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Writing is like “chatting up a woman”, Japan’s superstar novelist Haruki Murakami has said: “You can get better with practice to a certain degree, but basically, you’re either born with it, or you’re not.”写作就如同“和姑娘搭讪,勤练会让你有所提高,但归根结底,要看你有没有天赋。”日本著名小说家村上春树如是写到。The novelist was responding online to one of the questions he has received from fans over the last few days, in his new guise as Japan’s most literary agony uncle. He began posting on Jan 15 on a site, Murakami-san no tokoro – or Mr Murakami’s Place – set up by his publisher, Shinchosa, which has said he will be taking questions until the end of the month.自从村上春树化身文艺“知心大叔”,短短几天内,就有不少粉丝上网提问,而上面正是村上对其中一个问题的回复。本月15日,村上春树开始在网站“村上家”上与广大粉丝交流,回答粉丝的提问。该网站由其出版商日本新潮社设立,在1月底之前都会接受粉丝们的提问。Cats make regular, enigmatic appearances in Murakami’s fiction and one er was keen to know if the author of Norwegian Wood and The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle might know where her lost cat had got to: “Cats just disappear sometimes. You have to love and appreciate them while they’re near you,” advised Murakami. Another wondered if the writer had any tips to stop his wife from burping; Murakami phlegmatically pointed out that “burping is far better than farting”.在村上春树的小说中,猫是“常客”,总是神秘莫测地出现。一位读者就很想问问这位《挪威的森林》和《奇鸟行状录》的作者,自己走失的猫咪去哪儿了。对此,村上春树这样建议:“猫儿们时不时就玩消失。所以当它们亲近你时,你要疼爱它们,欣赏它们。” 另一位粉丝则问村上是否有诀窍能让他的妻子停止打嗝 ,村上淡定地指出“(这么说请见谅)但我想打嗝总比放屁要好多了……”The novelist has replied almost entirely in Japanese, with an “unofficial” English translation carried out by a fan. One er, who was married with children and having an affair, asked if “there is some kind of rulebook for wicked women”. Murakami replied: “Cheating is what it is, but I think you should be careful about using the ‘D-word’ (divorce). It’s dangerous to actually utter it out loud.” He added: “I hope everything works out for you. You are not a terrible woman. This is rather common. But you must take great care in your actions.”村上基本上是用日语来回复的,而一位粉丝则给出了自己的“非官方”英文翻译。 有一位已经生儿育女的粉丝有了婚外情,她问村上,“有没有什么办法可以约束坏女人”。村上回答道:“偷情是一回事,但我觉得你应当慎重使用‘D’打头的那个词(divorce离婚)。轻易说出它是很危险的。”他又说道:“我希望你一切顺利,你并不是坏女人。婚外情很平常,不过还是慎重为好。”The author of novels from Kafka on the Shore to Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage, which sold 1m copies in a week in Japan, Murakami is clearly enjoying his online adventure. Questions he has answered range from the literary, to the intimate, to the playful – has Murakami ever wanted to be a cat? No, it turns out, although he has wished to be the wind.村上春树写过不少小说,从《海边的卡夫卡》再到前年在日本面世一周就热销百万册的《没有色的多崎作和他的巡礼之年》,无一不被粉丝熟知。现在,村上春树显然很享受他的网络奇遇之旅,他回答的问题既有文学困惑,也有私人问题,还有玩笑之语,比如,“村上先生,你想过做一只猫吗?”是没有,不过他倒是想过化成一阵风。Another er asked how the novelist feels about being named the frontrunner for the Nobel prize in literature. It’s “kind of a nuisance”, he said, according to the fan’s translation. “It’s not like I’ve been officially nominated or anything, it’s just unaffiliated bookmakers who are putting odds on me. It’s not a horse race!”另有读者问及村上“领跑”诺贝尔文学奖是一种怎样的感受。 根据粉丝的翻译,他的回答是:“其实挺困扰的,因为并非官方提名,只是被民间机构拿来定赔率罢了。