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你只有一个机会-- :6:1   You have one shot.   就像参加日本的“火焰挑战者”节目,奖金虽高,但挑战的机会只有一个,这时候主持人就可以对参赛者说You have one shot.,表示对方只有一个机会这里的shot指得就是玩像篮球这样必需投射得分的运动时,只有一球可投的意思,所以You have one shot.就引申为“你只有一个机会”的意思下次有那种孤注一掷的时刻,这句话就可以派上用场了小学英语作文:一件有趣的事 --30 :6:31 来源: 小学英语作文:一件有趣的事This morning i played a joke on my classmate Li Lei, a boy sitting in front of me.In a math class,I drew a picture of a dog and wrote a sentence in the bottom saying "I'm a dog."And then i carefullly put it on Li Lei's back.When he stood up to ask the teacher's question,everyone in the class saw it and burst into laughter,including the teacher.When saw the picture on his back,Li Lei felt embarrassed at first,but later he laughed with us.今天早上,我捉弄了一下我的同学李雷李雷是一个坐在我前面的男孩上数学课的时候,我画了一只,并在下面写上“我是小”的字样然后就小心翼翼地贴在了李雷的背上当李雷站起来回答问题的时候,班上所有人包括老师都哄堂大笑看到他背上的画,李雷一开始很尴尬,后来也和大家一起笑了起来Though it's a trick,it's funny!虽然这是个恶作剧,但是它很有趣

Exercise -- :18:56 来源: ExerciseI exercise everyday, usually when I come home from school .And eating habits are pretty good. I try to lot of vegetabIes ,usually ten to eIeven times a week.And I eat fruit everyday and I drnk milk everyday. Ofcourse,I love junkfood too, but I try to eat it only once a week.Oh,and Isleep nine hours every night. So you see,I look after my health lifestyle helps me get good grades.   Good food exercise help me to study better.

暑假旅游好去处推荐:呼伦贝尔草原 --01 :9: 来源: 暑假旅游好去处推荐:呼伦贝尔草原呼伦贝尔草原位于内蒙东北部,被认为是中国最美的草原 Hulunbuir Grasslands. Located in northeastern Inner Mongolia, the Hulunbuir Grasslands are considered to be the "most unsullied grasslands" in China. Named after the Hulun and Buir lakes, the grasslands feature ests, rivers and lakes. After the month of May, the green grassland is dotted with colorful flowers, birds, and cattle and sheep scattered among the grasses. There are also various local activities, including horse and camel riding, horse racing and wrestling. 暑假旅游好去处 呼伦贝尔草原

  温州的天气(The weather of WenZhou) -- :53:01 来源: 温州的天气(The weather of WenZhou)  wenzhou is my hometown.it's a nice city.the weather of wenzhou is fine.in spring,it's warm.in summer,it isn't very hot.  in autumn,it's cool.in winter,it isn't very cold.i like the weather of wenzhou.

  喝酒-- ::59   Can I buy you a drink?   我能为你买杯酒吗?   喝酒时,大家会常说,"Cheers!"   这时我们没必要干杯,喝一点就可以了比如喝一点儿伏特加,就说:   "Have a shot of Vodka, please."。

  《卡萨布兰卡Casablanca经典台词 -- 3:5: 来源:kekenet lt;十gt;《卡萨布兰卡Casablanca:“Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.” “世界上有那么多的城镇,城镇中有那么多的酒馆,她却走进了我的” Ilsa: old time's sake.看在旧日的情分上Sam:I don't know what you mean,Miss Ilsa. 我不懂你的意思,伊尔莎Ilsa:Play it,Sam.Play "As Time Goes By". 弹吧,山姆,弹那首《时光流转Sam:Oh,I can't remember,Ms.Ilsa. 噢,我记不得了,伊尔莎--I'm a little rusty on them. 我对它有点生疏了Ilsa:I'll hum it you. 我哼给你听(她开始哼,山姆跟着弹起来)Ilsa:Sing it,Sam.唱呀,山姆(山姆开始唱)Sam:You must remember this,你必须记住,--a kiss is just a kiss,亲吻就是亲吻,--a sigh is just a sigh. 叹息就是叹息--The fundamental things apply,--as time goes by. 随着时光流逝,还是那一套--And when two lovers woo,--they still say I love you, 情侣们相恋,照样说:我爱你--on that you can rely. 这点你尽管放心--No matter what the future brings,不管有什麽新玩意在将来出现,--as time goes by. 随着时光流逝 Rick:Sam,I thought I told you never to play. 山姆,我不是已经告诉你永远不要再弹这曲子 经典台词 卡萨布兰卡 Casablanca

