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machination ------ 诡计(名词)英文释义(noun) A complicated plan to obtain wealth, revenge or power illegally or unethically; an intrigue.例句The king suspected the machinations of his two evil sons.国王怀疑他的两个逆子包藏祸心。 /201611/471230African Americans Proud, Cautious about Obama's Win非洲裔美国人为奥巴马自豪而谨慎 African Americans are reacting with pride to Senator Barack Obama's becoming the first person of color to be the presumptive presidential nominee of a major U.S. political party. For some though, the joy is mixed with the fear of bitter disappointment if Obama fails to win the general election against Republican candidate-in-waiting Senator John McCain in November.  非洲裔美国人对巴拉克.奥巴马能够成为美国主要政党第一位有色人种的总统竞选人感到骄傲。但一些人在高兴的同时也担心,如果奥巴马在11月的大选中败给共和党的约翰.麦凯恩,他们就太失望了。African Americans are savoring Barack Obama's triumph, and for many it is an emotional moment. Some watched on television Tuesday night in awe and disbelief as Obama claimed the nomination after winning the required number of delegates.  非洲裔美国人在庆祝奥巴马的胜利,对很多人来说,这是一个激动人心的时刻。星期二晚间,他们在电视看到奥巴马获得了需要的多数票之后宣布自己为民主党总统候选人的时候,都感到“难以相信”。"Many people I know probably cried, and there are a few that were short of crying, but they said they will save their tears for November," said Curtis Pree, a real estate agent and political commentator in the Washington, D.C. area. 普雷是首都华盛顿地区的一名房产经纪商兼政治员。普雷说:“我知道的许多人都哭了。有几个人没哭,但是他们说,要把眼泪留到十一月。”Christopher Parker is an assistant professor of political science at the University of Washington in Seattle. Parker teaches a course in African American politics, from the pre-civil war South, through segregation and discrimination against blacks, to the civil rights movement and beyond. He said to him Obama's win was an emotional issue. 克里斯多夫.帕克是西雅图华盛顿大学政治学助教。他教授一门有关非洲裔美国人政治的课程,内容从美国内战以前的南方、种族隔离、对黑人的歧视、到民权运动以及后来的发展。帕克表示,奥巴马的胜利是个感情上的问题。Parker said it is hard to describe what Obama's candidacy means to African Americans. 他说,很难描述奥巴马的胜利对非洲裔美国人意味着什么!"Black folks feel such a sense of pride in seeing him and the way that he has represented himself and us," he said. "It is such, it is just such tremendous pride. I mean I can't - it's really difficult for me to even put into words." “看到奥巴马,看到奥巴马展现他自己和代表我们的方式,黑人都感到由衷的骄傲。这种巨大的自豪感简直难以用语言来表达。”Parker said his grandparents had grown up under the so called Jim Crow laws, in force from 1876 to 1965 in parts of the ed States, that mandated segregation of the races in public schools, public places and public transportation. The civil rights legislation in the 1960s ended legalized racial segregation. 帕克说,在他的祖父母成长的那个年代,美国许多地区实施所谓的吉姆.克劳法,这部1876年至1965年的法律准许在公立学校、公共场所和公交车辆上实施种族隔离。直到1960年代的民权立法才结束了合法的种族隔离。Obama is set to give his nomination speech to the Democratic National Convention in Denver on August 28, 45 years to the day after civil rights leader Martin Luther King gave his famous "I Have a Dream" speech in Washington. 奥巴马8月28号将在丹佛举行的民主党全国代表大会上发表接受提名演说。45年前的这一天,马丁.路德.金在华盛顿发表了著名的“我有一个梦想”的演说。But some African Americans fear that the dream of having the first black American president could turn into a nightmare if Obama loses to McCain in November. 但是帕克说,一些非洲裔美国人害怕,如果奥巴马十一月败给麦凯恩的话,他们有一位非洲裔美国人总统的美梦将变成恶梦。"If he does not win, and the exit polls indicate that race was important, and that those people who believe race was important, they voted for McCain, I fear that our country will suffer an irreparable setback," Parker explained. “如果他没有赢,如果投票站的民调显示种族是重要因素,如果那些认为种族是重要因素的人最后投了麦凯恩的票,那么我就担心,我们的国家将遭受无法弥补的损失。”Ron Walters is a professor of government and politics at the University of Maryland. Asked if he is excited about Obama's chances, Walters was careful. 