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At least 22 people, including three Chinese citizens, were killed on Monday when a bomb planted on a motorcycle exploded outside a shrine in the Thai capital, police said.泰国警方周一称,首都繁华地段四面佛附近,一枚安置在托车上的炸弹被引爆,造成至少22人遇难,其中包括3名中国公民。The Chinese embassy in Thailand has confirmed with Thai police that another 15 Chinese citizens were among the injured.中国驻泰国大使馆已经同泰国警方确认,另有15名中国公民受伤。Over 120 people, including more than 10 Chinese, were in Police General Hospital, according to a Global Times journalist based in Thailand.据环球时报驻泰国记者报道,有超20名伤者住进了曼谷警察总医院,包括十多名中国人。The explosives were planted and aimed at taking lives, national police chief Somyot Pumpunmuang said.泰国警察总长Somyot Pumpunmuang称,该炸弹的安放是以人为目标。The injured, including Thais, Chinese nationals and Filipinos, were taken to nearby hospitals, according to the police.警方介绍,伤者包括泰国人、中国人和菲律宾人,已经被送往附近的医院。The Chinese embassy in Thailand was trying to confirm the exact number of Chinese citizens killed or injured, while the consulate general was leading a contingency team that went to hospitals to make sure injured Chinese were properly treated.中国驻泰国大使馆正在确定中国公民伤亡的具体数字,总领事也领导应急小组赴医院确保中国公民得到妥善安置。The embassy sent translators to the hospitals to help with communication.大使馆还派出翻译到医院协助沟通交流工作。There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the blast, which occurred just outside the Erawan shrine at a major intersection.对于这起发生在曼谷主要景点四面佛附近的爆炸案,目前还没有任何组织和个人宣布对这起事件负责。A China Central Television reporter ed police in Bangkok as saying that TNT was used in the bomb, and that a bomb disposal unit had dismantled two suspected explosive devices.中央电视台记者援引曼谷警方的说法,这枚炸弹中含有TNT炸药,拆弹部队还拆除了两个疑似引爆装置;The perpetrators intended to destroy the economy and tourism because the incident occurred in the heart of the tourism district,; Defense Minister Prawit Wongsuwan said.“袭击者想要破坏泰国的经济和旅游业,因为爆炸发生在泰国旅游的中心区域。”泰国防部长 Prawit Wongsuwan说道。The Erawan shrine, on a busy corner in the Thai capital near top hotels, shopping centres, offices and a hospital, is a major attraction, especially for visitors from East Asia, including China. Many ordinary Thais also worship there.四面佛位于泰国首都曼谷繁华区域,周围是高档酒店、购物中心、写字楼和医院,是主要的旅游景点,尤其对包括中国在内的东亚游客,许多泰国人也都蜂拥至此;It was like a meat market,; said Marko Cunningham, a New Zealand paramedic working with a Bangkok ambulance service, who said the blast had left a two-metre-wide (6-foot-) crater.“现场像肉市般混乱。”一位名叫Marko Cunningham的新西兰医护人员说道,他在曼谷急救中心工作,称爆炸造成地上出现一个直米(6英尺)的大坑;There were bodies everywhere. Some were shredded. There were legs where heads were supposed to be. It was horrific,; Cunningham said, adding that people several hundred metres away had been injured.“到处都是尸体,有的肢体都被炸掉了,四处散落残肢断臂,太恐怖了,”他说,远隔数百米外的人也受伤了。来 /201508/393864


  There is an impulse in Europe’s political discourse, by no means the exclusive property of the left, that assumes nothing bad happens in the world without it being somehow the fault of the west in general and the US in particular. This is the mindset that casts Saddam Hussein as a victim, Hugo Chávez a hero and Russia’s Vladimir Putin as a bulwark against Nato expansionism. The mass murder of Parisian concertgoers and Russian tourists may be crimes, but they are surely also the product of unprincipled great power intervention.欧洲的政治话语中存在一种冲动(绝非左翼特有),它假定世界上一切坏事在某种程度上都是西方——尤其是美国——的过错。正是这种心态把萨达姆侯赛因(Saddam Hussein)说成受害者,将乌戈查韦斯(Hugo Chávez)说成英雄,将俄罗斯的弗拉基米尔渠Vladimir Putin)说成抵御北约(Nato)扩张主义的堡垒。对巴黎音乐会观众和俄罗斯游客的大规模杀戮也许是犯罪行为,但它们肯定也是大国无原则干预的产物。