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华县包皮手术多少钱渭南市欧亚医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱渭南欧亚医院电话 China#39;s health regulators are rolling out a corporate blacklist for drug and medical-device companies implicated in commercial bribery, a move aimed at stamping out corruption in the country#39;s graft-ridden health-care sector.中国卫生监管部门将公布医疗卫生领域的商业贿赂不良记录,此举旨在打击中国医疗卫生体系中的腐败行为。Beginning in March, the National Health and Family Planning Commission will publish on its website a record of medical-related manufacturers, agencies and individuals charged with bribery by courts, sued, punished or investigated for bribery, the commission said in a statement on its website Friday. The statement also said that the agency reserved the right to place any company on the list for legal and regulatory violations.中国国家卫生和计划生育委员会周五在其网站上发布通告称,从明年3月份开始,有以下情形之一的医药相关制造企业、机构和个人,应当列入商业贿赂不良记录,并在该委员会网站上公布:被法院判决认定为受贿罪、或者犯罪情节轻微,不需要判处刑罚,法院依照刑法免于刑事处罚的;行贿情节轻微,检察院作出不起诉决定的;由纪检监察机关已贿赂立案调查,并依法作出相关处理的;因行贿行为被财政、工商行政管理、食品药品监管等部门作出行政处罚的。《通知》还指出,该委员会有权将任何具有违法、违规行为的公司列入黑名单。Listed companies will be barred for two years from selling their products within the province in which they are implicated, the statement said. It said companies can apply as usual to sell their products in other provinces but will be at a disadvantage.Companies listed twice in a five-year period will be banned nationally for two years, the statement said.《通知》称, 上榜的企业,本省级区域内公立医疗机构不得从这些企业购入药品。《通知》还称,上榜企业可申请在其他省级区域照常出售其产品,但对该企业产品作减分处理。对五年内二次及以上上榜的企业,全国所有公立医疗机构两年内不得购入其药品、医用设备和医用耗材。The developments come amid a heightened state of scrutiny of China#39;s health-care industry.目前中国监管部门正在加大对医疗卫生领域的监查力度。The Ministry of Public Security in July accused U.K. drug company GlaxoSmithKline PLC of bribing doctors, hospitals and government officials in an effort to sell more drugs at higher prices. Glaxo has said it appears some of its managers in China might have broken the law, and says it is cooperating with the probe.中国公安部7月份时对英国医药公司葛兰素史克(Glaxosmithkline plc, GSK, GSK.LN)进行立案调查,该公司被指控贿赂医生、医院和政府官员,以达到高价出售更多药品的目的。葛兰素史克已表示,该公司中国业务的某些管理人员可能触犯了法律,并表示,公司正协助调查。French food giant Danone SA#39;s baby-food arm Dumex Baby Food Co. announced in October it would overhaul management and marketing at its infant formula business in China following allegations by the official China Central Television that it paid hospital staff to use its products and boost sales.法国食品生产巨头达能(Danone SA)旗下的婴儿食品子公司多美滋婴儿食品公司(Dumex Baby Food Co.)曾在今年10月宣布,将对在华婴儿配方奶粉业务的管理和市场营销进行全面调整。此前,中国中央电视台报道称,为了提高产品销量,美滋婴收买医院的医务人员,以鼓励其使用该公司的产品。The health commission#39;s list will show details such as the name, address and legal representative of bribery-connected manufacturers or individuals, as well as information on their alleged crimes, the statement said. It also said regional health departments will be required to report companies to central authorities within a month of any alleged offense.国家卫生计生委的公告称,不良记录公布事项包括医药生产经营企业及其代理人的名称、营业地址、法定代表人以及违法事由等。该公告称,各省级卫生计生行政部门应当在其政务网站公布商业贿赂不良记录后的一个月内上报国家卫生计生委。Medical companies have in recent years flocked to the Chinese market, where a health-care overhaul has expanded access to services and boosted demand for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. The country#39;s health-care spending is expected to triple to trillion by 2020 from 7 billion in 2011, according to consulting firm McKinsey amp; Co.