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Localized food当地饮食Foods and related food ways changed when communities make choices among possible foods and cooking techniques in a given geography is environment.在特定的地理环境下,当人们选择不同的食物和烹饪技术时,人们的饮食和饮食习惯也会随之改变。Increased population and need for additional land expanded communities and contribute to food migrations.人口增长和对土地需求的增加扩大了群落,促进了食物的迁移。As travelers moved from place to place,they talked about foods seen,they even served them when they returned home. Thus foods of different areas slip into and became localized fare.当旅人从一个地方到另一个地方时,他们谈论着看到过的食物,甚至在回到家时制作这些食物。这样一来,不同地区的食物互相融合成为当地的食物。 /201606/445319芜湖人民医院挂号Yep, There#39;s a Makeup Line Made Specifically for Working Out是的,这是专门为健身打造的化妆品Many of us have applied makeup pre-workout, or at least kept our makeup on before hitting the gym at the end of the day. After all, it can feel like a hassle to take it off when you just want to get your workout on. And while we#39;ve been told not to wear color cosmetics when we#39;re doing our thing in the gym, sometimes it#39;s nice to have a little coverage while you#39;re sweating it out. Ya know? However, the inherent problem is that, well, makeup tends to melt and run in the presence of excessive sweat.我们很多人在锻炼前都会化妆,或至少在一天工作结束去健身房前,仍然化着妆。毕竟,当你只是想健身时,就会觉得卸妆麻烦。有人告诉我们在健身房锻炼时,不要化妆,但有时候在流汗时,有一点遮盖也是好的。你知道吗?然而,固有的问题是,额,化妆品往往会在出汗过多时融化流走。Well, a group of female professional-level and Olympic athletes came up with a solution to that problem by developing a makeup line that was specifically formulated for people who lead an active lifestyle. They named the brand, naturally, Sweat Cosmetics. The co-founder and chief operating officer, Taryn Hemmings, is a professional soccer player who played for the Boston Breakers and the Chicago Red Stairs, and the brand#39;s other co-founder and CFO, Emily Hines, played division 1 college soccer. The other corporate team members sweat it out regularly, as well, by chasing babies, doing hot yoga, and indoor cycling.一群专业水平的奥运会女运动员通过专门为有着积极生活方式的人们设计了一类化妆品,对这一问题提出了解决方案。她们将这份品牌自然命名为Sweat化妆品。联合创始人和首席运营官泰伦#8226;海明斯是专业的足球运动员,她为波士顿破冰船队和芝加哥红梯队效命,该品牌的另一位联合创始人和首席财政官艾米丽#8226;海因斯为一师学院足球效力。公司另一位团队成员通过追逐婴儿,做热瑜伽和室内自行车运动也经常出汗。Sweat Cosmetics was founded about a year ago, and the brand has garnered attention from athletes, everyday women, and celebrities (like Jodie Sweetin) alike. Right now, their merchandise is limited to a 30 SPF mineral foundation available in five shades (, sephora.com) and a translucent mineral powder (, sephora.com). Both come with twist brushes and you can buy powder refills for each. The powder reportedly stays sweat-proof for nearly an hour and a half, which sounds like the perfect amount of time. That#39;s basically like a barre class + a few reps of weights, no?Sweat化妆品约一年前创立,该品牌已获得了运动员,每日女性和名人(如裘迪#8226;斯文汀)的关注。现在,他们的商品被限制到了防晒级别为30的矿物粉底,5色可选(42美元,sephora.com)和一个半透明的矿物粉(42美元,sephora.com)。这两种化妆品都有旋转刷,你也可以购买粉芯替换妆,每个24美元。据称,这种粉防汗时长接近一个半小时,这听起来像是完美的时间量。这基本上就等于上一节巴利课和几次举重的时间,难道不是吗?译文属 /201606/451085芜湖尿道炎治疗5.Soybeans Are Actually Toxic When Eaten Raw And Soy Products Pose Potential Dangers5.