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Norwegians have more reason than ever to celebrate the International Day of Happiness.相比以往,挪威人现在多了一个庆祝国际幸福日的理由。After ranking fourth for the last two years, Norway jumped three spots and displaced three-time winner Denmark to take the title of ;world#39;s happiest country; for the first time.在过去两年连续排名第四之后,挪威今年上升了三位,取代了曾三次位居第一的丹麦,第一次成为“全世界最幸福的国家”。Denmark dropped to second place this year, followed by Iceland, Switzerland, Finland, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand and Australia and Sweden (which tied for ninth place), according to the latest World Happiness Report, released last Monday by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the ed Nations.联合国可持续发展解决方案网络于上周一发布了最新世界幸福指数,丹麦今年的排名掉到了第二,其后是冰岛、瑞士、芬兰、荷兰和加拿大,新西兰、澳大利亚和瑞典则并列第九名。The ed States came in 14th place, dropping one place from last year. Germany came in 16th place, while the ed Kingdom moved up four spots to 19th place and Russia moved up seven spots to 49th place.美国位列第十四名,相比去年下降了一位。德国排在第十六名,而英国则上升四位,排在第十九,俄罗斯上升七位排在第四十九。Japan moved up two spots to 51st place, while China moved up four spots to 79th place.日本上升两位排在第五十一,中国则上升了四位排在第七十九。People in the Central African Republic are unhappiest with their lives, according to the survey of 155 countries, followed by Burundi (154), Tanzania (153), Syria (152) and Rwanda (151).在被调查的155个国家中,生活在中非共和国的人对生活最不满意,随后则是布隆迪(154),坦桑尼亚(153),叙利亚(152)和卢旺达(151)。 /201703/501143Updated version of an old fable龟兔赛跑新编 /201705/506908North Korea has reportedly seen a surge in incurable diseases and radiation deaths after it carried out its fifth nuclear test.据报道,在第五次核试验之后,朝鲜患有不治之症和因辐射致死的人数飙升。Last month the secretive state triggered a magnitude 5.3 earthquake with a successful explosion which drew immediate condemnation from North Korea#39;s neighbours and Washington.上个月,这一神秘的国家因成功核爆引发了一场5.3级的地震,这立即收到了朝鲜各邻国和华盛顿政府的谴责。Now those living close to the Punggye-ri nuclear site, in the north-east of the country, are paying the price for the nuclear tests, a defector has claimed.一名脱北者声称,现在居住在朝鲜东北部靠近丰溪里核试验站的人们正在为核试验付出代价。The defector told the Daily Star: ;Mantapsan mountain is becoming a radioactively contaminated site due to the government#39;s nuclear craze.;他向《每日星报》透露:“由于政府的核狂热,万塔山正在成为一个辐射污染之地。”;The people who drink the water are suffering various incurable diseases, foetal deformities and an unusually high death rate.;“喝这里的水的人们正忍受着不治之症、胎儿畸形和异常的高死亡率的折磨。”Kathryn Higley, head of Nuclear Science and Engineering at Oregon State University, said it was #39;definitely a possibility#39; the North#39;s underground tests had irradiated the groundwater.俄勒冈州立大学和科学核工程主任凯瑟琳·希格利表示:“朝鲜的地下试验绝对有可能已经辐射了地下水。”North Korea is under an international ban on developing and testing nuclear and missile technology - but has flouted that several times in the past few years. The country aims to develop a nuclear-armed missile that could reach the US mainland.朝鲜被国际社会禁止开发和试验核导弹技术,但是在过去几年它已几次对此置之不理。该国的目标是开发一种可发射至美国本土的核弹头导弹。 /201610/469903

