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广州造影手术最好的医院增城妇幼保健院能做人流吗东莞那家医院检查激素六项 第一, 迷你对话A : Have you noticed that tall girl?你注意到那个个头高的女孩了吗?B: Yes. Her behavior is so bizarre that everyone couldn’t helping her, I think.注意到了。我觉得她的行为太古怪了,大家都禁不住注意到她的行为。A: But if you make friends with her, she is very friendly to you.但是如果你和她交上朋友,她对你就非常友好。B: I don’t think so.我可不这样看。第二, 地道表达bizarre1. 解词释义Bizarre 是用来形容一个的行为举止,容貌衣着跟大家不同,不但奇怪而且还很特殊。此外,它还可以用来表示“不寻常的要求”或是“稀奇古怪的想法”。2. 拓展例句e.g. The game was also notable for the bizarre behavior of the teams manager.这场比赛也因球队主教练怪异的举动而尽人皆知。e.g. His fast-paced novels are full of bizarre situations and madcap antics. 他那些快节奏的小说里充满了怪诞的场景和荒唐的行为。第三, 词海拾贝1. couldn’t help doing:禁不住做……e.g. We couldnt help being moved by his perseverance.他的毅力使我不得不感动。e.g. Seeing the picture, he couldnt help laughing.看到这画面,他忍不住笑了。e.g. Between astonishment and joy, she couldnt help bursting into tears.她惊喜交集,控制不住放声大哭起来。e.g. The whole thing was so fantastic that I couldnt help being amused.整个这件事情实在太稀奇古怪了,我自己都不由得感到好笑。2. be friendly to sb. :对某人友好e.g. He was very friendly to you when the treachery would come.当他要出卖你的时候,他对你表示非常的友好。e.g. It doesnt pay to be friendly to a stranger from another part of the country.犯不着对一个从外地来的人热情。3. make friends with sb. :和……交朋友e.g. Nobody liked to make friends with such a small-minded man.没有人喜欢与这么一个心胸狭窄的人交朋友。e.g. I find it easy to make friends with most people, but I just cant get on with Tyrone.我觉得我很容易同大多数人友好相处,但我就是不能同蒂龙友好相处。 /201507/386660节目简介:大多数英语学习者往往只将书面上的语言用于口语上,这无疑导致口语表达生硬。而充满着生命力的习语的使用会使得您的口语用词鲜活,幽默,拉近您与对话者的距离。当然俚语要谨慎使用,用得不好会产生误会和矛盾。那么,在我们的这个小节目中将选用出现于职场、生活中高频的成语、谚语、习语和俚语,将之融入简短的对话中,深化您对该习语的理解和运用情景。a black sheep讲解:旧时牧羊人不喜欢黑色的,因为迷信认为黑色是魔鬼的化身,会给人带来厄运或灾祸。另外,黑羊毛不如白羊毛值钱,这也是一个原因。牧羊人会因羊群中有黑羊而诅咒不已。因此,a black sheep就引申为“败类”“败家子”的意思,与汉语中的“害群之马”相近。例如:Joe is the Black sheep of his family. He splashed nearly a few years.乔是个败家子。几年内他竟然挥霍掉十几万美元。情景对话:A :I dont know how John canput up withhis son, whofools aroundwithout working.B :Hesout of Johns hands. Nothing he can do about sucha black sheep.A :If I were him, I wouldgive him a good talking-to. I wouldinsist onhis stopping fooling around like that.参考翻译:A :我不知道约翰为什么能容忍他的儿子整天不工作,瞎混日子。B :他不约翰的管教,对这样一个败家子,约翰无可奈何。A :如果我是约翰,我会教训他一顿,坚持不能让他再这么瞎混了。妙语佳句:1.put up with:容忍,忍受Your boss is an absolute dictator and I dont know how you guys put up with it.你们的老板是一个十足的大独裁者,我不知道你们这些人怎能容忍。2.fool around:闲逛;荒废时间Dont fool around with another mans wife.不要调戏他人之妻。Im going to go home, relax, spend some time with my family, catch up with old friends, and fool around with my boyfriend.我要回家放松一下,花时间和家人团聚,见见老朋友,然后去男友那儿混日子。They always fool around when the boss is not in the office.老板不在办公室的时候,他们总是到处闲荡。I am mean to be work on Sunday, but I just fool around all day.星期日我本应工作的,但却闲混了一整天。3.out of ones hand:无能为力,无可奈何I am sorry that it is out of my hand. 非常抱歉这件事我无能无力。4.give sb a good talking-to责备,教训某人一顿I got mad and gave him a good talking-to.我实在气不过, 狠狠地说了他一顿。That child needs a good talking-to. 那孩子得说他一顿。5.insist on坚持I insist on your taking immediate action to put this right.我坚决要求你立刻采取行动把事情处理好。I must insist on your giving me a straightforward answer.我一定要你给我一个直截了当的回答。备注:情景对话选自《脱口说英语》之口语习语大全,讲解部分为可可编辑原创。 /201204/178515广州番禺最好的引产医院