生吃大豆是有毒的,豆制品也有潜在的危机Who doesn#39;t enjoy an appetizer of edamame to pair with their sushi or other Asian fare? However, did you know that you#39;d likely be in peril if said edamame wasn#39;t cooked to rid itself of all the toxins? That#39;s right, soy beans are actually quite toxic when raw. According to The Healthy Home Economist, 170 scientific studies have confirmed that soy and soy products are actually dangerous. Soy has been shown in various studies to potentially lead to — or exacerbate potential risks of — to health detriments, such as:谁会不喜欢日本毛豆开胃饮料和寿司或者和亚洲菜搭配呢?但是你是否知道:如果日本毛豆没有煮熟去除掉自身毒素的话,喝这种饮料将会有害的?事实上,大豆在生的时候确实是含有毒素的。《健康的家政学家》报导,170个科学家的研究确定了大豆以及豆制品有害的事实。不同研究共同表明大豆会潜移默化地导致或加剧一些潜在的健康问题,例如:Various properties in soy that increase cell production in breasts in a similar way to the enzymes that lead to breast cancer. A study involving rats consuming soy showed that soy elements ;suppress the pituitary-thyroid axis in middle-aged rats fed 10 mg soy isoflavones per kilo after only 3 weeks as compared with rats eating regular rat chow.; Consuming soy during pregnancy has been show to increase risks of a male fetus developing prostate cancer later in life. Soy products can cause abnormalities with hormonal function that leads to acceleration in puberty. In other words, this so-called ;natural; product leads to extremely unnatural effects in the body. Although soy is often used in supposed muscle-building products geared toward male bodybuilders and athletes, it actually leads to a great decrease in testosterone. Soy can be hazardous to a female#39;s reproductive system, leading to: ;delayed vaginal opening…abnormal estrous cycles, decreased fertility, and delayed parturition.;大豆中有许多的特殊成份会以相似的方式将乳房的代谢物转换为酶,从而导致乳腺癌;一个关于老鼠食用大豆的研究中展示,仅仅三周后,比起那些喂养常规鼠粮的老鼠,被喂养每千克中含有10毫克的大豆异黄酮的中年老鼠的垂体—甲状腺轴被明显抑制。在怀期间食用大豆会增加男性胎儿以后前列腺癌的风险;豆制品可以造成青春发育激素的畸形,换句话说,就是这种;自然;产物会造成身体机能紊乱;虽然大豆常被用于制造男性或者运动员肌肉训练的产品,不过事实上这会减少男性睾丸素。大豆对于女性的生殖系统也是有害的,它会导致阴道口延缓张开,发情周期异常,降低繁殖能力并且会延缓分娩时间。4.Vegetarianism Can Lead To Poor Bone Health4.素食容易导致骨质问题There are many elements in meat and dairy products that provide powerful nutrients like iron and calcium, which are essential to strong bone and muscle health, and also combat health risks like anemia. According to an article from AskMen, vegetarians miss out on things like omega-3 fatty acids, which work to prevent several maladaptive health issues like atherosclerosis and can also work to improve mood, and combat depression.肉类和乳制品能给人们提供像铁和钙这样使人强壮的营养元素,对强壮骨骼和肌肉来说,这些元素必不可少,与此同时它们还能降低贫血等疾病的风险。素食主义者错过了包括欧米伽-3脂肪酸在内的一些东西,它们能有效防止一些适应不良的健康问题,例如动脉粥样硬化,还能有效改善情绪,减轻抑郁。Furthermore, ;Researchers at Oxford University recently followed 35,000 individuals aged 20 to 89 for a period of five years and discovered that vegans are 30% more likely to break a bone than their vegetarian and flesh-eating peers. A subsequent study conducted by Sydney#39;s Garvan Institute for Medical Research found that vegetarians had bones 5% less dense than meat-eaters. This can be attributed to the fact that many vegetarians and vegans consume very little calcium due to the limitations of their diet.; Is upholding political beliefs — or fallacious ;weight loss; ones which have pervaded the media and celebrity sponsorships — worth breaking a hip? I don#39;t think so.此外,牛津大学的研究人员对35000个年龄在20—89岁的个体进行了5年的跟踪调查,发现纯素主义者骨折的几率比素食主义者和肉食主义者高30%。随后悉尼嘉万研究所的医学研究发现,素食主义者的骨密度比肉食者低5%。这是因为纯素主义者和素食主义者在饮食上有所限制,导致他们吸收的钙很少。由于维护政治信仰或荒谬的减肥理论而选择素食主义已经渗透媒体和名人赞助领域——真的值得为了素食主义摔断股骨吗?