As the saying goes, ;You are what you eat;.中国有句老话叫“吃什么补什么”。And according to a manufacturer of mung bean cakes in Shanghai, if one eats its product labeled ;dog poop cake;, you are likely to be ;blessed with the kind of luck that would see you step on dog poop;.上海一绿豆糕商家将自家商品命名为“屎糕”,宣称只要吃了他们家的“屎糕”,你就能走屎运。While tourists in the city have been intrigued by the product, locals are said to be indignant that the manufacturer is calling it ;a specialty of Shanghai;, leading to production of the cake being suspended and the product being pulled from shelves since Wednesday, after receiving wide media attention.虽然该产品吸引了很多外地游客,但是很多上海本地人对于商家标榜自己为“上海特产”的做法很生气。在引起媒体广泛关注后,该糕点现已停产,在售的也已下架。;I don#39;t get it. I just want to be innovative, which is supposed to be encouraged,; said Zhang Neirong, owner and manager of Shanghai Fengdu Food Co, which began labeling its signature mung bean cakes as ;dog poop cake; this year.上海风都食品公司在2016年开始给自家生产的绿豆糕打上“屎糕”商标。张内荣是该公司的所有者,总经理。他说:“我不明白为什么会这样,我只是想有点创新,我认为创新应该被鼓励。”Zhang said that due to overwhelming criticism and pressure, he has withdrawn the product from his partnering food stores in Shanghai.张经理表示,蜂拥而至的批评和压力让他不得不将该产品从上海的合作商铺中下架。He has also stopped producing the cake#39;s packaging - a linen bag and a post-it-size label that s, ;Savor the dog poop cake, enjoy the luck of stepping on dog poop; on a background featuring Shanghai#39;s skyline.该糕点的外包装为一个麻布口袋,“吃屎糕,走屎运”的标签字样印在以上海为背景的袋子上。该负责人表示目前该包装也已经停产。The mung bean cakes inside look and taste no different from the regular offerings prevalent at the city#39;s food stores and supermarkets. But the price, 42 yuan (.2) for 200 grams, is almost twice the average price.该款“屎糕”和上海各大超市、食品店销售的绿豆糕在外观和口味上并无差别,但是200克每包的售价却高达42元(6.2美元),大约是普通绿豆糕的两倍。A shop assistant working at a specialty store near the Bund, who refused to be named, said shoppers intrigued by the cakes are not usually concerned by the price, adding that more than 90 percent of purchases at her shop are made by tourists.外滩附近特产店里一位不愿透漏姓名的店员表示,90%来买糕点的客人都是外地游客,顾客一般都是被新奇的名称吸引,并不太关心价格。 /201611/479401

Fast food to look forward to期待的快餐A new year means some tasty new treats available at our favorite fast food joints. Check out what the 2017 s are promising at McDonald’s, Starbucks.新的一年意味着我们最爱的快餐连锁店会推出一些新的美食。麦当劳和星巴克的菜单又会在新的一年多出哪些美味呢?一起来看看吧。McDonald’s, Mac Junior (US only)麦当劳,小号巨无霸(只在美国出售)For those of us that crave the taste of a Big Mac with a little less filling. The new sandwich was tested earlier in 2016 in Ohio and Dallas as they#39;re thought to be ;beef-centric areas;. The Mac Jr. is a single-layer Big Mac which is a little kinder to the waist line with 480 calories. Is it for you? Or are you a Big Mac fan through and through?这款适合那些想吃巨无霸但又不想吃得太饱的人群。2016年早些时候,由于俄亥俄州和达拉斯市被人们认为是“以牛肉为中心的地区”,因此已在这两个地方测验过新的三明治。小号巨无霸是单层的巨无霸,含480卡路里,因此不会让你的腰围变得太粗。适合你吗?还是你至始至终都只喜欢巨无霸呢?McDonald’s, Grand Mac (US only)麦当劳,超大巨无霸(只在美国出售)And next we introduce the burger of burgers (in McDonald#39;s terms anyway). The Grand Mac is made with two 1/6th-pound patties and two slices of American cheese served on a larger sesame seed bun with the usual lettuce, onions and pickles. Guard your stomachs, as this giant burger is a whopping 890 calories all on its own. Better not eat for the rest of the day...