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The concerns over bottled water quality may have started with Nongfu Spring, but as it turns out, Chinas whole bottled-water industry is lacking universal standards that companies need to abide by.The fact is, bottled-water companies in China adopt a variety of water standards, including national standards made by different ministries, standards made by local governments and even those made by the companies themselves. Another problem is, while the most-used national standard for bottled water has 21 quality indicators, the standard for TAP WATER has more than 100.That raises questions of whether tap water has better quality standards than bottled water. The good thing is that health authorities in China are now working to unify different existing quality standards. A new, unified national standard will come out by the end of 2015.近日来,关于“瓶装水标准不及自来水”的话题关注度持续升温,除了此前陷入饮用水“质量门”的农夫山泉以外,随着对这一话题的关注,有媒体发现,如果简单的按照指标数量对比,“饮用水不如自来水”的,大有厂在。瓶装水中的一些病菌和微生物指标也被认为宽松于自来水,而诸如汞、银、四氯化碳、甲醛在内的毒理性指标,以及pH值、硬度等较为常见的水质指标,都没有出现在瓶装水国标中。201305/239760没有什么是不可能的,只要一个人有心,真诚地对待别人,发自内心地赞美别人,让别人快乐,让身边的人快乐,这样自己才会快乐幸福!201007/108807

How To Become a Teacher on HowcastAlthough the requirements vary by state, you can learn the general requirements for earning a degree in education.You Will NeedAcademic counseling College credits An area of specialized content A state teaching certificate Step 1: Select your field of study(大学的时候,选择与教育相关的专业和学校)Enroll in an education program at an accredited college or university. Degrees are generally available in Early Childhood Education, Middle Childhood Education, and Adolescent/Young Adult Education.Education requirements vary by state and by type of school, so check with your state’s Department of Education for up-to-date information. Licensing requirements also differ for preschool, parochial, and vocational teachers.Step 2: Complete your coursework(在大学阶段,不仅要完成自己的相关学分,还要做好教学准备工作)Complete your college’s general studies requirements along with your education coursework. Most programs have a minimum grade point average requirement.Step 3: Choose specialized content(选择一门专业的研究,有些教学工作还需要一定的出国经验等等)Choose a specialized field of study, such as music or Spanish. Be aware that such avenues may involve additional certification requirements, such as studying abroad.Some states have instituted an alternative licensure program, which allows people with a bachelor’s degree to teach in their major without the required education units.Step 4: Finalize student teaching(在教学实习完成之后,你就可以投入到实际的工作中)Complete the required student teaching hours. You will be supervised in the classroom to gain practical experience.Step 5: Earn your license(在大学的学业修完之后,记得考取一个教师资格)Pass your final licensure examination in your chosen field of study. Upon passing, apply for a teaching license in your state.Early formal teacher preparatory schools originated in some of the German states in the 18th century.201007/109028

The generation that is fighting the Vietnam war are the baby boomers.参加越战的这代人正是婴儿潮一代The biggest ever American generation.也是数量最为庞大的一代Over 50 million new Americans born in 15 postwar years.逾五千万美国新生儿在战后15年间诞生This huge generation are unlike any Americans who have come before,这数量庞大的一代人不同于以往的任何一代and their influence and attitude toward society他们对于社会的态度和影响are destined to change the face of America.注定将改变整个美国的面貌The 1960s were inevitable.60年代这代人的改变是必然的The greatest generation came home with fixed idea of what life should be about,最伟大的一代[二战中的一代] 固守着人生价值的信念凯旋And they were so busy putting their own lives back together again in a traditional fashion他们忙着从战争的阴霾中走出 回归原来的生活that they werent paying attention to the changing sensibilities of their children.根本无暇顾及下一代细微而敏感的心理变化America in a way reinvents itself every 10 or 15 years.美国每10到15年就会发生一次蜕变And that reinvention is always feared by the generation that came before.而这种蜕变往往是被上一代人所恐惧与排斥的June 1969,upstate New York.Woodstock.1969年6月 纽约州北部 伍德斯托克音乐节A weekend concert for over 100,000 ticket-hoders,这原本是一场容纳10万人的周末音乐会was over run by nearly half million baby boomers.却挤满了近50万婴儿潮一代的乐迷Over a million more tried to get in.还有100万在四周守候It is the worlds biggest ever music festival这是世界范围内空前盛大的音乐节and become the boomers coming out party,并成为了婴儿潮一代年轻人的交际盛会a signal to America of the generational change taking place.标志着美国新一代成为了社会的主流Coming from the society culture that was fairly buttoned up and prim and proper to one that suddenly was what we had Woodstock.我们原本刻板拘泥一本正经的社会文化 突然间闯入了伍德斯托克音乐节We had hippiedom.闯入了嬉皮士We had free love.闯入了自由性爱Baby bombers had a huge tremendous impact婴儿潮这代人深深地影响了on how we view the world and how we view society.我们对世界的看法 对社会的看法But the baby boomers arent just rebeling against their parents values.然而他们反抗的并不仅仅是其父辈的价值观People begin to attempt to affect from the streets the highest levels of foreign policy.他们开始试图用街头游行的方式向对外政策的最高制定者们施压The baby boomers want an end to the Vietnam war,婴儿潮的一代人想要越战结束and they take their protest to the street.并在街上游行抗议示威The willingness to stand up for what you believe in,为自己的信仰挺身而出in mass demonstrations of revolt,进行大规模的示威游行thats very American.这才是真正的美国精神In the Vietnam war, people were unwilling to die,在越战中 人们不愿违背自己的意愿for something they didnt believe in.为他们并不持的战争卖命 /201304/234266

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