沃尔特斯是马里兰大学政府和政治学教授。当被问到他是否看好奥巴马的时候,他的回答非常谨慎。"I am more cautiously optimistic as an analyst because I think on the one hand I see this, and I am pleased and proud about it," he explained. "On the other hand, I know that the challenges he will face, both in the general election, and if he wins, in the administration, are formidable." 沃尔特斯说 : “做为一个分析人士,我是谨慎的乐观,因为,一方面我看到了现在的情况,我感到高兴和骄傲。但是另一方面,我知道他将面临挑战。不管是在大选中,还是获胜之后在政府中,他所面临的挑战都将是严峻的。”Curtis Pree points out that Obama has a multi-racial background, as the son of a Kenyan and a white American mother. 普雷谈到奥巴马的多种族家庭背景。奥巴马的父亲是肯尼亚人,母亲是美国白人。"The thing that makes this victory such a historic one is that Barack Obama is a multi-racial individual, who went to Harvard, white mother and a black father, and he is being judged by the content of his character as opposed to the color of his skin," he noted. 普雷说:“奥巴马的胜利之所以具有历史意义,是因为奥巴马的多种族背景。他就读于哈佛大学。有一位白人母亲和一位黑人父亲。人们是根据他的品性而不是皮肤颜色来评判断他的。”Many younger Americans agree, saying they do not view Senator Obama in terms of a color at all, but cast their votes on the basis of who is the best candidate. 许多年轻的美国人都认同这种看法,他们说,他们根本就不关心奥巴马参议员的肤色,他们投票时考虑的是谁是最佳候选人。200806/41483Start Of School Delayed In Burma缅灾区学校推迟开学众多儿童失学   School begins in Burma on Monday. But, few children from the cyclone struck Irrawaddy Delta will be going. The government has delayed the opening for at least one month in the hardest hit places.The ed Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, is helping the government reopen damaged schools by distributing repair materials, and providing school supplies and learning material. 缅甸学校星期一开学。但是在伊洛瓦底江三角洲强热带风暴灾区,很少有儿童会去上学。受灾最严重地区的学校已经被政府推迟开学至少一个月。联合国儿童基金会正在当地分发维修材料、提供学习用品和学习材料,帮助缅甸政府让受损的学校重新开学。Burma's schools were due to reopen on June 2, one month after Cyclone Nargis struck, killing tens of thousands of people and rendering more than one million homeless. 纳尔吉斯强热带风暴袭击一个月后,缅甸学校计划6月2号开学,这场风暴夺去数万人的生命,让一百多万人无家可归。The ed Nations Children's Fund reports 80 to 90 percent of schools were destroyed in the hardest hit areas. Given the extent of the damage, the Ministry of Education has delayed the opening of schools in seven townships in the Irrawaddy Delta and one township in Rangoon. 联合国儿童基金会报告说,缅甸受灾最严重地区的学校有80%到90%被毁坏。鉴于学校受损的严重程度,缅甸教育部推迟伊洛瓦底江三角洲七个城镇和仰光地区一个城镇的学校开学。UNICEF Spokesman, Michael Klaus, says he does not know how many children actually will be going to school. But, he says regrettably it will not be very many. 联合国儿童基金会发言人克劳斯说,他不知道有多少学生真的会去上学。但是他遗憾地说,去上学的学生不会很多。"One-point-one million is the overall school age population in the affected areas. So, that was the whole number and ideally all of them would have gone back to school next Monday. Due to the damages this is not possible. Only some of the schools which are lesser affected can go back to school."  克劳斯说:“受灾地区学龄儿童一共一百一十万。这是个总数,最好所有学生下星期一都能返校。鉴于学校受损,这就不可能了。只有一些受损不太严重的学校能够开学。”UNICEF believes it is important that children affected by disaster go back to school as soon as possible. It says school helps them recover from the trauma of loss, from the trauma of having been uprooted. It says school helps to give children whose lives have been completely disrupted a sense of normalcy and security. 联合国儿童基金会相信,重要的是让受到风灾影响的孩子们尽快返回学校。该基金会说,学校可以帮助他们从损失的伤、以及丧失家园的伤痛中得以恢复。基金会表示,学校能够帮助那些生活变得离破碎的孩子们得到正常和安全的感觉。Klaus says UNICEF is working with Burma's Ministry of Education to help reopen damaged schools by distributing repair materials as well as essential school supplies and learning matter. 克劳斯说,联合国儿童基金会正在协同缅甸教育部,为遭到损坏的学校发放维修材料、基本的教学用具和教材,使它们得以复课。He says over the next six months, UNICEF plans to support the repair and renovation of around 1,000 primary schools and 400 pre-school facilities. 