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  • Ever since Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton, their relationship has been hailed as a modern-day fairytale. But Kate ;commoner;-to-royalty transmation isnt the only thing she has in common with Cinderella. The above photo comparisons have been circulating the Web the last few days and it would seem that the lavish, storybook affair took its cues from Walt Disney classic movie;at least in a few outfit choices.从威廉王子向凯特米德尔顿求婚的那天起,他们的关系就被看作是现实版的童话故事但是卡特从平民到王室成员的转变过程并不是她和灰姑娘唯一的共同之处上面两张照片前几天在网上被疯狂转发,似乎这个奢华的、故事书般的婚礼是来自迪斯尼经典电影的桥段;;至少在一些装的选择上What do you think? Are the royal wedding outfits just pure coincidence or calculated allusion to the fairytale?你觉得呢?这些王室婚礼礼是纯粹的巧合还是刻意模仿童话故事? 65。
  • Pictures of a naked Prince Harry were published on a US website on Wednesday, showing the grandson of Britain Queen Elizabeth cavorting with a nude young woman in a hotel room in Las Vegas.美国一家网站本周三刊登了英国哈里王子的派对裸照照片上,英国女王的孙子哈里王子正在一家酒店与一名年轻裸女狂欢A royal source confirmed to reporters that the two photos published on the celebrity gossip website TMZ were of Harry, who has a reputation as a partying playboy and is often linked to an array of women in Britain tabloids.英国王室一位消息人士向媒体实,刊登在明星八卦网站TMZ上的裸照属实哈里王子一直以派对著称,经常和一群美女一起出现在英国八卦小报上;He been doing a lot of good work the queen and getting a good reputation and although a lot of people think this is a great laugh, it does actually bring the monarchy into disrepute and will embarrass the queen,; said royal author Robert Jobson.王室作者罗伯特-乔布森说:“哈里王子为英国女王做了大量工作,也得了好的名声尽管很多人认为这就是个搞笑事件,但这件事确实让英国王室蒙羞,也让英国女王难堪”One snap showed Harry, third in line to the British throne, covering up his genitals with his hands while an apparently naked woman hides behind his back. The other pictured the naked 7-year-old prince clinging to a naked woman from behind.在其中一张照片中,哈里王子用手捂住私处,而一名明显的女子藏在他的背后另一张照片上,哈里王子赤身裸体地从后面拥抱一名女子7岁的哈里王子是英国王室第三顺位继承人;Prince Harry put the crown jewels on display in Vegas this weekend,; TMZ said.TMZ网站说:“哈里王子周末在可让英国王室现眼了”According to TMZ, Harry and his friends had invited women from the hotel bar up to their VIP suite, where they played a strip game at a pool table. It did not identify the women.据该网站爆料,哈里王子和朋友们邀请了酒店酒吧的一些女性去他们的贵宾套房,在台球桌前玩儿起了脱衣游戏网站没有确定照片上女性的身份The prince, a British army Apache helicopter pilot, has been on a private holiday with friends in Las Vegas after completing his final pilot training ahead of a future deployment.哈里王子目前在英国军队担任阿帕奇直升机飞行员当时他已完成最后的飞行训练,等待将来的派遣,正与朋友在共享私人假期;We are not commenting specifically on the photos,; a spokesman the prince said.哈里王子的发言人称:“我们目前不会对这些照片给予置评”Harry, son of heir-to-the-throne Prince Charles and his late ex-wife Princess Diana, earned a reputation when he was younger as a royal wild child after he admitted in dabbling in marijuana and under-age drinking. Three years later he made headlines when he wore a Nazi unim to a costume party.哈里王子是英国王储查尔斯和已故前妻戴安娜王妃的小儿子,在年轻时就以放荡不羁著称他在年承认吸食大麻,且未达法定年龄就饮酒在此三年后,他又因身穿纳粹制参加化妆舞会登上报纸头条But in recent years Harry has shed much of that image. He served in the army in Afghanistan four years ago and has spoken of his desire to return to frontline action.但在近些年,哈里王子的形象大为改观他于四年前在阿富汗役,还提到希望重返前线参战Earlier this month he was watched by hundreds of millions around the globe standing in the queen while the national anthem was sung at the closing ceremony of the London Olympics.本月早些时候,伦敦奥运会闭幕式奏响英国国歌时,全球数亿观众看到他代替女王出现在了现场The media has been enthralled by the love life of the single prince, whose elder brother William married last year in a ceremony that attracted huge global interest.媒体对这位单身王子的感情生活很感兴趣哈里王子的哥哥威廉王子去年举行婚礼,吸引了全球的目光 196381。
  • Seven employees of China’s second-largest oil company have been detained in connection with a crude oil explosion that killed at least 55 people in the eastern Chinese port city of Qingdao.与中国东部港口城市青岛原油爆燃事故相关的7名中石化(Sinopec)员工已被警方控制,此次事故已导致至少55人死亡中石化是中国第二大石油企业The official microblog of the Qingdao Economic and Technology Development zone said seven Sinopec staff and two local government officials had been detained in connection with the explosion on November . The accident is the deadliest this year in China, where pressure is building greater scrutiny of workplace safety.青岛经济技术开发区(Qingdao Economic and Technology Development zone)官方微称,警方已控制.东黄输油管线泄漏爆炸事故中石化相关人员7人,青岛经济技术开发区相关人员人此次事故是中国今年发生的最致命的事故目前,中国国内要求对安全生产施以更严格监管的压力越来越大Central government has blamed the blast on human error. “Very serious dereliction of duty” was behind the accident, a senior official in charge of China’s work safety administration said on Monday, according to state news agency Xinhua.中国中央政府将此次爆炸归咎于人为失误据官方通讯社新华社报道,中国国家安监总局一名负责人周一表示,“这是一起十分严重的责任事故”A damaged pipeline leaked crude oil into city storm sewers in the early hours of Friday morning. Two massive explosions ripped through city streets hours later, while workers were attempting to repair the leak and contain oil sping from the drainage outlets into the bay.上周五凌晨时分,一条破裂的输油管线导致原油泄漏,流入城市雨水排放管道几个小时后,正当工人们试图修补裂缝并围堵从排水口流入海湾的原油时,两起巨大的爆炸震荡了该市的大街小巷Yang Dongliang, director of the state administration of work safety and head of an investigation team the accident, said the poor planning and supervision, and “unprofessional handling of oil leakage bee the blasts”, contributed to the tragedy.中国国家安监总局局长、此次事故调查组组长杨栋梁表示,规划布置不合理、疏于管理、“泄漏后的应急处置不当”,才造成了这次群死群伤Mr Yang made the remarks at a meeting of the investigation team the accident, which also left nine missing and 6 injured, according to state television.杨栋梁说:“这次事故损失惨重,暴露出的突出问题是,输油管道与城市排水管网规划布置不合理;对输油管道疏于管理,造成原油泄漏”“The serious damage in this incident has highlighted major problems, including the location of the pipelines and the sewerage grid and the negligent maintenance of the oil pipeline that caused the oil leak,’’ Mr Yang said.杨栋梁表示:“泄漏后的应急处置不当,未规定采取设置警戒区、封闭道路、通知疏散人员等预防性措施这是一起十分严重的责任事故”“There was an inadequate response after the leak was found. They did not seal off the area and evacuate people. This is a serious lapse of responsibility,’’ Mr Yang said.上周日,中石化董事长傅成玉在中石化官方微上发布的一则声明中,为事故造成的生命财产损失向“青岛人民和全国人民”道歉 68。
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