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In Chinese, the word Jinguixu refers to a wealth, prestigious husband (or ;sugar daddy; in the US and UK) and some young women dream of finding one. Here are some careers suggestions.中文中,身份高贵、经济条件优越的丈夫被称为“金龟婿”(在英国和美国,这种人被称作“sugar daddy”)。很多年轻女性都梦想找到一位金龟婿。下面是我们的职业建议,或许能帮你谋得“金龟婿”哦!hostess空Air hostesses have frequent opportunities to meet and encounter celebrities and wealthy men in first class。空所工作的头等舱区域是最容易邂逅名人、富豪的地方。But since their schedules take them all over the world and their lives are irregular, it’s not easy for these women to snare their sugar daddy。但由于她们的工作日程飘忽不定,遍布世界各地;而且生活也极不规律,抓住“钓金龟”对于她们来说并非易事。News announcer新闻主播News announcers have lots of exposure and people think they have healthy images and bright brains。新闻主播们拥有很高的曝光率,在人们眼中她们就是智慧与美貌的象征。Representing beauty and wisdom, they are frequently invited along with celebrities and the rich to balls, charities, auctions and cocktail parties。这些智慧与美貌并存的主播们经常受邀与名人富豪们共赴各类舞会、慈善晚宴、拍卖会以及鸡尾酒派对。Movie star电影明星It’s not news that female stars marry millionaires or billionaires。女明星嫁入豪门的故事,大家听的还少吗?Beautiful movie stars attract everyone’s eyeballs including the rich and famous。外表靓丽的电影明星吸引着所有人的眼球,其中自然也包括那些富商名流们。But if the stars marry those men, they must often sacrifice their own careers and reputations。但这些女明星若要嫁入豪门,通常需要牺牲自己的事业和名利。Secretaries秘书Usually secretaries of senior mangers could have fat salaries, attractive appearances and direct channels to reach all kinds of elites in many industries。通常,高管人员的秘书待遇好、形象光鲜,还有机会直接接触到各个行业的精英。Their job teaches them to build good PR skills, personal networks and stepping stones to other fields。她们的工作使她们拥有良好的公关技能,人脉关系,为跨行发展打下基础。High class sports coach高级运动教练Sports such as horseback riding, diving and golf are for the wealthy elite in China。在中国,骑马、潜水、高尔夫这些运动都是有钱人的专属品。But if a woman has the coaching skills, the benefits come from the one-on-one lessons with her students。但如果一位女士拥有教练技能,那么她也能够从一对一教学中获益。 /201302/226902

UN Secretary-General1971- the ed Nations General Assembly voted to ratify the election of Kurt Waldheim to be Secretary-General. 联合国秘书长1971年的今天,联合国大会投票选举库尔特·瓦尔德海姆为秘书长。the Brandenburg Gate crossing was opened1989-the Brandenburg Gate crossing was opened when Helmut Kohl, the West German chancellor, walked through to be greeted by Hans Modrow, the East German prime minister.]勃兰登堡门开放 1989年的今天,西德总理的赫尔穆特·科尔走过勃兰登堡门受到东德总理汉斯·莫德罗的欢迎,标志着勃兰登堡门开放。Poland's first popularly elected president1990- Lech Walesa took the oath of office as Poland's first popularly elected president. 波兰第一位民选总统1990年的今天,波兰历史上第一位民选总统列赫·瓦文萨宣誓就职。The Winter Solstice Festival As early as 2,500 years ago, about the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 ), China had determined the point of Winter Solstice by observing movements of the sun with a sundial. It is the earliest of the 24 seasonal division points. The time will be each December 21 or 22 according to the Gregorian calendar.冬至早在二千五百多年前的春秋时代(公元前770-476),我国已经用土圭观测太阳测定出冬至来了,它是二十四节气中最早制订出的一个。时间在每年的阳历12月22日或者23日之间。 The Northern hemisphere on this day experiences the shortest daytime and longest nighttime. After the Winter Solstice, days will become longer and longer,so it should be celebrated.The Winter Solstice became a festival during the Han Dynasty (206 -220 AD) and thrived in the Tang and Song dynasties (618-1279). 冬至是北半球全年中白天最短、黑夜最长的一天,过了冬至,白天就会一天天变长,所以需要庆祝。冬至过节源于汉代(公元前206-公元220),盛于唐宋(618-1279)。 /201012/121549

