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芜湖市无为县男性男子男科医院割包皮多少钱U.S. Internet companies like Facebook and Google live or die on mobile. The same will be true of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.对于Facebook和谷歌(Google)这样的美国互联网公司来说,生死取决于移动业务;对于中国电子商务巨头阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group)来说,也同样如此。Alibaba#39;s filing for a U.S. initial public offering boasts rapid growth and rising margins, but it raises concerns around its ability to make money off mobile traffic. This is no idle matter: Companies that can#39;t show their business migrating well from desktops to mobile devices have justifiably fallen out of investor favor, as more people access the Internet through smartphones and tablets.在其美国首次公开募股(IPO)申请文件中,阿里巴巴提到了公司的快速增长以及不断扩大的利润率,但是这也令外界对于该公司手机流量盈利能力的担忧升温。这种担忧并非无足轻重的问题。由于越来越多的人通过智能手机和平板电脑连入互联网,所以如果一家公司的业务无法展现出从个人电脑到移动设备的良好转变,那么这家公司将无疑失去投资者的青睐。Alibaba says mobile accounted for 19.7% of total transactions on its e-commerce platforms in the fourth quarter of last year, up from 7.4% in the same period a year earlier. But that is only one piece of the puzzle.阿里巴巴称,去年第四季度,移动设备在其电子商务平台总交易额中占19.7%,高于上年同期7.4%的占比。不过,这仅仅是整体情况中的一个部分。For Amazon and eBay, mobile has been a blessing as it allows more users to shop for longer, driving volumes higher, says Bernstein analyst Carlos Kirjner. But companies that rely on advertising have faced greater challenges due to the limited real estate on smartphone screens.Bernstein的分析师Carlos Kirjner表示,对于亚马逊公司(Amazon.com)和eBay来说,移动设备是一件好事,因为这类设备可以使得用户购物时间延长,并增加交易量。不过,由于智能手机的屏幕有限,依赖于广告的互联网企业可能面临较大挑战。Alibaba is a mix of the two models. Tmall, its newer, higher-end shopping platform charges merchants a percentage of total sales. For this business, increased mobile adoption should be a clear positive.阿里巴巴的业务模式则分为两种。推出时间较短、较高端的购物平台天猫(Tmall)从商户整体销售额中收取一定比例的费用。对于这一块业务,移动设备的利用程度增加应该明显是一个积极因素。But Taobao, the site where small business and private individuals go to sell their wares, is free to use. It sells advertising space to merchants, and charges them for more prominent placement on the marketplace website. Room for both is more limited on smartphone screens, says Mr. Kirjner.不过,针对中小型商户和个人商户的淘宝(Taobao)则是免费使用。淘宝向商户出售广告位置,同时也会帮助商户调到网站更加明显的位置并从中收费。Kirjner称,受制于智能手机屏幕,这两项务的收入空间都较为有限。So understanding how much revenue comes from Tmall and how much from Taobao is crucial for investors to judge the outlook on mobile monetization. Unfortunately, Alibaba neglected to share this crucial information with investors.对于投资者来说,若想要评断阿里巴巴手机业务的盈利前景,对天猫和淘宝收入各自占比多少有所了解具有至关重要的作用。但是不幸的是,阿里巴巴并没有将这一关键信息分享给投资者。Alibaba does say it expects monetization rates to be lower on mobile as compared with PCs. But the company seems unconcerned, explicitly stating that it has no plans for now to focus on maximizing mobile monetization. Throughout the prospectus Alibaba is at pains to stress a lack of focus on short-term profits, probably enabled by a corporate structure giving insiders control over most of the board.不过阿里巴巴表示,预计移动设备上的盈利水平低于个人电脑。但是阿里巴巴似乎并不担心这个问题,公司明确表示目前没有专注于将移动设备盈利水平最大化的计划。在整个招股书中,阿里巴巴花费了大量力气强调对于短期利润关注的缺乏,导致这种情况出现的原因可能在于董事会主要由其内部人士掌控。Investors may not be so sanguine. Concern over mobile monetization was one factor that drove down Facebook shares after they listed in 2012. The stock rebounded sharply once Facebook was able to show traction in mobile, notably from the second quarter of 2013 when mobile advertising jumped as a percentage of total ad revenue.投资者可能没有这么乐观。Facebook 2012年上市后,投资者对该公司移动业务业绩的担忧就是导致其股价下跌的因素之一。Facebook的移动业务随后显示出了增长迹象,尤其是在2013年第二季度,在该公司移动业务广告收入占广告总收入的比重上升之后,Facebook的股价出现了大幅反弹。