他表示,在接下来的6个月里,联合国儿童基金会计划为大约1千所小学和400所学前设施提供修复帮助。"It is estimated that more than 4,000 basic education schools have been damaged or completely destroyed, which affects a school population of around 1.1 million children. So, what is planned over the next six months is to provide tents, tarpaulins and support the establishment of at least 1,000 temporary safe learning spaces, very simple spaces made of bamboo and tarpaulins to make sure that education can restart there."  克劳斯说:“据估计,有超过4千所基础教育学校受损或者完全被毁。这影响到大约一百一十万名学龄儿童。所以,现在的计划是在今后6个月提供帐篷、油布,并且帮助建立起至少1千所临时性的安全学习场所,用竹子和油布搭建的简单场所,以保从那里重新开始教学活动。”UNICEF estimates a third of all those killed by Cyclone Nargis are children. More than 130,000 people are either dead or missing from the storm. 联合国儿童基金会估计,死于纳尔吉斯强热带风暴的人当中,有三分之一是儿童。有超过13万人在这场风暴中死亡或失踪。Klaus says many of the children who survived have lost or been separated from their parents. He says they will need special care. He says they will need to be protected from exploitation and abuse.  克劳斯说,许多幸存的儿童失去了家长,或者与他们失散。他说,他们需要特别的照顾。他表示,这些儿童需要保护,免受剥削和虐待。Klaus says UNICEF is planning to create at least 100 so-called child friendly spaces, which will offer a secure environment for orphaned or unaccompanied children.  克劳斯说,联合国儿童基金会正在计划建立至少100个所谓的儿童友善场所,为孤儿和无助的儿童提供一个安全的环境。 200806/40805Asian Markets Rebound; Growth Outlook Dims Due to Financial Market Woes亚洲股市升幅大 经济增长前景暗  Financial markets in Asia have rebounded after massive central bank intervention and moves by the ed States authorities to assist troubled financial firms. While Asia's economic growth prospects are expected to dim in , analysts expect the financial sector to remain resilient after a decade of reforms. 在美国金融当局为帮助遭遇困境的金融机构采取大规模干预行动之后,亚洲金融市场全面回弹。虽然年的亚洲经济增长前景暗淡,但分析师认为,这个地区的金融业经过10年来的改革已经具有一定的弹性。Asia's financial markets recovered strongly Friday as investors took their cue from U.S. central bank intervention with the pumping of over 0 million into fragile credit markets and government measures to boost share trading volumes. 星期五,亚洲金融市场反弹强劲,原因是美国中央给脆弱的信贷市场大举注资2000多亿美元和亚洲国家政府采取措施扩大市场交易量等动作给亚洲的投资人带来了一些启示。The Hong Kong and Shanghai indices surged over nine per cent after the Chinese government cut taxes on share purchases and bought shares in state-owned banks. 中国政府降低股票交易印花税并购买国有股票的消息出来之后,香港和上海的股指暴涨了9个百分点。Japan's Nikkei index gained almost four percent while shares in South Korea leapt over 4.5 percent as investor confidence returned to the markets driven on by a strong U.S. market recovery.  日本的日经指数上涨近4个百分点,韩国股市上涨4.5个百分点。美国股市强劲反弹也提振了亚洲投资人对市场的信心。The U.S. government was reported to be preparing to set up a new entity to assist troubled financial firms. Other short term policy measures in Britain and New York tempered heavy selling. 报道说,美国政府准备成立一个新的机构来帮助受困的金融公司。英国和纽约采取的短期政策措施降低了市场抛售浪潮。But credit markets remained cautious despite the measures, and moves by central banks in Japan, Australia, Indonesia and India Friday to inject a further billion into credit markets.  尽管日本、澳大利亚、印度尼西亚和印度等国的中央星期五都采取了一些措施和行动,给信贷市场注资420亿美元,但是信贷市场依然反应谨慎。The moves by central banks and governments came as international capital markets are seen to be facing the most severe crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s - triggered by systemic failures in the financial and banking sector in the ed States, accompanied by restrictions on international trade. 各国央行和政府是在国际资本市场看来正在出现30年代大萧条以来最严重危机的时候采取这些行动的。这次危机的触发点是美国的金融和业出现系统性失误。国际贸易的限制也起到了一定的作用。