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本期内容:A penny saved is a penny gained积沙成塔首先,我们来学习一个单词 penny P-E-N-N-Y 便士,美国俗语中相当于一美分这里,我们可以了解一下美国的货币单位美元是dollar 一美元等于100美分25美分是quarter10美分是dime 相当于一角5美分是nickle1美分是cent或penny关注微信公众号@ 口语侠(ID: xia2015) 查看更多英语资讯!好玩有趣有料,有外教,有英语大咖 /201703/500551Todd: Hey, Michael, I just met your wife. Shes a really nice woman. Really friendly.托德:迈克尔,我刚遇到你的妻子了。她真是一个好女人,非常友好。Mike: Yeah. yeah. We met a long time ago. Weve been married a lot of years, now.迈克:是啊。我们相识很长时间了。我们结婚也很多年了。Todd: How did you meet actually?托德:你们什么时候认识的?Mike: Oh, gosh, we back when we were both students, at Arizona State University in Tempe Arizona, and I had volunteered to be one of the tour guides for new students, foreign students who just coming in for that school year, and it was the end of August, and it was very steamy, a very hot day, and I remember I met the students, there were maybe four or five of them at the Student Union for this walking orientation tour of the campus. Its a beautiful campus, by the way, and so, you know, I remember she was sitting on this bench and I went and, you know, she smiled at me and I smiled at her, and there was some kind of spark.迈克:哦,天哪,我们还在亚利桑那州滕比谷的亚利桑那州立大学上学时就认识了,当时我志愿为在新学年刚入校的新生和外国学生当导游,我记得那是八月底非常湿热的一天,我在学生会见到了这些学生,大概有四五个人来参加校园游览活动。那是一个很漂亮的校园,我记得当时她坐在长凳上,我去了以后看到她对我微笑,然后我也对微笑,我们就这样擦出了火花。Todd: Yeah, yeah, like a connection.托德:哦,就像有了某种联系。Mike: There was a connection. There was a connection there, and I, you know, we went on this walking tour of the campus and when we were you done, you know, I kind of reluctantly, sort of said goodbye to her and the rest of the group, and you know, kind of said, see you around, and I think the next day even, she went found out who I was and where I worked and she dropped in my office.迈克:有种联系。确实有某种联系,你知道,在漫步校园活动结束以后,我有点不太想和她还有其他人说再见,所以我说了后会有期,之后第二天她就知道了我的名字和我工作的地方,然后她就来到了我的办公室。Todd: Wow, thats pretty cool. Thats pretty romantic.托德:哇,那太酷了。太浪漫了。Mike: It was very cool. Very romantic. You know the funny thing is, that particular bench, where we met, on our anniversary, 20th anniversary, we went back to the campus (no way) where we met and we took a picture of ourselves on the same bench because this is where we first met.迈克:的确又酷又浪漫。你知道,最有意思的事是,在我们结婚20周年纪念日那天,我们重返校园,然后在我们初次相遇的那个长凳照了张相。Todd: What a great story.托德:太精了。Mike: It was very cool to go back there.迈克:能再回到那里感觉真的非常好。Todd: So, in terms of your personality, how are you guys similar?托德:来谈谈你们两人的性格吧,你们的性格相似吗?Mike: How are we similar? Oh, man, I think were more different than anything. I think our biggest similarity is that were both so different, in other words that were both very tolerant (yeah) of people who are different and so we, you know we kind of get along. We have an understanding thats were going to misunderstand each other most of the time.迈克:我们的性格有多相似?伙计,我们两个人完全不同。我觉得我们最大的相似点就是我们的不同,换句话说,我们能忍受与我们完全不同的人,所以我们相处得很好。我们有一个共识,那就是大多数时间我们可能会误解对方的意思。Todd: Right, right.托德:好。Mike: But we sort of approach that with a kind of humor and flexibility so I think thats what makes our relationship work is that we got that kind of agreement.迈克:不过我们可以用幽默感来解决并适应这种误解,所以我认为我们保持婚姻长久的秘诀在于我们达成了这种共识。Todd: So you think thats the key to any successful marriage?托德:那你认为这也是其他成功婚姻的秘诀吗?Mike: Is not getting so upset at misunderstanding each other or kind of using misunderstanding as a way of getting to know each other. I think that is one of the keys.迈克:秘诀是不要因为互相误解而难过,而是要通过误解去互相了解。我认为这是其中一个秘诀。Todd: Thats nice. Thanks.托德:说的好。谢谢你。Mike: Sure.迈克:不客气。 译文属 /201503/366789本期内容:Lookers-on see most of the game当局者迷,旁观者清首先,我们可以学习一个词组 look on 旁观其中lookers-on中间有一个连字符,构成复合名词 表示旁观者类似的词还有 passers-by 路人go-betweens 中间人lookers-on see most of the game 旁观者往往能看清大局,当局者迷,旁观者清关注微信公众号@ 口语侠(ID: xia2015) 查看更多英语资讯!好玩有趣有料,有外教,有英语大咖 /201702/494170count me in 算我一个count me out 别算上我例句:If youre going to a movie,count me in.如果你们要去看电影,算我一个。Count me in,I want to go with you guys.算我一个,我想和你们一起去。A:Hey,Jack,were going to a bar.Are you gonna come with us?嗨,杰克,我们要去酒吧,你要一起去吗?B:Actually,Im not feeling well.So count me out.其实呢,我感觉不太舒,所以别算上我了。 背景音乐:Jack Johnson-BreakdownPa关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201610/466574

