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2019年10月16日 06:14:56

WFP Urges More Food Aid to North Korea联合国促各国为北韩提供紧急粮援 The ed Nations World Food Program is calling on donor nations to urgently provide food assistance to North Korea. The agency says people in parts of North Korea are experiencing their worst levels of hunger in nearly a decade. 联合国世界粮食计划署呼吁捐赠国为北韩提供紧急粮食援助。该机构说,北韩部分地区正在经历近10年来最严重的饥荒。Jean-Pierre de Margerie is the World Food Program's country director for North Korea. He says hunger is once again a serious problem there. 德马尔热里是世界粮食计划署北韩地区负责人。他指出,饥荒再次成为北韩一个严重的问题。"We believe that the current food security situation, right now, in many parts of the country, is the worst that it has been since the late 1990's," said de Margerie. "We believe that it is between five and six million Koreans who are in need of food assistance right now." 他说:“我们认为,目前北韩许多地方的粮食安全问题是1990年代末期以来最严重的,现在有500万至600万北韩人立即需要食品援助。”While speaking to reporters in Beijing, De Margerie said a food security assessment conducted last month shows that the situation in parts of North Korea could deteriorate into what he described as a humanitarian emergency, in the lean season ahead of the Autumn harvest. 德马尔热里指出,上个月进行的粮食安全评估显示,在秋收前青黄不接的月份,北韩部分地区的形势可能会恶化到他所说的人道主义危机。"One of my team members came to me and said that some of these households were in tears," he added. "They were asking WFP for support, in the northeast of the country, because they simply didn't have any options." 他说:“我们小组的一个成员告诉我,在北韩东北地区,一些家庭哭着央求联合国粮食计划署提供帮助,因为他们别无选择了。”De Margerie says North Korea's food shortage has worsened this year. Severe floods, last year, were followed by poor harvests. 德马尔热里说,去年的几场洪水造成粮食歉收,北韩的粮食短缺问题今年恶化了。He is calling on international donors to help raise million. This money would allow WFP to expand its food distribution to more than six million North Koreans - five times the number of people it reaches now.  德马尔热力呼吁国际捐赠国协助筹集2000万美元,使世界粮食计划署能够将获得食品援助的北韩人增加到600万,是现在的5倍。The agency says Pyongyang has granted it permission to help feed the most vulnerable segment of North Korea's 23 million people. 世界粮食计划署说,平壤已经同意协助向北韩2300万人口中最需要帮助的人提供食品。200807/45211大理州私密整形多少钱大理剑川县无痛人流医院Mugabe Spokesman to Western Critics: Go Hang穆加贝发言人反驳国际社会批评   A spokesman for Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe has rejected criticism of the country's presidential election, saying those who call the vote illegitimate can 'go hang'. Mr. Mugabe is attending an African Union summit. 津巴布韦总统穆加贝的发言人反驳了外界对津巴布韦总统选举的批评。他说,那些说这次选举是非法选举的人“见鬼去吧”。津巴布韦总统穆加贝目前正在埃及沙姆沙伊赫出席非洲联盟首脑会议。Zimbabwe's presidential spokesman George Charamba told reporters Tuesday the West has no right to judge the legitimacy of the election that returned Mr. Mugabe to power.  津巴布韦总统发言人乔治.查拉姆巴星期二对记者说,西方国家无权裁决让穆加贝再次当选总统的选举是否合法。Many Western governments have described the election Friday as a sham because of widesp intimidation and because Mr. Mugabe's challenger had withdrawn. The ed States has called Mr. Mugabe's inauguration illegitimate. But Charamba had harsh words for those critics, suggesting outsiders should mind their own business. 许多西方国家政府表示,津巴布韦星期五的总统选举决选之前选民普遍受到恐吓,而且穆加贝的竞选对手退出了选举,因此决选是个骗局。美国称穆加贝的就职是非法的。查拉姆巴用严厉的语言回敬了这些指责,表示局外人应该管好自己的事情。"They can go and hang. They can go and hang, a thousand times. They've no claim on Zimbabwe at all, and that's exactly the issue," he said. 查拉姆巴说:“他们见鬼去吧,见鬼一千次去吧。他们完全无权对津巴布韦指手划脚,这才是问题的关键。”Charamba was speaking on the sidelines of the African Union summit, where Mr. Mugabe was warmly received by many heads of state. The spokesman laughed off suggestions that his summit colleagues might try to persuade Mr. Mugabe to accept a Kenya-style power sharing agreement with his political rival Morgan Tsvangirai. 这是查拉姆巴在非洲联盟首脑会议期间对记者的谈话,穆加贝在这次首脑会议上受到许多国家首脑的热情欢迎。有建议说,出席这次非盟首脑会议的其它国家的首脑可能会争取说穆加贝接受肯尼亚模式,跟政治对手茨万吉拉伊组成权力分享政府。穆加贝的发言人查拉姆巴这种建议一笑置之。"He has come here as president of Zimbabwe. He will go home as president of Zimbabwe, and when you visit Zimbabwe, he will be there to see you as president of the people of Zimbabwe," said Charamba. 查拉姆巴说:“他作为津巴布韦总统来这里开会,也将作为津巴布韦总统回到津巴布韦。如果你们访问津巴布韦,他还将以津巴布韦人民总统的身份会晤各位。”