Financial markets this week have been gripped by panic after major U.S. investment bank Lehman Brothers was forced into bankruptcy, other troubled banks were forced to sell and the U.S. government mounted an billion rescue operation for troubled international insurance house, AIG.  这个星期,金融市场一直笼罩在一片恐慌之中。美国主要投行雷曼兄弟公司被迫宣布破产,其它一些处境困难的被迫卖掉自己,美国政府拿出850亿美元来拯救遇到麻烦的国际保险公司美国国际集团AIG。Analysts are expecting a major restructuring of the U.S. financial market in the wake of the crisis triggered by a credit shortage and recession in the U.S. housing market.  分析人士估计,信贷紧缩和房地产市场衰退触发的这场金融危机过后,美国的金融市场将会进行一次重大的结构调整。Economists are now warning of a sharp downturn in the global economy as financial market uncertainties spill over to the general economy, including Asia. 经济学家警告说,金融市场的不确定性已经蔓延到整体经济,包括亚洲经济,因此全球经济可能会急速走软。Director General of the ed Nation's Conference on Trade and Development, Supachai Panitchapkadi, this week warned the global downturn will continue into . 联合国贸发会秘书长苏帕差这个星期说,世界经济走软的势头将会持续到年。Suvojit Banerjee, an economist with the UN's Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) says Asia's export sector, a key driver of most economies, will be hit by a downturn in the European and U.S. economies.  联合国亚太经济与社会委员会的经济学家苏沃吉特·巴内吉(Suvojit Banerjee)表示,亚洲大多数经济体的主要驱动力--出口业将会受到欧美经济下滑的打击。But Banerjee says a downturn will be eased somewhat by the strength in domestic consumption in Asia, with most governments holding substantial foreign exchange reserves. He says the medium term outlook is favorable. 不过,巴内吉认为,亚洲国家的国内消费强劲将会在一定程度上减弱这种影响。亚洲大多数政府都掌握着相当数量的外汇储备。"In the longer term investors are likely to realize that these economies remain very solid and largely robust with decent growth prospects as compared to developed country markets so there will be a return of interest to the region," he said. “从较长期的角度看,投资者可能会意识到,亚洲经济体还是相当坚实,跟发达经济体相比,大体上还是比较强劲,具有不错的增长前景。”Banerjee also says the Asia region's banking and finance sectors are in better shape to face the current crisis after efforts to rebuild a stronger banking sector following the financial crisis of a decade ago.  巴内吉还表示,亚洲地区的和金融业在10年前发生的那场金融危机之后都为自身的加强而做出了不少努力,因此它们现在的状况都有所改善。"The region is likely to withstand the brunt of the financial turmoil because of the many policy measures undertaken after the 1997 financial crisis," he said. “由于97金融危机之后采取了许多政策措施,所以这个地区可能经受起这次金融动荡带来的破坏。”The recovery in markets comes ahead of a scheduled meeting of central bank governors from Japan, China, Australia, India and several South Asian and South-East Asian countries meeting in the Thai capital Bangkok Saturday in a closed door session appraising recent developments on the global financial markets. 日本、中国、澳大利亚、印度和几个南亚国家和东南亚国家的央行行长们计划星期六在泰国首都曼谷举行不公开会议,评估全球金融市场的最新发展。200809/49440

国家地理:Halloween: Giant Bats 巨型蝙蝠As the sun goes down every evening in northern Australia, millions of dark, huge, winged creatures dominate the skies.They're an imposing sight, but these black flying foxes are just big harmless bats, the biggest in the world.Their wingspan can reach a whopping six feet. Given that the world's smallest bat species weighs less than a penny, that's pretty big.Nearly one quarter of the world's mammal species are bats. 160 of these are fruit bats and 60 of these are called flying foxes, for their unique looking, fox-like faces. The black flying fox babies can't fly for the first month, which means the moms have to carry them, even when they become airborne.At night, they search for fruit and nectar, mainly through sight and smell. Like other fruit bats and vampire bats, black flying foxes don't rely on echolocation. During the day, they live in huge colonies or camps housing up to 100,000 flying foxes. Usually they stay relatively cool by roosting in mangrove and paperbark