Listen to Jeremy Corbyn. The leader of Britain’s Labour party cannot censure the outrages of extremist jihadis without reference to the supposed crimes of the US: the siege of Falluja, say, or killing rather than arraigning Osama bin Laden. “We have created a situation where some of these forces have grown,was Mr Corbyn’s reflection on the slaughter in Paris.听听杰里米科尔宾(Jeremy Corbyn)的言论吧。这位英国工Labour)领导人在谴责极端主义圣战者的暴行时,非要提及美国的所谓罪行不可:比如对费卢杰(Fallujah)的围攻(004年伊拉克战争期间美军对盘踞在该市的武装分子发起的扫荡战役——译者注),或者击毙奥萨马本拉Osama bin Laden)而没有将其移送司法。对于巴黎恐袭,科尔宾是这样反思的:“我们创造了令这些势力中的一部分壮大的背景。”There is no shortage of criticisms to be made of the west and they do not start or end with the invasion of Iraq. I find it shocking that Saudi Arabia is still treated as a staunch ally even as it exports the extreme version of Islam that informs the murderous credo of the jihadis. Then there is a welcome afforded Egypt’s president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi whose violent repression of the Muslim Brotherhood opens the door to Isis. With its oil and autocrats, the Middle East is a graveyard for anything pretending to be a principled foreign policy.可以批评西方的地方多得很,入侵伊拉克只是其中一件值得批评的事。我感到震惊的是,沙特阿拉伯仍被视为一个坚定盟友,即便该国对外输出极端版本的伊斯兰,为圣战者的残暴信条提供理论“启发”。此外,埃及总统阿卜杜勒法塔赫帠Abdel Fattah al-Sisi)上台也受到欢迎,而正是他对穆斯林兄弟Muslim Brotherhood)的暴力镇压,为“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)开启了大门。中东的石油和威权统治者,令该地区成为任何貌似有原则的外交政策的坟场。None of these hypocrisies can be held up in exculpation of the tyranny of the self-styled Islamic State. Those who think it better to explain than condemn forget that by far the greatest number of victims of Isiscrimes are fellow Muslims in Iraq, Syria and, most recently, Beirut. Or that the caliphate replaces liberty with theocratic intolerance, subjugates women and murders homosexuals. The idea that the west should shoulder blame rests on a corrosive moral relativism blind to the essential evil of those who kill and maim. Indiscriminate murder is wicked. It demands unvarnished condemnation. Full stop.但这些虚伪不能用来为“伊斯兰国”的暴行开脱。那些更愿意解释——而不是谴责——的人们忘了,ISIS罪行的绝大多数受害者是伊拉克、叙利亚境内(最近还有贝鲁特)的穆斯林。他们还忘了,这个“哈里发”用不容异端的神权取代自由,剥夺女性地位,杀戮同性恋者。那种认为西方应该受到谴责的观点,源自一种腐蚀性的道德相对论,对那些滥杀无辜的人的基本邪恶视而不见。不分青红皂白的杀戮是邪恶的。这种行为应该受到没有保留的谴责。其它都是废话。You could ask whether anyone cares what Mr Corbyn thinks. The Labour leader’s formative memories are of the Vietnam war and the nasty campaigns waged by the CIA in central and Latin America during the 1970s. He has not stepped out of the time warp. He will never be prime minister. Even Fidel Castro thinks it is time to move on.你可能会问,有谁会关心科尔宾的想法吗?对这位工党领导人来说,塑造其思想的记忆是越南战争,以970年代美国中央情报局(CIA)在中美洲和拉丁美洲发起的下三滥行动。他至今没有走出这种时间上的错位。他永远都不会成为英国首相。就连菲德尔愠斯特罗(Fidel Castro)都认为该跟上时代了。Yet Mr Corbyn’s response illuminates a broader strand of European thinking a complacency that takes for granted the Enlightenment and has sapped the willingness to defend its essential underpinnings. Somehow it is easier to blame the west than to admit that there are those for whom freedom, tolerance and the rule of law are natural enemies.不过,科尔宾的回应反映了一股更广泛的欧洲思潮,一种对启蒙运动(Enlightenment)采取想当然态度、捍卫其根本柱的意愿逐渐淡薄的自满。不知怎么地,比起承认世界上有一些人把自由、宽容和法治视为天敌,责怪西方更容易一些。We saw this when Mr Putin overturned the continent’s postwar security order by sending his army into Ukraine. The reaction of many on the right as well as the left was to mutter that the fault lay with Nato’s decision to welcome the new democracies of eastern and central Europe.当普京把部队派往乌克兰,从而颠覆欧洲战后安全秩序时,我们就曾看到这种情况。许多左翼(以及右翼)人士的反应是,抱怨这是北约的过错,因为这个联盟决定欢迎中、东欧新的民主政体。There are many more who have decided in the wake of Edward Snowden’s revelations that the principal threat to Europe’s freedoms comes from the electronic “snoopingof domestic intelligence services rather than from jihadis wielding Kalashnikovs and wearing suicide vests. Hopefully the balance will shift somewhat in the aftermath of the Paris attacks.