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大理老年性性阴道炎怎么得的大理弥渡县看产科需要多少钱Chocoholics are rejoicing amid a proliferation of new scientific evidence showing cocoa may be good for the heart. But most chocolate is packed with calories and unhealthy sugar. A wave of new products with high levels of pure cocoa is being marketed as a way to enjoy chocolate#39;s benefits without empty calories.巧克力控们要高兴了,因为一组最新的科学据表明可可可能对心脏有好处。不过,以往市面上大部分的巧克力卡路里和含糖量都偏高。如今,一批批含高纯度可可的巧克力新品陆续上市,让人们在享受到巧克力所带来的美味和健康的同时,完全不用担心空热量的问题。The cocoa bean, actually a seed, grows in pods on trees. It contains compounds called flavanols, which have been shown to lower blood pressure, improve blood flow and reduce overall risk of heart disease. Three scientific analyses published in the past six months pooled results of smaller studies to conclude that cocoa is good for the heart. Scientists believe flavanols work, at least in part, by stimulating production of nitric oxide, which relaxes vessels and improves blood flow.可可豆(实际上就是可可子)生长在可可树的豆荚中。可可豆含有黄烷醇,该物质有助于降血压、促进血液流动并降低罹患心脏病的风险。过去六个月内发表的三项科学研究通过对多项小型研究结果进行综合分析,推断出可可有益心脏的结论。科研人员认为,黄烷醇可以刺激一氧化氮的产生,而一氧化氮可以放松血管、促进血液流动,因此至少从这一点来看,黄烷醇是有功效的。The catch, says David L. Katz, director of Yale University#39;s Prevention Research Center, is that exactly how much chocolate is needed for a health benefit isn#39;t known. #39;Chocolate is a concentrated source of calories, so it#39;s important to keep the dose within therapeutic range,#39; he says.耶鲁大学预防研究中心(Yale University’s Prevention Research Center)主任大卫·卡茨(David L. Katz)表示,问题在于具体该摄入多少巧克力才对人体健康有益还不清楚。他称,“巧克力含热量高,所以将摄入量控制在对健康有益的范围内是很重要的。”Most chocolate isn#39;t labeled with milligrams of flavanols and there#39;s no industry or scientific standard yet for measuring flavanols in chocolate. One objective measure is the cocoa percentage on the label. Milk chocolate can be as little as 10% cocoa paste by weight, with the rest in sugar, milk and other ingredients. Dark-chocolate bars typically contain 50% to 60% cocoa by weight, scientists say.大多数巧克力产品并不标注出黄烷醇的具体含量,到目前为止也还没有可据以测量巧克力中黄烷醇含量的行业或科学标准。比较客观的一个指标是标签上的可可含量。科研人员表示,按重量计算,牛奶巧克力中的可可含量可能只有10%,其余均是糖、牛奶和其他配料。而黑巧克力中的可可含量一般在50%-60%。#39;The higher the percentage of cocoa, the higher the flavanol content, the higher the antioxidant content and thus we believe the greater positive health benefit,#39; says Washington, D.C., nutritionist Joy Dubost, a spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, a trade group.美国贸易组织营养和饮食学会(Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics)的女发言人、华盛顿特区的营养学家乔伊·杜波斯特(Joy Dubost)表示,“可可含量越高,黄烷醇含量就越高,抗氧化物的含量也就越高,因此我们认为,这对人体健康也更有益处。”A growing number of specialty products are offering higher-test cocoa, as much as 100%, which makers say are minimally processed to retain as many nutrients as possible. Most of the brands don#39;t have lab tests on the amount of flavanols, so there#39;s no way to make a comparison.越来越多的特殊产品开始提供更高纯度的可可,有时纯度甚至达到100%。生产商表示,这类产品只经过最低程度的加工,以尽可能保留原有的营养成分。但大部分的巧克力品牌均不对黄烷醇含量进行检测,因此无法进行比较。