人做你不喜欢的事,而且可能还很不礼貌?你该怎样阻止他们呢?要想得到理想中的结果,不用大声叫嚣"Stop talking on your phone in the cinema!",只要客气对他们说,"Would you mind not using your phone in the cinema, please?"7.Can you hold, please? vs Wait.在电话中是否选择适当礼貌用语可以使对话更有效或中止对话如果有人打电话来找人,不要说,"Wait"而是,礼貌的问"Can you hold, please?"

英国的“繁华商业街” -01-6 3:9:01 来源: 和朋友闲聊谈学英语的体会,大家竟一致认同,学英语记背怪词、偏词倒不是难事儿,难的是真正掌握那些最为熟悉、词义却一抓一大把的“简单”词不信?看看sound,good,bad, high的诸多含义,这时很少会有人有完全的自信以high为例,咱们今天谈谈“high street”想一想北京的王府井,上海的淮海路,想必您也猜出了high street对于英国人的意义不过,在英国,high street不是单指某一条街,而是泛指“城镇中最繁华的商业区”,是英国人的特有词汇若要追溯high street(商业大街)的渊源,当然得查究high的诸多含义在古英语中,high通常用来形容“高贵的,一流的,高尚的”,如high society(上流社会);high priest(主教,大祭司)随着时间的推移,high开始用来形容“连结城市、县镇的公用道路”据记载,早在9世纪,highway(公路)就进入了英语词汇,由此衍生而来的词如:highwayman(拦路的强盗);king's highway(水陆交通干线)大约在世纪,high street开始用来专指“用筑路材料铺成大道”中世纪,随着小城镇的发展,在这些“铺过的路面”附近开始出现商店、旅店、酒馆,high street逐渐演变为“城镇中繁华的商业区”相关链接:澳洲俚语: tuckered out(英语点津陈蓓编辑) high street 开始 英语

口语小词:“亲爱的”除dear之外的其它几种表达 -- :9: 来源:   dear 亲爱的Dear使用的范围比较广可以用来称呼朋友,也可以用来称呼亲密爱人,也有可能是长辈称呼小辈另外英语日记通常会用dear dairy开头写信时通常的称呼也是Dear XX   经典美剧老友记第一季第8集中,Ross和Monica的奶奶去世后,Ross在家里收拾东西,他和他妈妈有这么一段对话,Ross就被妈妈叫做dear:  Ross: Oh my God.  Mrs. Geller: Is everything all right, dear?  Ross: Yeah, just.. just Nana stuff.  Honey Darling Baby 甜心、宝贝儿---------------------------------------------------- sweetheart  “亲爱的”是一种很甜蜜的称呼,所以自然会跟sweet联系在一起  亲爱的可爱的喜欢的都可以成为sweetheart,另外口语上表示友善的称呼也可以用sweetheart就像现在很多女生之间喜欢互称“亲爱的”  例句:  \"I like Joaquin, he\'s a real sweetheart.\"  “我喜欢杰昆,他真的是个甜心”  \"What can I get you, sweetheart?\"  (女务生)“甜心,我能为你拿点什么?”  老友记第一季感恩节篇:  Terry: Rachel, Rachel, sweetheart. You\'re a terrible, terrible waitress. Really, really awful.---------------------------------------------------- sweetie  sweetie可以称呼亲密爱人也可以称呼亲密友人,也可用于长辈称呼晚辈的情况  例句:  Goodnight now sweetie, I\'ll miss you so much but I\'ll see you next week!  亲爱的,晚安了,我会非常想你的不过要到下周才能见到你!  美剧《识骨寻踪中,Angela经常叫女主角Brennan Sweetie----------------------------------------------------  sweetums  I love talking to my sweetums. he rocks my face off.  我喜欢和亲爱的他聊天,他让我开心极了  《哈利波特与密室:  \"I want more bacon.\"  \"There\'s more in the frying pan, sweetums,\" said Aunt Petunia----------------------------------------------------  pumpkin  你没看错,就是南瓜老外好像对南瓜有种特别的感情,这个词也可以表示亲爱的,宝贝儿这样的含义  成长的烦恼第三季第集:  Maggie: Pumpkin, you just had your tonsils out!  New Ben: But…  Maggie: me?  变化:Pumpkin在口语里也可以说成Pumkin  Me and my Pumkin are heading to a movie, wanna come?  我和我男(女)朋友要去看电影,一起来吗?----------------------------------------------------  boo  据说是黑人圈的俚语用法,可以用做男朋友或者女朋友的称呼,也可以表示亲爱的  Can you handle me? If you can\'t you ain\'t gonna be my boo.  你能搞定我吗?如果你行你可当不了我男朋友  \"I\'ll be in here, boo\" -- Method Man (You\'re all I need 199)  除了这些称呼之外,看过《绯闻女孩的朋友们一定知道,写信的时候表示亲密,可以在后面加个“XOXO”,表示抱抱亲亲你还知道那些表示亲密的词吗? 其它 表达 之外 亲爱

