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永丰县哪家割双眼皮比较好吉水县开韩式双眼皮多少钱Japanese auto makers said prospects in China were finally improving, having unveiled measures to win back market share that fell amid tensions between Beijing and Tokyo.日本汽车制造商说,中国市场的前景终于有所改善。这些公司纷纷公布相关措施,力图收回它们在中日关系紧张时期失去的市场份额。But analysts said it will take more than marketing quick fixes to stem the decline in popularity of Japanese brands in the world#39;s biggest car market, which they said predated the recent territorial dispute over islands in the East China Sea. The spat unleashed protests and prompted consumers to shun Japanese products.但分析人士说,要想改变日系车在中国这个全球第二大汽车市场上受欢迎程度日益降低的局面,仅靠迅速实施一些补救措施是不够的。这些分析人士说,在中日间针对东中国海(East China Sea, 中国称东海)争议岛屿爆发争端前,日系车在华受欢迎程度就已经出现下降。中日领土争端不仅引发了抗议活动,还促使中国消费者抵制日本产品。To remain leading players in a cutthroat market, Japanese auto makers and their Chinese joint-venture partners must increase the pace of new model introductions and connect better with Chinese consumers, analysts said.Zuma Press丰田计划未来三年在中国市场推出20款新车型。图为周四,丰田在广州车展上展示“威飒”。分析人士说,要想继续在中国这个竞争激烈的市场上保持领先地位,日本汽车制造商及其中国合资伙伴必须加快推出新车的步伐,并与中国消费者保持更好的关系。Still, in humid exhibition halls jammed with gleaming new models at the Guangzhou auto show on Thursday, there were early signs of optimism for the future of Japanese cars in China.不过,在周四开幕的广州车展上,透过摆满新车的展厅,似乎可以看到日系车在华前景显示出初步的乐观迹象。#39;The market is recovering day by day. The situation is getting better,#39; said Ye Lei, director of Venucia, Nissan Dongfeng#39;s low-price brand for China. He didn#39;t give figures.东风日产(Nissan Dongfeng)低价品牌启辰(Venucia)的事业部部长叶磊说,市场每天都在恢复,情况正在好转。他没有透露任何数据。Natsuno Asanuma, a spokeswoman for Honda Motor (China) Investment Co., said there had been a noticeable increase in visitors to its showrooms in China since the beginning of this month. #39;But consumers are still hesitating,#39; she said, adding that sales had not fully rebounded to precrisis levels.本田技研工业(中国)投资有限公司(Honda Motor (China) Investment Co.)发言人浅沼奈津乃(Natsuno Asanuma)说,从本月初以来,本田中国展厅的接待人数显著增加。但她说,消费者依然在犹豫。她还说,销量尚未恢复到危机爆发前的水平。Honda Motor Co. and its China joint-venture partners will resume normal production in China from the beginning of next month, she said. In light of poor sales, many Japanese auto makers cut back production and dispatched idle workers for extended training.她说,本田汽车及其中国合资伙伴将从下月初开始恢复正常的在华生产。鉴于销量低迷,许多日本汽车制造商都降低产量,并安排闲置工人接受长时间培训。Mr. Ye said the Sino-Japanese joint venture is introducing a quality-assurance program that promises to foot the bill if a Nissan vehicle is damaged #39;no matter what the situation.#39; Nissan Dongfeng is a joint venture of Nissan Motor Co. 7201.TO +2.87% and Dongfeng Motor Group Co.叶磊说,东风日产将推出一项质量保活动,承诺在任何情形下负担日产品牌汽车受损的维修费用。东风日产是日产汽车(Nissan Motor Co.)和东风汽车集团股份有限公司(Dongfeng Motor Group Co.)组建的合资企业。Angry mobs in recent months damaged Japanese cars and attacked and beat a middle-aged man in the city of Xi#39;an, leaving him partially paralyzed. Those actions chilled sales of Japanese cars across China.几个月前,一些愤怒的暴徒打砸日系汽车,并重伤西安市一名中年男子,致其身体部分瘫痪。此类行为令日系车在华销量下降。Mr. Ye said the program was designed to allay consumers#39; psychological concerns. Honda has introduced a similar program.叶磊说,质量保活动旨在降低消费者心理上的担忧。丰田汽车也推出了类似的活动。But such moves are unlikely to be sufficient to address a fall in the popularity of Japanese cars in China, analysts said.但分析人士说,此类举措预计不足以解决日系车在华受欢迎程度下降的问题。The recent political dispute between China and Japan is only an #39;additional hammer that is coming down,#39; said Ivo Naumann, a consultant with Alix Partners.