Zimbabwe's main opposition party, the MDC, has denied reports that any talks are under way with Mr. Mugabe's ZANU-PF party to form a government of national unity. The statement said "nothing can be as malicious or further from the truth." 有报导说,津巴布韦主要反对党“争取民主与变革运动”正在跟穆加贝的“非洲民族联盟”举行谈判,以组成全国联合政府。“争取民主与变革运动”驳斥了这些说法。该组织发表声明说:“再也没有比这种说法更恶毒、更偏离事实的了。”Zimbabwe's political turmoil, and Mr. Mugabe's presence has completely overshadowed the business of this Red Sea resort summit. Discussions about meeting anti-poverty and development goals went virtually ignored. Seats were empty at a news conference to discuss the summit theme, providing Africa with clean water and sanitation. 津巴布韦政治动乱以及穆加贝的出席完全主导了这次在红海度假地举行的本届非盟首脑会议。有关实现脱贫和发展目标等议题的讨论几乎形同虚设。有关向非洲提供洁净水和卫生设备等本届首脑会议主题的记者会无人问津。An estimated 30 African heads of state and government attended the two-day summit. 据估计,30个非洲国家和政府首脑出席了这次为期两天的首脑会议。200807/43204云龙县妇幼保健医院妇产科怎样

大理女人输卵管不通怎么查大理市看妇科比较好的Now more than half a million teenagers received their GCSE exam results this morning and for many it was very good news. Nearly one in five grades awarded were either "A"s or A-stars. That s a rise of 0.7% on last year. Ever-increasing performance has sparked the now-familiar debate on whether the standards are falling and turned the spotlight on coursework, upon which so much of GCSE assessment is based. Alexandry reports. Great news for these students in Oxford this morning opening their results. To earn their GCSEs, as well as exams, they had to produce a large amount of coursework over two years, projects, essays, and group work. It's supposed to give a more accurate result of a pupil s ability, rather than simply judging their performance on how they do on a few exam days. But does coursework lend itself to plagiarism and cheating? Is it all too tempting for some pupils to simply copy work from the Internet or to get help from friends, parents, even teachers? I think the argument that people should be able to do coursework because they don't cope under exam conditions is a weaker argument. And you know when, when we are in this competitive environment for university selection and so on. The QCA has recommended a number of tighter controls which the government is now considering. It wants to make coursework much more heavily supervised and in some cases cut it out altogether, especially in subjects like maths, but that s not a view shared by the exam boards, which say plagiarism may be a problem, but that's no reason to throw the baby out with the bath water. All this is perhaps a contradiction in terms for the examination board, but in many cases we do overly examine students. They spent a huge amount of time preparing for and executing examinations. I think that adding to the bottom of examinations is not necessarily a good thing. I think that we should be looking as far as we can for better ways to stretch more able students and better ways to give (ur) less able students a chance to really demonstrate what they can do. Some teaching unions are also worried that the proposals would place an extra burden on their members. The last thing we want is a general expectation of the headteacher to do a lot more monitoring of individual teachers or indeed, teachers to do a lot more monitoring. I think what has to happen is that the question about coursework has to be tailored such that it is the child who has to do the job. But the Department of Education has said it is likely to accept the QCA recommendations, using coursework only when it's the most valid way of assessing skills, meaning these students may be among the last of the coursework generation. But for all the GCSE success, there was also bad news on school standards today, with the revelation that more than one in five primary school children in England are still failing to reach the basic minimum level for English and maths by the age of eleven. Figures released this morning show the government missed its target to have 85% of the expected standard by this year by a considerable margin. The figure for those reaching level four in English tests stalling at 79% of pupils, the same level as last year. In maths, the figures rose by just 1% on 2005 to 76%. I think it's very interesting the government have tried to bury this result today with the GCSE results rather than announcing them separately. And at the same time they are saying that: we need to make GCSEs much harder because too, too many young people are coming out of school unable to and write. And what these results tell us is that this isn't about GCSEs, it's about much earlier in the education system and tackling issues there. plagiarismThe act of plagiarizing. 