中国的医疗体制改革不仅扩大了医疗务渠道,也提升了对药品和医疗器械的需求,促使医药企业近些年来蜂拥涌向中国市场。咨询机构麦肯锡公司(McKinsey amp; Co.)称,预计到2020年,中国的医疗出将较2011年的3,570亿美元增加两倍,达到1万亿美元。Yet the country#39;s hospital system, underfunded and strained, has historically been plagued by kickbacks and ripe for corruption. Doctors are widely seen as underpaid, which makes them prime recipients of honorariums, which are legal, or illegal cuts of sales from drug companies, industry insiders say.不过,中国的医疗系统缺乏资金且过于僵化,一直无法摆脱回扣困扰,且腐败盛行。业内人士称,人们普遍认为医生的收入过低,这使得医生成为医药企业酬金(也就是合法或非法的销售收入分成)的主要接收者。Health-care companies typically sell through multiple layers of distributors that are difficult to oversee, industry players say.业界人士称,医疗公司一般会通过多层分销商进行销售,很难监管。 /201312/270870渭南哪家医院好

渭南中医男科医院割包皮Hutchison Whampoa will finalise a deal to buy O2 in the UK from Spain’s Telefónica for close to #163;10.5bn to create Britain’s largest mobile network as early as Tuesday morning.和记黄埔(Hutchison Whampoa)最快将在周二上午敲定以近105亿英镑收购西班牙电信(Telefónica)旗下英国移动运营商O2的交易,缔造英国最大的移动通信网络。The Hong Kong-based group controlled by Li Ka-shing will merge O2 with its existing British mobile group, Three, to create an operator with more than 31m subscribers.总部位于香港、受李嘉诚(Li Ka-shing)控制的和记黄埔,将把其旗下的英国移动公司Three与O2合并,打造一个用户超过3100万的运营商。Those close to the deal said the two companies encountered no major issues found during the two months of due diligence, which should allow the deal to be announced as early as Tuesday. However, one person cautioned on Monday that the merger had not been finalised and the timing could still slip.这笔交易的知情人表示,两家公司在两个月的尽职调查期间未发现重大问题,因此这笔交易最快应在周二宣布。不过,有一人在周一告诫说,这一并购交易尚未最终敲定,成交时间可能仍会推后。Hutchison Whampoa is also concluding talks with sovereign wealth funds to help finance the deal. The company is set to sell about 30 per cent of the group — a stake worth about #163;3bn — to outside investors.和记黄埔与资助该交易的主权财富基金的谈判也已进入尾声。该公司计划将集团约30%的股份(价值大约30亿英镑)出售给外部投资者。It has spoken to funds from Qatar, Singapore and Canada, according to one person with knowledge of the transaction, although it is not expected to reveal a decision on preferred partners alongside the announcement.据这笔交易的一名知情人透露,和记黄埔已经与卡塔尔、新加坡和加拿大的基金进行了洽谈,但预计在宣布交易时不会揭晓有关首选伙伴的决定。The O2 deal will be closely scrutinised by antitrust authorities in Europe given that it would reduce the number of mobile networks in the UK from four to three, raising the prospect of higher prices amid a lower level of competition.此次收购O2的交易将受到欧洲反垄断部门密切关注,因为它会把英国移动网络数量从四家降到三家,带来了竞争水平较低环境中价格上涨的前景。However, similar deals have been passed by the Brussels competition regulator in Germany, Ireland and Austria, albeit with some concessions to help rival services flourish.但布鲁塞尔竞争监管机构已在德国、爱尔兰和奥地利批准过类似交易,尽管相关企业需要作出一些有利于竞争对手的务生存发展的让步。 /201503/366166渭南那个医院看生殖科好一点 These are challenging times for world leaders seeking to stimulate the global economy. The G-20 wants to see trillion of global GDP and tens of millions of jobs added by 2018 through what officials described in Sydney in February as #39;ambitious but realistic policies.#39; Multilateral talks are aly underway to drive growth by further liberalizing trade, which are important initiatives but which have yet to bear fruit. So businesses will be particularly encouraged to see dialogue restarting that aims to give cross-border investment a boost, especially since the talks involve the world#39;s two largest economies.