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大理弥渡县治疗阴道炎多少钱大理学院附属医院人流价格表With a little self-awareness, you can learn to tame your green-eyed monster.拥有一点自我意识,你就可以学会克嫉妒吃醋的感觉。You Will Need你需要An honest assessment of your relationship对你们的关系进行诚恳的评估The courage to change things改变的勇气Visualization想象力Steps步骤STEP 1 Realize jealousy is normal1.意识到嫉妒是正常的Realize that some jealousy in a relationship is perfectly normal. It only becomes destructive when it is an ongoing point of contention.要意识到,一段恋情中出现一点嫉妒的感觉是非常正常的。只有引发持续的争吵的时候,嫉妒才是有危害性的。STEP 2 Assess your relationship2.评估你们的关系Figure out the driving force behind your jealousy. Are you afraid you might lose your partner to someone else? Or are you angry at being disrespected when they flirt with others?思考一下引起嫉妒的导火线。你是不是怕自己的恋人离你而去,投入他人的怀抱中?还是因他们旁若无人地与别人调情让你感觉不受尊重?STEP 3 Figure out the real problem3.找到问题的根源If fear of losing your partner is the problem, ask yourself if youre insecure because you have low self-esteem, or because you feel your partner is not as committed to the relationship as you are.如果你担心失去恋人,问一下自己是因为自卑,还是因为觉得恋人不像你那样忠于感情而觉得没有安全感。If your partner is a flirt, consider that this simply may be their nature. The tipoff? They flirt with everyone – young,old, skinny, fat, attractive, and homely.如果你的恋人比较喜欢拈花惹草,可以考虑或许是他们的性格所致。他们可以和任何人调情,无论是年轻的,老的,瘦的,胖的,有吸引力的还是丑陋的。STEP 4 Work on yourself4.克自身的问题If low self-esteem is the problem, work on building yours by using self-help books or working with a therapist.如果是因为你自卑,通过自助书籍或治疗师来建立自信心。Try this visualization technique: The next time youre feeling jealous, therapists recommend conjuring up a pleasant scene in your mind or recall a happy memory.尝试这种想象技巧:下次你感觉到嫉妒时,治疗师建议在脑海中创建一副令人愉快的场景,或者回想过去开心的记忆。STEP 5 Reevaluate your relationship5.重新评估恋情If you come to the conclusion that your anger and jealousy are well founded and rooted in your partners disrespect and possible philandering, consider ending your relationship. You deserve a partner that makes you feel loved and treasured, not angry and mistrustful.如果你得出结论,你的愤怒和嫉妒完全是由于对方的不尊重和滥情引起的,考虑结束你们的关系。你值得一个能让你感觉到爱和珍惜的伴侣,而不是让你生气和不信任的伴侣。Thirty-one percent of people say they have felt hard-to-control jealousy in a relationship, according to one study.根据一项调查,31%的人表示他们难以控制恋情中的嫉妒情绪。视频听力译文由。201403/279793大理月经不正常是什么原因 I entered the workforce believing that my generation was going to have equal responsibility and equal opportunity. And it didnt work out that way.我进入职场,相信我这一代将会有平等的责任和平等的机会。但不是那样运作的。Women are getting more college degrees, more graduate degrees and turning to workforce at every level. But in industry after industry, women are eighteen, fifteen, twenty percent of the top jobs. Women are held back by many things. Were held back by bias, by lack of flexibility, by lack of opportunity. We also hold ourselves back. We dont sit at the table; we dont raise our hands; we dont let our voices be loud enough.女性正取得更多大学学历、更多研究所学历,并以各个阶级投入职场。但在各行各业,女性在最棒的工作中仅佔了百分之十八、十五、二十。女性因为许多事情而受到阻挠。我们因为偏见、因为应变性的缺乏、因为机会的不足而受到阻挠。我们同样也阻挠了自己。