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渭南市治疗阳痿多少钱渭南欧亚医院泌尿科渭南市中医院龟头炎症 8.30 am, exams are about to begin.上午八点半,考试即将开始The Chinese school students are going head-to-head with the rest of Bohunt Year 9.中式学校的学生马上就要和其他航特初三学生一决高下了No more chatting. Bags that way, please. Find your seats.别说话了,包放在那边,找到自己的座位Its the first time any of these kids have taken a formal exam.这是这些孩子第一次参加这么正式的考试I slept on all my books last night.我昨晚是睡在书上的Cos you know, you put them under your pillow, and then you put your pillow on,因为如果你把书放在枕头下,把枕头盖在上面and you absorb the knowledge while youre asleep.你就可以边睡边吸收知识了Josh, good luck.乔什,祝你好运Thank you, Miss.谢谢老师The outcome of four long weeks of teaching,长达四周的教学成果a competition between two completely different approaches to education,两种完全不同的教学方式的比拼will be decided by the next four hours.将在接下来四个小时中见真章Does everybody understand what they have to do?你们都知道该怎么做了吗Yes.知道了Time starts now.考试开始Kind of freaks you out when youre in there.考场真能把人逼疯And then you look at everyone else and youve got your head down,你环顾四周,然后低头开始做and you think, how are they answering this question?你心里会想,其他人答得怎么样Sitting in exam room is just like...坐在考场中的感觉...Oh, God. But then again, I just have to do it.天呐,但话说回来,我只要尽力考就行I kind of want Bohunt to do better than Chinese school,我有点希望航特能够赢过中式学校because that means that I wont have to go to school from seven till seven因为那就意味着,我不需要每天早七点到晚七点都待在学校and random things I didnt like might change the way my normal school is.还有那些我不喜欢的东西,就不会改变我学校的教学方式You have ten minutes remaining.还剩十分钟For the Chinese teachers, its a waiting game.中国老师们现在只能等待I want all of them to do well, but its not realistic.我希望他们都能考好,但这是不现实的This is a class of mixed abilities.这个班级里的学生水平不一Some of them, they dont engage themselves to the class.有些学生,他们并不...并不会融入班集体So whatever result comes out, I think I can accept it.所以无论结果如何,我想我都能够接受But if they can do very well, higher than what I expected, I think its a miracle.但如果他们能考好,比我预期的还要好,我想那真是奇迹If you can stop writing now, if you are still writing.请把笔放下,不要再写了No talking or communicating with anybody in front or behind.不要和前后左右相邻的同学说话201606/450411TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/479270渭南市治疗阳痿早泄要多少钱

