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阜宁县中医院打胎多少钱盐城/协和支持刷信用卡吗Ten special stamps have been released to celebrate the Queen#39;s birthday, including a stamp sheet featuring four generations of the Royal Family. 庆祝女王生日的十张纪念邮票已经发行,其中包括一张王室家族四代传人的合影。 The picture of the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George was taken in Buckingham Palace last year. 这张包含女王、查尔斯王储、威廉王子和乔治王子的四人合照拍摄于去年。 George, making his first appearance on a Royal Mail stamp, had to stand on four foam blocks bound together with tape so his head was at roughly the same height as the seated royals. 这是乔治第一次在皇家邮票上露脸,为了能跟家族中其他三位坐着的长辈保持同样的高度,乔治不得不站在四块泡沫塑料板上。 This is a photograph which will be remembered long after this week#39;s celebrations. 这是一张必定会被长久铭记的照片。 Think of it this way. When Prince George is celebrating his own 90th birthday, it will be the year 2103. 想想看,等乔治王子庆祝自己90岁寿辰的时候,得到2103年了。 They show the Queen: as a young Princess Elizabeth with her father then the Duke of York in around 1930; attending the State Opening of Parliament in 2012; with Princess Anne and Prince Charles in 1952; visiting New Zealand in 1977; with the Duke of Edinburgh in 1957; and riding in an open top carriage with Nelson Mandela in 1996. 照片展示的分别是:1930年左右女王还是伊丽莎白公主的时候跟时任约克公爵的父亲的合影;2012年出席议会开幕仪式;1952年与安妮公主和查尔斯王子的合影;1977年访问新西兰;1957年与爱丁堡公爵合影,以及1996年与曼德拉同乘马车。 On her actual birthday on Thursday, the Queen and Prince Philip will undertake a walkabout in Windsor and unveil a plaque marking The Queen#39;s Walkway, a 6.3km self-guided walking trail connecting 63 points of significance in Windsor. 到了女王生日的正日子,4月21日,女王和菲利普亲王会在温莎城堡内进行巡游,同时为“女王步道”揭幕,这是一条长6.3公里的步行小路,连接了温莎城堡内的63个重要地点。 It was designed to recognize the moment the monarch broke the record on 9 September 2015 held by her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria by being on the throne for 63 years and seven months. 这个步道是为了纪念伊丽莎白女王在2015年9月9日打破了其曾曾祖母维多利亚女王63年零7个月的在位记录。 In the evening, the Queen with Prince Philip, the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, will light the principal beacon setting in train a series of more than 900 beacons across the UK and around the world to mark the milestone birthday. 到了晚上,女王会和菲利普亲王、威尔士王子以及康沃尔公爵夫人一起点亮欢庆活动的主体灯。900多个欢庆灯将遍布整个英国和世界各地。 On Friday, US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will be joining the Queen for lunch at Windsor Castle. 周五(4月22日),美国总统奥巴马和夫人米歇尔将到访温莎城堡,与女王共进午餐。 Britain#39;s longest-serving monarch celebrates two birthdays each year, her actual birthday on 21 April and her official birthday on a Saturday in June. 英国在位时间最长的王室首领(伊丽莎白女王)每年要庆祝两个生日,一个是她实际的生日4月21日,另一个是她的官方生日,在6月的一个周六。 Official celebrations to mark sovereigns#39; birthdays have often been held on another day, particularly when the actual birthday has not been in the summer. 官方庆祝王室领袖的生日一般都不跟实际的生日在同一天,尤其如果生日不在夏天的话。 /201604/438926盐城/男性不育应检查哪些 I remember the thrill of first seeing you at law school orientation. You were radiant in a sea of dour, nervous faces. It quickly became clear that you were kind, down-to-earth, engaging, loyal to family and friends. By graduation, we were inseparable. We took the bar exam and were married. The future looked bright - two freshly minted lawyers with supportive families and a dream of starting a family of our own some day.我记得在法学院入学会第一次见到你时的激动。那时在杜尔人山人海中你光芒四射、面容紧张。很显然你善良、脚踏实地、迷人、忠于家庭和朋友。毕业后我们形影不离,然后通过了律师资格考试并结婚。未来充满了光明-两个有家庭持和梦想有一天建立自己家庭的精神饱满的刚毕业的律师。I started my career with the gruelling hours and high stress that are traditionally visited on young lawyers. You were unexpectedly ambivalent about finding a good job - or any job. After gentle pressure from me, and more from the student loan payments, you puttered around in some non-legal positions more suited for someone with half your education and intelligence.我开始我的职业生涯,面对着使人精神疲惫的时间和传统的迁怒于年轻律师的高压力。关于找个好工作或者任何工作让你很矛盾。来自我无形的压力之外更多是学生贷款,你确在一些和法律不沾边的职位逗留,而那些职位更适合那些教育和智慧不及你的人。Pregnancy - something we both wanted - diverted you to the most important job in the world. After a few years, we were blessed with a second child. You have never returned to work, although both kids have been at school full-time for years, and our first born is heading to college soon.怀-我们都希望的-让你拥有了世界上最重要的工作。几年后,我们有了第二个孩子。虽然两个孩子都已经全日制学校上了几年,但你也从来没有重新回到工作岗位,我们的大儿子不久就上大学了。I#39;ve climbed the professional ladder reasonably well. We have the trappings of middle-class success - a nice house in a safe, quiet neighborhood; annual holidays; happy, healthy children; money saved for their college years. But it has come at enormous personal cost to me. My stress level has increased dramatically with added responsibilities at work and my health has deteriorated. People who haven#39;t seen me for years flinch when we meet again and I#39;ve attended more than one event at which I have overheard someone remarking on how much I#39;ve aged.我顺理成章地迈着我的职业阶梯。我们已经成功达到了中产阶级水平-一个安全的好房子、安静的街区、每年度假、快乐、健康的孩子、足够孩子上大学的存款。但是它让我付出了巨大的个人代价。随着工作中额外责任的增加我的压力也急剧增加,并且我的健康状况已经恶化。多年没见过我的人当我们再次见面时他们震惊了。在我参加的不止一次的活动中,我偶尔会听到有人说我老的很快。译文属 /201608/457512盐城/人工流产手术价格

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