这又不是赛马!”Two correspondents wrote to Murakami in English, one asking: “Do you think cats can understand how humans feel? My cat Bobo ran away when she saw me crying.” The novelist told her: “I suspect that either you or your cat is extremely sensitive. I have had many cats, but no cat has ever been so sympathetic. They were just as egoistic as they could be.”还有两位提问者使用了英文,一位问道:“ 你认为猫能理解人类的感受么?我家猫Bobo每次看到我哭就会跑开。”村上君的回答是:“我觉得要么是你家猫太敏感,要么就是你想多了。我养过许多猫,但它们从来都是以自我为中心,从没见它们表现出同情心。”And asked if he had any places where he stayed “for a while”, Murakami replied in English: “An easy question. In the bed with someone I love. Where else?”当被问到有没有什么地方是总会待上“一阵子的”,村上则用英文答道:“这个问题简单。和爱的人一起在床上。不然还能是哪儿呢?” /201501/357190

MOSCOW — After a law went into effect last summer banning obscenities in public performances, the playwright and director Ivan Vyrypaev excised the curse words from one of his plays, “The Drunks,” for its Russian debut at the prestigious Moscow Art Theater. Some actors played the new version straight, he said, while others winked to make clear what was cut.莫斯科——去年夏天,俄罗斯开始实施一项禁止公共表演中出现脏话的法律。为了自己的剧作《酒鬼》(The Drunks)能在著名的莫斯科艺术剧院举行俄罗斯首演,编剧兼导演伊万·维里帕夫(Ivan Vyrypaev)也删除了剧中的脏话。他说,新版本上演时,有些演员不动声色,也有些演员在脏话被删除的地方挤眼示意。A quiet man of 40, Mr. Vyrypaev was circumspect about the law. “Of course my plays lost something, but my artistic life hasn’t been ruined,” he said in an interview, adding that he also had to pull three plays by other playwrights from the Praktika Theater here, where he is artistic director.40岁的维里帕夫生性温和,他对这项法律极为慎重。“当然,我的剧本失去了某种味道,但我的艺术生命还没被毁掉,”他在采访中说。维里帕夫是莫斯科普拉克提卡剧院(Praktika Theater)的艺术总监。他补充说,他还不得不撤掉该剧院其他编剧创作的三部话剧。Later, Mr. Vyrypaev said, Praktika presented other plays with curse words after President Vladimir V. Putin said in a meeting with writers that while Tolstoy and Chekhov didn’t need cursing, “You, the writers, know best.”维里帕夫说,弗拉基米尔·V·普京总统(Vladimir V. Putin)在一次与编剧的座谈会上说,托尔斯泰和契诃夫不需要使用脏话,“你们这些编剧最了解这一点”。不过,在那之后,普拉克提卡剧院还是上演了其他一些含有脏话的剧目。The advance and retreat was telling. Cultural figures in Russia today describe a climate of confusion and anxiety in which the law banning obscenities, as well as a 2013 law that criminalizes acts offending religious believers, are often ignored unless someone wants them applied. Critics say the new laws are stifling free expression and pulling the country backward.这种时进时退的做法很说明问题。俄罗斯的文化名人们认为当前的文化气候令人困惑和忧虑。2013年,俄罗斯一项法律宣布冒犯宗教信徒的行为属于违法,然而这项法律以及这项禁止使用脏话的法律经常被民众忽视,除非有人想要执行。批评者认为,这些新法律扼杀自由言论,导致国家走向倒退。During Soviet times, “At least we knew the rules,” said Irina Prokhorova, a publisher and vocal critic of the government. “This is a little bit different, because there are no rules, no official censorship.” Ms. Prokhorova likened the climate to the 1930s, when the Nazis labeled art degenerate. “This is aesthetic fundamentalism,” she said. The law on religious believers is particularly slippery. “Who are those believers? What do they believe in? No one talks about this,” she added.出版人伊琳娜·普罗霍罗娃(Irina Prokhorova)经常直言不讳地批评政府。她说,在苏联时期,“至少我们知道有哪些规定”,“现在这种情况有点不同,因为没有规定,没有官方审查”。普罗霍罗娃把目前的文化气候比作20世纪30年代,当时纳粹认为艺术是堕落的。“这是审美上的原教旨主义,”她说。她补充说,关于宗教信徒的那项法律尤其模糊。“那些信徒是谁?他们信奉的是什么?没人说明这些。”