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译文赏析:How To Have A Stree-Free Holiday -- :5:51 来源: 译文赏析:How To Have A Stree-Free HolidayThe holidays are notorious adding a large amount of stress during an aly stressful time. When can you shop gifts when you have to finish a report bee New Years? What do you buy your parents? Can you afd an expensive gift your spouse in this economy?Stress. Stress. Stress.But it doesn’t have to be this way! Here are four tips that will help you stay stress-free this holiday season:Spend more time with family, and less with work.来源:www.examda.comThe countdown to the New Year has begun and you see your work deadlines creeping up on the calendar. It’s natural to want to finish your work responsibilities as soon as possible but don’t let it interrupt family time. Instead, try heading into the office earlier, rather than bring your work home with you. That way, you have more time at the end of the day family and even holiday shopping.Take a dip.After working -hour-days (to make up the extra vacation time) you can feel yourself physically and mentally start to break down; your body begins to ache and your brain hurts. Get rid of these pains and make yourself sit in your local gym’s spa or relax in your own hot tub.Hot tubs and spas are a great way to escape from a hectic day – even if it’s just a half an hour. You will feel refreshed both physically and mentally in minutes.Turn your hobby into a habit.Remember those days when you loved playing golf on the weekends? Or going out with your girlfriends to get your nails done? Well, turn that distant memory into a date next week. Spending time doing the things you love will be a nice break from shopping gifts and decorating the house the holidays.Make time to exercise.There are a number of reasons as to why you should stay healthy and fit: it will help you lose weight, add years to your life and prevent colds during flu season. More importantly, going to the gym this holiday season will keep you sane.Aerobic exercise and weightlifting produce endorphins, the “happy” chemicals in your body. These chemicals are much needed during holiday season when the stress tries to take over. Don’t let it!And don’t worry; you don’t have to run five miles to reach the “happy place.” Instead, sign up a Yoga class to relieve stress. Kundalini Yoga is a great way to relieve stress naturally.Remember, the holidays are a time to look ward to, not d. Follow these four tips and you’ll be relaxed and y to enjoy delicious food and time with family from the second you clock out.


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  古诗词汉译英:《论语中英文版 第十三章 子路篇() -- :9:51 来源:  子貢問曰:“鄉人皆好之,何如?”子曰:“未可也”“鄉人皆惡之,何如?”子曰:“未可也不如鄉人之善者好之,其不善者惡之”   Zi Gong asked, saying, "What do you say of a man who is loved by all the people of his neighborhood?" The Master replied, "We may not that accord our approval of him."   "And what do you say of him who is hated by all the people of his neighborhood?" The Master said, "We may not that conclude that he is bad. It is better than either of these cases that the good in the neighborhood love him, and the bad hate him."    子贡问曰:“乡人皆好之①,何如?”子曰:“未可也②”“乡人皆恶之③,何如?”子曰:“未可也不如乡人之善者好之,其不善者恶之”    子贡问道:“全乡的人都称赞他,这个人怎么样?”孔子说:“还不行”子贡又问:“全乡的人都厌恶他,这个人怎么样?”孔子说:“还不行不如全乡里的好人都喜欢他,全乡的坏人都厌恶他”    ①好(hào):喜欢,赞扬  ②未可:不能肯定  ③恶(wù):厌恶    孔子评价一个人,依据是善恶,并不是评价者的多寡他反对没有是非、八面玲珑的“老好人”称赞那些爱恨分明,使“善者好”、“不善者恶”的正人君子正人君子所以“善者好之”,是因为其有仁德;之所以为“不善者恶之”,也因为其有仁德如果“善者”、“不善者”都喜欢他,那他一定是即无善行又无恶行且又四面讨好的“和事佬”

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