对于寻求刺激全球经济增长的世界各国领导人而言,这是一个颇具挑战性的时代。二十国集团(Group of 20,简称G20) 2月份在悉尼召开会议时,官员们希望通过“宏大但务实的政策”,在2018年前将全球经济总量提高2万亿美元,同时增加数千万个工作岗位。通过进一步推动贸易自由化来促进经济增长的多边谈判正在进行之中,这样的谈判是非常重要的举措,但目前尚未取得成果。因此,企业尤其希望看到重启意在扩大跨境投资的对话,特别是在全球最大两个经济体也展开对话的情况下。The talks concern the U.S.-China Bilateral Investment Treaty, or BIT. Such an agreement would clarify the rules for investment between the two countries while removing many barriers that remain to such investments--rather like a free-trade agreement for capital flows instead of goods and services. A high-standard BIT will help remove ambiguities that detract from greater investment and broader economic activity, and give the U.S. and China increased stakes in each other#39;s success. In the interest of stability and predictability, the BIT should be a strategic imperative for both countries.这样的对话关乎美中双边投资协定(Bilateral Investment Treaty,简称BIT)的命运。该协定将阐明两国之间的投资规则,同时打破这些投资领域仍然存在的诸多壁垒,这更像是一个允许资本流动的自由贸易协议,商品和务贸易则不包括在内。达成高标准的BIT有助于消除妨碍扩大投资和经济活动的歧义条款,美国和中国在彼此经济成就中的利益会更大。从保持稳定行和可预见性的角度看,BIT对中美两国都应该是一种战略需要。A comprehensive investment treaty would be good business for both sides. In general, investment treaties prohibit favoritism for local investors; protect foreign investors from arbitrary treatment (by requiring fair compensation for any expropriation or nationalization of assets); provide for dispute resolution in international arbitration; and protect foreign-invested enterprises from local content requirements and export as.达成全面的投资协定可令两国实现共赢。总的来说有以下几个益处:投资协定能够防止对本地投资者的偏袒行为;能够保护外国投资者免受不公平待遇(因为投资协定会要求资产被征收或国有化时获得合理补偿);能够解决国际仲裁纠纷;还能够保护外资企业不受当地成分要求和出口配额的影响。For the U.S., the case for attracting more inbound Chinese foreign direct investment (FDI) is compelling. Out of the 5 billion in FDI into the U.S. in 2012, China, as the world#39;s second-largest economy, accounted for a mere billion of that amount. A BIT would help bring greater transparency and clarity to investment approval processes.对美国来说,获得更多来自中国的外商直接投资(FDI)的前景非常吸引人。2012年美国的FDI总额为1,750亿美元,来自中国的投资仅为40亿美元。BIT将提升投资审批程序的透明度。Recent research suggests that Chinese-owned companies provided more than 70,000 full-time jobs in the U.S. in 2013, a more than eight-fold increase compared to 2007. More two-way investment under a successful BIT means many more American jobs.近期调查显示,2013年中国控股的公司在美国提供的全职岗位超过了70,000个,较2007年水平增加了八倍多。若BIT成功签署,将增加双边投资额,这意味着美国将增加更多就业岗位。The BIT also would increase the global reach of American businesses, allowing them to invest in Chinese markets in industries that are largely restricted today, such as financial services, transportation and telecommunications. This treaty would allow American manufacturing and agricultural exporters to establish critical distribution platforms in China to facilitate their sales of American products into that market. As a condition of restarting the talks, Beijing has agreed to put almost all industries on the table, dropping its earlier desire to shelter a large number from American investment.BIT还能帮助美国企业在全球的扩张,让美国企业投资于如今在中国基本不对外开放的一些行业,比如金融业、运输业和电信业。该协定还将允许美国制造业和农业出口商在中国建立起至关重要的分销平台,这样一来,向中国市场出售美国产品就会变得更容易。作为重启相关谈判的一个条件,北京已经同意把几乎所有行业都摆到桌面上,放弃了此前希望保护多个行业不受美国投资冲击的立场。