unit 501征求打牌dialogue 英语情景对话A:What games do you like?A:你喜欢什么游戏?B:I like word games.B:我喜欢猜字游戏。A:How about a game of bridge?A:玩玩桥牌如何?B:I dont like it at all.B:我对玩桥牌一点兴趣都没有。A:What about guessing games?A:猜谜怎么样?B:Im not one for the games.B:我不擅长猜谜。A:Lets play other game.A:那我们就玩点别的游戏吧。B:What about playing go?B:下围棋如何?A:OK.A:好吧。 /201607/456063

今天我们要讲的美国习惯用语是:an albatross around ones neck。Albatross是一种名字叫信天游的海鸟, neck 是脖子。An albatross around ones neck, 按字面来理解,它的意思是:挂在脖子上的信天游。但是,作为一个习惯用语,an albatross around ones neck是指令人忧虑的事。比如说,你的汽车接二连三地出毛病,常常要修理,这辆车就是让你头痛的问题 - an albatross around your neck。再比如说, 有对夫妇一直盼望住上大房子。他们的梦想实现了,他们满意吗?我们来听听男主人是怎么说的。例句-1:My wife and I always dreamed of having a big house, but now that we own one, we find its an albatross around our necks. We have so much more to furnish, clean and maintain that its a strain on our time and budget. Frankly, we wish we were back in our old home.这位男主人说:我和我太太一直梦想有一栋大房子。现在我们买了大房子, 但是却发现它是个很大的负担。 房子大需要很多家具, 还要做许多清洁和维修工作。 这对我们的时间和预算来说都是压力,我们宁可住在老房子里。美国人的住房最近几十来越建越大,越建越豪华。很多房子的面积都在3000平方英尺以上, 可谓豪宅。******An albatross around ones neck这个习惯用语来自18世纪英国诗人Coleridge的著名诗篇, ;The Ancient Mariner; 也就是《老渔夫》。这诗篇讲的是一个水手误杀了一只信天游,这是被认为不吉利的。后来渔船搁浅,水手们强迫他把死鸟挂在脖子上,作为对他的惩罚。下面我们再来举一个例子。一个公司的老板雇用了一个名叫Carl的雇员。一开始,Carl在工作中出了很多问题, 让老板很头痛。可是,后来呢?例句-2:My boss used to wonder why she ever hired Carl. He made so many mistakes early on that he had become a considerable burden. After two months, however, he started to make dramatic improvement and is no longer an albatross around her neck. In fact, hes a real asset.这个人说:我的老板以前总是弄不懂她怎么会雇用Carl的。一开始,Carl犯了很多错误,成了公司一大负担。可是两个月后,他开始作出很大的改进,不再是个问题了。事实上,他现在成了公司的骨干。这个例子说明事情都不是一成不变的, 有时坏事也会变成好事。 /201502/358223