在爱德华斯诺Edward Snowden)爆料之后,更多人认定,欧洲自由面临的首要威胁来自国内情报机构的电子“窥视”,而不是手持AK47突击步、身穿自杀式炸弹马甲的圣战者。巴黎遭遇恐怖袭击后,这种观念有望转变。The original sin was the assumption that the end of the cold war did indeed mark the end of history. The complacency straddled the boundary of economics and politics. Liberal markets would create permanent prosperity, while political pluralism would become the default system of governance. The international order would be remade in the image of European multilateralism.这一切的原罪在于假定冷战结束真的标志着历史终结。这种自满弥漫了经济和政治两个领域。自由化的市场将创造永恒的繁荣,而政治多元化将成为默认的治理体制。国际秩序将以欧洲的多边主义为模板得到重塑。The first of the illusions was shattered by the financial crash of 2008, but governments and electorates have held on more tenaciously to the idea that democracy is the natural destination of politics. When things have gone wrong the terrorist attacks of al-Qaeda and now Isis and Russia’s revanchism the instinct has been to treat them as exceptions. The curtains, though, have now been torn open, not least by the influx of refugees fleeing violent chaos on Europe’s periphery.上述幻觉中的第一个被2008年金融危机打破,然而各国政府和选民更为执着地坚守“民主政体是政治的天然目的地”这个观念。当事情出错时——比如基地组al-Qaeda)和现在的ISIS发动的恐怖袭击,以及俄罗斯的复仇主义——他们的本能是将其视为例外现象。不过,如今幕布已被撕开,其推动因素包括逃离欧洲的暴力动荡局势的难民涌入欧洲。What is required is a iness to fight. This means a lot more than simply sending more warplanes to attack Isis in its strongholds, though the case for fiercer military action is a strong one. Fighting means recognising that the values that form our societies cannot be taken for granted; that the postmodern order imagined after 1989 is at very best some way off; and that even as they confront the enemies of freedom and tolerance European governments must address deprivation and marginalisation within their societies.目前需要的是对抗意愿。这其中的内涵远不止出动更多战机打击盘踞在窝点的ISIS——尽管加大军事行动力度的理由十分充足。所谓对抗,意味着要认识到这样几点:不能对构成西方社会的价值观抱想当然态度989年之后想象出来的后现代秩序,往好了说也还有相当长一段路要走;即便在与自由和宽容的敌人作斗争之际,欧洲各国政府也必须解决其社会内部的贫穷和边缘化问题。This in turn demands a willingness to admit there will be costs. But then anyone who has glanced at the history of the 20th century will know that today’s liberties came at a price. Nor should we imagine that governments will not have to make ugly compromises not least in Syria if some order is to be restored.这进而要求各方愿意承认会有代价。不过,只要看一0世纪的历史就会明白,当今的自由也是付出一定代价后才得到的。我们也不应该想象,为了恢复一定程度的秩序,政府将不必做出丑陋的妥协——尤其是在叙利亚问题上。Above all, it is time for Europeans to celebrate what they have built and recognise it is under threat. The streets of Paris this week have seen a heartening resolve not to be cowed by the murderers. If Europe does not stand up for its values, who else will?最重要的是,欧洲人应该庆祝他们取得的成就,同时意识到这种成就面临威胁。最近,人们在巴黎街头上表现出不被凶手吓倒的令人鼓舞的决心。如果欧洲不坚守其价值观,还有谁会这么做呢? /201511/412210。

  Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and his allies retained a slim working majority Monday in the lower house of Congress following mid-term elections.墨西哥星期一举行了议会下院选举,涅托总统及其盟友在中期选举后,继续在议会掌握得以维持运作的微弱多数。The run-up to Sundays poll was marked by violence, with drug cartels blamed for the deaths of several candidates.星期日举行选举之前发生了暴力事件,据称几名候选人死于贩毒集团之手。Mid-term elections usually draw a light turnout, but attention was unusually high this time as a loose coalition of radical teachers unions and activists vowed to block the vote.选民们在中期选举中通常投票并不踊跃,但由于持激进立场的教师工会和活动人士组成一个松散的联盟,誓言抵制选举,所以人们对这次中期选举表现出不同寻常的关注。The teachers demands included huge wage increases, an end to teacher testing and the safe return of 42 missing students from a radical teachers college.教师们要求大幅加薪、停止进行教师考试,并要求保一所激进的师范学院2名失踪学生的安全。Those students disappeared in September, and prosecutors say they were killed and incinerated by a drug gang. Only one students remains were identified by DNA testing.这些学生于去月失踪,检察官说,一个贩毒团伙已把他们杀害,并焚化了尸体。经DNA检测,只辨认出一名学生的尸体。来 /201506/379576