trees that sit in water. But sometimes even this location isn't cool enough. Ever wore a black fur coat in the intense Australian heat? You can imagine why they fan themselves.Hey, when that doesn't work, they'll lick themselves. They cool down a little as their saliva evaporates. But with 100,000 bats in the same grove of trees, things are bound to heat up.Fights often break out over which branch belongs to whom. They defend their turf. But they rarely break skin. Mostly it's just a lot of noisy posturing. Posturing aside, this big black flying creature is nothing more than a fuzzy foxy looking vegetarian.New Words:roost: (v.) To rest or sleep on or as if on a perch or roost. 栖息mangrove: (n.) [植]红树林paperbark: (n.) (澳大利亚的)白千层属植物saliva: (n.) 唾液200708/16997

It seems fewer and fewer of us are happy with our looks. Plastic surgery operations were up a third last year and today saw a major conference in London of the world's top cosmetic surgeons, for more full news Helene Cacace was there. Plastic surgery is big business; the most common kind of operation in the UK is breast enlargement. We aren't gonna make any cheap gags, I'm here at the annual conference run by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, or BAAPS.They come in all shapes and sizes; breasts just lying about on tables and some real experts, a surgeon who's researched the perfect pair: if I took about a 45:55 percent ratio between upper and lower with a nipple just sitting over the midline and slightly sky with pointing. Perfect breast is a breast that suits an individual, and suits a body, it's harmonious, it's in proportion. Adam Quicky, a man who can give you a breast enlargement in your lunch hour encouraging you to go out to show your new bra size the very same evening.They are usually home within an hour to an hour and a half after the surgery, they take a 2 hour nap, they get up, they take a shower, they do arm stretch exercises and they go to the mall. But the conference isn't only about breasts; there are a huge number of new products on show here, technologically advanced, but somewhat frightening. The device is then placed down through that insition with the tines on it. And facing down into the muscle, those hooked in and then this bit thrown away. And this is then just pulled backwards and suits it to the mastoid fascia.This is the product, it's an injectable dermal filler. It's injected into facial wrinkles. And it's the new, new consistency, I mean, it's very smooth, and easy to inject. And thankfully, patients are telling us that it hurts less as well, which is always a benefit. Behind the silicon stands the matter of unregulated cosmetic products is a worry, with fears that UK patients are being used as Guinea pigs for treatments banned in the US. Our concern is the products which are not examined properly were released on the market in the UK they haven't been tested, they may at best be inefficient and ineffective, but worse they may actually be dangerous.The potential physical damage to women is not the only concern; Philippa Roberts who works for a marketing consultancy that targets women believes the cosmetic industry makes money by playing on women's insecurities. I think that definitely what would be true to say is that there is within the beauty industry, a strand of activity that preys on female under-confident. You know, the physical science of aging, selenite, orange skin signs, all that kind of language is designed to make women feel that they are not great. And that they are not at their best without ex-whiles at product. The Wallet's becoming easier and more acceptable to go under the scalpel. That does seem to be a backlash from cosmetic companies who preys on natural assets. The future is not so plastic -------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.mastoid:adj. Shaped like a female breast. 2.fascia:n.【医】 筋膜, 绷带3.selenite:n.透明石膏 4.scalpel: n. scalpel is a knife with a short, thin, sharp blade. Scalpels are used by surgeons during operations.200805/39908