In China, mobile is likely to be even more important as many new Internet users skip desktops and rely mainly on smartphones. The number of mobile Internet users in China rose 19% last year to 500 million, nearly twice as fast as overall Internet users, according to according to state research center CNNIC.在中国,不少互联网新用户已不再使用台式电脑,而主要用智能手机上网,因此移动业务在中国可能会变得更加重要。来自中国互联网信息中心(CNNIC)的数据显示,去年中国的移动互联网用户数量增长19%,达到5亿户,增幅较整体互联网用户增幅高出近一倍。Mobile is also where Alibaba will encounter the fiercest competition,notably from archrival Tencent. This diversified Internet giant has the advantage in mobile thanks to WeChat, a massively popular messaging app that is native to smartphones.移动业务也将是阿里巴巴面临最激烈竞争的领域,尤其是来自腾讯(Tencent)的竞争。腾讯推出的基于智能手机的通讯应用微信(WeChat)大受欢迎,令这家多元化互联网巨头在移动领域占得先机。Tencent is now using WeChat to direct potential shoppers to JD.com, a smaller Chinese e-commerce company, also preparing for a U.S. listing, in which it holds a 15% stake. It is also integrating its payment platform Tenpay, which competes with Alibaba-linked Alipay, into WeChat.腾讯目前正在通过微信将潜在消费者导向规模较小的中资电子商务公司京东(JD.com)的网站,京东也正准备在美国上市,腾讯持有该公司15%的股权。腾讯还计划将付平台财付通(Tenpay)与微信整合在一起。财付通是阿里巴巴旗下付宝(Alipay)的竞争对手。Alibaba isn#39;t sitting on its hands. It has amassed a 66% stake in UCWeb, a popular mobile Web browser, and recently struck a deal to take full control of mapping service AutoNavi. Alibaba says it will likely make more acquisitions in this area. Yet these investments, plus intense competition in the mobile space, may start to eat away at Alibaba#39;s sky-high operating margins, which were north of 50% in the fourth quarter.阿里巴巴并没有坐以待毙。该公司已收购热门移动浏览器UCWeb 66%的股份,近期还达成了收购地图务公司高德软件(AutoNavi)全部股权的交易。阿里巴巴表示,可能将在移动领域收购更多资产。但这些投资,再加上移动领域的激烈竞争,可能会开始侵蚀阿里巴巴水平极高的营业利润率,该公司去年第四季度的营业利润率超过50%。Given the importance of mobile, investors may forgive Alibaba for some heavy spending. But the experience of Facebook and others indicates Alibaba will need to show before long that it is translating eyeballs on smartphones into real money.考虑到移动业务的重要性,投资者可能会理解阿里巴巴的一些大规模出。但Facebook和其他一些公司的经历表明,阿里巴巴不久就需要向投资者显示,该公司能将消费者对其移动业务的关注转化成真金白银的利润。 /201405/296543繁昌县男科医院男科咨询Let#39;s face it. Condoms are a bit of downer. So how do we convince guys to put it on? And make durex the favorite choice.事实是,带套真的比较不爽。要如何说男人们使用套套并选择杜蕾斯的套套呢?When you are a twenty-one year old stallion, what might be the best reason to put it on?对20来岁的小伙子来说,戴套的第一大理由是什么?;I#39;m pregnant.;我怀了。To be honest, guys don#39;t really care that much about sexually transmitted diseases. But babies, they just won#39;t disappear with a visit to the doctor.说实话,什么淋病梅毒男人没在怕的,但小孩?他们不会随着拜访医生而消失。So we thought, let#39;s simulate the experience of having a new born. And give you a taste of what it really feels like.所以我们做了个手机程序,让你尝尝那到底是什么滋味。We created a mobile application where you can knock-up a friend#39;s phone. Downloadand install the application. Find a phone to mate, and gently rub the two phones against each other. And there you go!这个程序不仅模拟养小孩,还可以“搞大”朋友的手机。下载安装,去搞别人的手机,轻轻地前后擦,成功。The baby will require your utmostattention: feed it, tickle it, rubble, bubble, or hugit...using every trick in the book to make it stop crying!这个模拟程序会跟真小孩一样烦你,要喂奶,要逗他玩,要哄睡觉,还要抱,要想尽办法让他不要哭闹。Everytime you close the application, you will be reminded: use durex. With facebook connect, the world will know you#39;ve become a dad. Invitations for baby events will start poping up on your profile.而每次你关闭这个程序,会显示用杜蕾斯的提醒。它还会更新你的facebook状态“我当爹啦”。各种婴儿相关活动的邀请也会随之而来。On durex condom packages we place QR texts that link to a durex baby anti-knock-up application. Download it, and you are baby-free, at least until the real magic happens...我们在杜蕾斯的盒子上印了个二维码,它连接到杜蕾斯“防小人”手机程序的下载地址,下载这个程序,世界终于清静了—至少在你真的搞大了女朋友肚子之前。 /201306/244795芜湖包皮切除手术价格

