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2019年08月18日 15:02:19 | 作者:问医分享 | 来源:新华社
栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201611/477506Were only just digging in like one or two feet,只挖了一至二英尺Ive got a little bit of shelter from the wind.我已经有了避风的防护If you look at the difference between the wind up here你看看两个地方风速的差异ing 45 miles an hour,but down here上面是每小时四十五英里 但是下面Well, its only ing about 5 miles an hour.只有每小时五英里Thats a huge difference in wind speeds.这风速可是天差地别And wind speeds correlate to wind chill.Up here, you can have minus-40.而风速与风寒相关 在上面 可能有零下40度In here, its gonna be way, way warmer.Lets keep digging.在这儿 可温暖的多多了 我们继续挖With time running against you,在这分秒必争的时刻its vital that you dig a very basic snow hole.挖出一个基本的雪洞是至关重要的Make it just big enough to squeeze your body into.确保这洞能大到容纳下你的身体Once youre in,pull any loose blocks of snow around the opening躺进去之后 在洞口堆点松散的雪to help keep out the freezing-cold wind.以抵御肆虐的寒风Okay, well, Im out of almost all of the wind in here.Its a huge difference.我这儿几乎吹不到风了 这差别真是天堂与地狱And all it is is a little bolt hole,总的来说只要一个避难所little escape chamber that, in this sort of wind,could save your life.而不是逃生 在这种风力的情况下 可以拯救你的生命Okay, into the snow cave.在这雪洞里The good thing about snow is that its a great insulator.雪的一项好处就是它是绝佳的隔热体Whatever the weather outside,its gonna be a pretty constant 32 degrees in here.无论外面天气如何 这儿恒温华氏32度Theres no doubt its a hard 15, 20 minutes to make this sort of thing.挖洞的这十多分钟 无疑是很艰难辛苦的Youre much better off working hard getting out of the weather但努力一把躲避恶劣天气 than trudging for hour after hour into a blizzard, getting nowhere.可比长时间在暴风雪中 步履艰难无处可走要好的多201703/495059Renovo, Pennsylvania is what happens at the end of the railway line宾夕法尼亚州的雷诺沃位于铁道线的终点when the trains dont come any more,火车已不再驶来but the town is rich in something rare and precious.但是这个小镇却有很多稀有而珍贵的东西Beneath the trees are swathes of red Devonian sandstone.森林的下面是红色的泥盆纪沙岩断层So in 1993 along came a lone fossil hunter. He is called Ted Daeschler.1993年,一位化石专家独自来到这里。他名叫Ted DaeschlerDaeschler made his name finding two more new Devonian tetrapod species in a roadside cutting called Red Hill,Daeschler为两种新发现的泥盆纪四足动物起了名字,它们是在被称为“红丘”的路边断壁上发现的but the thing that took both him and Red Hill into fossil hunting legend不过使他和红丘在化石搜寻界一举成名的原因was when he examined one of the sites peculiar features.却是他对这里一处独特地貌的分析In amongst all the red rock was a broad green layer.在所有红色岩层中,都有一个宽阔的绿色地层OK, the majority of the rock out here at Red Hill of course is red.红丘中的大部分岩石当然都是红色的Climbing up through sandstones, silt here, sandstones and mudstones一路往上爬,可以看到沙岩,这是淤泥,沙岩和泥岩right into this zone up here we start with a green layer.到了这一地带,我们开始见到绿色地层Its reduced probably because of all of the plant material thats buried within the rock here.它们变成这样很可能是因为岩层中埋有各种各样的植物201703/497276

