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If you#39;ve dreamed of canine companionship but a stubborn parent is standing in your way, use this guide to champion all the benefits of a family dog.如果你梦想有一只可爱的作伴,而你顽固的父母总是拒绝,尝试下面的指引,让你的父母了解家里养的益处。You Will Need你需要Responsibility责任感Perseverance毅力Steps步骤STEP 1 Research1.调查Research the right type of dog for your family and lifestyle as well as the cost of the license, shots, and other fees. Be as knowledgeable as possible.调查适合你家养的的品种和生活习性,以及登记,疫苗以及其他的费用。尽量多了解一些知识。Show off several possible options to get your mother interested and emotionally involved in picking a cute furry friend.向母亲展示几种可能的选择,让她感兴趣,并从情感上接受养一只毛茸茸的宠物朋友。STEP 2 Display responsibility2.表现出责任感Display enough responsibility to take care of a dog by keeping up with your chores, cleaning your room, and maintaining good grades in school.表现出良好的责任感,表明你能照顾好。收拾好自己乱七八糟的东西,打扫房间,在学校保持好的成绩。STEP 3 Talk about benefits3.讲述养的好处Talk about the benefits of getting a dog such as security at home, friendship, and more time outside playing instead of lounging in front of the TV.讲述一下养的益处,比如保障家中安全,友好,更多时间外出玩耍,而不是窝在沙发上看电视。STEP 4 Offer incentives4.提出奖励措施Offer incentives such as chipping in for the cost, or ask for a dog as a gift for a birthday or for a major personal accomplishment like straight A#39;s.提出养作为奖励措施,比如削减费用,或者要求一只作为生日礼物,或者自己取得优异成绩的奖励。A part-time job will help with the costs of the dog and speak volumes on your commitment level.兼职工作可以帮你负担养的费用,还能让你一直坚持下去。STEP 5 Counter negatives5.消除不利因素Think of possible reasons your mother doesn#39;t want a dog and come up with counter arguments to keep her from saying no right away.想一下母亲不让你养可能的原因,想出辩驳的方法,避免她一票否决。STEP 6 Beg6.请求Beg as a last resort. If nothing#39;s working, drop the topic, but bring it up periodically until a compromise is reached and a new puppy or dog is adopted.死缠烂打作为最后一招。如果无效的话,不要再提这件事。但是可以过一段时间再说,直到达成妥协,领养到一只可爱的。The bloodhound, known for its keen sense of smell, is the only dog breed to have the evidence it collects allowed in a court of law.猎犬以敏锐的嗅觉著称,是唯一一个允许在法庭呈上它搜集的据的犬种。视频听力译文由。 Article/201503/366140栏目简介:《趣味科普英语视频》有着浓厚的趣味性,能够增加英语学习爱好者对英语科普知识的兴趣,从而更加开心快乐地学习英语知识,建立起英语学习的基础,为以后学习更多的英语知识奠基,快来边看视频边涨姿势吧! Article/201510/401313You produce between two-three pints of urine every day,but most of us still pay little attention to our liquid waste.So,what does your pee say about you? And could it be a clear indicator of your body#39;s overall health?一个人每天的尿量约2-3品脱,但是大部分人对尿液毫不关心,尿液能够说明些什么呢?它是否能作为整体健康状况的指标物。Before you pee,the kidneys filter waster soluble waste by absorbing the nutrients it needs to keep,like sugar,back into your body,`and getting rid of the things your body doesn#39;t want,like toxins.The liquid waste then flows to your bladder where it is stored until eventually being peed out.在尿尿前肾脏会过滤水溶物吸收保留所需的营养盐,如糖分,将其保留在体内,并且排出对身体不利物质,如毒素,然后这些废液流向膀胱,储存在哪 ,直到取终被尿出来。If your urine is brown,it could be from eating a lot of rhubarb,fava beans or aloe.It is also a side effect of some medications,such as laxatives,muscle relaxants and antibiotics.More seriously it can be a sign of liver disorder or kidney disease.如果尿液是棕色,很可能是吃了大黄,蚕豆或芦荟,也可能是一些药物的作用,如通便药物,肌肉松弛剂和抗生素,更严重些甚至可能是肝脏损伤或肾病的信号。