Antidote #39;red label#39; chocolate contains nothing but high-quality cocoa beans from Ecuador, says Red R. Thalhammer, owner of Tripple Red Corp., the Long Island City, N.Y., company that sells it. A bar is 440 calories. To drink your flavanols, Choffy is specially milled 100% cocoa and roasted to taste good when brewed like coffee─ideally in a French press, says Jason Sherwood, co-founder of Choffy LLC, Vancouver, Wash. It is for a 12-ounce bag and 20 calories for an eight-ounce cup.纽约州长岛市(Long Island City)Tripple Red Corp.公司的老板里德·塔尔哈默(Red R. Thalhammer)表示,该公司销售的“红色包装”的Antidote巧克力未掺杂任何配料,完全由来自厄瓜多尔的优质可可豆制成,这样一块巧克力含有440大卡热量。想将黄烷醇“喝”进肚子里?华盛顿州温哥华市(Vancouver)Choffy LLC公司的共同创始人詹森·舍伍德(Jason Sherwood)表示,该公司出产的Choffy像烘焙咖啡一样,将100%的纯可可研磨成粉,烘焙出好味道──还是美妙的法式烘焙法。其12盎司一包的成品售价15美元,8盎司一杯的冲泡量中只含20大卡的热量。Or take your chocolate straight and chomp on raw cocoa beans. Navitas Naturals, sold by Navitas LLC, Novato, Calif., offers crunchy whole beans or nibs─beans with the shell removed─at for an eight-ounce bag. To maintain maximum nutrients, the nibs aren#39;t roasted, Navitas says. Unsweetened nibs are 130 calories an ounce; sweetened, 150 calories.或者,直接将生可可豆放进嘴里享受?加利福尼亚州诺瓦托(Novato)Navitas LLC公司销售的Navitas Naturals系列产品就有脆脆的可可豆或去了壳的可可粒,8盎司一包,售价10美元。Navitas称,为了尽可能地保留营养成分,这些可可粒都没有经过烘焙。未加糖的可可粒每盎司含130大卡热量,加糖的含150大卡热量。Navitas Naturals, Choffy and Antidote haven#39;t done clinical trials on their products.Navitas Naturals、Choffy和Antidote的产品均未做临床试验。As for taste, the products overall were mostly intense and delicious, though it sometimes took a few bites to adjust to chocolate without sugar. Choffy was so delicious, I drank it without milk and sugar. Navitas#39;s unsweetened nibs were a bit intense and the sweetened ones were a bit too sweet; a half-and-half mixture of the two was just right.至于口味,这些产品总体上味道浓厚、可口,当然,无糖巧克力的苦味有时候还是需要适应一下的。Choffy产品味道极好,我在饮用时甚至没有加奶和糖。Navitas的无糖可可粒味道有点浓,加糖可可粒又有点太甜了,折中一下倒是不错。Then there#39;s cocoa as a dietary supplement. CocoaWell dietary supplement pills from Reserveage Organics LLC, Gainesville, Fla., are filled with cocoa powder and other plant antioxidants. According to the bottle#39;s label, every two pills contain at least 450 milligrams of pure plant flavanols. CocoaWell costs for a month#39;s supply. There are no clinical trials on CocoaWell yet.此外,可可还被用作一种膳食补充成分。加利福尼亚州盖恩斯维尔(Gainesville)Reserveage Organics LLC公司出品的CocoaWell膳食补充丸便含有可可粉和其他植物抗氧化物。根据瓶上的标签,每两粒CocoaWell膳食补充丸至少含有450毫克的纯植物黄烷醇。CocoaWell按一个月的补充量计算价格30美元。CocoaWell亦尚无临床试验的持。Mars Inc. packs 350 milligrams of cocoa flavanols into its 30-calorie a day CocoVia daily supplements. To keep the flavanol content high, Mars #39;gently#39; processes its cocoa#39; and adds an extract of cocoa flavanols made with a proprietary process, says Catherine Kwik-Uribe, director of research and development at the Mars Botanical unit. Mars also sells Cirku, a 15-calorie packet containing cocoa extract with a fruit flavor that you mix with water. Mars found heart-health benefits with a research blend of gently processed cocoa that is similar to CocoaVia but without the extract added. It doesn#39;t yet have results on CocoaVia and Cirku.