我并不这么认为。3.The Hypocrisy of Vegetarianism3.素食主义的虚伪On the humorous blog I Waste So Much Time, a blogger posted a photo of someone holding a head of lettuce with the caption: ;This lettuce DIED just so you could be a vegetarian. Have a heart, eat a rock.;在一个名为;我浪费那么多时间;的微上,主张贴了一张一个人举着一棵莴苣的照片,而它的标题为;这颗莴苣的死亡仅仅是因为你是一个素食主义者。心怀慈悲的人,却又铁石心肠。;Although posted in jest, there are several truths that glimmer through here. Whether or not vegetarians would like to admit it, plants are living organisms, just as animals are. No one wants to eat lamb chops when they think of the slaughtering of cute and cuddly lambs, right? What about the slaughtering of innocent pea pods, cucumbers, and other vegetables and fruits that — although they#39;re not much for petting or cuddling with — are in fact very much alive.Does something being alive but not cute make it fair game? And if you this and want to take the alternate route of eating nothing that has ever been alive, that leads you with pretty much…nothing. Even if you decided to eat cardboard, guess where that cardboard came from? A tree. To respect those that are truly incensed by the inhumane treatment of animals in slaughterhouses, I can empathize with you and would never agree to such cruelty and harsh conditions being imposed on innocent livestock. However, AskMen went on to note in their article referencing the detriments of vegetarianism that it is far from impossible to purchase meat products from organizations that treat their livestock humanely. ;There are plenty of organizations that raise — and kill — animals humanely. One of them is Humane Farm Animal Care, a nonprofit organization created to improve the lives of farm animals by certifying their humane treatment. When you see the Certified Humane Raised and Handled#174; label on a product, you can be assured that the products in question have come from facilities that meet precise, objective standards for animal treatment. Other organizations, like the American Humane Association, offer meat certifications to farms that practice humane farming techniques. Their standards are based upon the values of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, as well as input from animal science experts and veterinarians.;虽然这只是一个玩笑,但是其中也显露出一丝真理的光芒。无论素食主义者是否愿意承认,实际上,就像动物一样,植物也有生命。因此当人们所认为的可爱无辜的小羊羔遭到屠杀时,人们抵制羊排,对吗?那屠杀无辜的豌豆荚,黄瓜,和其他蔬菜和水果又如何呢?尽管这些植物不怎么懂得抚摸和拥抱,可实际上它们也是生机勃勃的啊!对于这些实实在在地活着却没有显得太可爱的事物来说,这是公平的游戏吗?如果你读了这篇文章,并且想要采取一条不太吃东西的替代路线一直活下去,这可能会让你一无所有。哪怕你决定吃纸板,那么你猜猜纸板从何而来?是树木!因为我也尊重那些在屠宰场遭受非人待遇而愤怒的动物们,所以我能与你感同身受,但这不意味着我同意让这些无辜的牲畜处于残酷而艰苦的条件下被宰杀。尽管媒体已经注意到要在文章中引用素食的危害,却仍无法使人们向那些对牲畜关怀备至的组织购买肉制品。现在,有许多组织人性化地饲养和屠杀牲畜。其中一个是人道主义农场动物保护组织,这是一个通过改善农场动物的生活对动物进行人文关怀的非盈利组织。当你看到人性化认的提出和处理R标签时,你尽可放心,因为那些有问题的产品来自设施的故障,或是满足动物治疗的准确、客观的标准。此外还有其他组织,如美国人道主义组织,向农场提供肉类认以及人性化的养殖技术。他们的标准时基于皇家社会的价值观,防止动物受到虐待,以及注重动物学专家和兽医等人才的不断输入。2.Vegetarianism Can Turn You Into A Human Methane Machine2.