弋矶山医院割包皮芜湖东方医院做包皮过长手术要多少钱Based on some of the early buzz, you#39;d figure the 9 Samsung Gear smart watch is a downright revolutionary device. On paper, it has several nifty things going for it: a 1.63-inch color display, Google (GOOG) Android, and 70 apps at launch from eBay (EBAY), Evernote, and RunKeeper, among them. It lets users make phone calls, check email, even point and shoot photos and by holding up your hand. And voice recognition means it#39;s possible to navigate the device touch-free. With all those features going for it, it#39;s easy to let the imagination run wild with far-out hypothetical scenarios where this thing is all but doing the home cooking.三星(Samsung)售价299美元的Gear智能手表刚一发布,就收到不少好评,但如果你据此认为这是一部革命性的设备,那不妨往下看看。从各项参数来看,Gear亮点颇多:1.63英寸的全屏幕、谷歌(Google)Android操作系统、70款首发应用,其中不乏eBay、印象笔记(Evernote)和健身软件RunKeeper等大牌应用。用户可以打电话、查阅电子邮件,甚至手腕一抬就能拍摄照片和视频,而语音识别更是让触摸操作都省了。面对如此繁多的功能,用户很容易浮想联翩,认为小小的Gear是万能的,能够完成生活中所有大小事,但事实并不尽然。Still, I#39;m not sold. Here are three easy reasons why:所以,我并不推荐Gear。以下是三条显而易见的理由。It doesn#39;t do anything my phone doesn#39;t aly do (yet). All right, so the Gear isn#39;t even out. But based on Samsung#39;s announcement, it doesn#39;t do anything my iPhone 5 doesn#39;t aly do besides look better strapped to someone#39;s wrist. Most of the 70 apps available on day one are aly available for Android and iOS devices. Sure, it might make certain tasks easier -- I like the idea of running without having to pull out my phone -- but there just aren#39;t enough unique use cases for me to even consider splurging on this.Gear能做的智能手机都能做到。所以,Gear并没有什么独门功夫。相反,三星在发布会上展示的功能我的iPhone 5全能做到,除了这款手表戴在手上比较好看之外。至于发布首日可用的70款应用程序,它们中的绝大部分Android和iOS设备都能下载到。的确,某些场合中手表比较方便——例如我在慢跑时就不用掏出手机了,但光凭这一点还不够,不值得我掏钱。I don#39;t have a Galaxy Note III. Unless users also have the Galaxy Note III, they aren#39;t going to get the most out of the Gear. Samsung#39;s smart watch must be paired via Bluetooth with the upcoming phone-tablet hybrid, a.k.a. ;phablet,; to perform many basic tasks. (That may change: Samsung has said the Gear will likely work with other Galaxy phones in the future, though it didn#39;t specify when.) In other words, the watch will only work with a small subset of devices for the foreseeable future. That severely limits its appeal and potential audience. Because in the end, I#39;d have to spend 0 for the Gear and purchase a Note III. That#39;s too rich for my blood.Galaxy Note III可不是人人都有。除非每个购买Gear的用户都有一台Galaxy Note III,不然多半是委屈了它。三星的智能手表必须通过蓝牙与三星最新款的平板手机配对,才能运行许多基本功能。(虽然三星表示未来Gear也可能持Galaxy手机,但具体时间还没有确定。)换句话说,在短期内Gear只能和三星的小部分设备配对,势必大幅降低它的吸引力,也极大地影响了潜在用户。最后一来,我必须花300美元购买Gear,然后还要搭买一台Note III。我可没这么多钱。I don#39;t love the so-so battery life. According to Samsung, the Gear should go a day in between charges depending on how it#39;s used. That#39;s just average as smart phone battery life goes and disappointing when it comes to so-called smart watches. To compare, the Pebble smart watch lasts up to a week before needing more juice. Sure, the Pebble uses a simpler black and white screen and lacks the bells and whistles of the Gear, but I still expect more out of the latter. I#39;m OK plugging in my phone before I go to bed each night. But my watch? Not so much.电池续航差强人意。三星表示,根据使用情况,Gear的续航时间为一天左右。这样的表现和智能手机相差无几,这难道还是所谓的智能手表吗?看看竞争对手,Pebble智能手表的续航时间可是高达一整周。当然,Pebble仅仅配备了一款简单的黑白显示屏,而且也没有Gear那么多花里胡哨的功能,但我还是希望后者的电池能更给力一点。每天晚上睡觉前给手机充电是理所当然的事,但手表也需要吗? /201309/256737芜湖妇幼保健人民男科中医院治疗生殖感染价格芜湖市妇幼保健人民中医院男科电话

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