咨询公司Alix Partners的咨询顾问诺曼(Ivo Naumann)说,中日之间近期发生的政治争端仅仅只是落下的另一把铁榔头。Japanese brands#39; market share fell to around 21% last month from of over 31% in 2008, he said. He attributed the decline primarily to miscalculation of demand growth in China and to intense rivalry. #39;No other country in the world has this amount of competition,#39; Mr. Naumann said.诺曼说,日系车品牌占据的市场份额从2008年的逾31%下降至上个月的大约21%。他认为,造成这种现象的主要原因是日本厂商错误估计了中国市场的需求增速和竞争的激烈程度。他说,全球没有其他哪个国家的竞争像中国市场这么激烈。Japanese auto makers have been more conservative in China than rivals such as Volkswagen , General Motors Co., who have developed products specifically for the Chinese market, have communicated the strength of their brands to consumers and cultivated high-quality dealer networks.与大众汽车公司(Volkswagen )和通用汽车公司(General Motors Co.)等竞争对手相比,日本汽车生产商在中国的经营策略一直较为保守。大众和通用都专门为中国市场开发了产品,他们把自身品牌的优点传达给了中国消费者,并在中国培育了高质量的经销商网络。McKinsey amp; Co. consultant Paul Gao said Japanese auto makers in China need to catch up. #39;Unless they are prepared to fight a full battle, their success will diminish further,#39; he said.麦肯锡公司(McKinsey amp; Co.)的咨询师高旭说,日本汽车制造商需要在中国市场迎头赶上。他说,除非它们准备全力以赴,否则他们取得的成功将进一步缩小。Given the importance of the market -- it will account for 35% of global auto-market growth by volume between 2011 and 2020, according to McKinsey -- failure in China isn#39;t an option for any car maker.鉴于中国市场所具有的重要性,在中国市场上败北是任何汽车制造商都承受不起的。据麦肯锡公司的数据,2011至2020年期间,全球汽车销售增量的35%将来自中国市场。Toyota Motor Corp. plans to introduce 20 new models in China over the next three years to cater to increasing demand from Chinese consumers, the company said Thursday.丰田汽车公司(Toyota Motor Corp.)周四说,该公司计划未来三年在中国推出20款新车型,以满足中国消费者不断增长的需求。Nissan Dongfeng#39;s Venucia division will introduce up to five new models by 2015, including its e30 electric vehicle, which will be produced in China.东风日产的“启辰”事业部在2015年之前最多有可能推出五款新车型,其中包括其e30电动车,这款车将在中国生产。#39;Japanese, Korean, American…all cars have their benefits and disadvantages,#39; said the company#39;s Mr. Ye. #39;Japanese cars enjoy a reputation for quality. So in the face of competition, Japanese cars can win.#39;东风日产的叶磊说,日本、韩国和美国车都有其各自的优缺点。日系汽车享有质量好的美名,所以面对竞争时,日系汽车能够胜出。Honda#39;s Ms. Asanuma conceded that other car makers have been overtaking the Japanese auto maker in China. #39;We need to make our brand stronger,#39; she said. The company is pushing ahead with plans to put a third production line at its factory in Zengcheng, outside Guangzhou, into operation in 2014, she said.本田的浅沼奈津乃承认,其他汽车制造商一直在中国市场上赶超本田。她说:我们需要让自己的品牌变得更强。她还说,本田正在积极推进其增城工厂第三条生产线在2014年投入运营的计划。增城位于广州附近。#39;We used to have many models that were designed with the U.S. market in mind and that was fine for the Chinese market of a decade ago,#39; she said. #39;Now that#39;s not good enough.#39;她说,我们以往许多车型是以美国为目标市场设计的,10年前这在中国市场还行得通,但现在已经远远不够了。 /201211/210692江西吉安做鼻尖整形多少钱 The photo had everything. Lights. Action. That sparkle of spontaneity. And subjects who really know how to smile for a camera.这张照片什么都齐了。灯光、动作、那种无比自然的感觉,以及镜头感上佳、深谙微笑之道的拍摄对象。But the moment that turned into the world#39;s most-retweeted post -- 3.1 million and counting -- wasn#39;t 100% spontaneous. Rather, it was the fortuitous product of a carefully planned multimillion-dollar business arrangement that served the mutual interests of a Korean smartphone manufacturer, a social media powerhouse, a U.S. television network with a temporary global reach of 43 million viewers, and the biggest stars in Hollywood, for whom TV face-time is money.