玛氏公司(Mars Inc.)含30大卡热量的CocoVia每日营养补充产品含有350毫克的可可黄烷醇。玛氏公司旗下业务部门Mars Botanical 的研发总监凯瑟琳·奎克·乌里韦(Catherine Kwik-Uribe)表示,为了保CocoVia中黄烷醇的含量,玛氏公司“温和”加工可可豆,并额外添加通过专利技术萃取的可可黄烷醇。玛氏公司还销售一种含15大卡热量的可可萃取物产品Cirku,水果香型,可冲泡饮用。在一项研究中,玛氏公司发现温和加工后的一种可可混合物对心脏健康有益,这种可可混合物类似CocoaVia,但没有额外添加萃取物。CocoaVia和Cirku的功效也尚无临床研究佐。Some cardiologists say even the spate of recent research doesn#39;t provide enough evidence for taking chocolate as a dietary supplement. #39;I don#39;t think it#39;s overwhelming evidence,#39; says Carl Lavie, medical director of Cardiac Rehabilitation and Prevention at Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans. Other nutrients─including Vitamin E─have looked just as promising and later proved disappointments, he adds. It isn#39;t unreasonable to eat chocolate for health reasons if you enjoy the taste, he adds, but make sure to cut a snack of equivalent calories from your diet.一些心脏病专家表示,虽然近期涌现出大批研究项目,但均不足以明巧克力可以作为一种膳食补充。新奥尔良欧奇斯能医疗中心(Ochsner Medical Center)的心脏病预防医学主任卡尔·拉维(Carl Lavie)表示,“我认为这算不上压倒性的据。”他补充道,其他一些营养成分,包括维他命E,起初看起来都像是充满了希望,但随后的结果却是令人失望。当然,如果你喜欢那种口味,以健康之名去吃巧克力也并无不妥,只是别忘了从其他零食中匀出相等大卡的热量来。There is some evidence that suggests as little as a few ounces of chocolate─including types found in many grocery stores─may be beneficial. A 45-person study published in 2010 co-authored by Dr. Katz found blood flow in vessels improved two hours after ingesting a 2.6-ounce serving of Hershey#39;s HSY +0.30% Extra Dark (327 calories). The study was funded by Hershey#39;s and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.有据显示,吃几盎司的巧克力(哪怕是杂货店里很常见的一些品种)也许确实有益健康。2010年发表的一项针对45人的研究发现,摄入2.6盎司的好时公司(Hershey#39;s)特浓黑巧克力(327大卡)两个小时后,人体血管内的血流情况有所改善。此项研究由好时公司和耶鲁大学预防研究中心共同发起,卡茨士是该研究成果的署名作者之一。Four tablespoons a day of Hershey#39;s unsweetened cocoa (about 40 calories) in a variety of research test beverages also has been shown to be heart-healthy, according to the study and at least one other published trial. Hershey#39;s Extra Dark contains 420 milligrams of flavanols in a 1.4-ounce serving and Hershey#39;s cocoa contains 210 milligrams of flavanols per tablespoon, says Debra Miller, director of nutrition at Hershey Co.#39;s Center for Health and Nutrition.根据上述研究以及另外至少一项公开发表的临床试验结果,在不同饮料样本中加入一天四汤匙的好时无糖可可粉(约40大卡)均显示出对心脏有益的功效。好时公司健康与营养中心的营养部主任黛布拉·米勒(Debra Miller)表示,好时特浓巧克力每1.4盎司含有420毫克的黄烷醇,而好时可可粉每汤匙含有210毫克黄烷醇。According to research by Hershey Co., dutch processing, a chemical alkalizing process that makes chocolate less bitter, also destroys many nutrients. Consumers can choose regular cocoa instead of the dutch-processed variety. Also, Hershey#39;s research has shown that baking a chocolate cake with baking soda, which is an alkaline, destroyed flavanols but nutrients were retained when using baking powder.好时公司的研究显示,荷兰式加工法(一种硷化加工法)可以降低巧克力的苦味,但同时也破坏了很多营养成分。相比之下,消费者可以选择常规加工的可可。此外,好时公司的研究还显示,用小苏打(属硷性)烘焙巧克力蛋糕会破坏黄烷醇,但用泡打粉烘焙的话则可以保留其中的营养成分。 /201302/227540大理无痛人流哪家医院最好 Vladimir Putin cultivates the image of a man who enjoys simple pursuits such as fishing and hiking, but the perks of his presidential office make his tastes appear rather less Spartan.俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔-普京一直把自己塑造成享受简单追求的男性形象,比如喜欢钓鱼和远足,但俄总统办公室的福利使他的品位看起来没这么简单。A dossier drawn up by a political rival of the Russian president suggests that he has 58 planes and helicopters at his use, that he has a collection of watches worth ?400,000, and that he relaxes at more than 20 palaces and country retreats.普京的反对派公布的一份档案显示,普京拥有58架飞机和直升机,收藏的手表价值40万英镑,度假用的别墅和乡间豪宅超过20处。The report also claims that Mr Putin uses an Ilyushin jet with a ?111.3 million cabin that includes a bathroom that has gold fittings and a ?50,000 lavatory.报告还指出,普京使用的伊柳申喷气式飞机客舱价值1.113亿英镑,里面有镶金浴室和价值5万英镑的卫生间。 Boris Nemtsov, a former deputy prime minister, concluded in his report that Mr Putin#39;s existence ;can be compared with that of the monarchs of the Persian Gulf or the most outrageous oligarchs;.俄罗斯前副总理鲍里斯-涅姆佐夫在报告中总结称,普京的生活;堪比波斯湾国家的君主,或者最可耻的寡头执政者;。The Russian leader, 59, has often played on his humble beginnings to popular effect. He once described how, as a child, he had to beat aside rats with a stick at the entrance to his parents#39; communal apartment in St Petersburg.59岁的普京经常用他谦卑的童年来俘获人心。他曾经描述称,自己年幼时,常常要用棍子把自己父母在圣彼得堡公社公寓门前的老鼠赶走。 Mr Putin, a judo black belt and amateur ice hockey player, has also projected his job as a punishing challenge fraught with austerity. Mr Nemtsov#39;s report is titled ;The Life of a Galley Slave;, in reference to a comment by Mr Putin on finishing his second term as president in 2008, when he said: ;I#39;m not ashamed before the citizens who voted for me. All these eight years I#39;ve been toiling like a galley slave, with every ounce of my strength. And I#39;m pleased with the results.;普京是一名柔道黑带高手,也是业余冰球选手,他曾描述称工作异常艰苦,是折磨人的挑战。涅姆佐夫的报告题为《苦工的生活》,指的是普京在2008年完成第二任总统任期时所说的话,;我在选举我的民众面前毫无愧疚。在这八年中,我如一名苦工般辛苦工作,竭尽全力。我对结果很满意。;Among the perks said to be available to the president are a ?600 million Italianate palace at Gelendzhik on the Black Sea coast and a ?26 milllion yacht called Sirius with whirlpool baths, a cinema and an artificial waterfall.普京享有的福利包括,位于黑海海岸格连齐克的价值6亿英镑的意大利风格豪华别墅,价值2600万英镑的;天狼星号;游艇,游艇上还配有漩涡浴、电影院和人工瀑布。Another 176ft yacht includes a spa pool, waterfall and wine cellar, but ;the real diamond of the Kremlin flotilla,; the report claims, is a five-decked boat with a jacuzzi, barbecue, a maple wood colonnade and a bathroom faced in marble.另一艘176英尺长的游艇配有水疗游泳池、人工瀑布和酒窖。但报告指出,;克里姆林宫船队的真正璀璨钻石;是一艘有五层甲板的船只,上面有浴缸、烧烤架、枫木柱廊、以及大理石浴室。A 2,300-acre residence on Lake Valdai in north-western Russia has a cinema, a bowling alley and a ;presidential church;, and it is said a little-known three-storey residence near Saratov, on the Volga river south-east of Moscow, has German chandeliers and Italian furniture, and features a billiard room, a winter garden, a pool and sauna.另一处位于俄罗斯东北部瓦尔代湖的豪华住宅占地2300英亩,里面有电影院、保龄球馆、以及;总统教堂;。据称,萨拉托夫附近还有一处极少有人知道的三层住宅,此处也毗邻莫斯科东南部的伏尔加河,住宅内有德国枝形吊灯和意大利家具,以及台球室、冬景花园、水池和桑拿房。