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“死路一条”在英语口语里能怎么说?初级口语:I'll be dead. 地道口语:I'm a dead duck.【影视实例】素材来源:《识骨寻踪》剧情简介:大家通过仪器还原了受害者的真面目,是某议员的女助手,Booth在她失踪后负责调查,如今找到的却是一堆尸骨。Brennan执意要跟去调查,Booth却感到牵涉到议会案件复杂不想让她参与……【台词片段】Booth: A case this big. The director is going to create a special investigation unit and if I line all my ducks up in a row, I can maybe, I can head it up.Bones: I don't know what that means but I think maybe I can be a duck.Booth: You're not a duck okay. On this one we stick to the book. Cops on the streets. Squints in the lab.Bones: Well in that case the Jeffersonian will be issuing a press release identifying the girl in the pond.Booth: You do that and I'm a dead duck.【台词翻译】Booth: 这么大的一个案子,主任肯定会要成立个专案调查小组,如果我能走好每一步棋子,可能还有结案的希望。(这段写得最赞!)Bones: 我不明白这话啥意思,不过我能做你的棋子啊。Booth: 你不是棋子,明白了不?这次就按规矩办事儿。警察抛头露面,眯眼闭关试验。Bones: 这样的话,我就让杰弗逊研究所开个记者招待会公布在池塘里头找到的女孩子的身份。(狠!)Booth: 你要这么着,我就将死了。【口语讲解】dead duckdead duck相当于我们汉语中的“必死无疑、死路一条”。说起来更像上海话里面“死蟹一只”,觉得没有?但为什么在英文里面是鸭子呢?据说这是从一条特古老的谚语来的,never waste powder on a dead duck——感觉和Don't cry over spilt milk很相似哦。还记得上次说的have one's ducks in a row么?都是和鸭子有关的,显然是编剧的精心设置。不过就给翻译上带来了小小困难,咱要只追求翻出意思来,那就会失去语言上的幽默感;但如果直译又会觉得很奇怪。所以就不妨换一个意象吧。这里是用了棋子的比喻,把三个用到鸭子的地方都替掉了。 /05/72002shuttle service 摆渡务 北京市治堵方案在征集一周时间的民意后,于19日结束。广大市民纷纷献计献策,市政府有关部门表示,对于市民提出的意见和建议将认真研究,积极采纳,进一步完善相关政策措施。请看相关报道:Another netizen, using the moniker "retired soldier", suggested creating a shuttle service with a high level of comfort and speed to attract people working at government agencies and get them to abandon their official vehicles.另一名昵称“退伍老兵”的网友建议提供高速舒适的摆渡务,吸引政府部门工作人员乘坐,使他们放弃使用公车。文中的shuttle service就是指往来于两个地点之间的“摆渡务”。我们平时说某小区开通了“班车”,接驳到地铁站或者公交站,这就是一种shuttle service。Shuttle指的是“来往于两地之间的航班(或班车、火车)”,比如shuttle flight(区间航班)、shuttle diplomat(穿梭外交官,频繁往返于两国交涉外交事务的官员),shuttle bus除了指“摆渡车、班车”外,有时还可以指“豪华轿车”。市民为cut congestion(治堵)还出了很多点子,比如建立bike paths(自行车道),在公交地铁站架设显示人流量的electronic billboards(电子显示牌),在人行横道下面修建car-free tunnels(无车隧道),修建更多的“P+R停车场”等等。 /201101/124034

注:第二句为正确说法这个价格对我挺合适的.The price is very suitable for me. The price is right. Note:suitable(合适的,相配的)最常见的用法是以否定的形式出现在告示或通知上,如:下列节目儿童不宜.The following programme is not suitable for children在这组句子中用后面的说法会更合适. /10/86616