This week, a debate has been raging after it emerged on Sunday that Russia’s culture minister had ousted the director of a state-run theater in Siberia on the grounds that a production of Wagner’s “Tannh#228;user,” with a backdrop in which an image of Christ was placed in the crotch of a naked woman, had run afoul of the law against offending religious believers — even after a judge last month dropped the case as groundless.周日,俄罗斯文化部长罢黜了西伯利亚一个国营剧院的经理,理由是该剧院排演的瓦格纳(Wagner)作品《唐怀瑟》(Tannh#228;user)的布景将耶稣形象放在一个裸体女人的胯部。文化部长认为这冒犯了宗教信徒,触犯了法律。不过上个月,一位法官判定该案理由不足。该案引发热烈争论。Russia has a thriving theater scene and a constitution that bans top-down, Soviet-style censorship. But in a time of economic turmoil and growing nationalism, with society polarized in unpredictable and emotional ways over the new laws and the war in Ukraine, cultural figures say the message from the government is clear: Fall in line with the emphasis on family and religious values, or lose funding, or worse.俄罗斯的舞台艺术蓬勃发展,宪法禁止自上而下的苏联式审查制度。但是如今俄罗斯经济动荡,民族主义情绪高涨。面对新法律和乌克兰战争,整个社会出现不可预料的分化情绪。文化名人们说,政府的信号很明确:文化界要与政府强调家庭和宗教价值观的政策保持一致,否则会失去资金持,甚至遇到更糟的状况。“It’s about betrayal — those who betray are put in the Ninth Circle of Hell, like in Dante,” Kirill Serebrennikov, a prominent theater and film director and the director of the Gogol Center, a cornerstone of Moscow’s theater scene, said in a recent interview here. The result, he said, was to put writers and directors “between Scylla and Charybdis — between censorship or self-censorship.”“这其实是在惩罚背叛,就像但丁(Dante)的《神曲》那样,背叛者被打入第九层地狱,”著名戏剧和电影导演、果戈里中心(Gogol Center)主管、莫斯科戏剧界巨擘基里尔·谢列布连尼科夫(Kirill Serebrennikov)前不久在莫斯科接受采访时说。他说,结果是将剧作家和导演们置于“腹背受敌的境地,既要接受审查,又要自我审查”。That day, Mr. Serebrennikov was puzzling over a report in Izvestia, a newspaper seen as close to the Kremlin, that scholars from a research institute were evaluating whether recent theater productions had “distorted” classic Russian texts. They included his production of Gogol’s “Dead Souls” at the Gogol Center and productions of “Boris Godunov” and “The Karamazovs,” based on the Dostoyevsky novel, both mounted by the popular director Konstantin Bogomolov at other theaters.接受采访当天,谢列布连尼科夫正为《消息报》(Izvestia,该报被认为与政府关系密切)上的一则报道感到迷惑:一家研究机构的学者们正在评估近期的上演的戏剧是否“歪曲”了俄罗斯经典文学著作。遭到评估的作品包括谢列布连尼科夫在果戈里中心排演的果戈里《死魂灵》(Dead Souls),以及著名导演康斯坦丁·戈莫洛夫(Konstantin Bogomolov在其他剧院排演的《鲍里斯·戈杜诺夫》(Boris Godunov)和根据陀思妥耶夫斯基(Dostoyevsky)的同名小说改编的《卡拉马佐夫兄弟》(The Karamazovs) 。“The goal is to show us that we can’t interpret classical Russian literature at all, or to say that it’s not Russian literature, it’s Kirill Serebrennikov’s fantasy,” Mr. Serebrennikov said. He added that if theaters were to lose public funding, they would be unlikely to find it from private sources.“这项研究的目的是向我们表明,我们完全不能阐释经典俄罗斯文学,或者是说这些作品不是俄罗斯文学,而是基里尔·谢列布连尼科夫的幻想,”谢列布连尼科夫说。他补充说,如果剧院失去公共资金持,也不可能得到私人资助。In an interview last month in his office here, Vladimir Medinsky, Russia’s culture minister, said it was the prerogative of experts at the research institute to look into Russian culture, such as the plays in question. “Maybe, that’s their right to do this,” Mr. Medinsky said. But he said the academics’ findings wouldn’t have repercussions for the theaters.上个月,俄罗斯文化部长弗拉基米尔·梅金斯基(Vladimir Medinsky)在自己的办公室接受采访时说,那所研究院的专家们有天然的权利研究俄罗斯文化,包括大家讨论的这些戏剧。