  绯闻女孩第二季第集经典台词 -- 3:6: 来源: B: What are you doing?J: My dad and I got in a fight. I was crashing at Eric's,and he finally chased me down.B: You're lucky. You have a family who fights you.Mine doesn't even care if I'm there.J: Your mom loves you in her own way, Blair.B: But the way your father loves you, I've never had that.My own dad, as sweet as he is, isn't here.Your father will go anywhere you, any time.I know, because I've sometimes even made it happen.B: What? What? Is it my hair?J: No. You're just wrong. 绯闻 台词 女孩Birthday --19 :: 来源:   My birthday is on Sunday. My parents are going to have a birthday party at home. I invite my friends to come to the party.  At the party. They give me many small presents. Such as cards, picture books, pens.  They sing Happy Birthday to me. My mother makes a big cake me. I cut the cake into small pieces and give them out. we sing and dance.  We have a good time at the party.Venice --5 ::51 来源: Venice   There is a large city in Italy. It is called Venice. It is a beautiful city, but it is different from other cities in the world.  There are no wide streets in the city, but there are over 0 canals, because the city is built on many small islands. When people want to go out, they take a boat.在意大利有一座大城市,它叫这是一座美丽的城市,可是它与世界上别的城市不同  这个城市里没有宽阔的街道,可是有0多条运河,因为这座城市是建在许多小岛上当人们外出时,他们乘船

  圣诞节去哪玩?来香港偷景湾吧 -- ::57 来源: 圣诞节即将来临,想好了去哪里休闲度假吗?香港偷景湾就是一个不错的地方偷景湾过去离香港繁华街区很远,但是现在不一样了,座座大桥将大屿山和九龙连在了一起对于像更好地接近生活的人来说,偷景湾的住宅式景点是个令人惊喜不已的好去处Discovery Bay in Hong Kong used to be far from the maddening Hong Kong crowds. Not any more. There are now bridges linking Lantau island to Kowloon and the residential enclave is a surprising destination those who want a finer slice of life, Donna Mah tells us.It is not the first place you think of when you are planning to go out dinner, especially if you don't live in the area, but Discovery Bay has a surprising mix of restaurants that are filled with festive cheer the upcoming holidays. With large outdoor dining spaces overlooking the sea and a beach nearby, a meal here will feel more like a getaway. In the evenings, you can even watch the fireworks display that lights up the sky above Disneyland just around the corner. those who have never been, Discovery Bay is primarily a residential development located on the northeastern coast of Lantau island, Hong Kong.To get there, you can take a 5-minute ferry from Central or a -minute bus ride from Tung Chung. Populated mainly by both expat and local families, the eclectic demographic mix has invited an equally interesting set of eateries here.Most are concentrated around DB Plaza - D'Deck - and you'll find restaurants that serve Thai, Korean, Japanese, Middle-Eastern, Indian, Mexican, Spanish, Italian and French food.We cannot talk about them all, but here are a few you may want to try next time you venture out to DB - perhaps on your way to the airport after checking in at Central, or that special excursion come Christmas or New Year. buffet fans, Sopranos serves a fantastic sp including salads, pizzas, Thai chicken curry with rice, grilled sausages, potatoes au gratin, fresh fruit, and dessert all only HK ($.50) on Tuesday nights only. 圣诞节去哪玩?来香港偷景湾吧经典台词:《蝴蝶梦Rebecca -- 3::6 来源:kekenet 〈九〉《蝴蝶梦Rebecca: 1.I knew where Rebecca's body was!我知道吕蓓卡的尸体在哪儿Lying on that cabin floor,就躺在那船舱的地板上,on the bottom of the sea.沉在海底How did you know,Maxim?你怎麽知道的,迈克西姆?Because I put it there!因为,是我把它放在那里的.Would you look into my eyes 现在你还能看着我的眼睛and tell me that you love me now?说你爱我吗?You see,I was right.你看,我说对了吧,It's too late.太晚了No,it's not too late!不,还不算晚!You're not to say that!不要这样说!I love you more than anything in the world...我爱你胜过这世上的一切Please,Maxim,迈克西姆kiss me,please!吻我吧,求求你1No.It's no use.不,没有用,It's too late.太晚了3.We can't lose each other now!现在我们不能再失去对方,We must be together always!我们应该在一起--永远!With no secrets,no shadows...没有秘密,没有隔阂.We may only have a few days,a few hours.不,我们也许只有几个小时,几天了Maxim,why didn't you tell me bee?迈克西姆,为什麽你以前不告诉我?I nearly did sometimes,我几次差点儿告诉你,but you bever seemed close enough.可是我觉得你对我不够亲密How could we be close 我怎能和你亲密,when I knew you were always thinking of Rebecca?当我知道你还对吕蓓卡念念不忘?How could I even ask you to love me 我怎能要求你爱我,when I knew you loved Rebecca still?当我知道你仍然爱着吕蓓卡?What are you talking about?你在说什麽?What do you mean?你这是什麽意思?Whenever you touched me 每次你触摸我的时候,I knew you were comparing me to Rebecca.我知道你在拿我和吕蓓卡相比Whenever you looked at me,每次你看着我,spoke to me,和我说话,or walked with me in the garden,或者和我在花园里散步的时候,I knew you were thinking.我知道你在想:"This I did with Rebecca我和吕蓓卡一起做过这-and this--还有这-and this..."--还有Oh,it's true,isn't it?是这样吗,是吗?You thought I loved Rebecca?你以为我爱吕蓓卡,You thought that?你是那样想的? 蝴蝶梦 经典台词 Rebecca