D: what are you doing?A: I'm just trying to complete today's crossword puzzle. Whenever I get the time, I like to do the crossword puzzles in the paper.D: you really like brains that make you think, don't you?A: I guess you could say that. What kind of games do you like?D: I guess the games I like the most are the ones that I'm good at!A: doesn't everyone? Which games are those?D: well, I like to play darts. Whenever I go to a bar, I usually play for a few hours.A: did you play a lot of games when you were little?D: my parents used to love to play checkers and dominoes. We used to have family tournaments every weekend.A: do you still like playing those games?D: not at all. I never really did, to be honest. What about you? Did your family used to play games together?A: everyone in my family really enjoys playing card games.D: some of my friends play cards on the internet. Have you ever tried that?A: no, I prefer to play with people I know.D: how about mah-jong?A: it's a popular game with some people, but I've never played it.D: I thought everyone in your country were experts at mah-jong!A: I hate to disappoint you, but unlike what most people think, we aren't all exactly the same! /201005/102962相信恋爱过的人都知道,向自己心仪的人表白是一件多么重要的事情。英语中的表白可是五花八门,如果你不想在表白的时候只说大家耳熟能详的I love you,那么就来一起看看如何用英语表白吧!一、表白的前奏和询问1、I want to talk to you. 我有话要对你说。这句话用于引起对方的注意,同时也表明你要说一些认真的事情了,切记不可突然表白,否则会给对方留下“冒失鬼”的印象哦。同样的意思我们还可以说:Can we talk? 我们能谈谈吗?I'd like to talk with you.我想和你谈谈。2、Are you seeing anyone now? 你现在有朋友吗?(see 除了表示“看见”之外,还可表示“与……交往”。)这句话比“Do you have a boyfriend / girlfriend?”语气要委婉许多,不至于引起对方的反感。同样的意思我们可以说:Are you dating anyone now? 或者Do you have a partner?二、表达自己的爱慕之情1、I love you. 我爱你。也可以说I'm in love with you. 我爱上你了。无数次见到这句话,最直接但是也最能表达自己的感情。2、You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. 你是我见到过的最美的女人。3、I'm crazy about you. 我为你痴迷。同样的意思可以说:I'm infatuated with you. 我为你神魂颠倒。4、I want you to meet my parents. 我想让你见见我的父母。5、It was love at first sight. 我对你一见钟情。也可以说I fell in love with you the first time I saw you.6、You're my type. 你是我喜欢的那种类型。可以用于男性对女性,也可以用于女性对男性。例如:——Why do you like me? 你为什么喜欢我?——You're my type. 因为你是我喜欢的那种类型。如果是男士,也可以说:You're the right girl for me.7、You make me happy. 你让我感到幸福。8、There will never be another you. 在这个世界上,你是独一无二的。9、I can't help falling in love with you. 我无法不爱你。还可以用:I can't stop myself from loving you.三、关于表白的其他句子1、Let's walk hand in hand. 我们拉着手走吧。(hand in hand指“手拉着手”、“手牵着手”。)当然,如果你觉得这个句子显得过于唐突,你可以用委婉的方式说:May I hold your hand? 我可以牵你的手吗?2、Come closer. 再靠近我些。3、I think of you night and day. 我时时刻刻都想着你。(night and day表示“无论是睡着还是醒着,不分昼夜”)同样的意思可以说:I think of you constantly. 或者You have won my heart.4、Love me, love my dog. 既然那样,那你也要爱屋及乌噢。“Love me, love my dog”是一句有名的谚语,意思是在爱一个人的同时,也要去爱他的朋友,去接受他的缺点和毛病。 /200802/27678

1. Ben: Would you fetch me a cup of coffee, Bobby? Bobby: You got it. You got it是什么意思? 是:1. You got it的意思是我马上去办。Eg:校园经典场景:一女生见到一帅哥,于是故意把一堆书扔到地上,帅哥见状,急忙跑过去,女生说:would you mind picking up these books for me?(能帮我把书捡一下吗?)男生潇洒地说:you got it.(这就捡)那这第一个思考题是什么意思呢?就是Ben问Bobby能否端杯咖啡过来,Bobby说马上去办。 /03/64129资料内容和音频选自《一句话喷倒老美》经典语句You are driving me up the wall. 你惹恼我了。喷倒老美Bill在期末考试中挂科了,他十分灰心,决定去找好朋友帮忙。朋友给他提了很多意见,但Bill总觉得不妥,一个劲地追问是否有更好的办法,好友被惹恼了:“I have give you lots of advice. You are driving me up the wall.”Bill心想:“我可从来没让你撞墙。”想聊就聊Bill: I have failed in my final examination. What can I do now?比尔:我在期末考试中挂科了,我该怎么办才好?Tom:You have asked me several times about it. You are driving me up the wall.汤姆:你都已经问过我很多次了,你惹恼我了。知识点津drive sb up the wall中,drive是“驱赶, 迫使”的意思,表面意思为“将人往墙上拽”,引申意为“某个情况促使人非常紧张、难受,将某人逼上绝境”。 /201012/119963W: Did you find everything ok today?今天你有看中什么东西吗?M: Yes, I did. By the way, in case there is a flaw in this CD player, can I return it?是的,我有。顺便问一下,如果激光唱机有问题,我可以拿来退货吗?W: Yes. But you must return it within 30 days.是的,但是退货必须在30天之内。M: Is there a charge for that. I know other stores have a restocking fee.需要收费吗?我知道其它商店要收退订费。W: There will be no charge at all. However you must show us the receipt. Could you sign it here, please?完全不用收费。但是,你必须出示你的发票。你可以在这里签个名吗?M: Thank you.谢谢你。W: All right. Keep you receipt. If something comes up, you can show it to us and we will give you a refund.不客气。保管好你的发票。如果有问题,你可以把它拿给我们看,我们就会帮你退货。M: Thanks. Ill put it in a safe place.谢谢。我会把它放在一个安全的地方。 /201203/174318

B: A woman after my own heart...A: OK, Mr. Coffee Connoisseur, so what's the next step in the coffee-making process?B: Well, step two is grinding the coffee beans. I've roasted three different types of beans.A: Let me guess, Mocha, Mandheling, and Santos!B: Yep, my own special blend! You can tell by just smelling them?A: No, I just the names off the packages...Ha! /201101/123932---问好---1,hihoyohiheyhello你好,大家好2,holla来和我讲话,also, holla at yo boy, holla at yo girl etc.3,supwuz upwhat's up(原意:怎么样你?/有什么事儿嘛?)也可作为问好用(一般是比较熟的两个人之间的问候,黑人除外),回答时有事说事,没事用"nothing/nothin much/not much/nm等回答就可以。 /201006/106423/200811/56863

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