According to his official income declaration Mr Putin earned ?70,000 last year, making his suggested watch collection alone worth almost six times his annual salary.根据官方收入报告,普京去年收入7万英镑,只是他所收藏的手表价值的六分之一。 /201208/197261What do celebrities do to always look so amazing?明星是如何时刻焕发光的呢?Jennifer Aniston swears by her “wonder smoothie” for a better body, Liv Tyler relies on green juice for clearer skin, and Victoria Beckham is said to maintain her trim figure by sticking to a strict gluten-free diet.珍妮弗#8226;安妮斯顿相信“神奇果蔬汁”可以保持身材,丽芙#8226;泰勒则依靠蔬菜汁来清洁肌肤。据说,维多利亚#8226;贝克汉姆维持苗条身材的方法是坚持无麸质饮食法。While these beauty secrets may sound tempting, our advice is to wait a second before you try them. Health experts warn that celebrities’ beauty tips do not work for everyone, and, if used in the wrong way, could actually harm your health.尽管这些美丽秘方可能听起来很吸引人,但我们建议你三思而行。健康专家提醒我们,明星的美丽秘诀并非适用于所有人。如果使用不当,实际上会有损健康。Wonder smoothie神奇果蔬汁US actress Jennifer Aniston is the envy of women worldwide with her toned physique and glowing appearance. So when fashion magazine Grazia earlier this year revealed that the secret to Aniston’s ageless beauty is a “wonder smoothie”, the drink became all the rage.美国女星珍妮弗#8226;安妮斯顿凭借紧实的身材和光照人的外表,令全球女性羡慕不已。所以,今年年初当时尚杂志《红秀》透露珍妮弗#8226;安妮斯顿花容不衰的秘方就是神奇果蔬汁后,这种饮品风靡一时。A source told the magazine that the drink consists of fresh, organic vegetables – beetroot, cucumbers, spinach, garlic, carrots, celery and kale. The star drinks nothing else on one day every week to purify her body.有知情人士向该杂志透露,“神奇果蔬汁”由甜菜根、黄瓜、菠菜、大蒜、胡萝卜、芹菜以及甘蓝等新鲜有机蔬菜制作而成。珍妮弗每周会有一天时间,只喝这种果汁来排毒。If you’re doing it Aniston-style and eating normally for most of the week, it probably won’t do you any serious harm, but a juice fast that lasts a couple of weeks, or even just several days, could do you more harm than good, say health experts.健康专家表示,如果你正在践行珍妮弗#8226;安妮斯顿的瘦身食谱,而一周大多数时候还保持正常进食的话,可能不会对身体造成什么危害。但如果持续几周,哪怕只有数日的果蔬汁断食法,就会令你得不偿失。As soon as you pulp any fruit or vegetable, you lose all the fibre in them. “With no fibre in your diet, even after a couple of days, constipation will become a problem, and in the long term, your cholesterol levels could be affected as fibre helps keep them low,” Natalie Jones of the British Dietetic Association told the Daily Mail.蔬果一旦做成果汁,其中所含的纤维就会全部流失。英国饮食协会的娜塔莉#8226;琼斯在接受《每日邮报》采访时表示:“如果饮食中缺乏纤维素,哪怕只有短短几天,就会出现便秘现象。久而久之,胆固醇水平就会受到影响,因为纤维素有助于维持低胆固醇。”If that’s not discouragement enough, you could also find your hair starting to fall out two to three months later, warned hair care expert Philip Kingsley.护发专家菲利普#8226;金斯利提醒说,如果这还不足以让你打退堂鼓的话,那么你还会发觉,两三个月后,你将开始脱发。Raw mushroom diet生蘑菇减肥法British movie star Pallet Roxanne has recently revealed that in order to maintain her ideal, slim body, raw mushrooms have become a daily intake.英国电影明星帕勒#8226;罗克妮最近透露道,为保持理想体型,她坚持每日进食生蘑菇。The star told Female First magazine that in just over two weeks of regularly eating raw mushrooms, her body weight dropped. She takes mushrooms with her wherever she goes.她对《Female First》杂志表示,仅仅两周多时间,由于定期食用生蘑菇,她成功瘦身。不管走到哪,她都带着蘑菇。Roxanne is not the only fan of the diet. US pop star Katy Perry also admitted to using mushrooms to stay in shape.