  When Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe spoke on the southern island of Okinawa last week he faced loud heckling but Japan’s media did not report it.日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)上周在日本南部的冲绳岛发表讲话时,遭到大声诘难,但日本媒体却并未报道此事。Such heckling is highly unusual in decorous Japan so the decision to ignore it by many news outlets, including national broadcaster NHK and the top circulation Yomiuri newspaper, shows how successfully Mr Abe has cowed, or co-opted, the Japanese press, say critics of the prime minister.安倍的批评者称,在注重礼仪的日本,这样的诘难十分罕见,因此,包括日本国家广播电视机构日本放送协NHK)和日本发行量最高的报纸《读卖新闻Yomiuri)在内的诸多媒体决定忽略此事,充分表明安倍在胁迫和笼络日本媒体方面做得有多么成功。Mr Abe appointed a close supporter as director-general of NHK and targeted the liberal Asahi newspaper’s coverage of wartime “comfort womenin moves that stoked fears about press freedom in Japan.安倍曾将一名与其关系密切的持者任命为NHK的会长,并针对自由派报纸《朝日新闻Asahi)关于战时“慰安妇”的报道采取了多项措施,这些措施引发了对日本新闻自由的担忧。It emerged at the weekend that a group of young parliamentarians from Mr Abe’s Liberal Democratic party want to put pressure on businesses to withdraw advertising to discipline recalcitrant media outlets.上周末有消息称,安倍所在的自民LDP)中,有一群年轻议员打算对商界施加压力,要他们撤回在不管束的媒体发布的广告,以惩戒这些媒体。“In terms of the heckling in Okinawa, the fact NHK didn’t really report it shows that the Abe government has largely succeeded in emasculating the Japanese media,said Koichi Nakano, professor of politics at Sophia University in Tokyo.东京上智大学(Sophia University)政治学教授中野浩一(Koichi Nakano)表示:“就安倍在冲绳受到的诘难而言,NHK实际上并未予以报道。这说明,安倍政府在很大程度上成功地阉割了日本媒体。”Speaking at a war memorial ceremony, Mr Abe was heckled with shouts of “Warmonger!and “Go home! showing the depth of feeling on Okinawa about plans to build a new US Marine Corps base on the island.当时,在一个战争纪念仪式上发表讲话的安倍,遭到一些人的大声诘难,这些人高呼“战争贩子!”和“滚回家去!”。这些口号突显出冲绳民众对在该岛新建美海军陆战队基地的计划有多么愤慨。But a NHK news bulletin just showed brief clips of Mr Abe’s appearance at the end of an item about the 70th anniversary of the second world war battle of Okinawa. Both NHK and the Yomiuri declined to comment on editorial decisions.但NHK的新闻节目只是在一则关于二战冲绳战0周年纪念活动的新闻的末尾,播出了安倍在此次活动中亮相的几个简短镜头。NHK和《读卖新闻》都拒绝就其编辑决策置评。Concern about freedom of the press mounted after reports that the Culture and Arts study group of young LDP politicians, regarded as close to Mr Abe, had discussed ways to target hostile media at a meeting on June 25.有报道称,由年轻自民党政客组成的“文化艺术恳话会Culture and Arts study group)曾在65日的一次会议上,讨论了对付敌对媒体的办法,这些年轻政客被认为与安倍关系密切。这则报道令人们更加担心日本的新闻自由状况。“The most effective way to punish the mass media is to make them lose advertising revenue and to do so, the government should apply pressure on Keidanren [Japan’s main business body],one participant was reported to have said.据报道,一名与会者曾表示:“惩戒大众媒体的最有效方式,就是令它们失去广告收入。要做到这一点,政府应对日本经济团体联合会(Keidanren,日本主要商业团体)施加压力。”Naoki Hyakuta, an author who spoke at the meeting, was ed as saying that the two main Okinawa newspapers “must be closed down by any means报道援引在会上发言的作家百田尚Naoki Hyakuta)的言论称,“必须动用一切手段关闭”冲绳的两家主要报纸。The LDP party moved quickly to stem the damage by attacks from its parliamentarians on the press becoming public. It sacked the convener of the Culture and Arts group from his position as head of the party’s youth division.自民党迅速采取行动,遏制该党议员攻击媒体一事曝光所产生的破坏性影响,解除了此次文化艺术恳话会召集人的自民党青年局局长职务。“Freedom of expression is the root of democracy so it’s unacceptable for the LDP not to show our clear support for it,Mr Abe said.安倍表示:“言论自由是民主的根基。因此,对自民党来说,不显示出我们对言论自由的明确持,是无法令人接受的。”