“也许那是他们的权利,”梅金斯基说。不过,他说学者们的发现不会对剧院造成影响。Holding a mobile phone whose case had a picture of Mr. Putin in sunglasses and a camouflage parka above the pop song lyrics “they can’t catch us,” Mr. Medinsky dismissed criticism that the ministry was effectively stifling free expression by funding only projects that it believes meet family- and religious-values standards or that portray Putin’s Russia in a positive light.当时梅金斯基手上拿着一部手机,外壳上印有普京戴墨镜、穿迷大衣的照片,下面还有一句流行歌曲歌词“他们抓不到我们”。有人批评说,文化部只资助那些它认为符合家庭和宗教价值观标准、或者正面歌颂普京统治下的俄罗斯的项目,因此严重扼制了自由言论。梅金斯基否定了这种批评。“The less they spend their life on Facebook, the less garbage they will have in their heads,” he said of government critics. (Anti-government dissent has been concentrated on social media after the Duma passed a law in 2012 restricting public rallies.)“他们在Facebook上花的时间越少,头脑中的垃圾就越少,”在提到政府批评者时,他这样说(从2012年俄议会下院杜马通过了限制公开集会的法律后,反政府异见主要集中出现在社交媒体上)。In the interview, which took place before he ousted the Siberian theater director, Mr. Medinsky was aly highly critical of the “Tannh#228;user” production. It played four performances to sold-out houses of 1,700 at the Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater before representatives of the local Russian Orthodox Church complained in February.接受采访时,梅金斯基尚未罢黜西伯利亚剧院经理,不过对《唐怀瑟》演出非常不满。该剧在新西伯利亚国家学术剧院(Novosibirsk State Academic Opera)和芭蕾舞剧院(Ballet Theater)共演出四场,场场满座,共有1700名观众观看了演出。2月份,当地的俄罗斯东正教教会代表提出抗议。This week, Mr. Medinsky replaced the theater’s director with a loyalist, Vladimir Kekhman, who said he would remove “Tannh#228;user” from the repertory. (Before becoming the director of a theater he renovated in St. Petersburg, Mr. Kekhman was a business magnate who imported bananas to Russia.)本周,梅金斯基任命忠于政府的弗拉基米尔·凯科曼(Vladimir Kekhman)担任西伯利亚剧院的新主管。凯科曼称,他将把《唐怀瑟》从演出剧目中除去(凯科曼曾在圣彼得堡修复一家剧院,担任主管,之前是往俄罗斯香蕉进口行业的巨头)。While that case has resonated, with supporters rallying around the theater and critics rallying in support of the Russian Orthodox Church, the law banning obscenities has had a more concrete effect on theater and film. Introduced by a group of lawmakers including Stanislav Govorukhin, a member of Parliament and a popular film and television director during the Soviet period, the law sets fines and 90-day suspensions for violations.这起事件引起了很大反响,该剧的持者在剧院外集会,而该剧的批评者们也集会持俄罗斯东正教教会。不过,禁止脏话的法律对剧院和电影业有更切实的影响。这项法律规定,违反者将受到处罚并被勒令停业90天。提出这项法律的立法者包括下议院议员斯坦尼斯拉夫·戈沃鲁欣(Stanislav Govorukhin)。他是苏联时期的著名电影和电视导演。In the interview, Mr. Medinsky defended the law and said there were no plans to revise or revoke it.在采访中,梅金斯基维护了这项法律,称没有计划修改或废除它。Unlike the average English-language expletive thrown into everyday conversation, in Russian, cursing resonates as extremely crude; it has its own grammar and is never used in polite conversation. It is not uncommon for some older theatergoers to gasp when curses are uttered onstage.不像英语,脏话在俄语日常对话中极少出现,被认为极其粗鲁。脏话有自己的语法,在礼貌的交谈中从不出现。当舞台上出现脏话时,年长观众感到惊讶的情况并不罕见。Some directors see the anti-obscenity law as a distraction from far more worrisome issues. “Imagine Tony Soprano ruling the country, and Tony Soprano issues a law against obscenities,” said Alexander Zeldovich, the director of the critically acclaimed 2011 dystopian film “Target.”