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Economic recessions are real. Job loss, foreclosures and a weak dollar can make life during a recession difficult. Don#39;t let yourself sink below. Here#39;s how to survive and stay afloat.经济衰退已经切实地发生了。失业,财产没收和美元疲软都会导致经济萧条期生活困难。不要让自己在经济衰退的大潮中沉没,以下是帮助你安然度过,勇往直前的一些建议。Step 1: Secure Your Job1.保住工作Strengthen your connection to your company. Let your boss know you can be counted on during hard times. Better yet, work your way toward a recession-proof job. Education and health services are well isolated from recession woes. If you#39;re working as a teacher or in the health business, you shouldn#39;t have to worry about losing your job.增强自己和公司的联系。让老板知道在困难时期可以依靠你。更好的是,在经济衰退期可以保住工作。教育和健康务都不受经济衰退影响。如果你从事教育或健康行业,你不必担心失业。Step 2: Secure Your Finances2.保障财政In a recession, you want to have your money in the safest possible investment, cash. Money-market mutual funds are best. If you do own stock and some of it tanks, don#39;t sell in a panic. Traditionally, stock markets go through a ;V; shape. The first stroke of the V is a loss of value, sometimes 10%. The second stroke of the V is the recovery. Keep your eye on the long run,because you very well can get it all back in 1 year.在经济衰退期,你要把自己的钱财投资在最安全的地方。货币市场的共同基金是最好的。如果你持有一些股票,不要匆忙抛售。传统来讲,股票都是“V”型走势。股票最初会下跌大约10%,然后复苏。眼光放远一点,因为一年之内你就可以挽回损失。Step 3: Secure Your Home3.保护房子Even if you or your spouse lose your job, hang on to your house. Ask your lender about forbearance, which postpones a loan payment. Refinancing will lower a mortgage interest rate. A repayment plan will adjusts the amount due and time frame. Bottom line: recession is temporary. Make the right choices, and you#39;ll survive.即使你和配偶都失业了,一定要保住房子。向放款人要求延长偿还贷款时间。再融资会降低抵押利率。偿还计划会根据金额和时间做出调整。底线就是:经济衰退只是暂时的。做出正确的选择,你一定能够安全度过。Thanks for watching How To Survive A Recession.感谢收看“经济衰退期怎样安然度过”视频节目。 Article/201211/210473

You can still warm someone#39;s heart on Valentine#39;s Day without spending a lot of money.不需花太多钱,你也可以在情人节这一天温暖对方的心。Step 1 Create a night of romance1.打造浪漫之夜Surprise your loved one with a night of romance. Share a candlelit dinner, give each other massages, and draw a warm bubble bath.安排浪漫的夜晚,给对方一个惊喜。共享烛光晚餐,互相给对方,或者享受温暖的泡泡浴。Step 2 Snuggle2.依偎Snuggle on the sofa, make some popcorn, and watch your favorite romantic movie.依偎在沙发里,做一些爆米花,观看最喜欢的浪漫影片。Turn off your cellphones to avoid any interruptions.关掉手机,避免任何干扰。Step 3 Create a night of entertainment3.之夜Create a night of entertainment. Play board games by yourselves, or invite some friends over.安排之夜。两人打牌,或者邀请一些朋友加入。Step 4 Cook together4.一起煮饭Cook a meal together that you will both enjoy. Don#39;t forget the dessert!一起煮一道两人都喜欢的大餐。不要忘记甜品!Step 5 Spend time together5.一起度过美好时光Spend some time strolling down memory lane by digging out old photos. You#39;ll be guaranteed to crack a smile.两人一起看一下老照片,回忆过去的美好时光。你们一定会不由自主地露出甜美的微笑。Step 6 Go for a walk6.漫步Go for a romantic walk at your local park or beach. Pack a picnic lunch filled with sandwiches, fruit, and something to drink.在附近的公园或沙发里浪漫地散步。打包野餐,多带一些三明治,水果和饮料。Find a quiet place so you can be alone.找一个安静的地方,这样你们可以独处。Step 7 Show up with a rose7.送上玫瑰Show up at your Valentine#39;s door with a single rose and a smile. Now enjoy Valentine#39;s Day and the money you saved.手持一朵玫瑰,面带微笑出现在情人的门前。现在可以尽情享受情人节的快乐了,同时也没有浪费很多钱。 Article/201302/224864

