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to shoulder the blame 承担责任(成语)英文释义:To take responsibility for something.例句:Despite the fact that he often knew nothing about the problems his lazy employees created, the loyal old boss would always shoulder the blame for their mistakes.尽管经常对懒惰员工所制造的问题并不知情,这位年迈而心诚的老板总是愿意为他们的错误承担责任。 /201306/243398Twenty-Two.货运通知 651.We would like to inform you that the goods were aly shipped out on the 18th of May. 我们要告诉你货已于5月18日发出652.We have the pleasure to inform you that we have shipped the goods by “ Pacific Bear “ which left here today. 我们高兴的通知你货已在今天由“太平熊”号运出653.We wish to inform you that we have shipped the goods by “Shanghai” according to your instructions of August 5. 我们想告诉你根据你方8月5日的指示,我们已经将货由“上海号”运出654.We wish to advise you that we have shipped you today by S.S.”Tokyo Maru”, 50 cases of carbon paper. 欣告你方, 50箱硬纸板已通过”Tokyo Maru”号船运出.655.We take pleasure in notifying you that the goods under S/C 456 have been dispatched by M/V “Greenwood” sailing on May 15 for Hongkong. 很高兴告知你方,456号信用下的货物已由Greenwood号船在5月15日运往香港656.The shipment of chemical fertilizer under Contract No 2346 will be effected by S.S.” Calchas”, which is scheduled t leave here on 16th July. 合同号2346下的化肥由Calchas号船承运, 将在7月16日离港657.We are pleased to advise you that 100 dozen shirts under order KAB/2004 have been shipped per S.S.”Fengqing”. 很高兴告知你方,订单号为KAB/2004的100打衬衫已由”Fengqing”号船运出658.We expect to ship the outstanding contracts before the end of July. 我们希望在7月底之前把契约里的货物运出.659.We are pleased to inform you that we have shipped 2,000 air conditioners you ordered on board S.S.”Asia” which sails for your port tomorrow. 很高兴告知你方,我们将在明天把你方订的2000个空调通过Asia船运到你方港口660.Your order No 153. will be shipped by SS.” Pearl” early next month. 你方153号订单的货物将在下个月初通过” Pearl”号船运出661.We wish to advise you that the goods your ordered have been shipped today. 很高兴告知你方,你们所订的货物今天已运出662.We are pleased to inform you that the last lot consignment has been duly dispatched. 很高兴告知你方,上一次寄送货物已如期运送663.The m/s “ Vicoria” has left our port carrying the goods for your order No 303. today. 承载你方303号订单货物的“ Vicoria”船已离开我方港口664.The ship is scheduled to arrive at your port on the 28th October and you may now make all the necessary preparations to take delivery of the goods. 船预计在10月28日到达你方港口,你们现在可以做好提货的准备665.The goods were shipped by the direct steamer “ Eli:” on May 10th and are estimated to reach Shanghai before June 1st. 货物由“ Eli:”号直航船在5月10号运出,预计在6月1日前到达上海666.We trust that the goods will reach you in perfect condition. 我们相信货物会完好无损地到达你方667.We trust the consignment will reach you safely and open up to your satisfaction. 我们相信货物会安全到达你方,并且使你满意668.We have dispatched your order for Indian rugs which are scheduled to arrived at your port next Friday. 我们已把你方订购的印度地毯运出,将在下周五到达你方港口669.For shirts under contract No 60,we have booked space on SS.” Eagle” due to arrive in your city around the beginning of next month. 我们预订了“Eagle”号船的船舱来承载你方60号合同下的衬衫.预计在下个月月初到达你方城市670.The shipment will be made in three equal monthly installments, beginning fro next month. 货物将从下个月开始按月分三期运送 /200812/12196

我该怎么称呼您呢?How do I address you?请问您叫什么名字?May I know your name, please?打扰一下,您是格林先生吗?Excuse me. Are you Mr. Green?我是汤姆格林,您是?I’m Tom Green. You are?我想您是包罗马修斯先生,对吗?I believe you are Paul Mathews, aren’t you?你好。你是美国来的交换生吗?Hello. Are you exchange student from America?你一定是王教授的助手吧?You must be Mr. Professor’s assistant.你是那个在MD 公司工作的罗布次先生,对吧?You are that Mr. Roberts who works for MD company, aren’t you?你是个工程师吗?Are you an engineer?我能问一下,你是做什么工作的吗?May I know what you do?我是学英语专业的,你学什么专业吗?I majored in English and what was your major?大门旁边的那个年轻人是谁啊?Who is the young man near to the gate? /201104/133401