His government is struggling to push security laws through parliament. The laws reinterpret Japan’s pacifist constitution to let it fight in defence of allied forces.目前,安倍政府正在艰难地推动安保法案在议会获得通过。这一法案重新解释了日本和平宪法,以使日本能够为保卫盟军而作战。One reason for the stability of Mr Abe’s government over the past two and a half years has been his success in managing the media. Professor Nakano said it was “certainly truethe press has become weaker since Mr Abe came to power but that cracks are emerging as the prime minister’s popularity falls.安倍政府在过去两年半里保持稳定的原因之一,就是他成功地控制住了媒体。中野教授表示,安倍掌权以来,媒体“无疑”已经弱化,不过,随着安倍持率下滑,这种控制正在出现裂缝。“The fact that the [Culture and Arts] story came out indicates that the control over the media by the government is getting less firm,Mr Nakano said. “The government is becoming weak enough for the media to feel emboldened.”中野表示:“(恳话会)那件事会曝光,说明政府对媒体的控制力没有那么强了。政府正在变弱,因此媒体的胆子也大了起来。”来 /201507/383688

  Kim Jong Un LINKED TO FRIDAY ADVANCE PE aly rules North Korea like a medieval despot, but his latest eccentricity is actually trying to turn back time. To mark the 70th anniversary of victory over the “wicked Japanese imperialists the poobah of Pyongyang has decreed that his country will set its clocks half an hour later to reject the timezone Japan imposed during its occupation of the Korean peninsula.金正Kim Jong Un)已经像个中世纪专制君主那样统治朝鲜了,但他最近的怪异法令事实上是试图改变时间。为纪念战胜“邪恶的日本帝国主义0周年,这位朝鲜普巴(poobah,意为至高无上的君主——译者注)颁布法令,规定他的国家将把时区推后半小时,以抵制日本在占领朝鲜半岛时强加于朝鲜的时区。Eccentric it may be, but there is a history of rulers changing time zones to assert their power. When such decisions institutionalise real authority, they look masterful; when they substitute for it, they range from in to absurd.这一法令或许怪异,但历史上不乏统治者更改时区以彰显自己权力的先例。当这类决定将真正的权威制度化时,它们显得专横;而当这类决定只不过是假装权威时,它们呈现出从不安到荒谬的各种面貌。Time zones were forced by new technology but shaped by political whim. They emerged as the agricultural pulse set by the sun was replaced by the grinding rhythm of industry. In the agrarian mid-19th century the US had more than 300 time zones. As railways took over, a private sector solution emerged: in 1883 railroad companies imposed the four time zones that still exist.推进时区的是新科技,但时区的面貌则是由政治上的心血来潮决定的。当工业的刺耳节奏取代了太阳设定的农业节拍时,时区就诞生了。在农业社会时期9世纪中叶,美国有300多个时区。随着铁路的发展,一个私营部门解决方案诞生了:几家铁路公司在1883年强制分出四个时区,一直沿用至今。The world soon organised itself into longitudinal zones anchored on Greenwich Mean Time in London. But symbolic quirks and anomalies persist.全世界很快理顺了时间——基于伦敦格林尼治标准时GMT)划分成数个纵向时区,但具有象征意义的古怪、异常安排依然存在。Imposing a single timezone on a recalcitrant populace, as did the Japanese in Korea, is a show of power as well as of administrative efficiency. No one can control the sun but rulers can change how much of it their subjects see. Nazi Germany enforced uniform time on its conquered countries in western Europe. Russian President Vladimir Putin imposed Moscow time on Crimea after seizing the province last year.对不顺从的民众强行施加单一时区,就如日本曾经对朝鲜做过的那样,除了可以展示力量,还能提高行政效率。没人能控制太阳,但统治者可以控制臣民能看到多少阳光。纳粹德国在它占领的西欧国家实施统一时间。俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔渠Vladimir Putin)去年侵占克里米亚后,在该省强行实行了莫斯科时间。However, adopting inconvenient time zones for symbolic reasons begins to look like insecurity. After the Communist takeover in China in 1949, Mao Zedong imposed Beijing time nationwide. China now has one timezone covering latitudes where Russia has five. Inhabitants of western China have to get up in darkness for winter months on end. But introducing a new zone might look like a concession to the repressed discontents in the western region of Xinjiang, some of whom have informally adopted their own local time.但是,出于象征原因而采用不方便时区,就显得缺乏安全感了949年共产党接管中国后,毛泽东在全国推行了北京时间。中国现在只有一个时区,而横跨同样纬度范围的俄罗斯有五个时区。每年冬天,中国西部地区居民都有好几个月得在黑暗中起床。