陕西省华阴市人民医院尿科Over a forty year career John Rockefeller used innovation and ingenuity to create a corporate empire unlike any the world has ever seen.在四十年的职业生涯中 约翰·洛克菲勒运用创新和智慧创造一个世界上前所未有的企业帝国But he was also notoriously ruthless and many believe he went too far.但他也是出了名的冷酷无情 很多人认为他做得太过分了For John D. Rockefeller, judgment day is here in whats become the trial of the century: The People versus Standard Oil.对约翰·D·洛克菲勒来说 审判日就在于这一世纪审判 美国人民诉标准石油公司的官司The picture painted of Standard Oil is a depressing one.标准石油公司的形象很不好No trust in the history of America has been so destructive in its pursuit of profit.历史上的托拉斯追求利润时都没有它这么大的破坏性Time and time again we have heard how Standard Oil has used secret kickbacks from the railroads, been routinely engaged in predatory pricing, used intimidation and exclusive sales territories to put refineries out of business.我们反反复复地听说 标准石油从铁路获取秘密回扣 定价过高形成暴利 使用恐吓以及独家销售的手段 让炼油厂歇业For over thirty years, Standard Oil has been on a mission to crush its competition and establish itself as a monopoly to hoist up the price of kerosene.三十多年来 标准石油公司一直在摧毁对手 进行垄断以抬高煤油价格Mr. Rockefeller, before the court renders its decision, do you have anything you wish to say?洛克菲勒先生 在法庭宣布决定之前 你有什么要说的吗201607/455026渭南看前列腺炎哪里好 Okay. Kit open. Dry kit on.All right, dry clothes.Ive never met Joe before, Ive never met Bear before.好了 找出衣 把它们穿上 好了 干燥的衣 我跟乔和贝尔都素昧平生But when it comes to out here, you have to trust people.但你一旦处于这种环境中 就要信任同伴And that trust is big when youre going through adventures like this, you know?在这样的探险活动中 那种信任将显得至关重要I dont want to ever do that again.我再不会这么做了Hopefully, I wont have to.Get jackets on, ropes stowed.We need to get moving.Lets go.但愿不用 穿上外套 收好绳子 该上路了 走吧Yeah, these guys have just done amazingly.这些家伙干得真不错They arrived here scared and pretty wide-eyed.他们刚到这时 睁大了眼睛 完全吓坏了Theyve been cold, wet, and a bit bumped.他们经历了严寒 潮湿和一些颠簸And for me, thats what survival is all about.对于我来说 这就是生存的全部You know, its about coming through those emotions and then winning at the end and making it out.你必须经受这一切考验 并最终取得胜利 凯旋而归Good guys Come on.Here she comes.Thats it, guys- end of the journey.Youve done it. Were going home.好样的 走吧 天使来了 直升机来了 伙计们 旅程结束了 你们成功了 我们要回家了Oh, my God.Thats a sweet, sweet sound.上帝啊 这声音太美妙了The last 48 hours have been huge for us all.过去的四十八小时对我们来说非同小可Its been incredible to watch the guys strength and confidence just grow.我惊喜地看到在这个过程中 他们的勇气和自信有所增长201707/516667渭南欧亚专科医院男科

渭南男科那里好 Im in Georgia, heading into dense forest,我身在格鲁吉亚 向着浓密的森林进发home to wolves, bears, and some of the toughest terrain this former Soviet Union Republic has to offer.这里是狼群 黑熊的巢穴 地势险要 是一片前苏联政权也垂涎的领地Im now firmly in the wooded belt here.我现在身居茂林深处Oh, yeah. Look at these mountains.They are still huge.看看这些山群 还是如此高大The thing is, you know, I look at this sort of place,我看着眼前的景象and what I see is just life, you know?This is where the animals are gonna be.You got water.想到的只有活命 懂我的意思吗 这里是动物们的家 有水源You got protection amongst the trees from the weather.有树木做庇护免受天气变化之苦I look at it, and I know that I can survive here.看着这一切 我就觉得我可以在此幸存This is a rich hunting ground. Good news for me.好消息是 这是绝佳的狩猎场 But bad news is that Im not the only predator here.但坏消息是 我不是唯一的猎人Look.Its definitely carnivore poo, this.瞧 这肯定是食肉动物的粪便Theres only two carnivores in this forest and thats bear and wolves.这片森林里只有两种食肉动物 熊和狼And its definitely not a bear. Look.You see the tapered ends to this.这肯定不是熊的粪便 快看 你可以看到粪便的末端呈锥形You can actually see what hes been feeding off.甚至看得出他都吃了些啥All of the hair,probably sheep,maybe goat hair.这些毛发--可能是羊 也可能是山羊的毛发You know, what it tells me theres definitely wolves in this area.也就是说 这片绝对有狼出没But theyre gonna be smarter than I am.而且它们比我要聪明You know, theyre gonna be watching me long before Im gonna spot them.Okay. Lets keep going.它们对的我虎视眈眈 远远早于我辨认出它们的踪迹 好吧 前进Even though were in the woods now,the terrain hasnt got any easier.虽说我们在森林里 地形还是很难走These forest are defined by endless, deep gorges with treacherous, steep-sided valleys.Getting much steeper here.林径通幽之处 却危机四伏 陡峭的河谷就藏匿其中 这里愈加险峻了201704/505232渭南泌尿外科医院尿科渭南欧亚男科医院是公立还是



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