但这张在Twitter上全球转发次数最多(截稿时已转发310万次,而且这个数字仍然在不断上涨)的照片所记录的那一瞬间却并非100%自然。相反,它是一桩精心策划的数百万美元交易的意外产物,符合韩国智能手机制造商三星(Samsung)、社交媒体巨头Twitter、暂时在全球拥有4300万用户的美国电视网络商美国广播公司(A),以及身价极高、轻易不在电视上露面的好莱坞一线明星的共同利益。Among the deal#39;s moving parts:这桩交易的内容包括:#8226; Samsung paid A roughly million for 5 minutes worth of prime-time ads plus unspecified consideration for product placement throughout the broadcast, according to the Wall Street Journal.#8226; 《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)透露,三星向美国广播公司付了大约1800万美元,购买了5分钟黄金时段广告,三星还获准在直播活动中植入广告,但具体费用未知。#8226; According to Ad Age, Samsung also sponsored 10 tweets featuring celebrity ;selfies; taken from the green room and sent via the Academy of Motion Picture Arts amp; Sciences.#8226; 广告分析机构Ad Age表示,三星还赞助了10条Twitter自拍信息。它们无一不是大牌明星在奥斯卡典礼休息间的照片,均发自美国电影艺术与科学学院(Academy of Motion Picture Arts amp; Sciences,奥斯卡奖举办机构)。#8226; Twitter was paid to promote the selfies through its Twitter Amplify program, which gives preferential treatment to tweets posted by paying clients. (Full disclosure: According toTwitter, Time Inc., which publishes this blog, is one of those clients.)#8226; Twitter通过其Amplify计划有偿推广这类信息,根据这个计划,付费用户会得到特殊的展现机会。【根据Twitter官方客的信息,本文的母公司时代集团(Time Inc)也是Amplify计划的客户之一。】And that spontaneous moment? SlashGear#39;s Chris Burns transcribed the opening dialogue between host Ellen DeGeneres and best-actress nominee Meryl Streep:至于说那个感觉特自然的瞬间?摄影网站SlashGear的克里斯#8226;伯恩斯记录下了主持人艾伦#8226;德杰尼勒斯与获得最佳女演员提名的梅丽尔#8226;斯特里普之间开场的一段对话:DeGeneres: Meryl, here#39;s my idea, ok, so you were nominated -- it#39;s a record-breaking 18 times, right? So I thought we would try to break another record right now with the most re-tweets of a photo. So right now I#39;m going to take a picture of us, and we#39;ll see if we can break the record for the most retweets -德杰尼勒斯:梅丽尔,我有一个想法。你第18次获得了(最佳女演员)提名,打破了历史最高记录,对吧?所以我想我们来试着打破另一项记录——Twitter转发次数最多的照片这项记录。现在我俩一起来拍张照,看看能不能打破Twitter转发次数最多的记录 -Streep: Get her in -- *points to Julia Roberts*斯特里普:把她也拍进来——*指向朱莉娅#8226;罗伯茨*What followed, for what it#39;s worth, made Twitter history. ;It was a great plug for the Samsung brand,; WPP branding expert Allen Adamson told the Journal. ;Ellen#39;s selfie is going to be more impactful than their commercials. You can#39;t buy that magic of going viral.;Twitter的一项历史记录就此诞生。WPP品牌专家艾伦#8226;亚当森向《华尔街日报》表示:“这是对三星品牌的一次大力宣传,艾伦的自拍照将比三星的广告更具影响力。病毒性传播可是花钱都买不到的。Lest anyone be left with the impression that the photo was less than spontaneous, Samsung ponied up another million and issued the following statement:为了避免有人怀疑这张照片背后另有隐情,三星另外掏出300万美元,发表了下面这则声明:;While we were a sponsor of the Oscars and had an integration with A, we were delighted to see Ellen organically incorporate the device into the selfie moment that had everyone talking. A great surprise for everyone, she captured something that nobody expected. In honor of this epic moment and of course, the incredible response of nearly 3 million re tweets, we wanted to make a donation to Ellen#39;s charities of choice: St Jude#39;s and the Humane Society [of the ed States]. Samsung will donate 1.5 million dollars to each charity.;“虽然我们是奥斯卡的赞助商,而且与美国广播公司有合作关系,但我们高兴地看到艾伦很自然的将三星设备用到人们热议的那张自拍照那一瞬间。它给所有人带来了一个巨大的惊喜,没人想到艾伦会捕捉到那样一个瞬间。为了庆祝这一史诗般的时刻,也为了庆祝Twitter上近300万的惊人转发次数,我们希望向艾伦选择的慈善机构——St Jude#39;s以及(美国)人道协会捐款。三星将向这两家慈善机构分别捐赠150万美元。”IRONIC FOOTNOTE -- AND GRATUITOUS APPLE (AAPL) ANGLE: The millions Samsung paid A goes into the coffers of the Walt Disney Co. (DIS), whose largest shareholder is Laurene Powell Jobs. Steve Jobs#39; widow is one of richest women in the world -- No. 73 on this week#39;s list of billionaires -- on the strength of the Disney shares she inhered from Samsung#39;s arch enemy in the smartphone wars.讽刺的注脚——多余的苹果角度:三星向美国广播公司付的数百万美元进入了沃尔特#8226;迪士尼公司(Walt Disney Co.)的金库,而迪士尼的最大股东是劳伦娜#8226;鲍威尔#8226;乔布斯。史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯的遗孀是全球最富有的女性之一——在本周的亿万富翁排行榜上名列第73位,而帮她登上榜单的迪士尼股票则是她从三星在智能手机大战中的死敌(史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯)那里继承来的遗产。 /201403/280857吉安保仕柏丽整形医院激光去斑多少钱