从我头一次见到他起,他便总是出现在我的周围每次他向我投以微笑时,他同时也将一丝丝的温暖和友情送入我的心房我想每一天结束时,一定是他给了我无论如何也要继续下去的力量About A FriendHe wasn't a guy of big words1),and he seemed to live entirely in his own world.I remember that during the days he worked with us none of us exactly knew who he was,where he came from or what he was looking ,and afterwards he disappeared.Nobody knew where he had gone,what he was doing or if he had friends or a family to stay with.I guess,we didn't even know his name--and even if we did,I've gotten it anyway.Those days were more than hard all of us.There seemed to be no escape from the greyness )of our everyday life which was the only colour that surrounded us.The huge concrete blocks we lived in was grey,the grey of the factory dust,even the colour of our clothes,that once might have been white was grey.It must have been a bright and shining white...and I can't exactly recall how much time I spent trying to imagine the kind of white it might have been.Since white was the colour of the kind of paradise3) I so much longed) to live in some day,grey left behind nothing more than a bitter taste of emptiness5) and depression.I can remember how I noticed once,that any other colour must be a symbol something,a feeling or whatever.Only grey seemed to stand absolutely nothing.This was the world I lived in,and so did he.Having our job in the factory was still luxury though,considering the fact that most of us had families to feed.And not long after he started to work there,I would always find him working at the machine next to mine.We'd work hours next to each other,staying quiet,with our thoughts drifting away6) to a different place but still aware of our hands doing the same movements over and over again.We were doing that until the bell would ring to end the work the day.I used to work in a mechanical way,following the same rhythm over and over again,and so did he.But every time I was about to give up,he would lift his head and give me a little smile,as if he could guess my thoughts.I think it was actually his eyes that impressed me most.They were so dark and straight,and though they seem to be hiding anything,I couldn't get rid of the impression that somehow he must be hiding something.Since I first saw him,he had always been around,and every time he gave me one of those smiles,he would sp a bit of warmth into my heart,a bit of friendliness.I guess,at the end of the day it must have been him who gave me the strength to go on somehow,just by being there.Well,to make a long story short,he died only a year after he started working with us.It was a car accident and he didn't have to suffer very long.I must have been his only friend in town,at least that was what I thought when I went to his funeral.The only person I met there was an old lady,maybe his mother.She told me that he had lost his family just the year bee and after that he didn't speak any more.He hadn't said a single word.First I didn't believe her.I just thought that he was a fairly quiet person;besides there was nothing much to say anyway.But suddenly I realized that I couldn't recall ever having heard his voice at all.Only then did I realize it.He gave me so much and I knew so little about him.He had been my friend and now I had lost him without having had the chance to give anything back.He had been so strong that he was able to give whatever had happened.I felt weak in those days.And guilty7).But after that I started to care the people around me.I think I started to live.□by Claudia Duwe 78

有些时候事情的表面并不是它实际应该的样子如果你有信念,你只需要坚信付出总会得到回报你可能不会发现,直到后来… Things aren't always what they seemTwo traveling angels stopped to spend the night in the home of a wealthy family. The family was rude and refused to let the angels stay in the mansion's guestroom. Instead the angels were given a small space in the cold basement. As they made their bed on the hard floor, the older angel saw a hole in the wall and repaired it. When the younger angel asked why, the older angel replied, "Things aren't always what they seem."The next night the pair came to rest at the house of a very poor, but very hospitable farmer and his wife. After sharing what little food they had the couple let the angels sleep in their bed where they could have a good night's rest. When the sun came up the next morning the angels found the farmer and his wife in tears. Their only cow, whose milk had been their sole income, lay dead in the field. The younger angel was infuriated and asked the older angel how could you have let this happen? The first man had everything, yet you helped him, she accused. The second family had little but was willing to share everything, and you let the cow die."Things aren't always what they seem," the older angel replied. "When we stayed in the basement of the mansion, I noticed there was gold stored in that hole in the wall. Since the owner was so obsessed with greed and unwilling to share his good tune, I sealed the wall so he wouldn’t find it.""Then last night as we slept in the farmers bed, the angel of death came his wife. I gave him the cow instead. Things aren't always what they seem."Sometimes that is exactly what happens when things don't turn out the way they should. If you have faith, you just need to trust that every outcome is always to your advantage. You might not know it until some time later... 1

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