The protections of a BIT are especially important in markets where Chinese state-owned enterprises dominate, because it will require that those companies act based on commercial and not political principles. For example, state firms#39; access to non-commercial financing would be challenged. The BIT would also end the occasional Chinese practice of requiring American firms that manufacture in China to transfer their technology to Chinese businesses or use local technology in their manufacturing processes. This would help to address the concerns about intellectual-property theft that often discourage American investment.在那些国有企占主导地位的中国国内市场中,BIT尤其具有重要性,因为这将要求那些企业按照商业原则而非政治原则行事。举例来说,国企利用非商业融资的做法就会受到挑战。BIT还将结束中国偶尔会采取的某种做法:要求在中国生产商品的美国制造企业将技术转移给中国企业,或在生产过程中使用中国的技术。这将有助于缓解有关知识产权方面的忧虑。这种担忧常令美国投资者望而却步。For China, the BIT will help advance the economic reform goals reiterated by its leaders at last month#39;s National People#39;s Congress. It can help China achieve these goals by increasing capital available to private firms (especially small- and medium-sized businesses), which often rely on informal lending. The foreign capital, and the management expertise that so often comes with it, would promote innovation and entrepreneurship, which are critical to any economy#39;s long-term success. Deploying private capital also helps foster healthy competition, making state-owned enterprises more efficient and better suited to compete in the global marketplace.对中国来说,BIT有助于推进上个月两会时重申的经济改革目标。它能让民营企业(特别是中小型的企业)可获得的资本越来越多,从而帮助中国实现这些目标。在中国,民营企业通常依靠非官方渠道获得融资。外国的资本以及随同带来的管理方面的专长会推动创新和创业,而对任何一个经济体来讲,创新和创业都是长期成功不可或缺的要素。动用民营部门的资本还有助于实现良性竞争,让国企变得更有效率,更能适应在全球市场的竞争。Nor are business benefits the only advantage to a U.S.-China investment treaty. There would also be considerable political advantages to concluding a deal. The difficulties faced by each country#39;s investors in the other#39;s economy have created significant friction between Washington and Beijing over the years. This is the case both when Chinese investments in the U.S. generate political controversy, and when American companies discover they aren#39;t allowed to invest in booming Chinese industries. An investment treaty would help ratchet down such tensions by improving market access and ensuring greater predictability.而且,企业受益也不是美中投资协定能带来的唯一利益。达成这样一项协议也会带来相当大的政治利益。多年来,这两个国家的投资者在对方国家遇到的困难已经让华盛顿和北京产生了重大擦。不管是中国投资在美国引发政治争议,还是美国企业发现自己不被允许在中国欣欣向荣的行业投资,这些都是擦的来源。投资协定将改善市场准入,提高可预测程度,从而有助于缓解此类紧张局面。Leaders of the two largest economies in the world should focus on policies and initiatives big enough to result in meaningful economic growth but modest enough to be achieved. The U.S.-China investment treaty is one such initiative. Both sides have a great opportunity to advance their countries#39; interests and the global economy. The business communities on both sides of the Pacific have much to gain and should come together to play a constructive role supporting the negotiations and seizing the opportunity to do our BIT for global growth.两个全球最大经济体的领导人应该把注意力集中在规模足以令经济出现明显增长的政策和倡议上,同时,这样的政策和倡议又要避免因太过宏大而无法实现。美中投资协定就是这样一个倡议。双方有一个绝佳的机会推动实现两国的利益,也让全球经济受益。太平洋两岸的企业都将获益良多,因此,两岸企业界人士应该协力扮演一种建设性的角色,持相关谈判,抓住这个机会,为全球经济增长尽一份力。 /201404/284540渭南市中医医院前列腺炎多少钱

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