吃素可以把你变成一台人体甲烷机器Cattle aren#39;t the only ones who can harm the environment with their potent flatulence. When people take part in vegetarianism, their fiber consumption is increased exponentially. We all know that fiber is essential to digestive health and the prevention of disease, but vegetarians are potentially doubling or even tripling the recommended daily amount. According to AskMen, ;The problem (with increased gas production once a person takes on vegetarianism) lies in the human body#39;s inability to fully digest the complex carbohydrates in the vegetarian diet, resulting in higher production of gases like hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane.; Vegetarianism is truly ironic in the sense that people often partake in the diet for humane reasons and as a way to protect the environment, but then suddenly become hosts to dangerous compounds that actually harm the environment.牛并不是唯一会产生烈性肠胃胀气来危害环境的生物。当人们改吃素时,他们的纤维消耗量就会以指数形式增长。我们都知道纤维有助于消化系统的健康和疾病的预防,但素食主义者们每天的摄入量要比建议的摄入量增加了两到三倍。据Ask Men网报道,;(人一旦吃素,肠胃会产生更多气体)原因在于人体无法完全消化素食里的复合碳水化合物,因而产生更多的气体,如氢气、二氧化碳和甲烷。;素食主义真是令人啼笑皆非,在某种意义上,人们常常出于人道原因而加入吃素希望保护环境,但随后竟变成制造有害化合物来危害环境的主体。For those that take to vegetarianism for superficial reasons (sorry — there is nothing humane about going vegetarian in order to look great on the beach), you#39;re basically going to be a bag of flatulence, which is never a fun situation. Grab a chicken, steak, or salmon, and say ;goodbye; to embarrassing flatulence.那些因肤浅的理由而吃素的人(例如——不为仁爱,只为自己在海边时看上去会更性感撩人)基本上会变成一个胀气包,这可不是令人愉快的情况。尽情享用鸡腿、牛排或三文鱼,跟让人尴尬的肠胃胀气说;拜拜;吧。1.Meat Is Delicious1.肉很美味Look, guys, we only have one life to live. Scratch that: if reincarnation or whatever turns out to be true, we have a ton of lives to live, but we#39;re probably not going to remember any of them, and your next life could be you as a snail, where you wouldn#39;t even have the option to eat meat. Meat is delicious and if you don#39;t believe me, try ordering a filet mignon wrapped in bacon and prepare to feel like you just got transported to a seeming utopia where everything is delicious and all the perils of the world don#39;t matter for even a mere fifteen minutes because that is how good a filet mignon wrapped in bacon is. Speaking of bacon, they#39;re putting it in virtually everything nowadays — it#39;s awesome, and you might want to hop on the bacon train sooner rather than later just in case pigs become extinct for whatever reason.看吧,伙计们,我们只有一次生命。值得注意的是:如果有转世或其他可能成真的生命方式,我们就有了无数条生命,但或许我们将不会记得过往的生命轨迹,下一世你可能就是一只蜗牛,到那时你就没有机会吃肉了。肉食很美味,如果你信不过我,就试着吃一个包有腌肉的牛肉卷,想象你来到一个看似乌托邦的地方,在那里,所有东西都特别美味,世界上所有的危险在这仅存的15分钟内都不成问题,因为这一刻只属于美味的包有腌肉的牛肉卷。谈到腌肉,如今几乎每样东西都含有它——腌肉真的很好吃,也许你会急着跳上挂满腌肉的火车,而不用再担心因为猪这种动物由于某种原因灭绝而吃不上猪肉了。If you#39;re not a big fan of red meat or pork products, try eating a lobster…or a delicious jerk chicken sandwich…or a delicately garnished salmon steak…or—well, you get what I#39;m saying here. It is impossible for you to not find at least one meat product that will blow your mind, satiate your appetite, and make mealtime a truly enjoyable experience. Now that we#39;ve also covered the litany of health benefits posed by eating meat, the way it can be consumed humanely, and the way it can decrease disease risk and keep you in shape, I don#39;t think there#39;s anything I need to say in order to coax you to ditch vegetarianism and grab yourself a nice hunk of meat.如果你不钟爱红肉或猪肉产品,那就试试龙虾吧……或者一个美味的鸡肉三明治……抑或一份用精美点心点缀的三文鱼牛排……或者——好吧,你会懂我想表达的东西的。你绝不可能没有找到一种能令你心醉神迷、既能满足你的食欲又能使你愉快享受用餐的肉制品。既然我们已经提到吃肉对健康有一大串好处,既能通过人道的方式吃肉,又能降低疾病的风险和塑形,我觉得没有必要多说什么来劝诱你抛弃素食而去享用美味的肉类了。翻译:@某某人 审校:飞扬 来源:前十网 /201606/448229芜湖治疗膀胱炎到哪家医院


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