我们要介绍的下一个产品就是汉堡中的汉堡(至少麦当劳是这么称呼的)。超大巨无霸是在一个更大号的芝麻面包中夹入两片1/6磅的肉饼、两片美国干酪、普通的生菜、洋葱和腌菜。只一个汉堡就有890卡,因此不会让你感到饥饿。吃完超大巨无霸后,当天最好不要再吃东西了。Starbucks, Cascara latte星巴克,卡斯卡拉拿铁When you need your morning coffee, is Starbucks your go-to coffee shop? This year, Starbucks will be releasing its new Cascara latte! The latte is made from the fruit of the coffee cherry and features light, subtle notes of maple and dark brown sugar! This sounds like our kind of morning joe!当你早晨需要喝一杯咖啡时,你会不会去星巴克呢?今年,星巴克推出了新的卡斯卡拉拿铁!这款拿铁是由咖啡樱桃水果制成,特点就是放了红糖,散发出淡淡的枫树味!听起来正是我们早晨所需要的!Starbucks, Sous Vide Egg Bites星巴克,“65度C”蛋类小吃Starbucks is expanding its morning from January, and one of the tasty new additions is the Sous Vide Egg Bites. Starbucks felt there was a market for ‘handheld products’ that #39;appeal to wellness and health demands#39;. The tasty-looking bites are made from egg whites, spinach and red peppers or you could pick gruyere and Monterey Jack cheese topped with a layer of Applewood smoked bacon. They#39;re an excellent source of protein, wheat free and wholesome. And you can grab them and go.从一月份开始,星巴克正逐渐增加早餐种类,而“65度C”蛋类小吃就是其中一种,十分美味。星巴克老板觉得‘手握美食’很有市场,‘能够迎合健康的需求’。这一看上去十分诱人的小吃是由蛋清、菠菜和红辣椒制成的,或者你也可以选择在格吕耶尔干酪和杰克起司上放一层烟熏培根。这些早餐是蛋白质的极佳来源,而且不含小麦,十分有利于人体健康。而且你可以点一份带走。Starbucks, organic soups星巴克,有机汤Soon, Starbucks will be debuting soup. In the spring, a new line of organic soups will be released as part of a regional roll-out.很快,星巴克就会推出汤类了。春天,作为地区融入的部分措施,星巴克将会新推出有机汤。译文属 /201701/489194

A soldier working during the G20 summit in China has been hailed as the #39;prettiest bodyguard#39; on China#39;s social media sites.在中国G20峰会上工作的一位战士被中国社交媒体网站誉为“最美保镖”。As the world leaders met to discuss important issues in Hangzhou, China#39;s social media was more focused on a bodyguard that had caught a lot of people#39;s attention.当世界领导人相约杭州讨论重大问题的时候,中国社交媒体更关注的却是一位吸引了众人注意力的保镖。The woman has been identified as Shu Xin from Guiyang city, reports the People#39;s Daily Online.据人民日报在线报道,这位女士名叫舒心,来自贵阳。Shu Xin is a soldier in the People#39;s Liberation Army and is said to be in her 20s.舒心是一位人民解放军战士,据说她20多岁。Shu Xin has been labelled the #39;prettiest bodygurard#39; on China#39;s social media. She was allegedly guarding the car used by Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in the picture.舒心被中国社交媒体称为“最美保镖”。据称,照片中她正在护卫意大利总理马泰奥·伦齐的车子。In 2013, she was named the “most beautiful” People#39;s Liberation Army soldiers.2013年,她被称为“最美”人民解放军战士。It is said that she loves to sing and dance in her spare time and once won second prize in the Yancheng singing contest.据说,闲暇时间她喜欢唱歌跳舞,她曾获得盐城歌唱比赛的二等奖。People have been discussing the woman#39;s looks on Weibo.大家在微上讨论这位女士的容貌。One user wrote: #39;She#39;s absolutely gorgeous! She looks great even without makeup.#39;一位用户写道:“她太漂亮了!即使不化妆,她看上去也很美。”While another commented: #39;Marry her. She will make sure you get home safely at night.#39;而另一位用户到:“娶了她。她一定会让你晚上平安到家的。”And one user said: #39;Can she fight? Guess she is there just to maintain order.#39;还有一位用户说:“她能打吗?我猜她只是在那儿维持秩序。” /201609/466163

