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赣县区治疗腹泻哪家医院好排名哪里赣州做个肛肠镜检查要多少钱Sharp, hurried movements could dislodge the bollard.Seems to be holding at the moment.突兀的大动作可能会使绳索脱离冰柱 现在看起来还能挺得住But the longer its forced to take my weight,the greater the chance it will collapse.但它承受我的体重时间越长 崩塌的可能性就越高You see these blocks Im standing on.Theyre acting as, like, a little walkway.看到我踩的这些石头了吗 它们差不多形成了一条 通道So if these go,were just gonna get jammed down this thing.如果没有它们 我们就会被卡在这里面If you get trapped down here,your chances of getting out are almost zero.若不幸陷身于此 生还的机会几乎为零Okay, lets keep moving down this.咱们沿着这里继续让下走The movement of meltwater has formed a labyrinth of tunnels.积雪融水流动形成的通道如同迷宫These could be my way out.Not a good place to be if youre a little bit claustrophobic.这可能是我的脱身之路 这里可不适合有幽闭恐惧症的人Now, all of this really is just a snow bridge over a crevasse thats filled in.It should be strong enough.这其实只是 一座在冰缝间的雪桥 但应该足够坚固了The frozen bodies of climbers have been disgorged from glaciers decades after they were caught in ice vises like this.攀登者们被冰封的尸体 在这样的冰缝中埋藏了数十年后 才最终显露出来被人发现So Im looking for the quickest route out of here.Were getting to daylight here.所以我正全力寻找最快的出路 这里有阳光了See if we can punch through some of this.看能不能用拳头把这击穿The world beyond my glacier dungeon is tantalizingly close,这冰雪地牢之外的世界 看似近在咫尺but theres an ice wall to get through.Its too thick to punch, so Im gonna use my feet.但却隔着一堵冰墙 这墙太厚了无法击穿 只好用脚了The ice has given a way just enough,but this is gonna be a really tight squeeze.这冰洞大小刚刚够 我要挤一挤才能出去201604/437621赣州怎么治疗肛裂 赣州肛肠检查医院

章贡区治疗腹胀哪家医院好排名哪里Full-scale invasion by Japan on July 7, 1937七七事变78周年纪念Tuesday marks the 78th anniversary of the beginning of Chinas eight-year War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression.今年的7月7日是抗日战争爆发78周年纪念日。On July 7th, 1937, a crucial access point to Beijing, Lugou Bridge, also known as Marco Polo Bridge, was attacked by Japanese troops.1937年的7月7日,对马可波罗桥, 即北京卢沟桥而言,日本军队袭击成为至关重要的转折点。Historians agree this signalled the beginning of Japans full-scale invasion of China, though Japan had invaded the northeast in September 1931.历史学家们认为这一事件标志着日本全面侵华的开始,尽管1931年9月日本就已开始入侵中国东北。Remembrance ceremonies will take place on Tuesday to mark the start of the War.周二将举行抗日战争的纪念仪式。Last year, Chinese lawmakers designated September 3rd as ;Victory Day; in the War of Resistance.去年,9月3日就被定为抗战胜利日。Its the day after the Japanese government officially surrendered in 1945.因为1945年的这一天之后,日本政府宣布无条件投降。 译文属201507/384407赣南医学院第三附属医院治疗直肠溃疡价格 宁都县人民医院治疗肛门瘙痒价格

大吉山矿区医院看湿疹好不好Today,we theoretical physicists are still doing the same sort of things as Newton.当今理论物理学家 所做的研究和牛顿并无二致And thankfully we dont have to worry about the plague.只是幸好我们不用担心黑死病Although our work may seem complex,its really quite simple.虽然研究看来复杂 其实却相当单纯Were trying to unravel the hidden mechanism...that underlies everything.我们纯粹希望能解开 配万物的隐藏机制We can only do it just because we stand on the shoulders of giants.而我们有此能力 是因为站在伟大科学家的肩上Scientists who piece by piece discovered what makes...the universe take.这些科学家一点一滴地发现 宇宙运行的奥秘Amongst those giants was another of my scientific heroes:James Clerk Maxwell.19世纪中期 我的另一位科学偶像 他就是詹姆斯·克拉克·麦克斯韦Maxwell was fascinated by light...which in 1861 led to him inventing color photography.麦克斯韦对光非常痴迷 在1861年 让他发明了色照相术But that was just the beginning of what this remarkable man achieved.但这只是这名杰出人士的成就开端It was when he began to investigate a completely different round of physics...that everything changed.在他开始钻研一种全然不同的物理领域后 物理学才彻底改变了This was the strange,almost magical connection...between magnetism and electricity.就是一种奇特得近乎神奇的关联 出现在磁力和电力间的关联201601/420860 Silicon, perhaps.或许是硅Silicon has slightly different properties,硅的特性与碳有稍许的不同but it could do the same job.但却可以起到相同的作用With the right ingredients,由于成分的恰当组合ultra-low-temperature life might be possible.极端低温生物便成了可能If so, I think energy would be scarce,果真如此,那么将极其缺乏能量so things around here would move very slowly.所以这里的生物将会移动的非常缓慢Other possibilities are even stranger.其他的可能性就更加怪异了The astronomers searching for far-off planets have discovered天文学家们对遥远行星的探索已经发现that many seem to be giant gas plantets.许多行星似乎都是巨大的气体行星Like our own Jupiter and Saturn.就像我们的木星和土星Perhaps there are aliens made of gas.或许是会有由气体形成的外星人的Aliens living here would need to consume something.这里生活的外星人需要消耗一些物质I imagine they could use我猜想它们能够利用the power of lightning storms that constantly rage on planets like these.时常在这些行星上爆发的闪电风暴的能量If such extreme life-forms are possible,如果这种极端的生命形式是可能的then life elsewhere in the universe那么存在于宇宙其他地方的生命could be very common, indeed.将会是非常普遍的There are certainly many more planets that fall outside处于恒星的;金发姑娘;区域之外的行星the ;goldilocks; regions of stars than fall inside them.当然要比处于其内的行星多很多It suddenly seems like突然间你会发现there could be life nearly everywhere you look.似乎你所看到的所有地方都有生命的存在But, ultimately,但是,从根本上讲I think it doesnt really matter what aliens are made of.我认为外星人由什么构成并不重要To me, its what they can do that counts.对我来说,它们能做些什么才是重要的Are they thinking about the cosmos, too,它们也会研究宇宙吗trying to unlock its secrets just as we are?也会像我们一样去探索宇宙的秘密吗In short, has alien life evolved as we have总而言之,外星生物是否同我们一样and developed intelligence?已进化成了智能生物201506/379859赣州肠炎病人治疗医院要多少钱兴国县治疗腹泻医院



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