但实行新的时区,看起来可能像对新疆西部地区受压抑的不满分子作出让步,其中一些人已经非正式地用起了当地时间。Similarly, India combined several imperial time zones into one after independence from Britain in 1947, and then underlined the point by setting it an awkward five and a half hours ahead of London time. This wastes electricity, and farmers in Assam in India’s far east have to use an informal “tea garden timeto align the sun and the clock.同样地,1947年印度脱离英国独立后,也将英帝国统治时期的几个时区合并成一个,然后刻意将这个统一时间奇怪地设定为比伦敦时间早五个半小时。统一时区浪费电力,而且为了让太阳和时间相一致,印度最东边的省份阿萨姆邦的农民不得不使用非正式的“茶园时间”。And when a timezone is purely symbolic, it really can begin to look odd. President Hugo Chávez set Venezuela’s clocks back half an hour in 2007, putting them out of kilter with its neighbours, for no apparent reason but cussedness.而当一个时区的设定纯粹出于象征意义,它真的会显得奇怪007年委内瑞拉总统乌戈查韦Hugo Chávez)将本国时区调后半小时,让委内瑞拉的钟表与邻国对不上时间,这么做唯一明显的理由就是因为固执。The most entertaining example is Spain. It should really observe the same time as the UK and Portugal since the vast bulk of it is west of the Greenwich meridian. Instead it keeps central European Time, putting it in the same zone as Poland. A parliamentary commission has concluded that using the wrong clock keeps Spaniards up too late and makes them tired and unproductive.最有趣的例子莫过于西班牙。西班牙大部分国土都位于格林尼治子午线的西边,其实本应该与英国和葡萄牙遵循同样的时间。可是西班牙全国使用的是欧洲中部时间,与波兰位于同一个时区。西班牙的一个国会委员会已经得出结论,使用错误的时区导致西班牙人起得太晚,容易疲倦,且生产效率低下。The timezone is the legacy of the deep cunning of Francisco Franco. Knowing a terrible idea when he saw one, the dictator resisted pressure from Adolf Hitler to abandon neutrality and enter the second world war. But, realising the symbolic importance to fascism of uniformity in everything, he made the magnificently pointless gesture of adopting Berlin time. (A reminder: Hitler committed suicide as his Reich imploded in 1945; Franco died peacefully in office 30 years later.)西班牙现行时区是朗西斯科嬠朗Francisco Franco)留下的一个老谋深算的遗产。当年阿道夫希特Adolf Hitler)要求佛朗哥放弃中立、加入第二次世界大战,因为佛朗哥这个人对坏主意有敏锐的判断力,他抵挡住了希特勒的压力。但他知道一切保持一致对法西斯具有重要的象征意义,于是他作出了一个了不起的、毫无意义的姿态,改用了柏林时间。(提醒一下,1945年希特勒在德意志Reich)崩溃后自杀,而佛朗哥则是0年后安详地死于位上。)It is not hard to see where on the spectrum of absurdity North Korea’s action lies. Given its shambolic economy, it scarcely matters what timezone Pyong adopts. Japan may have lost the war, but its economic miracle won the peace. Mr Kim may change the clocks, but he cannot put history into reverse.不难看出朝鲜此次更改时区在“荒谬光谱”上处于何种位置。考虑到朝鲜一团糟的经济情况,平壤方面采取何种时区其实没多大重要性。日本当年输掉了战争,但日本的经济奇迹赢得了和平。金正恩能改变时区,但他无法逆转历史。来 /201508/394361

  JUNE 06, 2015 8:11 AM ET2015年六东部时间上午8:11Scott NeuMan斯科特·纽曼Rescuers work in the hull of the upright ship Eastern Star to launch rescue work in the section of Jianli on the Yangtze River, central Chinas Hubei Province, on Saturday.周六营救人员在被扶正;东方之星;号轮船的船壳里展开营救工作。事发地段位于中国中部湖北省长江监利段。The death toll in the capsizing of a cruise ship in Chinas Yangtze River has risen to just under 400, making it the deadliest maritime disaster in seven decades in the country.这艘在长江上翻沉的游船里的死亡人数已上升至近400。这是该0年来最严重的船难事故。Chinas state-run Xinhua news agency says hundreds more bodies have been recovered since the overturnc Eastern Star was righted on Friday, bringing the total confirmed dead to 396. Among the newly recovered b odies was that of a 3-year-old girl.中国国有通讯社新华社说自从周五将翻转的“东方之星”游轮扶正以又发现了数百具尸体。这使得确认总死亡人数达96人。在新发现的尸体中有一个三岁的小姑娘。Only 14 people have been found alive and another 46 remain missing of the 456 aboard when the sudden, s vere winds on Monday caused the disaster, according to Xinhua. Authorities have placed the captain and hi s first engineer in custody.根据新华社的报道,在周一由于突发强风造成的这起船难事故中,只找到14名幸存者,还有46人失踪。当时船上共56人。中国当局已经将该船长和首席轮机长拘押起来。