8 谢绝订单3句英文任你选We regret that, owing to the shortage of stocks, we are unable to fill your order.由于存货短缺,很遗憾,我方无法供应贵方所需货品。It is hard for us to supply the amount you need.我方很难提供你们所需的量。We are sorry to inform you that we are not able to supply these articles for the moment.很抱歉,这些商品我们暂时不能供应。半个句型要记牢inform sb that (告知某人某事)Tip:inform作动词,意思是;通知,告知;常用的搭配 inform sb of/about sth通知某人某事,拓展 information n.解情况的;明智的, well-informed adj.消息灵通的 /201604/434109

Petraeus Report Means Large US Troop Presence in Iraq Will Remain驻伊美军指挥官要求谨慎评估撤军  In congressional testimony this week, the top U.S. military and civilian officials in Iraq reported what they called "real" but "fragile" progress, and urged caution in any discussion of further U.S. troop withdrawals, beyond the end of the surge in July.  美国驻伊拉克最高军事指挥官彼得雷乌斯将军和最高文职官员克罗克大使本星期在美国国会作时汇报说,伊拉克的形势出现了“真实”但“脆弱”的进展。他们还敦促,要审慎对待所有关于7月份增兵行动结束后美国开始进一步撤军的讨论。 General Petraeus said he has recommended a 45-day period of consolidation after the surge troops leave. He says only then, in early September, will he be able to even begin to assess whether he can send home more troops.  彼得雷乌斯将军说,他建议在增援部队离开伊拉克后进行为期45天的整合。他说,只有到9月初整合结束时,他才能开始评估是否可以撤回更多军力。The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Senator Carl Levin, pressed the general on just how long that assessment will take. 参议院军事委员会主席莱文参议员坚持要求彼得雷乌斯将军说明评估所需的时间。LEVIN: "Do you have any estimate at all as to how long that second period is going to take? Could that be a month? Could that be two months?" 莱文说:“你究竟是否计算过评估需要多长时间? 一个月?还是两个月?“PETRAEUS: "Sir, it could be less than that." 彼得雷乌斯将军说:“可能不会这么久。”LEVIN: "Could it be more than that?" 莱文说:“是否可能比这个时间更长?”PETRAEUS: "It could be more than that. Again, it's when the conditions are met that we can make a recommendation for further reductions." 彼得雷乌斯将军说:“这也有可能。我再说一遍,必须到时机成熟时我们才能建议进一步撤军。”LEVIN: "I understand, but I'm just asking you a direct question. Could that be as long as three months?"  莱文说:“我明白这一点。但是,我就是要问你一个直接的问题。这段评估期是否可能需要3个月?”PETRAEUS: "It could be, sir." 彼得雷乌斯将军说:“有可能。”LEVIN: "Could it be as long as four months?" 莱文说:“那4个月呢?”PETRAEUS: "Sir, it is when the conditions are met." 彼得雷乌斯将军说:“要等条件都具备才可以进一步撤军。”And no one can say when that will be. Analyst Michele Flournoy of the Center for a New American Security, who spent several weeks in Iraq earlier this year, says the general's caution reflects concerns among U.S. commanders throughout the country. 不过,没人知道这将是什么时候。新型美国安全中心的分析人士弗卢努瓦今年早些时候曾在伊拉克待过几个月,他说,彼得雷乌斯将军的审慎态度反映了所有驻伊美军指挥官们的担心。"It tells us that he and his commanders are comfortable with going to 15 brigade combat teams, but they're not comfortable committing to go beyond that," she said. "And I think that the request for a pause came from the bottom-up, from the various division commanders, and they want a six-week period to kind of see how the dust settles." 他说:“这告诉我们,彼得雷乌斯和他的指挥官们可以接受把作战部队军力削减到15个旅。但是,如果进一步削减军力,他们就不能接受了。我认为,暂停撤军是一个自下而上的要求,是各个指挥官提出的,他们需要6个星期的时间让尘埃落定,看清形势。”By the time that dust settles, Iraq is supposed to be preparing for provincial elections in October, to be followed in early November by the U.S. presidential election. Michele Flournoy says that is not a good time for U.S. troop withdrawals that could lead to instability.  