If you#39;re seeing purple,you may be suffering from a rare inherited disorder know as porphyria.Porphyrias cause your body to be deficient in the enzymes which produce heme,an essential part of red blood cells.如果尿液是紫色的,那么你可能得了一种罕见的遗传疾病----卟啉症,卟啉症会导致身体缺少产生亚铁血红素的酶,它是红细胞的基本组分之一.Green urine?It could be from a new medication or vitamin.Some green food dyes don#39;t get absorbed by your body and can be excreted in your urine,so a green stream is not always something to be alarmed about,especially after St.Patrick#39;s day.那么绿色的尿呢?可能是一种新药物或维生素造成的,有些绿色的食用色素无法被身体吸收,就会随尿液排出,因此看到绿色尿液并不用太过担心,特别是圣帕特里克节之后.If your urine is blue,you likely have familial hypercalcemia,an inherited disorder found in children which is caused by excess calcium in the blood also known as blue diaper syndrome.Some medications have methylene blue in them which can cause urine to turn blue/green.如果尿液是蓝色,你可能得了遗传性高钙血症,这是一种儿童会患的遗传疾病,是由于血液中钙过量引起的,又称为蓝色尿综合征,一些含有亚甲蓝的药物也会导致尿液变蓝/绿。If your urine is pink or red,there may be blood in the urine.This could be due to a variety of conditions from an enlarged prostate,bladder cancer or even chronic lead poisoning.But red urine can also be caused by different types of medications or from eating richly coloured foods like beets and blackberries.In fact beeturia is the technical term for peeing pink after eating too many beets.如果是粉色或红色的尿,期中可能含有血,这可能是由于前列腺肥大,膀胱癌,或者慢性铅中毒等因素导致的,不过红色的尿液可能是由于食用了不同类型的药物或是色素含量丰富的食物,如甜菜或蓝莓。甜菜尿就是一个描述食用过多甜菜后,尿液呈粉色症状的专业术语。If your urine is orange,it could be from eating excessive amounts of food containing high levels of vitamin C or carotene such as carrots.It#39;s also caused by drugs,like a painkiller called Pyridium given to people with urinary tract infections which turns urine bright orange.Normally,urine should be a shade yellow,and it gets this yellow colour form the pigment of urobilin,which is a product of the breakdown of heme,an essential part of your blood.如果尿液是橙色,可能是由于食用了过多富含维C和红萝卜素的食物,如胡萝卜,不过也可能是由于药物造成的,如尿道感染患者食用止痛药马洛芬后,尿液会变成橙黄色,通常尿液应该带有些微黄色,这个黄色是由于尿胆素造成的,这是分解血液基本组合亚铁血红素得到的产物。Depending on how much water you have in your body your urine will either be diluted or concentrated with urobilin.Honey coloured? It means your body has reabsorbed a lot of water to keep you hydrated so now there is a higher concentration of urobilin in your urine making your pee appear amber coloured.You need to drink water right now.每天身体摄取的水量,决定了尿液中尿胆素是稀是浓,蜜黄色,说明身体为了合成水合物再吸收了大量的水分,因此尿液中尿胆素的浓度偏高,导致尿液呈琥珀色,这表示你需要多喝水。Dark yellow,this is normal.but there is more urobilin so you will want to drink water soon.No colour at all means you have been drinking a lot of water.It could also mean you have consumed caffeine or alcohol which inhibits the ability for your body to reabsorb liquid in the kidney,meaning you pee out way more water.深黄色也是正常的,但是这更高的尿胆素会导致你想喝水,完全无色的尿说明你喝了很多水,或是摄入了咖啡因或是洒精,这抑制了肾脏对水分的再吸收,说明你尿掉了很多的水。Transparent yellow,you#39;re normal and healthily hydrated.透明黄色的尿,说明你很正常而且水和过程很健康。 Article/201506/383454