广州长安医院B超检测排卵广东省广州市长安医院治无精多少钱 网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:要就拿走,不要就拉倒Take it or leave it. 要就拿走,不要拉倒。用在向对方提出最后的条件,要对方在接受和拒绝之间做出决定。表示不想再讨价还价了。另外,口语上,还可以表示;有无皆可;。【范例一】Its the best offer I can make. Take it or leave it.这是我能出的最低价,不要拉倒。【范例二】He said the house was 2 million, take it or leave it.他说那房子要二百万,不还价。【范例三】Do you like sugar in your coffee? I dont care. I can take it or leave it.咖啡你要加糖吗?无所谓。要不要都行。A: Do you watch a lot of TV?你看电视多吗?B: Not really. I could take it or leave it.不一定,可看可不看。 /201205/184137广州番禺看妇科疾病的医院哪里专业

广东省广州市长安医院不孕不育听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Ottawa County is a pretty lovely place on the western shore of Lake Michigan, a little south of Grand Rapids. I know it primarily for two things: the tulip festival in Holland, and for being the most Republican county in Michigan.Ottawa last voted Democratic for president in 1864, when the local farmers decided theyd had enough of the Civil War and wanted their boys home. Since then, it has been as Republican as they come. Franklin Roosevelt couldnt carry it, nor could Lyndon Johnson.But times are changing in Ottawa County. Oh, Donald Trump creamed Hillary Clinton here. However, few people noticed, but Trump did worse here than Mitt Romney did in 2012. Clinton got a little more than a third of the vote, and in a shocker, actually carried the city of Holland.Yesterday, I had the privilege of having lunch with the only elected Democrat in the county, Doug Becker, a Holland Township trustee, who was reelected last month.Becker is the kind of public servant we seldom hear about. He got into politics to make a difference for his neighbors. This isnt his day job; he commutes to Livonia in the Detroit suburbs, where he is director of HR technology for Trinity Health Systems.Nor is he especially impressed with himself as a politician. He told me hed gotten elected four years ago by luck, when one of the Republican candidates forgot to turn in his paperwork. This year, he said, ;I won again because one of our sitting trustees died, and the local Republicans didnt fill the seat. I hate to win that way, but do my best to serve Holland Township.;That he does. His wife works for Amway, and they have two little daughters: Arianna, four, and Addison, two. Though he is scarcely rich, he donates his ,000 township salary to charity. There are times he dreams of being in the legislature, but is realistic.The best any Democrats did this year in any of Ottawas districts was 34 percent, and thats because they ran an energetic small businessman who campaigned extra hard.Becker, however, is more concerned about the state than himself. At 42, he is one of those poor Generation Xers squeezed between the far more numerous baby boomers and millennials. He grew up in the small town of Fountain, where his mother and dad owned the lumberyard.He went to Saginaw Valley and Western, thought of becoming a history professor, but ended up getting an MA in Labor and Industrial Relations from Michigan State. Hes always been interested in technology, and thinks of himself as a sensible fiscal conservative who was a moderate Republican until that wing of the party became extinct.Being fiscally prudent, however, doesnt mean not spending to fix our infrastructure and for education.;I worry about the huge skill gap in our workforce, and how that impacts our competitiveness,; he told me.He thinks gerrymandering has ruined sensible politics in this state, and wants to find a way to fix this and build a better Michigan for his daughters.I have a hunch there are a lot of unknown public servants like Doug Becker. If we had a few more in higher positions, wed probably all be a lot better off.201612/482340 A: He looked very depressed. Do you know the reason?他看上去很失落,你知道原因吗?B: I don’t know very clearly. It seemed that he quarreled with Mary violently yesterday.不是很清楚,貌似他昨天和玛丽大吵了一架。A: Oh, but this morning, I saw Mary but she didn’t show any signs.哦,可是今天早上,我看到玛丽,没有任何迹象呀。B: Yeah, you know that was nobody but she said some cruel words, which cut him to the quick.那是,你看,是她而不是别人恶语大伤了他的情感。A: I see. 我明白了。 /201508/390068广州天河治疗好的妇科医院广州不育检查多少钱啊



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