The Associated Press says: ;Passengers relatives have raised questions about whether the ship should have continued its cruise after the storm started in a section of Hubei province and despite a weather warning earlier in the evening.;美联社说;乘客的家属质疑当长江湖北段的暴风雨已经开始,并在当夜早些时候就发出天气警告的情况下,该船是否应该继续航行;The Wall Street Journal adds:《华尔街日报》还报道;The Eastern Stars captain, Zhang Shunwen—a three-decade veteran of Chongqing Eastern Shipping Corp., the ships owner, which named him one of its outstanding employees last year—told Xinhua in his first reported comments released Friday that he was struggling in moderate northward winds at 9:20 p.m. when the gusts suddenly intensified. ...;东方之星;的船长章顺文是重庆东方船舶公司(;东方之星;轮船所属公司)的具0年航行经验的老船长,去年还被评为;杰出雇员;之一。新华社发表的对该船长的第一次采访中写道当晚:20分那股强风突然加强时,他正在与风势不怎么强劲的北风搏斗…;The satellite data show the Eastern Star moving northwest across the river at 9:21 when it suddenly took a sharp turn to the east. A minute later it appears to have spun around violently and begun moving slowly downriver, presumably carried by the current.;;卫星数据显示当晚9:21分“东方之星”向西北方向移动横穿江面之时突然急转向东。一分钟之后它明显开始剧烈地原地打转,并开始慢慢向下游飘去,据推测是被急流携裹; /201506/379482


  Provincial governments in Vietnam have offered around million in tax refunds as well as advance insurance payments to foreign companies hit by last months anti-China riots, as Vietnam works to rebuild its reputation as an attractive manufacturing hub.越南的数个省级政府向上个月反华暴动中受到冲击的外国公司提供了大约1,200万美元的退税金以及预付保险费,越南希望藉此重建该国作为具有吸引力的制造业中心的名声。Two days of rioting May 13 and 14, following the deployment of a China oil rig in contested waters in the South China Sea, left at least three Chinese nationals dead and hundreds of foreign-owned factories damaged. Vietnam said the oil rig is deployed within its 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic zone while China has said its state-owned energy company was conducting normal operations in its waters. Taipei said last month that at least 200 Taiwanese-owned factories were looted or burned down in the rioting.为了对中国在南中国海(South China Sea, 中国称南争议海域部署石油钻井平台的举动表示抗议,越南3日和14日发生了持续两天的反华暴动,导致至少三名中国人死亡,数外资工厂受损。越南方面表示,井平台被架设在越南的200海里专属经济区以内,而中国方面则称,架设钻井平台的中国国有能源公司是在中国水域进行正常的活动。台北方面上个月表示,至少有200家台湾工厂在暴乱中被洗劫或烧毁。Taiwans economic ministry said on Wednesday that it sees the economic- recovery offer as a start.台湾经济Ministry of Economic Affairs)周三表示,其将这一经济补偿提议视作一个开始Those are merely administrative assistance from the government. We will continue to fight for it, a spokesperson at Taiwans economic ministry, referring to monetary compensation.台湾经济部发言人表示,这些只不过是越南政府的行政协助,并称台湾将继续争取赔偿。The government of Dong Nai province, one of the worst-hit areas during the protests, offered to return .6 million of value-added tax payment to affected foreign companies, Taiwans Ministry of Economic Affairs said.台湾经济部称,越南同奈省政府向受影响的外国公司提出了退60万美元增值税金的方案。同奈省暴动期间受冲击最严重的省之一。Dong Nais government has also asked insurers to quickly pay those companies up to 15% of their insured amount, which is around million in total, to provide sorely needed cash some need to restart operations, the Taiwan ministry said.台湾经济部称,同奈省政府还要求保险公司尽快向受损公司付承保金额最5%的理赔金,总计00万美元,目的是向一些公司提供急需的现金恢复运营。Officials at the Vietnam provincial governments couldnt be reached for comment.记者无法联系到越南相关省政府置评。Earlier this month, Binh Duong province, where foreign factories were hardest hit, said initial insurance claims of around .5 million were distributed to 113 affected companies--in which 87 were Taiwanese, with some others from Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea.本月早些时候,平阳Binh Duong)表示,已13家受损公司提出的初步保险理赔付了约550万美元,其中7家为台湾公司,其他一些公司为新加坡、香港和韩国公司。平阳省的外国工厂受损最为严重。