  鸽子(Pigeon) -- :36:01 来源: 鸽子(Pigeon)  I have a pet. It is a pigeon. It has got white and gray feathers, a red mouth and two small eyes. It’s cute.  I found it near a park. Its leg was injured and couldn’t fly. I took it home and cured it. Every morning, I give it some water and small pieces of b. It gets stronger and stronger.  Now the pigeon has become my best friend. When I come home from school, it always flies to me and rests on my shoulders, it likes to talk to me. It makes my spare time colorful.

  春天来临(ring is coming) --1 :9: 来源: 春天来临(ring is coming)  spring is coming.  the sun is shinning.  the wind is blowing.  the flowers are blooming.  the grass and the trees are growing.  the children are singing and dancing.  the entire world is reviving.  spring is coming。

  Mr. Wang --19 :: 来源: Mr. Wang is my PE teacher. He is very tall and strong. He’s a bit fat. His skin is swarthy, but it looks healthy. He has a round face. There are two big eyes on his face. He always wears a pair of glasses. I think Mr. Wang is very handsome. Our PE lessons are very interesting, because Mr. Wang is very humor. He always plays games with us. Sometimes he makes jokes with us. We feel very happy in PE lessons. We all like Mr. Wang.

  好朋友(good friend) -- ::6 来源: 好朋友(good friend)  i have a good friend. she is a beautiful girl. she has long black hair, two big black eyes and a red mouth. her voice is better. she is good at singing.  she is a clever girl. she likes ing books , playing computer games and chess. she is also nice. she often helps us . our classmates like her very much..

  :除夕 -01- 18:6:6 来源: New Year’s Eve5人剧本除夕的传说,一个很优秀的剧本,讲述了除夕的传说,就是有一个怪物叫“夕",每到腊月的最后一天会出来害人...CharactersMonster who likes to eat people, especially on Chinese New Year’s Eve ( )Old lady A whose husband and children were eaten by the monster ( )Old lady B who comes to help old lady A to fight with the monster ( )Neighbors C ( )Neighbors D ( )Neighbors E ( )Scene ISETTING: C、D、E and old lady A are in the village.AT RISE: C、D、E are talking to one another.C: Tomorrow is Chinese New Year’s Eve.D: Oh, my god! It’s Chinese New Year’s Eve again.E: We must run away today or we will be eaten by the terrible monster.C: Yes, I remember it comes to the village every year.D: And eat all the people.E: That’s terrible!Old lady A’s husband and children were eaten by the monster last year.C: Oh, that poor lady who lost her family. She must be very sad.D: We must tell her to run away with us.E: Yes, don’t let the tragedy happen again.CDE: (Run to the old lady A’s home) Old lady, Old lady, you must run away with us now.C: Yes, take your baggage and go with us. D: Hurry up, we have no time to waste.A: No, I want to stay here.E: Why?A: I want to fight with the monster!It killed my family. I need to take revenge on it.C: No, No, No, it’s not safe.D: You won’t win by yourself!E: And you will be eaten, too.CDE: You must go with us!!A: I’m too old, and I don’t want to keep living without my family. I must kill it bee I die.CDE: You are a crazy woman. Just suit yourself. (C, D, E run away) Scene IISETTING: old lady B is at Old lady A’s homeAT RISE: Old lady A is cooking dumplings. Old lady B is knocking at the door.B: Anyone home?A: (Opens the door) What are you doing here?You must run away with the other neighbors or you will be eaten by the monster.B: I’m too hungry to run. Can you please give me something to eat?A: All right, all right.B: (Eating dumplings) Why don’t you run away like everyone else?A: I want to kill the monster because it ate my husband and children.B: But it is too difficult.A: I don’t care.B: Do you have any method to deal with it?A: Um, I don’t know.B: In order to thank you giving me this food, I can teach you how to kill the monster.A: Really?How?B: Well, I know the monster is afraid of the color red and loud noise. So we can stick some red papers on the door and make loud noise to frighten it away.A: So what are we waiting ?Let’s do it now.B: You are right!It’s getting darker and darker outside. :除夕

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