我们没有“坐到桌前”;我们没有举起双手;我们没有让声音足够响亮。I remember my first day at Facebook, driving to this new job and this hard job, and not being sure I could do it. I think about all the moments when I just didnt believe in myself: every test I was sure I was about to fail, every job I wasnt sure I could do. But its after watching so many women quietly lean back, after watching myself quietly lean back and miss opportunities that I started to see the pattern and started to talk about it.我记得我在Facebook的第一天,开车去做这份新工作、这份艰难的工作,而且并不确定我能否做到。我想起当我就是不相信我自己的那些时刻:每场我确信即将要不及格的考试、每份我不确定能否胜任的工作。但一直到看过那么多女性默默地退缩、一直到看到我自己默默地退缩并失去机会,我才开始看到那模式,并开始去谈论它。Why does this matter? Boy, it matters a lot, because no one gets to the corner office by sitting on the side not at the table.为什么这很重要?天啊,这非常重要,因为没有人是坐在一边而不“坐到桌前”就能够进驻高级办公室(注一)的。This books for women of all ages: young girls who are thinking about what their futures might be, people who might be out of the workforce thinking about coming back, or even someone whos a volunteer, and wants to lean in and take on more leadership, to encourage women to really believe in themselves and believe in their dreams, and to help men do their part to form a more equal world by making sure that all of us have opportunities based on our passions and interests not just based on our gender.这本书是给所有年龄层的女性:思考她们的未来会是如何的年轻女孩、可能不在职场上但想着要回去的人们,或甚至某些是志工,并想要挺身而进并承担更多领导责任的人,这本书要鼓励女性要确实相信她们自己,并相信她们的梦想,帮助男性尽他们本分来组成一个更平等的世界,透过确保我们所有人是基于我们的热情和兴趣来得到机会,而不只是基于我们的性别。Part of what Im hoping Lean In will do is really start a conversation in every workplace, in every company, in every school to start thinking about gender differently. I believe the world would be a better place if half of our companies and half our countries are run by women, and half of our homes are run by men.我希望《挺身而进》能做到的一部分是确实地在每个工作场地、每间公司、每所学校开启对话,开始以不同方式思考性别。我相信如果我们的公司和我们的国家一半是由女性带领,而我们的家园一半是由男性领导时,这世界会变得更好。This is about believing in yourself.这本书是关于相信你自己。Note1:corner office注一:字面上是转角的办公室,通常是在边间、有两面窗户、视野极佳的位置。这种办公室一般都是分配给公司高阶主管、或是重要人士,因此亦可以称为“高级办公室”。201411/340819Know which jeans suit you so you can look your best and, best of all, shorten your shopping time.知道哪种款式的牛仔裤最适合你,既可以让你的外表看上去最好,最重要的是,可以节省购物时间。You Will Need你需要Straight-cut jeans直筒牛仔裤Skinny jeans紧身牛仔裤Wide-leg jeans阔腿牛仔裤Back pockets with flaps有盖的后袋Boot-cut or flare cut jeans修身齐腰牛仔裤或喇叭裤Low-rise jeans低腰牛仔裤Steps步骤STEP 1 Get straight cut1.选择直筒裤Get classic straight cut jeans, which sit at your natural waist and feature a straight leg, if youre tall and slim. You can also get away with skinny jeans, that have a tight-fitting, slim cut leg all the way to the ankle.如果你身材高挑精瘦,选择经典的直筒牛仔裤,刚好在腰部的位置,裤腿是直筒的。还可以选择紧身牛仔裤,腰际线的位置较高,裤腿比较紧身,一直到脚踝部位。STEP 2 Opt for wide leg2.选择阔腿裤Opt for wide leg jeans, which sit at your natural waist and have a relaxed, loose fit through the seat and thighs, to show off an athletic, muscular build. These also work if youre heavier, have love-handles, or a larger waistline.选择阔腿牛仔裤,腰际线的位置刚好在腰部,臀部和大腿部位比较宽松,可以展示出运动员般健美的身材。如果你体重较重,腰腹部有游泳圈,或者腰比较粗,也可以选择阔腿裤。