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The Lion and the Mouse狮子和老鼠A lion was awakened from sleep by a mouse running over his face.狮子躺在草地上睡觉,一只老鼠跑来,在它的身边绕来绕去,把它吵醒了Rising up in anger, he caught the mouse and was about to kill him狮子很生气,一把抓住老鼠,打算把它杀死when the mouse piteously entreated, saying,老鼠浑身发抖,结结巴巴地哀求;If you would only spare my life, I would be sure to repay your kindness;;狮......子大王,求求你......放了我吧,日后......我一定会报答......你的;The lion laughed and let him go.狮子觉得好笑,于是放了它It happened shortly after this that the lion was caught by some hunters,几天后,狮子被猎人抓住,who bound him by strong ropes to the ground.被绳子绑着躺在地上动弹不得The mouse,recognizing his roar,came up,老鼠听到它的吼叫声,悄悄地爬到狮子身上,and gnawed the rope with his teeth,and set him free,and exclaimed,用牙齿把绳子咬断救了它,并感叹道;You ridiculed the idea of my ever being able to help you,;你曾嘲笑过我,以为你我不能帮助你,not expecting to receive from me any repayment of your favor;也没想过有朝一日能得到回报,but now you know但现在你明白了that it is possible even a mouse to confer benefits on a lion.;即使是无用的小老鼠,也可能救狮子一命; 7735

其中的字母a弱读;He said that I could get it.Tell her that I am not going.We all know that we face problems.We are all aware that the difficulties are not so easy to overcome.It is true that no man can succeed without sweat. 65

Lession33Actress Virginia Darlington, who plays Judy in the TV soap opera Texas, got married yesterday surrounded by armed bodyguards at the most luxurious hotel in Texas, the Mansion. The 39-year-old star exchanged vows with plastic surgeon Henry Jones under a bough of ivy and gardenias, wearing a wedding-dress designed by Britain's Saunders. Because this is the second time she has married a flautist marked the celebrations by playing 'Love is Wonderful the Second Time Around.' The Football Association Secretary Mr. John Gamer says he's delighted with the decision to lift the worldwide ban on English soccer clubs. As a result of serious incidents of hooliganism in European and international matches, football's international ruling body FIFA decided last June that English teams should not be allowed to play outside Britain. FIFA announced its new decision to lift the worldwide ban this morning, but the ban on European matches still stands. Now, the Football Association Secretary says it's up to the English fans to improve themselves and if they do behave the ban could be lifted in as short a time as twelve months. A group of twelve women are working hard to become the first all-female crew to sail around the world. At the moment the crew are busy trying to raise the three hundred and fifty thousand pounds needed to buy and equip a sixty-two foot yacht to make the record attempt. As part of their fund-raising the crew have been repainting the famous boat Gipsy Moth , on show at Greenwich, which has raised one thousand two hundred and fifty pounds from the British Yachting Association. The crew are also busy training to get ship-shape their round-the-world sailing race which starts in September. The crew skipper says she doesn't think the fact the crew are all women will lessen their chances of winning. —Well, it's got two big wheels one behind the other, and there's a kind of metal frame between the wheels that holds them together. And there's a little seat above the back wheel that you can sit on, and above the front wheel there's a sort of metal bar that sticks out on both sides. And you sit on the seat you see, and you put your hands on this metal bar thing—and the whole thing moves wards—it's amazing. —What makes it move ward, then? —Ah well, in the middle you see, between the two wheels, there are these other bits of metal and you can put your feet on these and turn them round and that makes the wheels go round. —Hang on—if it's only got two wheels why doesn't the whole thing fall over? —Well, you see, um, well I'm not sure actually ... Speaker A: Well, to be honest, I'm not sure what I would have done. I mean, it would have depended on various things. Interviewer: On what, instance? Speaker A: Well, on ... hmm ... on how valuable the things the boys stole were. The text doesn't ... it doesn't say whether they had just stolen a tin of peas or something like that. So, I can't really say ... except well, ... I think I would have told the shopkeeper if they had stolen something really valuable. Otherwise, I suppose I would have just ... I don't know ... minded my own business, I suppose. Speaker B: Well, I think it's quite clear what I should have done. The boys had broken the law. You can't allow that sort of thing to go on, can you? After all, it affects all of us. If you let boys or anybody else get away with theft, they'll just go on stealing! So, I think the woman should have told—what's his name? —the shopkeeper. Interviewer: Mr. Patel. Speaker B: Patel. She should have told him and if necessary she should have held the boys while he got the police, or she should have gone the police herself. Interviewer: So you're saying that that's what you would have done? Speaker B: Exactly. If I had been in that situation, that's exactly what I would have done. At least ... at least, that's what I ought to have done. That's what I hope I would have done. Fred: A funny thing happened to me the other night. Man: Oh, yes? What happened, Fred? Fred: Well, you know I usually go out a walk every night just after dark. Well, I was out the other night taking my usual walk and I heard a funny noise coming out of the building site down the road, you know, the one where they dug a big hole lately. Going to make it into an underground garage, I believe. Man: Yes, I know it, go on. Fred: Well, as I said, I heard this funny noise and I thought perhaps there was a kid down there, you know how kids go playing on building sites. But as I got nearer I could tell it wasn't a kid, it sounded more like an animal. I thought it must be some dog or cat that had got itself trapped or something. Man: So, what did you do? Fred: Well, I went down there to investigate. I climbed down, ruined my trousers because of all the mud. You see it had been raining heavily three or four days. Man: Yeah. Fred: Well, when I got down there I found the hole was full of water and the water was full of frogs. Man: Frogs? Fred: Yes. You know, those green things that jump up and down and go croak croak. So I thought 'What are they going to do when the bulldozers come to work tomorrow?' So I climbed back out, went home and got some plastic bags, big ones, like you use the rubbish. Man: What ? Fred: I'll tell you. I went back and started collecting the frogs and putting them into the plastic bags. I thought I'd take them to the pond in the park. They'd be happy there. Man: I suppose they would. Fred: Next thing I know there are sirens screaming and bright lights everywhere. Man: What was going on then? Fred: It was the police. Two cars full of police with flashlights and dogs. Somebody had reported seeing me going into the building site and thought I was a burglar. Man: Well, what happened? Fred: They put me in one of the cars and took me down to the Station. Man: Why didn't you tell them what you were doing? Fred: I tried to in the car, but they just told me I would have to talk to the inspector on duty. Luckily I still had one of the bags on me full of frogs. A couple of them got out while the inspector was questioning me and you can imagine what it was like trying to catch them. Man: So what happened in the end? Fred: Oh, the inspector turned out to be a bit of an animal lover himself and he sent the two cars back to the building site and told his men to help me collect all the frogs. We did that and then they drove me home and I invited them all in a cup of tea and we all had a good laugh. Man: Well, I never. If you wrote that in a book they'd say you made it up. 319

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