Treatment of oral cancers can include many different口腔癌的治疗囊括了许多不同的技术techniques; the choice of treatment depends mainly on治疗的选择主要取决于个人身体的总体情况a person#39;s general health, where in the mouth or癌症源于口腔还是嗓子,肿瘤的大小throat the cancer began, the size of the tumor and以及癌症是否已经扩散whether the cancer has sp. For early cancers对于早期的癌症外科手术来说surgery is usually done to remove the tumor but it is通常情况下是在癌症没有扩散typically not done if the cancer has sp to到颈部时摘除肿瘤the neck. Radiation therapy is also used. Advanced激光疗法对此也很适用cancers require more treatment, either chemotherapy,晚期癌症需要更多的治疗,要么是化学疗法radiation therapy or a combination of the 2 is done激光疗法,要么两者结合去击中并镇压肿瘤to target and suppress the tumor. Targeted therapy is目标疗法是一种通过使用药物a new tool that uses a drug to inhibit the growth of制止肿瘤繁殖的新型方法the tumor; it is used in combination with chemotherapy它是通过将化学疗法和激光疗法and / or radiation therapy. Speech therapy may also be合二为一来使用,治疗后需要通过语言障碍needed after treatment to improve movement of the mouth矫正来提高嘴及下颚一带的活动and jaw, chewing, swallowing and speech. Because咀嚼,吞咽和说话等的能力,因为advanced cancer removal is so invasive, reconstructive晚期癌症的切除外科手术是扩散危害性的surgery may need to be done later as well.所以可能需要在后期进行修复手术Survival rates are typically low because of the damage因为肿瘤造成的破坏和扩散,癌症存活率很低and sping the tumor has done. 5 year survival rates大约有50%的癌症患者可以存活5年are around roughly 50% however if the tumor is caught然而如果能够在早期阶段切除肿瘤in early stage the survival rate goes up to between 80存活率就会上升到80%-90%to 90%; this is a significant increase and shows the这是一次有意义的增长并且说明了importance of early discovery, not only for oral在早期发现癌症的重要性,不仅口腔癌cancers but all types of cancer.是这样,所有类型的癌症都是这样Oral cancer can be prevented, most causes of oral cancer口腔癌可以预防,我们能够控制引发口腔癌we can control. Practicing good oral hygiene helps keep的大部分原因,好的口腔卫生有助于口腔清洁the oral cavity clean and harmful bacteria at bay.远离有害细菌Limiting the use of tobacco and alcohol products is控制吸烟和酗酒是另一种another easy way to prevent oral cancer. Many problems预防口腔癌的简单方法with the diet are not related to the actual foods by许多饮食问题与实际的食物无关bacterial fermentation of the food is the bigger而由细菌发酵的食物才是个更严重的问题problem, therefore consuming a healthy diet with由于细菌和噬菌在癌症中起作用limited snacking, especially on sugary foods,因此人们推荐少吃零食的健康饮食is highly recommended to limit bacteria and plaque来限制它们的增长growth because of their role in cancer.尤其是甜食One study conducted in Italy took place from 1992意大利的一项从1992年到2005年的to 2005, a total of 804 patients admitted to local调查显示,总共有804个病人到医院检查hospitals with confirmed oral or pharyngeal cancer确诊患有口腔癌或者咽喉癌were examined. The control group consisted of 2080对照组的2080个病人因不相关的原因patients admitted to the same hospitals for unrelated也进入同一家医院reasons. They were then frequency matched for study,他们和研究center location, sex and 5 year age groups.中心位置,性别,五年年龄组相匹配Each person was given a food frequency questionnaire,每一个人都有一个频繁的食物问卷5 major diets were identified and 29 macro nutrients确认了五种主要的食物,检查了29种宏营养and micro nutrients were examined. The diets consisted以及微营养,这些食物包括of an animal product diet, starch rich, vitamins and畜产品,富含淀粉的食物,维生素以及fiber, unsaturated fats and retinol and niacin.纤维素,不饱和脂肪,维生素A以及烟酸Results from the study showed a positive association研究结果显示了再续产品和口腔癌之间between animal products and oral cancer.成正相关 Article/201501/354242