剽窃的行为throw the baby out with the bath waterget rid of the good parts as well as the bad parts of something when you are trying to improve itheadteacher中小学的校长 200805/39450大理东方妇科预约UN: Nearly Half of Burmese Cyclone Victims Don't Receive Aid联合国:缅甸仅一半灾民得到援助 The ed Nations reports only about half of the 2.4 million survivors of Burma's devastating Cyclone Nargis have received assistance. But, it says that aid is generally spotty and not enough. 联合国说,在缅甸发生的灾难性纳尔吉斯强热带风暴的250万幸存者中,只有大约一半人得到援助,但整体而言,援助非但不够,而且零零星星。Just over a month ago, Burma's deadliest storm in 40 years struck the country, killing tens of thousands of people and rendering millions homeless. The ed Nations says aid agencies have managed to reach 1.3 million victims in the worst hit parts of the Irrawaddy Delta. 就在一个多月前,缅甸40年来最严重的风暴重袭了这个国家,造成数万人死亡,数百万人无家可归。联合国说,救援人员设法将援助物资送到了伊洛瓦底江三角洲受灾最严重的130万灾民手中。Spokeswoman for the UN Organization for the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance, Elizabeth Byrs, describes this as progress. 联合国人道事务援助协调厅发言人拜尔斯认为,这算是取得了进展。"However, with regards to the beneficiaries it is important to note that most of these persons have been reached with inconsistent levels of assistance," said Byrs. "For example, assistance provided is not sustained and in some cases is well below requirements. That is why there remains a serious lack of sufficient and sustained humanitarian assistance."  拜尔斯说:“但是,就那些接受救援的人们而言,必须要知道,这些人当中的大部分接受的是不连续的救援。例如,救援并不持续,而且有些地方远远低于需求。这就是为什么还严重缺乏足够的、持续的人道主义救援。”Nevertheless, compared to the weeks following the cyclone disaster, the humanitarian situation has improved. The Burmese military rulers, which had rejected most offers of foreign aid, finally relented under intense international pressure.  尽管如此,如果跟强热带风暴刚过的几个星期相比,人道主义局势已得到改善。缅甸军政府起初拒绝大部分的外国援助,但在国际上巨大压力下,最终态度软化。Relief supplies now are regularly being flown into Rangoon. And, Byrs says it now is much easier for U.N. international staff to go out into the field to help the victims. She says U.N. foreign workers are granted access to these areas within 48 hours after notifying the authorities. 救援物资现在能按步就班地运抵仰光。拜尔斯说,联合国工作人员到灾区帮助灾民现在容易得多了。她说,联合国的外国工作人员在通知缅甸当局48个小时后,就能获准前往灾区。But, she says the Burmese authorities do not accord the same privilege to foreign specialists working for international and non-governmental agencies such as the International Red Cross Federation and Save the Children. And, this she says, is hampering the effectiveness of the humanitarian operation. 不过,她表示,缅甸当局没有给予为国际和非政府机构工作的外国专业人员同等的待遇,包括国际红十字会和拯救儿童等机构的工作人员。她说,这阻碍了人道主义救援行动的有效性。"We would urge the government to extend this expedited clearance to all international NGO's [non-governmental organizations] who are working in Myanmar. Their staff is urgently required on the ground."  拜尔斯说:“我们愿敦促缅甸政府将这种快速审查程序应用到在缅甸工作的所有国际非政府组织上。灾区急需他们的工作人员。”Byrs says international experts have begun an important assessment mission to the stricken area to get a clear picture of all the needs. She says a full report will be y toward the end of the month. 拜尔斯说,国际专家已开始一项重要的使命,对受灾地区进行评估,弄清楚灾区所有的需要。她说,他们本月底将拿出一份详细报告。In the meantime, foreign aid groups are calling on the Burmese authorities to stop closing cyclone relief camps. Human rights groups have condemned the authorities for evicting displaced people from government shelters and pushing them to go to the homes that have been swept away.  另一方面,外国救援组织呼吁缅甸政府停止关闭灾区的难民营。人权组织谴责缅甸当局将无家可归的灾民从政府的难民营中赶走,迫使他们回到已经被风暴毁坏的家园。 200806/41040大理下关治疗子宫囊肿哪家好

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