我刚刚从一个采访现场回来。我们的嘉宾介绍了她有关中东地区冲突的一本新书。拍摄完成后,我注意到,摄像师的情绪好象特别低落,我这才想起他是退伍军人,在战场上失去过很多战友,一定是刚从嘉宾谈到战场上的伤亡,勾起了他很多痛苦的回忆,这也让我想到了一个习惯用语。那就是:close to home.Close to home这个短语跟家其实没什么关系;它的意思是“触及痛处”。上面的例子中,新书作者谈到中东冲突的惨状,触及了摄像师心里深层的记忆。For him, they were close to home. 对摄像师来说,这段采访触及了他的痛处。下面这个例子中,我们的法律记者要带我们去看看一个叫M.A.D.D., MADD的组织,咱们去听听是怎么回事:例句-1:M.A.D.D. is an organization committed to stopping drunk driving and supporting victims of this terrible crime. It was started in 1980 by a mother who had strong feelings about such issues. Her daughter had been killed by a repeat drunk driver. As with many of MADDs members, this tragedy is very close to home.这段话是说:“反对醉驾母亲协会”这个组织致力于防止醉酒驾车,并帮助遭遇不幸的受害者。一位母亲1980年创建了这个组织。她女儿就是被一名多次醉酒驾车的人撞死的。对于这个组织的成员来说,他们每个人都对这类悲剧有着切身的感受。MADD这个组织的全称是Mothers Against Drunk Driving, 所以缩写是MADD。对于这位母亲来说,the issue of drunk driving is close to home since her own daughter was killed by a drunk driver. 她对醉酒驾车的害处深有感触,因为她女儿就是被一名醉酒驾车的人撞死的。正是由于这个协会的努力,美国对醉驾的容忍度变小了,惩罚也更为严厉。******你有没有过这种经历呢?有时候别人无意中说的一句话,做的一件事,谈论的某个话题都会触及你的痛处。下面例子里的这名父亲在跟儿子谈话时就遇到了这样的情形。我们来听听看:例句-2:I wondered what my son was laughing about. He was watching a competition show on TV involving severely heavy people trying to lose weight. I explained to my son how I felt hurt. It was too close to home. I had been very overweight growing up. And I remembered all the ridicule I suffered years ago.这段话是说:我正纳闷我儿子在笑什么,原来他是在看一个电视真人秀节目,讲的是很多严重肥胖的人比赛减肥。我告诉儿子说,他触及了我的痛处,因为我小时候就特别胖,我清楚地记得原来怎样受到别人的嘲笑。这确实挺难受的。不过这位爸爸正好利用这个机会教育自己的孩子怎么面对与自己不一样的人。在这里,我们还可以在这个短语前面加上动词hit, hit. To hit close to home 也是一样的意思。 /201701/486552

Flash附带文本如下:对话原文:John:Wait up, Jim。吉姆,等等。Jim:What’s up, buddy?伙计,有什么事儿吗?John:That was a great party you had last Saturday. And I have to tell you that your girlfriend is a real knockout。你上周六的派对很棒,而且我得告诉你,你女朋友真是个美女。Jim:I’m glad you had fun and yes, she is very beautiful。我很高兴你玩得开心,是的,她是很漂亮。John:You’ve had a string of pretty ladies, haven’t you? You really like to play the field。你交往过的漂亮女士得有一长串了,不是吗?你真喜欢拈花惹草。Jim:Well, I’m not interested in settling down yet。嗯,我只是还不想稳定下来。John:Have you always been a bit of a playboy?你一直是这样有点像个似的吧?Jim:I’ve always been interested in women, if that’s what you mean。我只是一直都对女人很感兴趣,如果这就是你所谓的画画公子的话,那就算是吧。John:And I think they know you are a womanizer。我想她们知道你是玩弄女人的人吧。Jim:It doesn’t matter. I don’t pretend. They always know right from the start that I’m not planning to stick around for the long haul。那没关系。我不装。她们大一开始就知道我并不打算和她们长期交往。John:So do they just like to play around?那她们也只是想玩儿玩儿吗?Jim:Some of them. I think the others hope they can be the one that settles me down。有些是,我想另外一些都是希望能和我成家的人。重点句子:那个男人无耻地遗弃了妻儿,另寻新欢。The man shamelessly abandoned his wife and child for another woman。我女朋友在和另一个男人约会。My girlfriend is seeing another man。你是否有别人了?Is there someone else?你真是个。You are such a playboy。她对男朋友不忠。She’s disloyal to her boyfriend。你不能背叛我。You can’t betray me。我女朋友有外遇了。My girlfriend is cheating on me。她真是个。She is a real slut。他喜欢沾花惹草。He really likes to play the field。他用情不专。He’s not faithful in love。她的男友换了一个又一个。She likes to go from man to man。 /201502/358696

unit 377赠送书籍dialogue 英语情景对话A:Merry Christmas, Mr. Wang. I would like to give you the book I specially chose as my appreciation for your sincere help to me in the past few days.A:王先生,圣诞快乐。我想要把这本我精心挑选的书送给您,以感谢在过去的岁月中您对我真挚的帮助。B:Thanks, Mr. White. Thanks very kind of you.B:谢谢您,怀特先生。您真是太好了。A:I hope it will be of some use to you.A:但愿这本书对您有些用。B:I am sure it will. Itll be of great help in carrying on the work I have done so far.B:肯定会有用,它对继续我目前为止所进行的工作会有很大帮助。A:That will be great.A:那真是太好了。 /201604/435692

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