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萧山哪家男科医院有效果Old bones老骨头A grave issue墓地问题The opportunity cost of letting ancient Cockneys rest in peace让老伦敦人安息的机会成本THE Cross Bones Graveyard lies on a dingy street in south London. The medieval prostitutes buried there were much used and little loved ; yet their graves have become a modest attraction. The unconsecrated cemeterys rusty gates are festooned with colourful feathers, trinkets and ribbons. The most ardent well-wishers, who are campaigning for the graveyard to be protected as a monument, hold monthly vigils there at which they chant poetry and remember the long-ago outcasts.十字骨墓地坐落于伦敦南部一条肮脏阴暗的街道,在墓地中长眠的中世纪被一再利用却得不到任何关爱;但是如今她们的坟墓却成为了一个不大不小的旅游景点。被视为不圣洁的墓地大门虽然已经锈迹斑斑,但现在却被多的羽毛,小饰品以及带装点着。最虔诚的一批许愿者,正致力于申请将这片墓地作为历史遗迹保护起来,他们每月都会来守夜一次,在墓地旁吟唱圣歌以纪念这群故去的放逐者们。Transport forLondon, the authority that owns the spot, wants to develop it. At 1,600 per square foot, primeLondonland is among the worlds dearest. To soothe the vigilistas, however, TfL says it will leave the graveyard undisturbed.拥有这片墓地的伦敦交通局计划重新开发这片区域。伦敦最繁华地段的土地以每平方英尺1600英镑的价格跻身于世界上最昂贵的土地之列。然而为了安抚这群守夜人,伦敦交通局表示施工将不会扰乱这片墓地的清静。Bringing up the bodies挖掘遗骸This highlights a growing dilemma inLondon. It is an ancient city and its subsoil is packed with ancient remains. Tradition and, by and large, the law demand that they be left in peace. But the opportunity cost is enormous.这突显了伦敦一个日趋严重的问题。伦敦是一座历史悠久的城市,因此城市的底土都埋藏着先人的遗骨。传统观念告诉我们应该要让先人们在地下得以安息,总的来说,法律也是这么要求的。但是让先人们安息的机会成本是巨大的。Developers normally have to obtain a licence for every buried body they wish to disinter. But big infrastructure projects are sometimes granted a bulk deal. Crossrail, a 15 billion rail link across the capital, is permitted by a special act of Parliament to remove ancient skeletons from its path. To that effect, more than 300 have so far been dug up from the grounds of a medieval hospital nearLiverpool Street, to be reburied in a mass grave. By the time the project is finished, the bones of thousands of ancient Cockneys will have been shifted.一般来说,开发商们想挖掘的每一具遗骸都必须获得相应的许可。但是有时在大型的基建项目中也会大批量地进行授权。伦敦横贯铁路是一条横贯首都伦敦并价值150亿英镑的铁路联络线,在它建设期间就曾被议会特别允许移除施工路途中的每一具遗骸。也就是说,至今已经有超过300具遗骸从靠近利物浦大街的中世纪医院的地下挖掘出来,并被重新埋葬集体坟墓之中。等到这项项目竣工之时,会有成千上万的老伦敦人的遗骸被重新安放。 /201406/308403杭州妇产医院在哪 杭州市红十字会医院妇科专家大夫

下城区引产多少钱 DON:Its time for a new feature on our show, called I Got the Data.唐:现在是我们节目的一个新板块,它被称为《我就是有科学依据》。This is where I say something that a smart-alec at a party would no doubt disagree with, and then I triumph by having data to back it up.一个自作聪明之人无疑会对我在派对讲的事情持反对观点,然后我通过数据持获胜。Yael will play the smart-alec. Ready?而雅艾尔将扮演那个自作聪明之人。准备好了吗?YAEL:Ready.雅艾尔:可以开始了。DON:Nice party, huh? I love these chips.唐:聚会可真不错,是吧?我爱死这些薯片了。YAEL:Mmm-hmm.雅艾尔:嗯。DON:You know, on the way over here I saw this guy talking on a cell phone while driving.唐:你知道吗,在来这里的途中我看到这家伙边开车边打手机。Thats got to be dangerous.那可太危险了。YAEL:No it isnt.雅艾尔:不见得吧。Only idiots cant drive and talk at the same time.只有白痴才不会在同一时间既开车又讲电话。DON:But your hands are off the wheel.唐:但你的手离开了方向盘。YAEL:I got one of those no-hands cell phones you can mount in a car.雅艾尔:我可知道车里用的是那种不用手就能打电话的手机。Dont believe what anybody says.不要相信别人。Theyre completely safe.它们非常安全。DON:Unfortunately for you, smart-alec, I Got the Data.唐:你太不幸了,自作聪明的傻瓜,我的数据恰恰能辩倒你。YAEL:You what?雅艾尔:什么玩意?DON:A study done by a psychologist and an engineer at the University of Rhode Island had volunteers wear eye-tracking devices while they drove.唐:罗德岛大学一位心理学家和一位工程师对此进行了研究,他们要求志愿者驾车时佩戴眼球追踪设备。The researchers found that a drivers eyes move around a lot--we scan the road, check our speedometers, and stay alert for surprises.研究人员发现,一名司机的眼球经常很多次的移动—比如我们扫视道路,检查速度表,并对于有可能的突发情况保持警惕等等。When talking on a cell phone at the same time, though, eye motions fell to almost zero-the subjects simply stared at the bumper ahead of them.而当用手机讲话时,眼部运动几乎降至零—受试者只是盯着在他们前面的保险杠。YAEL:Yeah?雅艾尔:是吗?DON:The issue seems to be not talking on the phone per se but concentrating on a second task, such as making a decision with the person on the other end of the line.唐:这个问题似乎并不是关于讲电话本身,而是专注于第二个任务,比如和电话线另一头的人做决定等。When we do that, we take our mental energy away from driving.当我们这样做的时候,我们的精神能量就会远离驾驶。And thats dangerous!而这非常危险!YAEL:I knew that.雅艾尔:我知道了。DON:Mmm-hmm. 唐:嗯。 201310/262656萧山安妮无痛人流浙江省一院有微创手术吗



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