German Novelist Mueller Wins Literature Nobel PrizeRomanian-born German novelist Herta Mueller was awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in Literature, praised for her portraits of life behind the Iron Curtain.Mueller, whose body of work is heavily influenced by her life in Romania under the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceaucescu, is the 12th woman to win the prize and the first German-speaking author since 2004, when Austrian playwright Elfriede Jelinek was the recipient.Announcing the award in Stockholm, the Swedish Academy hailed her depictions of 'the landscape of the dispossessed' with a 'the concentration of poetry and the frankness of prose.''I am very surprised and still can not believe it,' Ms. Müller said in a statement released by her publisher in Germany, according to the Associated Press. 'I can't say anything more at the moment.'Born in Romania in 1953, Mueller grew up there as part of a German speaking minority. Her father had served in the Waffen SS during World War II, and her mother was one of many Germans deported to the Soviet Union in 1945. Her latest novel 'Atemschaukel,' published this year, depicts the exile of German Romanians in the Soviet Union.Though Mueller left Romania for Germany in 1987, she continued to wrestle with the themes of oppression and exile in her novels and poems. Her novel 'The Appointment,' published in the U.S. in 2001, portrays a young woman working in a clothes factory during Ceausescu's regime. 'Der Fuchs war damals schon der Jauml;ger,' published in 1992, and 1999's 'The Land of the Green Plums' also offer portraits of the daily life in a soulless dictatorship. /200910/86134A hot air balloon has crashed near the Egyptian city of Luxor, killing 19 tourists on board.一个热气球在埃及城市卢克索附近坠毁,造成乘气球的19名游客死亡。Two other people, including the pilot, survived after the balloon caught fire and exploded Tuesday while traveling at an altitude of 300 meters over the west bank of the Nile River.星期二,这个热气球在尼罗河西岸上空300米漂浮时起火爆炸,包括驾驶员在内的两人幸免于难。Officials said the dead included people from France, Britain and other countries.有关官员说,遇难者中包括来自法国、英国和其他国家的游客。The area where the balloon went down was a capital of ancient Egypt, and draws tourists to see temples, palaces and tombs, including the burial site of the pharaoh Tutankhamun.热气球坠毁地点位于一个埃及古都,游客们到那里游览庙宇、宫殿和古墓,包括图坦卡蒙法老的墓地。The ed Nations cultural agency UNESCO designated it a World Heritage site in 1979.联合国教科文组织于1979年将卢克索指定为世界遗产。 /201302/227318

Before she tried to kill herself by jumping from her dormitory building a year ago, no one knew Xing Hua (name changed for privacy), a 22-year-old economics postgraduate from Wuhan, was suffering from depression. She narrowly escaped death, but suffered severe internal injuries and multiple broken bones.一年前,星华(为保护隐私,此处使用化名)试图从宿舍楼一跃而下来结束自己的生命,在那之前并没有人知道这位来自武汉的22岁的经济学研究生一直饱受抑郁症的折磨。虽然她逃过了一劫,但仍遭受严重内伤以及多处骨折。“I was in great pain,” said Xing. “Only depression victims could understand the despair – a desperation so great that life itself seems not to matter any more.”“我非常痛苦,”星华说道,“只有抑郁症患者才能理解那份绝望。心如死灰,以致于活着与否无所谓。”This year, the World Mental Health Day on Oct 10 was marked by the theme: “Depression: A Global Crisis”. According to the World Federation for Mental Health and the WHO, depression has moved beyond the medical domain to become a social problem.今年10月10日的心理卫生日主题为:“抑郁症:一个全球性危机”。世界精神卫生联盟以及世界卫生组织表示,抑郁症已经超越医疗领域,成为社会问题。Statistics from the Beijing Suicide Research and Prevention Center show that of the 287,000 people who commit suicide in China every year, 70 percent are victims of depression.