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1.Exercise during the day1.白天锻炼We all know exercise improves our health, but it also improves our sleep by reducing stress. The caveat, don#39;t exercise within 3 hours before bedtime. The adrenaline will keep you awake.我们都知道锻炼可以促进健康,但同时它还能减少我们的压力从而提高睡眠质量。要注意的是睡前三小时就不要锻炼了。肾上腺素会使你更清醒。2.Remove the electronics2.关掉电子产品Shut off the TV and remove computers and other electronic devices from your bedroom. They tempt you to engage in non-restful activities and keep you awake. The bedroom is for sleep, not work and surfing the internet.关掉电视、拿走电脑,把其他一切电子产品都从你的卧室转移出去。它们会使你进入难以休息的活动状态,让你保持清醒。卧室是用来睡觉的,不要工作,也不要上网。3.Read3.阅读Read an entertaining or boring book. It helps to get your mind of worries and your to-do list. Stay away from stimulating or self-help books though; they rev up your brain.读一本有趣或是枯燥的书。这能使你远离烦恼和任务表。不要读那种自我激励的书籍,它们会使你的大脑更活跃。 /201206/187905

Researchers said that at their core, the male of the species had changed little since Neanderthal times, when reproduction was their prime objective.研究人员称,自穴居的尼安德特人时代起,繁衍后代就是雄性物种的主要目标,而至今他们依然没有太大的变化。The US scientists spoke to a sample of men and women to draw up a list of 88 factors that made women appear more ;exploitable; - such as those who bite their lips or look sleepy - or suggested they were attention seekers.美国科学家通过抽样选出了一些男女,交流后得出了让女性看上去更“吸引人”的88个因素:比如那些喜欢咬嘴唇或者看上去睡眼朦胧的女生。这些因素表明哪样女生会吸引更多的关注。They then showed photos of women illustrating this type of behaviour or characteristic to 76 other men and asked them to rate how desirable they found them, the Daily Mail reported.根据《每日邮报》报道,科学家将具备这些行为或特征的女性照片展示给76位男士,并要求他们按照满意程度给这些女性打分。A physical vulnerability such as being short did not result in the men finding the women more sexually attractive.一些身体上的不足,比如个子矮小,并没有影响到男士们对她们吸引力和魅力的评判。But psychological vulnerability - such as when the women were immature or unintelligent - resulted in them being given a higher rating, according to the study by researchers at Texas-Austin University.然而德克萨斯大学奥斯丁分校的这项研究表明,一些心理方面的弱点,比如那些看起来不够成熟或者不够聪明的女性,反而得到了更高的分数。The men also ranked these women as more attractive than those who were portrayed as brainy, they found.研究人员还发现,男士们还认为这些女性比那些看起来聪明的女性更有吸引力。However, their interest fell off significantly when they were questioned about their interest in pursuing a longer-term relationship with the ;dumb; women.The study concluded: ;The assessment of a woman#39;s immediate vulnerability may be central to the activation of psychological mechanisms related to sexual exploitation.;然而,当被问及是否有兴趣和这些“笨笨的”女生有保持长期来往时,男士们的兴趣一落千丈。研究总结表明:“对于一位女性显而易见的弱点的评价,在关系到她受欢迎程度的心理机制的激化中很可能起到核心作用。”Relationships expert Jean Hannah Edelstein said: ;It#39;s not a recipe for a happy relationship to select a partner based on what you perceive to be their inferiority.;两性关系专家艾德斯坦说:“根据你感知到的对方的弱点来选择伴侣,是无法保一段感情会愉快地发展下去的。” /201206/187025

Angling to get the abs of a Victoria#39;s Secret model? One personal trainer insists that sticking to sit-ups won#39;t get you there.想要练成“维多利亚的秘密”模特的马甲线?一位私人教练告诉你坚持做仰卧起坐不能让你如愿以偿。Trainer Joslyn Thompson Rule said that crunches and sit-ups are not the way to tone your tummy, and even buckling down and doing up to 500 a day is unlikely to get you closer to your six-pack goals.教练乔斯琳·汤普森·鲁尔表示,单纯只做仰卧起坐不能练出腹肌,甚至每天做500个仰卧起坐也不能让你实现六块腹肌的目标。#39;Just doing sit-ups alone won#39;t get you rock hard abs because you#39;re only working to strengthen one singular area, which is like trying to build the outer layers of a house with no foundations underneath,#39; she explained.她解释说,“只做仰卧起坐不能练腹肌,因为你仅仅是在锻炼一个身体部位,这就好比是为一个还没有地基的房子修建外墙。”So what exactly do sit-ups do? Joslyn said they work your #39;external muscles#39;, but don#39;t actually build up the core or the obliques that give you that washboard look.那么仰卧起坐到底有什么用?乔斯琳说,做仰卧起坐锻炼了“外部肌肉”,实际上对斜肌没有作用,而后者才是练出马甲线的关键。That means that unless you#39;re doing sit-ups as part of a greater work-out routine - like with cardio and planks - you shouldn#39;t expect to see any visible results when looking at your tummy in the mirror.这意味着,除了仰卧起坐,还要定期进行其他健身活动,比如有氧运动、平板撑,否则就别指望着对着镜子里的肚子能看出任何效果。Joslyn also stressed the importance of a healthy diet, which is the foundation of looking more muscular in the middle. Exercise - even when you#39;re doing more ab-effective workouts - can only go so far if you#39;re not eating right.乔斯琳也强调了健康饮食的重要性,健康饮食是锻炼腹肌的基础。如果你饮食不合理,即使是做一些更有助于练腹肌的运动,也只会收效甚微。 /201507/389688

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