热衷于生蘑菇减肥法的不止罗克妮一人。美国流行歌手凯蒂#8226;佩里也承认通过食用蘑菇来保持体型。It’s true that mushrooms are an excellent source of B vitamins, which are needed for a healthy diet, and their high level of dietary fibre can keep us from feeling hungry for longer. But health experts recommend mushrooms should be eaten cooked.蘑菇确实是一个摄入维生素B的极好来源,而维生素B是健康饮食的必备成分,蘑菇的膳食纤维含量极高,可以让人维持较长时间的饱腹感。但是健康专家建议蘑菇应该烹制后食用。“Cooking mushrooms for even a few minutes dissipates most of the mild toxins they contain,” US nutrition expert and family physician Dr Joel Fuhrman said.美国营养专家兼家庭医师,乔尔#8226;福尔曼士说:“蘑菇经过几分钟的烹制,就可去除其中含有的大部分微弱毒素。”Gluten-free diet无麸质饮食The increasingly popular gluten-free diet, which cuts out the protein found in wheat, barley and rye, is favored by a host of A-list celebrities – US actress Gwyneth Paltrow, British fashion icon Victoria Beckham and New Girl star Zooey Deschanel, just to name a few.这种越来越受到人们欢迎的无麸质饮食法指的是将大麦、小麦和黑麦中的蛋白质去除。该方法备受众多大牌明星的推崇,如美国女演员格温妮丝#8226;帕特洛,英国时尚偶像维多利亚#8226;贝克汉姆,以及美剧《杰茜驾到》女星佐伊#8226;丹斯切尔等等。The diet is believed to be a reason why these stars look so slim and fit. However, a new survey by The Sunday Times shows that gluten-free products could be causing some of us to pile on the pounds.人们坚信这种节食法是这些明星维持健美身材的原因之一。不过,《星期日泰晤士报》的一项最新调查却显示无麸质食品可能会使一些人体重飙升。The survey found most gluten-free products in supermarkets – such as gluten-free b and biscuits – are higher in fat than the equivalent standard products.该调查发现超市里出售的大多数无麸质产品,例如无麸质面包、无麸质饼干,与其他同普通产品相比,其脂肪含量更高。“Without gluten to bind food together, food manufacturers often use more fat and sugar to make the product more palatable,” explained Shelley Case, a nutrition expert.营养专家谢莉#8226;卡斯解释说:“如果食品中没有麦麸这种黏合剂,食品生产厂家常会通过添加更多的脂肪和糖分来改善口感。”So what about those naturally gluten-free foods, such as meat, fish, fruit and vegetables? Are they going to help us slim down?那么,像猪肉、鱼肉、以及水果蔬菜这类的天然无麸质食品会不会帮助我们瘦身呢?It seems not. Tanya Thomas of the British Dietetic Association told the Daily Mail: “People assume that by cutting out gluten they are going to lose weight. It’s a myth.”好像不能。来自英国饮食健康协会的塔尼亚#8226;托马斯在接受《每日邮报》采访时表示:“人们认为食用无麸质食物就会减肥。这简直是天方夜谭。” /201302/225078永平县月经不调多少钱

大理产妇做检查好吗大理人流医院比较好 Don’t toss that peel–it may help you burn fat. When scientists added ursolic acid (found in apple skin) to the high-fat diets of mice, the mice gained less weight.不要把果皮扔掉——它帮助你燃烧脂肪。当科学家把乌索酸(苹果皮中所含)放进了老鼠的高脂膳食中,老鼠便不易长胖。“Ursolic acid ups muscle and brown fat, which boosts calorie burning,” says lead researcher Christopher Adams, MD.“乌索酸能够增强肌肉和提高褐色脂肪,促进卡路里燃烧”医务部领先研究者克里斯多夫·亚当斯这样说。Other likely slimmers:其他类似的有助于瘦身者:Bergamot oranges: Studies show that compounds in the fruit may decrease cholesterol and help with weight loss.香柠檬:研究显示这种水果中含有的复合物可以降低胆固醇,帮助减少体重。Blueberries: This superfruit may reduce belly fat by affecting fat-burning and storage genes, says a recent study.蓝莓:据最近的一项研究显示,这种超级水果可以通过对脂肪燃烧和基因存储的影响来减少腹部脂肪。Pears: They’re high in flavonoids and catechins, antioxidants that help women ward off weight gain.梨:梨富含能够帮助妇女避免体重增长的类黄酮,焦儿茶酸和抗氧化剂。 /201303/232357大理哪个医院治疗尖锐湿疣好