等到尘埃落定,就该是伊拉克为10月的省级选举做准备的时候了,而美国在11月初也要进行总统选举。弗卢努瓦说,这不是美军撤退的良好时机,因为撤军可能导致不稳定局势的出现。"I think this administration is probably not going to go very far down that path," she added. "I think it's probably going to be left to the next president. Going into our own transition period, a time between Election Day and Inauguration Day, it's not a time when you want instability or a crisis in Iraq for a team that's departing or a team that's coming in to deal with right away." 他说:“我觉得,本届政府可能不会在这个问题上有太多举动。我想,这个问题可能要留给下一任总统了。在美国,从选举日到总统就职日是一个过渡时期。在段时间里,人们不想让正在撤离的美军或者刚刚接手的伊拉克军队去应对不稳定局势或者去化解一场危机。”When the surge ends, the ed States will have 140,000 troops in Iraq. And more and more analysts are predicting that number will not be reduced much, if at all, by the time the new president takes office in January. General Petraeus' comments this week appear to justify that view. 到增兵结束时,美国在伊拉克的驻兵数量将是14万。越来越多的分析人士预测,到新一任美国总统在明年1月就职时,这一数字不会进一步下降,或者只能小幅降低。彼得雷乌斯将军这个星期说的话似乎印了这种观点。That means the presence of U.S. troops in Iraq will remain a key issue in the presidential election campaign, and the U.S. military will continue to be strained by repeated, lengthy combat deployments. It also means there won't be many U.S. troops available to add to the coalition force in Afghanistan, which President Bush promised NATO allies his successor would do next year. 这意味着,美国在伊拉克驻军将继续成为总统竞选活动的一个主要议题,而反复又漫长的战斗部署将继续给美军带来压力;这还意味着驻阿富汗联军将无法得到大量美军的增援,而布什政府已经向北约盟国作出承诺,说他的继任者将在明年增加驻阿富汗联军中美军的数量。Still, in spite of some public opinion polls to the contrary, analyst Brian Darling of the conservative Heritage Foundation says he believes the American people will be willing to support a continued large U.S. troop presence in Iraq.  来自保守智库传统基金会的分析人士布莱恩.达林提出了和一些民意调查结果相左的看法。他说,他认为美国继续在伊拉克大量驻军将会得到美国人民的持。"The ed States can keep 140,000 troops in Iraq as long as progress is being made," he said. "And I think the American people will accept more time for troops to be in Iraq to allow for the political developments to take effect." 他说:“只要伊拉克的情况出现改善,美国就可以保持14万驻军的数量。我认为,美国人民将会接受把军队驻扎伊拉克的时间延长,以使伊拉克的政治进步发挥效果。”Darling says this week's report by the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker, indicates political progress is being made, although slowly. And analysts say only political accommodation among Iraqi factions can pave the way for long-term stability. 达林说,美国驻伊拉克大使克罗克本星期的词表明,政治进步正在出现,虽然比较缓慢。分析人士们说,只有伊拉克各派之间实现政治和解才能为该国的长期稳定铺平道路。At the end of a long day of hearings on Tuesday, General Petraeus summed up his view of the situation in Iraq, five years after the U.S.-led invasion and more than a year after he took command and implemented the surge and a new counterinsurgency strategy. 从美国领导进攻伊拉克开始已经过去5年了,而距离彼得雷乌斯将军本人成为指挥官、实施增兵政策和新的反暴乱战略也已经有一年多的时间。在星期二漫长的听会结束时,彼得雷乌斯将军总结了他对伊拉克局势的看法。"We haven't turned any corners," he said. "We haven't seen any lights at the end of a tunnel. The champagne bottle has been pushed to the back of the refrigerator. And the progress, while real, is fragile and is reversible." 彼得雷乌斯将军说:“我们还没有渡过难关。我们还没有看到隧道尽头的光明。庆功的香槟酒已经被推进了冰箱里面。伊拉克虽然出现了真实的进展,但这种进步是脆弱的,还可能出现倒退。”General Petraeus wants most of the rest of the year, at least, to make the progress stronger and less reversible. And it will likely be left to his successor, and President Bush's, sometime next year at the earliest, to turn the corner, see the light at the end of the tunnel and take that celebratory bottle of champagne out of the refrigerator. 彼得雷乌斯将军希望,至少在今年剩下的大部分时间里,伊拉克的进步趋势可以得到增强,出现逆转的可能性也能降低,可能至少要到明年才能渡过难关,看到隧道尽头的光明,并从冰箱中取出那瓶庆功的香槟酒,而这些目标将被留给彼得雷乌斯将军和布什总统的继任者来完成。 200804/34269

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