The Jinou people are incredibly knowledgeable about their forests基诺族对于森林的知识学得让人难以置信and claim to have uses for most of the plants that they find there.他们声称能够利用在这儿找到的大多数植物They have names for them all,所有的植物都被基诺族人命名those good for eating and some which even have strong medicinal qualities.那些吃起来应该不错有的植物甚至还有很高的药用价值By working here, the Jinouplay a similar roleto the elephants,通过在这儿劳动基诺族人扮演了一个与大象相似的角色opening upthe forest,bringing space, light and diversity.开发森林 拓展空间带来了阳光与多样化Green, fast growing species are encouraged.生长迅速的绿色植物有很强的竞争优势Insects are in high abundance here,这儿的昆虫资源也极其富足together with the animals thatfeed onthem.以昆虫为食的动物也不少Knowledge of the forest enables the Jinou to find not just plants,基诺族人掌握的关于森林的知识使他们能够找到植物之外的but other tasty forest food too.其它美味可口的森林食品Forest crabs are common here,feeding on the abundant leaf litter.丛林地蟹在这儿很常见它们以充足的废叶为食This will be a tastyaddition tothe evening meal.晚餐又多了一道美味可口的菜肴 /201208/193604

1. Toledo, Spain托莱多,西班牙It was the capital of Spain in the Middle Ages, a city where three religions lived and left the best of their heritage.这个城市在中世纪时期是西班牙的首都,有3个宗教曾在这座城市里存在过,而且它们都留下了很棒的遗迹。2. Aigues-Mortes (France)埃格莫尔特(法国)Just look at it, please:光是看一看就懂了:England has the advantage of not having any major wars on its soil for several hundred years, so many medieval towns and cities that made it through the Wars of the Roses and English Civil War are still largely intact.英格兰有个优势,那就是它的本土已经几百年没有遭受重大战火了,所以,那些熬过了玫瑰战争和英国内战的中世纪古城基本上都很完整。This includes the centres of cities like Oxford:这其中就包括牛津这类城市的市中心:and York:还有约克:But for the real medieval experience you should look for the towns and villages of the Cotswolds and Suffolk, which became very prosperous in the medieval period from the wool trade.但如果你想体验真正的中世纪风情,你应该去科兹沃尔德和萨福克这样的城镇或村庄,它们在中世纪由于羊毛贸易而变得非常繁荣。As a consequence they built beautiful towns and villages, many of which have remained the same size or shrunk as they became less prosperous, meaning that unlike York or Oxford they don’t have any modern sprawl at all.其结果就是,它们建起了美丽的城镇和村落,而且其中很多都一直保持着当时的大小,或因为不再繁荣而缩小了,这意味着他们不会像约克和牛津一样有那些现代建筑群。For example:举几个例子:Lavenham (this was the 14th most populous town in 1523 - bigger than York!)拉文纳姆(1523年时,这里是英国人口排名第14的城镇,比约克还大!)Lacock雷考克Castle Combe库姆堡Aside from the excellent suggestions in other answers, I’d like to present óbidos, Portugal:虽然其他回答已经给出了很棒的推荐,我还是想说说葡萄牙的奥比多斯:This small town is in Portuguese hands since the XII century and hasn’t changed that much since then.这座小城从十二世纪开始就由葡萄牙人掌管,而且至此之后都没怎么变过。IIRC(注:If I remember correctly), traditionally, it was part of the Queen’s personal possessions.如果我没记错的话,从传统上讲,它是女王的私人财产。Quite an interesting place to visit, particularly in July, when you can see the Medieval Market.这是个很有趣的旅游目的地,尤其是在7月,这时你能看到中世纪市集。Be sure to taste some ginja as well (a slightly alcoholic beverage).一定要记得喝喝樱桃酒(这是一种低酒精含量的饮料)。Also in Portugal, Almeida deserves to be mentioned, close to the Spanish border:同样是在葡萄牙,还有一个地方值得一提,那就是阿尔梅达,它靠近西班牙的边境:The star fortification was built in the XVII century, so not entirely Medieval, but very beautiful nonetheless.星型的防御工事是十七世纪建成的,所以也不算完全的中世纪,但不管怎么说还是很美的。 /201707/516551

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