STEP 3 Avoid slim cuts3.避免紧身裤Avoid slim-cut jeans if youre slim and average or below-average height, which might make you look too lean. Youll just get lost in wide leg jeans, so stick to straight-cut or slightly flared jeans. Try back pockets with flaps to maximize a flat butt.如果你很苗条,身高处于平均水平或平均水平以下,避免紧身裤,这会让你看上去更瘦弱。如果穿阔腿裤,整个人好像缩在里面,所以选择直筒裤或微喇裤。尝试后袋有盖子的牛仔裤,让你臀部显得大一点。STEP 4 Go for bootleg or flare4.选择修身齐腰牛仔裤或喇叭裤Go for boot-cut jeans, which work on most men. Designed to accommodate cowboy boots, these pants are relaxed through the leg and gently widen from the knee to the ankle.选择修身齐腰牛仔裤或喇叭裤,大部分男士都合适。这种裤子是为了搭配牛仔靴子,所以整条裤腿都比较宽松,从膝盖到脚踝稍微加宽。Boot-cut jeans are always in style.修身齐腰牛仔裤一直都非常时尚,不会过时。STEP 5 Try low-rise5.尝试低腰裤Try low-rise jeans, which sit below the waistline on the hip bones, if youre slender. They come in slim fit, boot-cut, wide leg, or straight cut, to flatter a range of figures. Just make sure you wear a longer shirt to avoid an accidental midriff-baring moment -- which no one wants.如果你比较苗条,选择低腰牛仔裤,位于腰际线以下髋骨的位置。紧身裤,修身齐腰裤,阔腿裤或直筒裤都有低腰设计,适合很多身材。只不过要保穿一件比较长的衬衣,避免偶尔走光,谁都不想这样。Jeans were called ;waist overalls; or just ;overalls; before 1960, when Levi Strauss changed the popular name to ;jeans.;1960年以前,牛仔裤被叫作waist overalls或overalls,后来李维斯把它改成更流行的名字“牛仔裤”。视频听力译文由。201409/331665大理东方妇科医院在线咨询

大理药物流产医院公共政策专家安妮-玛丽.斯洛特(Anne-Marie Slaughter)2012年的文章《为什么女性依然不能拥有一切》引起了轰动。但事实上,这只是女性的问题吗?在这段演讲中,斯洛特(Slaughter)扩展了她的观点,并解释了为什么在工作文化、公共政策以及社会习俗上的改变会为男性、女性,乃至我们所有人带来更多的平等。201411/339333大理妇幼保健医院四维彩超预约 When making a low risk investment, keep in mind that not everyones idea of low risk is the same. Make sure the investment is low risk to you.在做低风险投资的时候,要记住每个人关于风险的观点是不同的。确保投资对自己来说是低风险的。First, you actually need to define low risk because low risk for one person is not low risk for somebody else. One of the lowest risk investments is property. Define risk.首先你要对低风险作出定义,因为对一个人来说风险低的投资项目,对另外一个人来说并不尽然。其中一种最低风险的投资就是地产。所以要对风险进行定义。You might lose some of your capital. Well, if you have a very long term pay, for example 20 or 30 year investment, you going to worry every year if the price of your property is five or ten percent different? You still receive the income. Nobody takes that away if it can be rented, for example.投资中你可能会损失部分资金。不过如果你做的是长期投资,比如20-30年的投资,那么你要为每年百分之五或者百分之十的差价而担心吗?你仍然会有收益。如果能够出租的话,任何人都不会撤出这种投资。How about the safest investment? Thats going to be gold. Well, a few years ago, gold was what, 0, 0? Its now 00. Theyre still telling you to buy gold as a low risk investment.最安全的投资怎么样?那就是购买黄金了。几年前黄金的价格可能是400或者500美元,现在是1700美元。但是人们仍然说买黄金是风险最低的投资。Now, whats the true value of gold? Well, it doesnt offer you any kind of income so the only value you see in gold would be what its worth when you actually sell it. So, remember, a low risk investment depends on your definition of low risk. Something defined as low risk may not entirely be low risk.现在黄金的真正价值是多少?实际上持有黄金并不能为你带来收入,黄金的价值是你出售时的价格。所以要记住,低风险投资取决于你对低风险的定义,一些名义上是低风险的东西,可能并不是真的风险很低。And thats how to make low risk investments. .以上内容就是如何做低风险投资。Thanks for watching How To Make Low Risk Investments谢谢收看本期“怎样进行低风险投资”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。201307/247039大理白族自治州人民医院网上预约挂号