有些导演认为,禁止脏话的法律是在转移人们对其他严重问题的关注。“想像一下,如果是托尼·索普拉诺(Tony Soprano)统治这个国家,而他颁布法律禁止说脏话会是什么情形,”导演亚历山大·泽利多维奇(Alexander Zeldovich)说。他2011年的反乌托邦影片《标靶》(Target)广受好评。But film professionals are divided. The director Valeria Gai Germanika, 31, known for her coming-of-age films, said she didn’t mind cutting the cursing from her 2014 film “Yes and Yes.”但是电影专业人士对此意见不一。31岁的导演瓦列里娅·加伊·(Valeria Gai Germanika)以成长电影闻名。她说,她不介意去除她2014年影片《是的是的》(Yes and Yes)中的脏话。“We dubbed it again, and I actually think it became even better,” she said in a telephone interview. Asked if such choices should be made by artists themselves or the government, Ms. Gai Germanika said: “There’s a law, and I’m not going to fight against it. Actually, all those great films made in the Soviet era had no swearing, and people learned about the country through them.”“我们重新配音,实际上我觉得修改之后反而变得更好了,”她在电话采访中说。当被问及这样的选择应该由艺术家还是政府做出时,她说,“有这样的法律,我不打算对抗法律。实际上,苏联时期所有精的电影都没有脏话,人们通过那些电影去了解那个时代。”Some theaters say they’re simply ignoring the law. “We don’t abide by it, because we think it’s anti-constitutional,” said Yelena Gremina, a co-founder of Moscow’s scrappy Teatr.doc, known for its politically charged productions inspired by real-life events.有些剧院称,他们不理会这项法律。“我们不遵守它,因为我们认为它违反宪法,”敢作敢为的莫斯科Teatr.doc剧团的联合创始人叶连娜·格里米娜(Yelena Gremina)说。该剧团以上演受真实事件启发创作的政治剧目闻名。But there is genuine concern, especially after members of the performance group Pussy Riot were jailed in 2012 on charges of hooliganism after singing an anti-Putin song in a Moscow church.不过,人们的确感到忧虑,尤其是在2012年表演团队Pussy Riot在莫斯科一座教堂演唱反普京歌曲被判处流氓罪入狱之后。“After Pussy Riot, everything is serious; they put those girls in jail for two years,” said Alexander Rodnyansky, a leading film producer, most recently of the Oscar-nominated “Leviathan,” which Mr. Medinsky had criticized for its negative portrayal of Putin’s Russia. (Before it was shown last fall, the film was redubbed to remove the curses.)“在Pussy Riot事件之后,一切都变得很严肃。他们判那些女孩入狱两年,”著名电影制片人亚历山大·罗德尼扬斯基(Alexander Rodnyansky)说。他最新制作的影片《利维坦》(Leviathan)获得了奥斯卡提名。梅金斯基批评该片对普京统治下的俄罗斯的描绘过于负面(去年秋季该片上映前,重新配音,去除了脏话)。Creative artists say they are deeply worried about the direction of the country, but they find no shortage of material.创意艺术家们说,他们为俄罗斯的未来感到极为担忧,但他们绝不缺乏素材。“Putin is a process,” said Mr. Vyrypaev, the director. “I treat him like hydrogen sulfide. If you breathe too much, you’ll die. But it’s still part of nature.”“普京是一个过程,”导演维里帕夫说,“我把他看做硫化氢。吸入过多硫化氢,人会死。但它是大自然的一部分。” /201504/370013

Google is consistently rated the best place to work. So you need a degree from Harvard to get in the door, right?谷歌一直被认为是最好的工作地点,这是否意味着,只有哈佛大学毕业生才能如愿踏进谷歌大门呢?Not really, according to Laszlo Bock, Google#39;s Head of People Operations.谷歌人力运营部主管拉斯洛·克(Laszlo Bock)表示,并非如此。When the company was small, Google cared a lot about getting kids from Harvard, Stanford, and MIT. But Bock said it was the ;wrong; hiring strategy. Experience has taught him there are exceptional kids at many other places, from state schools in California to New York.在谷歌还是一个小公司的时候,曾经非常看重哈佛、斯坦福、麻省理工等名校的文凭。但克认为,这种招聘策略是错误的。经验告诉他,在一些别的地方,比如加利福尼亚或纽约的公立学校中,也会有一些天赋超常的人才。