Joe Jackson called me and told me乔·杰克逊打给我that they were looking for a place to go.跟我说他们在找新东家And of course, Huff and myself,瑟夫跟我当然we tried to get them for Philly lnternational Records.费力的想把他们拉到费城国际唱片来But at the same time, CBS但同时间 CBSwas negotiating with them also.也在与他们谈合约l wanted to know if there was a shot, a chance,我想要知道到底有没有胜算of being able to get involved. And l was told there was.他跟我说有The next is, We sat doWn and we started to negotiate.我们并开始坐下来谈They wanted a million dollars.他们要价一百万And l figured, #39;Okay, that#39;s all l could approve up to. #39;我心想 我也只能核准这么多That was my approval level.我被授权的上限也就在这l had to go through the ranks我得连络高层and ll said, ;We have a chance of signing the Jackson 5;我说 我们有机会签杰克逊五人组and they said, ;They#39;re done.;他们却回 他们已经过气了l said, ;No, l#39;m sorry.我说 不 抱歉#39;l believe in them, l believe that there#39;s a big future,我对他们有信心 我相信前途无量#39;l believe that Michael Jackson我相信迈克尔·杰克逊;Could be one of the biggest stars ever.;会成为数一数二的巨星That took care of that.就搞定了l was handed the letter and they said,他们把信给我 然后说#39;There#39;s your deal memo, go sign #39;em. #39;这是你的合约信 去签吧ln order to move on and progress,为了继续往前走Joseph said he had to do it约瑟夫说不得不这么做because he wanted the children to get credit for their writings and all of that,因为他希望孩子们的创作可以被注意到and they couldn#39;t do that at Motown.但在城却不可能CBS offered them movies, they offered #39;em a TV show,CBS为他们安排电影演出 还有电视节目cartoons and everything.甚至还有卡通And of course Gamble and Huff, you know,肯尼·甘柏与里昂·瑟夫这里we couldn#39;t offer them all those things.我们当然不可能提供这些so they decided to go with CBS.所以他们决定去CBSProbably the most important signing of my career.这可能是我的事业生涯中 签过最重要的约 Article/201509/398633With the collapse of Rome,随着罗马帝国的没落Europe reverts to a dark age of war,famine and savagery.欧洲再次陷入到满是战争 饥荒和蛮荒的黑暗时代Many essentials of Roman life are lost for centuries:很多先前罗马生活中的必需品都不复存在The technology to build aqueducts,比如建造水渠的工艺The use of coins,In some areas even writing.硬币的使用 甚至在某些地区 文字也已经消失Rome loses 95% of its population.罗马帝国损失了百分之九十五的人口London is abandoned.The drama of Rome suggests,伦敦俨然成了座废城 罗马的悲剧警示着我们That civilization does not progress in a straight line文明的演化并不是一路平稳Towards more prosperity,朝着更繁荣 更井然有序More order, more law, more technology.法制健全 有更多先进技术的方向发展的It shows us, in the picture,通过图片 我们知道Amazing things being achieved by the Greeks and the Romans,希腊和罗马人曾取得了许多伟大的成就And then those things being lost again.但随着时间流逝 它们又慢慢消逝不见With the fall of Rome,由于罗马帝国的覆灭Europe will fragment and stay divided for 1500 years.欧洲分割的局势持续了一千五百年But two new forces emerge,但随后两股新的势力出现了Key to the story of mankind.他们是人类文明前进的关键From the frozen north: the Vikings.他们是从冰封寒冷的北部而来的维京人From the sun-baked south: the Arabs.以及从烈日炎炎的南部而来的阿拉伯人 Article/201511/407936

一位研究玩耍的先锋,说到,幽默,游戏,调情和幻想不仅仅是有趣。孩提时代的玩耍让成年人更加高兴和聪明 -- 保持这种状态可以让我们永远与聪明相伴。 Article/201508/393277【新闻精讲】Fighting has intensified in the eastern European nation of Ukraine. The country got its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. Today, Ukraine is a nation divided, between people who want to be aligned with Russia, and those who want to be aligned more closely with Europe. Tensions over this led to the ouster of a former Ukrainian president in 2014. Violence flared up that same year. It has become Europe#39;s most violent crisis in decades. And though a ceasefire was negotiated in 2015, violence and violations are on the rise.欧国家乌克兰的冲突日益激化。1991年,乌克兰从苏联独立。现在,乌克兰是一个分裂的国家,一些人想同俄罗斯结盟,其他人则想同欧盟紧密合作。这种紧张关系导致乌克兰前总统在2014年被罢黜。同一年,暴力冲突爆发。那是数十年来欧洲发生的最暴力的危机事件。虽然冲突双方在2015年达成停火协议,但是暴力活动和违反停火协议的事件一直在增加。intensify v.加强divided adj.