大理市鹤庆县妇幼保健人民中心中医院专家 One third of women surveyed admitted to #39;dishonesty#39; on social media sites such as Facebook Women consistently lie on social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter to make their lives appear more exciting, a survey has found.一项调查发现,女性总爱在Facebook或Twitter这样的社交网站上说谎,把自己的生活描述得比实际更精。Researchers found that at least one in four women exaggerated or distorted what they are doing on social media once a month.研究人员发现,至少四分之一的女性每个月会有一次在社交媒体上夸张或扭曲地谈论自己做的事。The survey of 2000 women found they mostly pretended to be out on the town, when in fact they are home alone, and embellished about an exotic holiday or their job.这项涵盖了2000名女性的调查发现,她们大多假装自己到市中心去玩乐,而事实上她们却独自在家待着,而且还喜欢把一次异域风情的假日或自己的工作加以美化。The most common reasons for women to write “fibs” included worrying their lives would seem “boring”, jealousy at seeing other people’s more exciting posts and wanting to impress their friends and acquaintances.女性爱在社交网站上编写“谎言”最常见的原因有担心自己的生活看上去会显得“单调乏味”,在看到他人上传的精内容时感到嫉妒,想引起自己的朋友和熟人的注意。Psychologists suggested that as people attempt to “stay connected” on social media, they can in fact “paradoxically” be left “more isolated”.心理学家们指出,在人们试图通过社交媒体“保持联系”的同时,事实上他们反而会变得“更孤立”。They also said that the “more we try to make our lives seem perfect, the less perfect we feel”.心理学家们还说“我们越想让自己的生活显得完美,我们就感到越不完美”。According to the OnePoll survey, one third of women surveyed admitted to “dishonesty” on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter at some stage.根据OnePoll公司的调查,三分之一的被调查女性承认某些时候会在Facebook和Twitter这样的社交网站上“说谎”。Almost one in four admitted to lying or exaggerating about key aspects of their life online between one and three times a month while almost one in 10 said they lied more than once a week.近四分之一的女性承认每个月会有一到三次在社交网站上谎报或夸张地描述自己生活的某些主要方面,近十分之一的女性称她们每周在社交网上说谎超过一次。Nearly 30 percent of women lied about “doing something when I am home alone”, almost a quarter overstated their alcohol consumption while one in five were not truthful about their holiday activities or their jobs.近30%的女性独自在家时会谎称自己在做某事,近四分之一的女性会夸大自己喝的酒量,五分之一的女性没有据实描述自己的假日活动或工作。Almost one in five women even lied about their “relationship status”.近五分之一的女性甚至会谎报自己的“感情状态”。“We work very hard presenting ourselves to the world online, pretending and attempting to be happy all the time which is exhausting and ultimately unfulfilling,” said Dr Michael Sinclair, a leading British consultant psychologist.英国知名心理学顾问迈克尔?辛克莱士说:“我们努力地把自己呈现给网上的世界,假装自己一直都很开心并尽力保持这一状态,这不但让人精疲力竭,而且最终会让人感到空虚。“Omitting the less desirable imperfections of our lives from the conversations with our #39;friends#39; online leads to less opportunity to feel empathised with, resulting in a greater sense of disconnection from others.”“在和线上‘好友’的谈话中,把生活中不那么如意的不完美部分省去,这会减少我们产生共鸣的机会,从而导致与他人更大的隔绝感。”The survey was commissioned by Pencourage, a new anonymous “diary-style” social media website.该调查由Pencourage网站委托开展,这是一家新的匿名 “日记体”社交网站。 /201303/229904大理学院附属医院治疗宫颈糜烂好吗大理市处女膜修复那家医院好



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