;What we find is the best people from places like that are just as good if not better as anybody you can get from any Ivy League school,; said Bock, who just authored a book titled ;Work Rules!; and stopped by CNNMoney to share his smarts.“我们从这些地方招聘的人才就算不比常春藤盟校(Ivy League school)的学生更优秀,至少也与他们一般优秀。”克刚写了一本名为《工作法则》(Work Rules!)的书,他在美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)财经频道做客时分享了他的智慧哲学。Every year, 2 million people apply to get a job at Google (GOOG). Bock himself has seen some 25,000 résumés.每年都会有两百万的人到谷歌公司求职,克本人已经看过2.5万份求职简历。So what else does Google not care about:那么谷歌招聘中不看重的还有哪些呢?Grades: Google#39;s data shows that grades predict performance for the first two years of a career, but do not matter after that.分数:谷歌数据显示,分数只能预测职业生涯最初两年的能力,除此之外,毫无意义。Brainteasers: Gone are interview questions such as: Why are manhole covers round? or How many golf balls can fit in a school bus? ;Our research tells us those questions are a waste of time,; Bock said. ;They#39;re a really coachable skill. The more you practice, you get better at it.;智力问答:谷歌不再出这样的面试题了:为什么井盖是圆的?或者是:多少个高尔夫球能装满一辆校车?克说:“我们的调查显示,这么问纯粹是浪费时间。因为这些是能够通过训练提高的技能,你练习得越多,就能答得更好。”A shoe: ;Somebody sent me a shoe once with a résumé tucked inside because they wanted to get their foot in the door.; That one didn#39;t work.一只鞋:“有人曾把简历塞在一只鞋里寄给我,意思是他们想踏进谷歌这扇门。”这样做当然没能奏效。Or a robot: Especially when it arrived broken, with exposed wires and a ;press here; button. Call in the bomb squad.一个机器人:尤其是那些寄来时已经坏了的,电线露在外面,上面还有一个“按这里”的按钮,于是我们只好给防爆小组打电话了。Here#39;s what Google does care about:以下这些才是谷歌真正看重的:Problem solvers: Your cognitive ability, or how well you solve problems.能解决问题的人:拥有认知能力或是能够排忧解难的人。Leaders: The idea is not whether you were president of the student body or vice president of the bank, rather: ;When you see a problem do you step in, help solve it,; and then critically, ;Are you willing to step out and let somebody else take over, and make room for somebody else? Are you willing to give up power?;有领导能力的人:这不是说你得是学生会主席或是副总理,而是“当你遇到问题时能不能介入,帮助解决问题”。然后是眼光要犀利,“可以退出来让别人接管吗?能够让位于别人吗?可以放弃权力吗?”Googleyness: That#39;s what Google calls its cultural fit. It#39;s not ;Are you like us?; Bock said. ;We actually look for people who are different, because diversity gives us great ideas.;具有谷歌精神(Googleyness)的人:这点被谷歌称作文化契合度。它并不是“你和我们一样吗?”克说:“事实上,我们在寻找和我们不一样的人,因为多样性能给谷歌带来卓越的想法。”What#39;s most important is that people are intellectually humble, willing to admit when they#39;re wrong, and care about the environment around them ...;because we want people who think like owners not employees,; Bock said.最重要的一点就是:理性的谦逊,愿意承认自己错了,关心周围的环境……克说:“我们想要的是那些拥有主人翁心态而不是雇员心态的人。”The least important thing? Knowing how to do the job.最不重要的一点是什么?只知道如何工作的人。;We figure if you get the first three right you#39;ll figure it out most of the time.;“我们认为一旦你具备了前三点,基本上就可以所向披靡了。” /201505/376072