分裂的- divide v.分离aligned adj.持站队的- align v.持- she aligned herself with the protesters.tension n.矛盾ouster n.废黜 (remove someone from a position of power)- The ouster of the dictator.flare v.燃烧decade n.十年ceasefire n.停火This is very messy because the ceasefire isn#39;t really holding. To Russia, Ukraine is it#39;s vital near abroad. You couldn#39;t get more geopolitically, industrially important to Moscow. But Ukraine itself has been vacillating between getting closer to the E.U., to the West, and retaining its longer term links to Russia. That started back in uprising and revolution in 2004. And in 2014, they kicked out a pro-Russian leader.形势非常混乱,因为停火协议没能够维持下去。对俄罗斯来说,乌克兰是其至关重要的近邻国家。对莫斯科来说,从地缘政治和工业方面来说,乌克兰非常重要。但是,在更靠近欧盟和西方还是保持同俄罗斯的长期关系这个问题上,乌克兰一直摇摆不定。2004年,爆发了起义和革命。2014年,乌克兰将亲俄派领导人赶下了台。messy adj.糟糕的hold v.坚持vital adj.至关重要的 (extremely important)- The matters are vital to national defense.geopolitically adv. 地缘政治地industrially adv.工业地vacillate v.摇摆不定 (repeatedly change ideas and desires)- She has vacillated on this issue.retain v.保持uprise v.起义And the Russians responded by sending a covert force and annexing the peninsula of Crimea. They then sent slightly more covert operations into the eastern city of Donetsk, where government buildings were taken over and then militia, a lot of whom had some pretty serious Russian military support started taking territory.俄罗斯派遣秘密力量吞并克里米亚半岛,以此进行回应。随后,他们在乌克兰东部城市顿涅茨克展开了更多秘密行动,并接管了该市政府大楼,然后得到俄罗斯军事持的民兵开始了占领领土的行动。covert adj.隐蔽的 (secret or hidden)- The spy is taking covert action.annex v.吞并 (to take control of a place)- The ed States annexed Texas in1845.peninsula n.半岛militia n.民兵组织territory n.领土,地盘Since 2014,2015, that territory has changed hands, gone back and forth, sometimes the violence escalating. But after a major ceasefire agreement in early 2015, the violence hasn#39;t really stopped. It sort of bubbled along really a quite regular pace. Many see that Moscow has a longer term objective of perhaps linking up those eastern territories with the peninsula of Crimea, so they have a land bridge between them too, and they also want to subject Ukraine to broader political influence. Ukraine itself, well, it needs to get that territory back, the basic reasons of national pride.自2014年和2015年以来,这些领土来回易手,有时还会导致暴力冲突升级。虽然2015年年初达成停火协议,但是暴力活动并没有真正停止。反而像是有规律地在持续爆发。许多人认为莫斯科方面的长期目标是将乌克兰东部地区的这些领土同克里米亚半岛连接起来,这样他们就有了一座大陆桥,同时他们还想对乌克兰施加更广泛的政治影响。出于民族自豪感这一基本原因,乌克兰想将这些领土夺回来。change hands 转换统治者back and forth 来回地escalate v.加剧 (make something worse or more severe)- The conflict has escalated.bubble v.冒泡pace n.步伐objective n.目标- The main objective of this course is to improve English vovabulary.link up 连接subject to 使...从于Why is this so important? Well, it#39;s a war happening right on Europe#39;s doorstep, on the European mainland. It pits the European Union against Russia. And hanging in the balance is Ukraine where there are millions of people suffering deeply now from a war that#39;s been going on for years.为什么这如此重要?因为这场战争发生在欧洲门口,发生在欧洲大陆上。使欧盟站在了俄罗斯的对立面。乌克兰依然前途未卜,那里有数百万民众正在遭受持续多年的战争的蹂躏。doorstep n.门阶pit against 与...相争hang v.悬挂 Article/201703/501508栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201508/389985

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