北京心理危机研究与干预中心提供的相关数据显示,每年中国有28.7万名自杀者,其中70%是抑郁症患者。“This equates to one depression victim taking their life every three minutes,” cited CCTV recently.“这相当于每三分钟就有一名抑郁症患者自杀。”中央电视台近日报道称。According to the Beijing-based Capital Medical University, the number of depression patients has been on the rise in the past years and now accounts for 5 to 10 percent of the population, more than the global average of 5 percent.北京首都医科大学方面表示,过去的几年中,中国抑郁症患者人数呈逐年增长趋势,现已占到人口总数的5%-10%,这一数字已经超过世界平均值——5%。Wang Shaoli, vice-president of Beijing Huilongguan Hospital, a medical center specializing in mental health, said that what makes depression so widesp is that everybody can get it.北京回龙观医院是精神疾病专科医院。该院副院长王绍礼表示,抑郁症之所以传播如此广泛,是因为每个人都可能患病。“No one is immune to depression,” said Wang. “It has become a social problem because depression kills one’s social capabilities, such as communication, and leads to a negative social mentality.”“抑郁症对任何人来说都防不胜防,”王绍礼说道,“抑郁症能够扼杀一个人的社交能力,比如沟通交流能力,从而导致消极社会心态的产生,因此抑郁症已经成为一种社会问题。”According to Wang, depression can be treated with medicine and early psychological consultation. The real problem is the lack of awareness surrounding the issue.王绍礼表示,抑郁症可以通过药物以及早期心理咨询来进行治疗。真正问题在于,人们缺乏对这一病症的相关意识。“People with mental health illnesses are discriminated against,” said Wang. “So they are reluctant to go to hospital and often keep the pain to themselves, which only makes matters worse.”“精神疾病患者往往遭受歧视,”王绍礼说,“所以,他们不愿意去医院就医,往往独自承受痛苦,而这只会令病情加重。”Only one in 10 depression victims are properly treated in China, according to the Beijing Suicide Research and Prevention Center.北京心理危机研究与干预中心称,中国仅有十分之一的抑郁症患者在接受有效治疗。Social cost社会代价While depression brings great tragedy to individuals and their families, the social cost are considerable too.抑郁症在为患者本人及其家庭酿造悲剧的同时,社会代价也非常高。According to a report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in 2008, depression is one of the most costly mental disorders because of the large number of persons affected and the significant impact it has on the labor force.经济合作与发展组织在2008年的一份报告指出,抑郁症是代价最高的精神疾病之一,因为患者人数众多,严重影响劳动力。“The associated cost of depression is more than 118 billion euros (958 billion yuan) in the European Union,” the report. “Equivalent to 1 percent of regional GDP.”该报告称:“在欧盟,抑郁症产生的相关费用超过1180亿欧元(合9580亿元人民币)。这相当于整个欧盟地区生产总值的1%。”Wang Gang, director of the Depression Treatment Center at the Beijing-based Anding Hospital, said that depression is triggered by multiple factors, from genetic heritage to cognitive experience.北京安定医院抑郁症治疗中心主任王刚表示,抑郁症的诱发原因有很多,比如基因遗传、认知经验等。“When people get depressed, it becomes part of their thoughts, making them negative, even desperate,” said Wang. “And embedded ideas are difficult to change.”王刚说:“当人们患上抑郁症时,抑郁情绪会潜入他们的大脑,令他们变得消极,甚至绝望。这种嵌入式思维很难改变。”That’s why Wang suggests early intervention.这正是王刚建议对抑郁症采取早期干预的原因。“Normally it takes about nine months to treat depression,” said Wang. “But in most cases, patients drop treatment half way when they feel some progress.”王刚说:“一般来说,抑郁症需要九个月的治疗期。但很多时候,病人感到病情有好转,就会半途中止治疗。”After a year of treatment, Xing is getting better. Although she is sometimes easily distracted from conversation, she is confident.通过一年的治疗,星华的病情正在好转。虽然谈话中她还是会时不时地无法集中精神,但却十分自信。“It is a relief that people know I had depression,” said Xing. “The more I talk and interact with people, the less I feel the stress.”星华说:“人们知道我曾患过抑郁症,这让我释然。我与人们交谈互动得越多,感到的压力也就越少。” /201210/206258

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