When most fathers discover their daughter is getting married, they set to work planning a witty speech.大多数父亲在得知女儿要结婚的时候,都会精心准备一份婚礼致辞。But when John Butcher#39;s little girl tied the knot, he wanted to go one better than that.但是约翰·布彻的小女儿结婚的时候,他给出的惊喜显然要比致辞好得多。So the 50-year-old from Allington, Kent, spent 200 hours learning to sing so that he could surprise his daughter, Natalie, by serenading her on her wedding day.这位来自英国肯特郡的父亲今年50岁,他花了200多个小时学习唱歌,为的是在女儿娜塔莉的婚礼上为她献唱一首小夜曲,给她个惊喜。John had secret singing lessons for more than six months and practised for 180 hours at home so he could be pitch perfect when he performed in front of 100 people on the big day.约翰瞒着大家,共用了6个多月学习唱歌、180个小时在家练习,目的就是希望在女儿生日那天自己能够在100多人的面前有个完美的表现。The father-of-two then belted out a version of the Elvis classic #39;Always On My Mind#39; to his shocked daughter during her wedding reception at The Orangery at Turkey Mill, Maidstone, in October.十月份,在女儿的婚礼现场上,约翰深情演唱了埃尔维斯的经典曲目《永远在我心中》,让女儿惊喜不已。Natalie, 26, who married software developer Ian Wright, 29, said her father#39;s song was the icing on the cake of their special day.26岁的娜塔莉嫁给了29岁的软件工程师伊恩·怀特,她说父亲的演唱给她的婚礼锦上添花。She said: We had the most amazing day which was finished off perfectly with the surprise of my dad singing after the speech. I was in shock but touched by the choice of song and the amount of effort that had gone into the preparation. Everyone seemed to be as blown away as I was and it is something I will never forget.#39;“那天真的是美妙无比的一天,婚礼进行得很顺利,而爸爸在致辞后的演唱又给了我们一个大大的惊喜。爸爸选的那首歌曲,以及他这么长时间的准备,都令我非常吃惊和感动。大家看起来也都和我一样,这天令我终身难忘。”娜塔莉说。John#39;s wife, Mel, 47, was equally as shocked and touched by her husband bursting into song.约翰的妻子47岁的梅尔,也被丈夫的突然献唱感动了。John said: #39;My wife Mel was in tears as she knew nothing about the performance and my daughter told me afterwards that it was the closest she came to crying throughout the whole ceremony.#39;约翰说:“梅尔热泪盈眶,因为她事先也不知道我的表演。后来女儿跟我说那个时刻是她整个婚礼中最想哭的时刻。”The father-of-the-bride said he came up with the idea to sing at the reception in April but as he confessed he wasn#39;t previously able to carry a tune, he signed up for lessons to help him impress the wedding guests.约翰说他是在4月份想到要在婚礼上唱歌的主意的,但他承认在此之前他唱歌是会走调的,所以他专门报了唱歌学习班以帮助他能在婚礼上好好表现。He said: #39;I really can#39;t sing and don#39;t pretend to. I spoke to Darren in April about the idea and started lessons in May.他说:“我真的不会唱歌也不想隐瞒这点。4月份的时候我告诉达伦老师我的想法,然后在5月的时候开始了学习。”#39;I#39;ve had a lesson every other week and have practised the song for an hour a day since then.#39;“我每隔一周去上一次课,然后每天都在家练习一个小时。”His hard work paid off and people clapped and cheered John#39;s performance - which was filmed in full by one of the guests and then uploaded to YouTube.约翰的努力得到了收获,大家都为他的表演欢呼鼓掌,其中一位宾客还将整个过程录了下来并上传到了YouTube上。John said: #39;Everyone thought the DJ had mucked up, but then I got up and started singing. People were laughing and crying and standing up waving their hands.约翰说:“当时大家都以为是DJ搞错了,但就在这时我起身开始演唱。大家哭着,笑着,并站起来挥舞着手臂。”Housewife Mel, said she was proud of her husband#39;s efforts to make their daughter#39;s day even more memorable.妻子梅尔说她为自己的丈夫感到骄傲,是丈夫的这一举动使女儿的婚礼更加具有纪念意义。She said: #39; I can#39;t believe he managed to keep it a secret for so long.梅尔说:“我没想到他会瞒着我们这么久。”#39;I was laughing and crying, I had my face in a serviette, it was very emotional and I was very proud of him especially as he#39;s not the kind of person to put himself at the centre of attention.#39;“我当时高兴和感动得都哭了,不停地用餐巾纸擦眼泪。这真是太感人了,我为约翰感到骄傲,尤其是他并不是那种擅长在众人面前表演的人。” /201411/343032

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