Lunch invitationA: John Martin.B: Hi. John, it’s Emily. How’s everything?A: Great, thanks. What’s up?B: Oh, I was just thinking about getting a bite to eat. Have you had lunch yet?午餐邀请A:约翰·马丁。B:嗨,约翰。我是爱米丽。怎么样,都好吗?A:很好,谢谢。什么事?B:我正想去吃点什么呢。你吃午饭了吗? /200706/13898

  A fair market price公道的市场价格A:Whats the price?I hope youll e us favorably.A:你们的价格是多少,希望你们能报优惠价。B:Its 800 US dollars per kilo CIFC five percent Hamburg.B:汉堡到岸价每公斤800美元,含5%佣金。A:Frankly speaking, the price you offer is too high. We cant accept it.A:说实话,你们提供的价格太高了。我们无法接受。B:Why? This is a fair market price.B:此话怎讲?这是个公道的市场价格啊。A:It certainly is.A:价格的确如此。B:Then what leads you to think that we have to reduce our price?Please tell me candidly.B:那么,是什么使你认为我们必须降价呢?请坦诚相告。A:I look at it this way: suppliers should be able to reduce their CIF price, even lower than their home price.A:我是这样看的,供应商应尽量降低他们的到岸价,甚至低于其国内价格。B:We give you ations on the same basis as we e in the domestic market.B:我们给你的价格和我们给国内的价格的基准是一样的。A:Thats the point. Your overhead is in your domestic price, but it cant be carried in the CIF price.A:问题就在这里,贵公司的日常费用包含在你们的国内价格中,但这项费用不应计入到岸价中。B:But even with the overhead out, the export overhead must be put in. Finally, it comes to the same thing. Anyway, this is a quality item and should be sold on its value.B:但即使剔除这项日常费用,出口日常费用还是得计入的,到最后其结果是一样的。不管怎样,这项商品的价格应该以其品质而定。A:I wish you could make a reconsideration. If you dont reduce your price, we wont purchase from you any more because theres plenty of other business offering here.A:希望你会重新考虑,如果你方不减价,我们将不再从你方购买,因为这里有诸多报价可供选择。 /201511/408955



  If you hope to keep your job, youd better get on the ball.如果你不想丢工作,就最好用点心。get on the ball直译过来就是:“把球抢到手”,这个短语的正确意思是:“工作出色,用心工作”。因此,当美国人说;If you hope to keep your job, youd better get on the ball.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是;If you want to have this job, you must try your best to do it.;、;If you dont want to lose your job, you have to work hard.;。情景对白:Boss: If you hope to keep your job, youd better get on the ball.老板:如果你不想丢工作,就最好用点心。Shirley: Sorry, sir. Im out of sorts these days. I will put my heart and soul into my work later on.雪莉:对不起,老板。我这几天身体不舒,以后我会全心全意工作的。搭配句积累:①You have made several mistakes this week.这周你已经出了好几次差错了。②You arent focusing your attention on your work recently.最近,你的心思可没放在工作上啊。③I have reminded you the importance of the job several times.我已经提醒你很多次,这份工作很重要。④Some workers are going to be laid off in our department.我们部门正打算裁人呢。单词:out of souts 身体不适Ive been feeling a bit out of sorts lately.近来我身体有些不适。Im feeling rather out of sorts these days.这些天我觉得很不舒。Everyone seems out of sorts today.今天大家看起来都无精打采的。 /201212/217632get back to me on it 把意见反馈给我 英文释义 Command to a listener to reply about something to the speaker.例句 Please this new report and get back to me on it right away; I am very interested in your opinion.请阅读这份新报告,并马上把意见反馈给我;我对你的看法很有兴趣。 /201208/194784

  陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作。他和美国同事Amy晚上要一起参加同事James的告别晚宴,由公司北京办事处主任戴维斯主持。(Office ambience)A:Chen Hao, you need to be prepared for a lot of toasting tonight.C:Toasting? 烤面包?A:No, I am talking about honoring someone at a meal or reception by raising a glass of wine, champagne or water and offering a few kind words about that person.C:噢,你是说祝酒啊。西方人祝酒有什么规矩吗?A:There are two kinds of toasts. There is the informal toast that the host offers at the beginning of the meal to welcome his guests.C:那是戴维斯的事吧。我们有什么要做的吗?A:Mr. Davis will stand, raise his glass and thank everyone for coming. He will take a sip of his wine. Then the guests, who remain seated, raise their glasses in response and take a sip.C:就是说我们都不用站起来,只要举起杯,然后抿一口酒就行了。那另外一种呢?A:The other is more formal and comes near the end of the meal, usually during dessert. Champagne will be served. After each toast, everyone raises a glass and takes a sip of champagne.C:是不是每个人都要说祝酒辞呢?A:Not necessarily, but you will be expected to toast James since you worked closely with him.C:幸亏你事先告诉我。不过那我该说些什么呢?A:You could say how good James was to work with, tell a funny story about him, wish him success in his new position or use a favorite e.C:讲笑话是我的长项。不过我还是得赶紧去准备准备,一会餐厅见。******宴会结束后,陈豪和Amy一起搭出租车回家。A:Chen Hao, Your toast was excellent and you seemed completely at ease. You obviously practiced your remarks.C:这可得谢谢你。还有啊,幸亏你特别提醒我每次只要抿一小口,我真没想到有这么多人祝酒,不然非喝醉了不可。A:It is acceptable etiquette to raise your water glass instead of the champagne flute. I usually just raise my glass to my lips so it appears that I am drinking when I am not.C:怪不得,我还以为你酒量过人呢!不过Amy,我还有个问题。别人为他祝酒,James好像从来不举杯,也不喝。这样做会不会不礼貌?A:Not at all. That was correct etiquette. You never drink to yourself. Only to other people.C:噢,所以被别人祝酒的人自己是不喝的。幸亏被祝酒的人不是我,否则我肯定会闹笑话。A:No you wouldn't. I would have warned you about that. /08/82453

  Wrong departmentA: Good morning. Macmillan and Emory. May I help you?B: Is this the accounting department?A: No, I’m sorry. You’ve reached Mr. Macmillan’s office.Let me just put you through to accounting.B: Thanks. I appreciate that. 找错部门A:早上好。麦克米伦及埃莫里公司。需要帮忙吗?B:是财务部吗?A:对不起,不是。你打的是麦克米伦先生的办公室。我帮你转到财务部吧。B:非常感谢。 /02/61866

  如果上班迟到了,怎么办呢?首先要端正态度,向主管或者老板诚恳地道歉。之后再解释迟到的原因。   I’m awfully sorry.   我真的非常抱歉。   May I offer my profoundest apologies?   向您表达我最诚恳的歉意。   I got stuck in traffic.   我路上堵车了。   I was tied up with some urgent business.   我刚才有点急事。 /200602/4288。


  职场英语·送礼物  A surprise for you. Hope you’ll like it.   给你惊喜哦,希望你会喜欢。   Here’s a souvenir for you. I bought from Beijing.   给你个纪念品,这可是我从北京带来的哦。   Wow, is it really for me? It’s just what I want.   这真的是送给我的吗?我一直想要这个呢。   That’s so nice of you. Shall I open it?   你太好啦,我能打开看看吗?

  James: I would like to set up a meeting so you can come in and talk to us about your services in more detail.我要安排个会议,要你来给我们详细介绍你们的务。Jessica: I am available next Monday or Tuesday, and time after 1:00 P. M.我下周一和周二下午一点以后都有空。James: Let’s say Monday at 2:00. Do you know where our offices are?那就定在周一下午两点吧。你知道我们办公室的地点吗?Jessica: Yes, I have been there before.知道,我以前去过。James: Will you need any additional equipment set up for your presentation?你做陈述时需要其他设备吗?Jessica: No. I have a laptop computer. As long as we can hook that up on the conference room, we should be all set.不需要,我又一台笔记本电脑。只要把它连接到会议室,就可以了。James: Ok, see you Monday at 2:00 p.m.好的,下周一两点见。James: See you then.再见。 /06/74168

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