Fishing practice begins when the cubs are four months old.小水獭在4个月大时就开始学习Only the adults have the speed and agility needed to make a catch.只有成年水獭才具备所需的速度和灵巧Adults share their catches with their squabbling cubs.成年水獭把“战利品”与幼崽一起分享,小家伙们立刻抢成一团Most otters are solitary,大部分水獭都是独自生活but these rich, warm waters can support large family groups and even bigger predators.但是这些富饶温暖的水域足以养活大型家族,甚至更大的掠食动物Mugger crocodiles, four metres long, could easily take a single otter.4米长的恒河鳄能轻松捕获一只落单的水獭But confident in their gangs, the otters will actively harass these great reptiles.不过集合起来的水獭颇有胆量,反而会主动骚扰这些大块头的爬行动物。Team play wins the day.群体作战通常会取得胜利The Mara River, snaking across the plains of East Africa.马拉河蜿蜒地穿过东非平原As the land flattens out, rivers slow down and lose their destructive power.由于地势平坦,河水流速变慢,没有了原来的破坏力。Now theyre carrying heavy loads of sediment that stains their waters brown.河流中带着大量的泥沙,水变得很浑浊。201705/509819

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201612/481027

About ten years ago, I was sitting outside...downtown at a restaurant, and it must have been 11 oclock at night.大概是十年前有一天,我坐在下城的一下餐厅外面那会儿大概是夜里十一点。And all of a sudden, there goes Bill Cunningham on his bike.忽然我看见Bill和他的自行车。I thought, ;Oh, I want to say hello,; but he was gone in a fleeting moment.我正想着和他打个招呼,但是他一下就从我面前骑了过去。And all I could see was his blue coat and the bike go by.然后我只能看见他和他蓝色的外套远去是身影。And I knew where he was headed.我大概知道他是赶着去哪里。He goes to many events in one evening.他一天晚上要参加很多的活动和派对。Hes in one event uptown, and hes downtown at another event.可能去上城参加一个活动然后又要赶去下城参加另一个。Its rigorous work.这样的工作节奏很紧。This is too early to be at one of these downtown parties.我们是不是来的太早了。Were the only ones here.现在只有我们到了。Bills gonna be here for five minutes and leave.Bill只能待五分钟,然后就要走了。Big smiles. Come on, Annie!笑一个嘿,Annie!Beautiful, guys.很好看。Thats a classic Schwinn.这是我的老Schwinn车。Someone gave it to me.别人送给我的。Thats my 29th. Wonderful.这是我的第29辆车了好的。Ive had 28 stolen.前28辆都被偷了。28 stolen bikes?28辆自行车?Yeah. Thats the 29th.是的…这是第29辆。Oh, my goodness, the kids are all here.哦,天呐,你们都来了。The kids are here.你们都来了…I came out from L.A.With Annie.我从洛杉矶和Annie一起过来的。Oh, how wonderful. -Shes ensconced down there.哦,那真好。-她住在这边。Oh, arent you kids beautiful? Look at you.你看,你们这样很好看啊。;You kids.; Never changes.你还是叫我;孩子;。Look at you two kids. -You gonna take?看你们两个…-你要拍照么?Yes. -Of us?是的-给我们两个拍?Yes. In basic black? Are you kidding?是的…你穿的黑色,开玩笑么?A very special one too. Yes.不过这也很特别。Bill is a true egalitarian.Bill对每个人都是一样的。201609/460743


At least 13 people are dead and more than 200 families are missing after a landslide buried several villages in Sri Lanka on Tuesday. 周二,斯里兰卡发生的山体滑坡掩埋几个村庄,造成至少13人死亡,超过200个家庭失踪。The countrys Red Cross says at least 180 people were rescued from the massive landslide, which hit three villages. 斯里兰卡红十字会表示,至少有180人从袭击三个村庄的大滑坡中被救出。The disaster comes after multiple days of heavy rains caused flooding, mudslides and cyclones across the island. 岛上多天的暴雨造成洪水、泥石流和旋风,并引发灾难。Local media report at least 346,000 people have been affected by the storms, and more than 196,000 people are staying in camps. 当地媒体报道,至少有346,000人受到风暴影响,196,000多人留在营地。For those displaced residents, the countrys president announced Monday the government would be upping the disaster allowance. 对于那些流离失所的居民,斯里兰卡总统周一宣布,政府将加大灾害补贴。Conditions might not improve anytime soon — at least in the countrys southwest. 条件可能不会很快得到改善,至少在该国西南部。India, which is north of the island, is also prepping for several southern cities to be hit by floods. 斯里兰卡北部的印度也在为几个南方城市做好洪水袭击的准备。译文属。201605/444824

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