Chien Chih-ming, president of the Taiwan Business Association of Dong Nai province, who also owns a construction-material factory there, said, The government here has shown a lot of sincerity and good faith...but I know it doesnt have much money to compensate us.同奈省台湾商Taiwan Business Association of Dong Nai Province)主席Chien Chih-ming说,当地政府显示出了极大的诚意和善意。他还说,但他知道政府没有太多的钱赔偿他们。他在同奈省拥有一个建筑材料厂。About a week after the riots broke out, Taiwan rejected a compensation plan sketched out by Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung. Officials from Taiwan said Vietnams proposal fell short.在骚乱爆发大约一周后,台湾拒绝了越南总理阮晋Nguyen Tan Dung)提出的一份赔偿方案。台湾的官员表示,越南的赔偿方案力度不够。Some Taiwanese companies said they have moved some or all of their operations back to Taiwan, and wont go back unless the Vietnamese government persuades them that their workers and assets will be safe.一些台湾公司表示,已将部分或全部业务迁回台湾,除非越南政府让它们相信它们的工人和资产将是安全的,否则它们不会迁回越南。来 /201406/308365


  Benjamin Netanyahu has won a landslide victory in Tuesday’s national election, defeating decisively a challenge from centre-left opposition leader Isaac Herzog and putting the rightwing Israeli leader on track to serve a fourth term, poll results gathered overnight show.初步民调结果显示,以色列右翼领导人本雅明#8226;内塔尼亚Benjamin Netanyahu)在当日大选中获得压倒性胜利,大败中左翼反对派领导人艾萨克#8226;赫尔佐格(Isaac Herzog),将第四次当选以色列总理。With 99.5 per cent of votes counted, Mr Netanyahu’s Likud party is on course to secure 30 seats a quarter of the Knesset with a commanding lead over the 24 garnered by Mr Herzog’s centre-left Zionist Union, a margin big enough to give him first crack at forming a new coalition.在统计了99.5%的选票后,结果显示,内塔尼亚胡领导的利库德集团(Likud Party)有望获得30个议会席位,占以色列议会总席位的四分之一,远高于赫尔佐格领导的中左翼政党犹太复国主义联盟(Zionist Union)获得4个席位,这一差距足以让他有资格组建新的联合政府。After consulting with Likud and other parties, Reuven Rivlin, Israel’s president, will now ask the leader he considers best placed to form a coalition almost certainly Mr Netanyahu to begin building one.在与利库德以及其他党派协商后,以色列总统鲁文#8226;里夫Reuven Rivlin)现在将邀请他所认为的最佳人选(几乎肯定是内塔尼亚胡)开始组建联合政府。“Against all the odds, we’ve achieved a great victory for Likud,Mr Netanyahu told supporters cheering him in Tel Aviv early on Wednesday morning as news of the victory came in.在周三凌晨获胜消息传来时,内塔尼亚胡告诉向他欢呼的持者们:“我们排除万难取得了巨大胜利。”In a statement, Mr Netanyahu said he intended to form a government in weeks, and was aly negotiating with the far-right pro-settler Jewish Home party led by Naftali Bennett and Jewish Orthodox religious parties. Another likely partner is hardline nationalist Avigdor Lieberman, formerly foreign minister, who is eyeing the defence ministry, and whose Yisrael Beiteinu party survived a corruption probe to enter the Knesset with 6 seats.内塔尼亚胡在声明中称,他计划在几周后组建政府,同时他已在和由纳夫塔利#8226;贝内Naftali Bennett)领导的持扩建定居点的极右翼政党犹太家园Jewish Home Party)和犹太教正统党派协商。The results vindicates the high-stakes, divisive strategy pursued by Mr Netanyahu in the final days of campaigning, when he abandoned his commitment to peace talks aimed at creating a Palestinian state and made other statements described by critics as inflammatory.大选结果明,内塔尼亚胡在竞选最后几天实施的高风险、分裂性战略是成功的,当时他放弃了致力于旨在建立巴勒斯坦国的和平谈判的承诺,并发表了一些被批评者称为具有煽动性的言论。Mr Netanyahu’s victory comes at a time when its relations with US President Barack Obama’s administration are under serious strain and some European countries are contemplating a tougher stance towards Israel because of its failure to negotiate a peace deal with the Palestinians to create a state on lands Israel seized in the 1967 Six Day War.在内塔尼亚胡获胜之际,以色列与美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)政府的关系正处于严重紧张状态。一些欧洲国家也在考虑对以色列采取更强硬态度,因为以色列未能与巴勒斯坦拟定和平协议,让后者在以色列在1967年六日战Six Day War)期间夺取的土地上建立国家。来 /201503/365357

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