Is it acceptable to use your commute to apply make-up? One Japanese rail company thinks not and has released a song-and-dance discouraging women from doing it.在公共场合化妆合适吗?一家日本铁路公司认为这不合时宜,还发布了一段歌舞宣传视频以阻止女性这样做。Two female commuters are seen applying mascara and lipstick and a woman watching whispers ;Mittomonai; or ;ugly to see;. She then angrily tells them off.两名女性在公共交通上染睫毛膏、涂口红,一女子在一边轻声吐槽“不雅观”,“真难看”,之后她生气的请她们不要在这里化妆。It#39;s one of several train etiquette s Tokyu corp plans to release. But some think it#39;s a step too far in restricting people#39;s behaviour.这是日本东急电铁公司日前播出的礼仪宣传片之一。不过也有一些人认为这太过于限制人们的行为。The 30-second released on 16 September starts with the phrase ;Women in the city are all beautiful. But they are ugly to see, at times;.这段时长30秒的视频于今年9月16日发布,开场是“都市女性都很漂亮,但有时却不太雅观。”The women applying make-up are rebuked by an actress Sawa Nimura and then the phrase: ;Please refrain from putting on make-up on the train; is heard.片中化妆的女性被女演员仁村纱和制止,随后的旁白是:“请勿在车厢内化妆。”;Of course I#39;d understand if they#39;d said, if you put make up on the train the powder might scatter, the scent might be strong, things might soil the car or other people#39;s clothing and would cause trouble for others,; said Twitter user ryudokaoruko. ;But there#39;s no reason I should be told by a rail company whether I look pretty or unseemly.;推特用户ryudokaoruko表示:“当然我能理解他们可能会说,如果你在车厢里化妆,粉底可能会被吹得到处都是,气味可能会太大,化妆品可能会弄脏车厢或别人的衣,会给别人带来麻烦等等……但是铁路公司不应以我看起来是否得体为由来制止女性在车厢化妆。”;People are angry not because #39;they want to put make up on in trains#39;. Absolutely not. They#39;re resisting #39;this society that comes up with so many different reasons to justify misogyny and to oppress women,; said hinase6s.网友hinase6s说:“人们会愤怒,并不是#39;她们就是想在车厢里化妆#39;,绝对不是。他们是在抵制#39;这个社会想出这么多不同的理由以明女性应当被贬低,并且去压制女性#39;这个观念。”Others pointed out that there are much bigger nuisances on the trains such as drunkenness or groping.还有一些人指出,车上还有一些情形比化妆更令人讨厌,比如醉汉,或者色狼等。However, many have supported the message of the advert even comparing applying make-up in public to defecating.然而,一些持者们甚至将公众场合化妆与大小便相提并论。Others brought up a traditionally-held view that women who apply make-up in public are of questionable character.还有一些持传统观点的人认为,公众场合化妆的女性人品有问题。;People are saying that in the West, applying make up in public is a sign that you#39;re a prostitute, but Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth is famous for often touching up her lipstick in front of the public (the talk is more about which brand she uses and no one criticises),; said Papurika dreams.网友Papurika dreams说:“在西方国家,女性在公共场合化妆将被视为。不过据称伊丽莎白女王陛下却常在公众场合补口红(公众议论更多的是她用什么牌子的口红,并没人批评不得体)。”Tokyu corp has said that the is one of a series aiming to educate passengers on rules and etiquette while using the trains.东急电铁公司方面表示,这段视频是一系列短片中的一篇,目的在于教育乘客乘车时遵守礼仪规则。 /201611/477953

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