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吉安市祛疤手术多少钱While Apple was announcing its long-awaited smartwatch (and two updated smartphones), chipmaker Intel was unveiling its own vision for the future of wearables up the Peninsula at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based semiconductor company, which has long been criticized for being late to the mobile market, is determined to turn the tide and lead in this fledgling product category.当苹果公司(Apple)发布人们期盼已久的智能手表(以及两款升级版智能手机)时,芯片制造商英特尔(Intel)也在旧金山半岛的莫斯康展览中心(Moscone Center)展示了他们对于可穿戴设备的未来愿景。由于进入移动市场的步伐缓慢,这家位于加利福尼亚州圣克拉拉的半导体公司多年来饱受批评。如今,公司决定扭转态势,力争在这一逐渐成型的产品类别中取得领先地位。To that end, Intel announced several new offerings at its annual developer forum on Tuesday morning, including an updated “board” developers can use to build all sorts of wearable devices. Called Edison, the postage stamp-sized product features a dual-core system-on-a-chip, Wi-Fi, memory, support for USB and more. The company also announced an “analytics for wearables” program that will provide data-driven intelligence to developers building wearables using its platform.为了实现这一目标,英特尔在上周二上午举行了年度开发者论坛,发布了几款新的产品,其中包括一款最新的计算平台,可供开发者打造各种类型的可穿戴设备。这一平台名为“爱迪生”,仅有邮票大小,内置双核系统芯片,还持无线网络、内存、USB和其他功能。公司还推出了一个“可穿戴设备分析”项目,将为使用其平台打造可穿戴设备的开发者提供数据驱动智能务。Intel’s still trying to drive demand for new PCs, and has set an ambitious target of getting its chips in 40 million tablets by end of this year. But it’s definitely made it clear that it’s angling for the wearables–and larger “internet of things”–market. (To show just how fancy wearables can get, Intel recently unveiled a high-end, bejeweled smart bracelet at New York Fashion Week). Company president Renee James has her own take on where wearables are going–post Apple smartwatch. Fortune caught up with James to find out more about her company’s vision for the newish market, the competition and what needs to happen for wearables to really take off.英特尔还在试图扩大新PC机的需求量。他们设立了雄心勃勃的目标,要在今年年底前让4,000万台平板电脑使用公司的芯片。不过公司也明确表示,要在可穿戴设备以及更广大的“物联网”市场大展身手。(为了展现可穿戴设备能够多么时髦,英特尔最近在纽约时装周上推出了一款珠光宝气的高档智能手镯。)苹果推出智能手表之后,可穿戴设备将呈现怎样的发展趋势?英特尔的总裁詹睿妮有自己的见解。《财富》(Fortune)有幸采访到詹睿妮,挖掘了更多相关信息:关于她的公司对新市场的愿景、公司未来面临的竞争,以及可穿戴设备要想真正蓬勃发展还需要什么。Fortune: Wearables were a big topic at last year’s event. Is it still a big topic?《财富》:在去年的活动上,可穿戴设备是一个重要话题。现在它还很重要吗?James: It’s a big deal today but it’s more real today. We’re on the second generation of everything we announced last year, but today what we talked about is the software developer kits. So basically you can get a hardware board, a full software development kit tools and actually build stuff easily and quickly. So what I would say is one year later, everyone’s like, ok, it’s real. They’re on their second rev of the developer board—Edison and they’ve got a full kit. Cause developers just want to know how to hook software to it and build stuff. This conference is all about software developer kits that make it easy to work on Intel platforms. So we announced a kit for internet of things, we announced for wearables and one for high performance computing.