大理民族医院做血常规检查 So, youve had a great date, and you know you want to kiss her, and youre hoping she feels the same way... Here are some pointers to a successful goodnight kiss.在一个美妙的约会之后,你知道自己想要亲吻她,并且你希望对方也是如此,那么试试下面的招数,成功获得甜蜜的晚安之吻。Step 1: Determine Her Interest (Or Lack Of It)1.弄清对方是否有意So, youve had a great date, and – because your parents raised you properly – youve walked your girl to her front door.You know you want to kiss her, and youre hoping she feels the same way - so you go for it.甜蜜的约会结束了——因为你的父母教养方式得当——你已经把亲爱的女孩送到门口。你想吻她,并且希望她也有同样的感觉,那么大胆一点吧。;“But how do I know if she wants to kiss me?,” you ask. William Cane, in his book, The Art of Kissing, says that 90% of men have no idea when a woman wants to be kissed.但是这如何才能知道她是否想要吻我呢?威廉姆·凯恩在他的《接吻的艺术》一书中说,90%的男人不了解女人什么时候想得到一个吻。Relationship expert Dr. Joy Brown explains in Dating for Dummies that a womans body language can tell you if she wants to be kissed or not. You should definitely learn that language of love…or face the ded turning of the cheek.两性关系专家乔伊·布朗说,女人的身体语言会表达出她是否希望对方亲吻自己。你一定要学会这种爱的语言……否则,对方会愤然离去。If shes really disgusted by you, shell turn her head so far, you wont even get the cheek…youll get the ear. Youve got yourself an extremely red light if she has her key out of her purse, in the front door lock, and youre saying goodnight to her back.如果她嫌弃你,她会把头部离你远远的,你只能够到她的耳朵。如果她拿出车钥匙,你就最好识相点了,此时大概只能对着她的背说一声晚安。Other red lights may include:其他的危险信号还包括:Lips clamped so tight youd need a crowbar to part them. A stubborn refusal to make eye contact. Getting the hand that says ;stop right there;双唇紧闭;眼神闪烁不定,拒绝交流;双手摆出“到此为止”的姿态。Step 2: Making The Move2.行动In every goodnight kiss scenario, youve got a limited “Window of Opportunity – to make your move. So once you get the coveted “green light,” go in for the kiss.在每一个“晚安之吻”的场合下,你都有一个机会去完成它,所以如果有这样的机会,就要抓住。Step 3: The Kiss3.亲吻Alright, Romeo, if youre y to close the deal with fair Juliet, all you have to do is create an “awkward pause” in the conversation. Studies show that people are uncomfortable with gaps of silence in conversation. So fill it with a smile…and get y for that kiss.好了,心急的人,如果你准备结束与美人的谈话,就装作说话不顺的样子吧,研究表明人们对谈话中的停顿和冷场感觉特别不舒。一旦出现这种情况,微笑一点,准备亲吻。Since this is your first kiss with this fine young lass, follow the K.I.S.S. acronym, and Keep It Simple, Stupid. Your lips are 100 times more sensitive than the tips of her fingers. Which means even a soft sweet kiss will curl her toes.既然这是你第一次亲吻对方,那就尽量慢点,显得笨一点也没关系,只要简单的一吻就可以了。人的嘴唇比手指尖敏感一百倍,所以即使是一个简单的吻也能让她心中一颤。So, turn your head slightly to the side, lean in slowly and rock her world! So there it is. Another successful goodnight kiss.稍微偏下头,轻轻靠上去。就可以了。Thanks for watching How To Give A Goodnight Kiss.谢谢收看本期“怎样奉上晚安之吻”视频节目。视频听力由。201312/270835大理宫外孕手术价格大理流产手术费用多少




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