詹睿妮:可穿戴设备如今仍然是一个重要话题,而且还变得更加真实了。我们去年公布的产品,现在已经研发出了第二代,但今天我们要讨论的是软件开发工具包。基本上你拿一块硬件主板,一个完善的软件开发工具包,就能轻松快捷地打造出新的东西。所以仅仅只用了一年的时间,每个人都感到可穿戴设备不再是一个概念,而是实实在在的产品了。开发者可以用第二代开发主板爱迪生,还能获取开发工具包。他们只需要知道如何在其上挂载软件、开发产品就可以了。这次会议的主题就是软件开发包,它们可以让人们轻松地在英特尔平台上工作。我们发布了物联网开发工具包、可穿戴设备开发工具包,以及用于高性能计算的工具包。On the wearables side are you competing with Samsung now, since they recently launched their own platform?在可穿戴设备领域,你们正在同三星(Samsung)竞争吗?他们最近也发布了自己的平台。Samsung has a product and they are attracting developers to their platform. So they’re more about getting developers to actually write apps, because most of the apps for that device are actually Samsung-written today. They want to extend it to become the de facto standard open interface for everyone. We’re about getting all the people who want to compete with Samsung to be able to build devices. So we’re kind of down at the guts level saying, hey, we can give you the hardware, the sensor platform, the software you need to go build your own one. So our point of view on it is we’re more generic. We’re about enabling the masses to be able to do the kinds of things that Samsung’s doing for their own products.三星推出了一款可穿戴设备产品,并试图吸引开发者使用他们的平台。他们更想让开发者来编写应用,因为当下的大多数应用实际上都是三星自己编写的。他们想要将平台拓展成为业界标准的开放界面,供每个人使用。而我们则汇集了所有想要打造可穿戴设备,与三星竞争的人。所以在本质上我们类似于在说:嘿,我们可以给你所需的硬件、传感技术平台和软件,你来打造你自己的产品。所以我们觉得自己的机制更为通用。三星只给自己的产品做开发,而我们让大家都来做开发。They seem to say they’re taking a much more open approach and want even other manufacturers to use it.三星似乎认为他们的方式更加开放,甚至希望其他生产商也使用这个平台。I think that’s what they want but I don’t know if other people will do it. So Apple will do what Apple is doing, which apparently they announced a moment ago. I don’t know if people will go Samsung’s route but it’s the right objective.我认为这是三星自己的想法,我不知道其他人是否会这么做。苹果在走自己的路,显然,他们刚刚发布了自己的产品。我不知道人们会不会按照三星的路线走,但这是一个正确的目标。I know Intel is somewhat agnostic on the actual products, but what do you think is going to really take off on the wearables side?我知道落到实际产品上,英特尔总有一些不可知论的意味,但是在可穿戴领域,你觉得有哪些产品将会真正蓬勃发展起来?In my experience in this industry the things that have been breakthrough have all been about connecting human beings to each other, communicating with each other. Do I really care about my heart rate all the time? But the fact I can get my text messages without looking at my phone. There’s others in the world that I’ve seen that have private display on the inside, and there’s some that have haptics (technology that uses the sense of touch like vibrations, for example). If you can make it so that I could touch somebody remotely through a wearable because it has haptic feedback—like I could give a hug and it would touch you or pinch you—that would be killer. People want to chitchat, they talk, they text. I think that’s it. I think that they don’t do anything that your phone can’t do yet and they need to do something more, not only be more stylish.以我的经验来看,这个行业中获得突破性进展的产品都是能够让人们彼此联系、互相交流的。我真地会时刻关注我的心率吗?不,但我想要不掏出手机就看到短信。我看过一些可穿戴设备,它们有非常私密的显示功能,其中一些用到了触觉技术(这是一种利用振动等触觉感受的技术)。如果你能开发出一种拥有触觉反馈功能的可穿戴设备,让我触摸到千里之外的其他人——比如我做出一个拥抱,设备就会环抱着你——那绝对棒极了。人们想要聊天,他们想要交谈、发短信,我认为这是关键。我觉得开发者还没有研发出那些用手机无法实现的功能,因此他们还需要做得更多,而不仅仅是让可穿戴设备的外型更加时尚。 /201409/327980 1. How to make pancakes怎么做煎饼?2. How to write a CV怎样写简历?3. How to lose weight怎样减肥?4. How to draw manga怎样画漫画?Manga 就是日本词;漫画;。5. How to play poker怎么玩扑克?6. How to play guitar怎么玩吉他7. How to get a flat stomach怎样拥有平坦小腹8. How to dip dye hair怎么挑染头发9. How to reset iPod如何重置iPod10. 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