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Hi, everybody. This week, after five years of effort with eleven other nations, we reached agreement on a new trade deal that promotes American values and protects American workers. Theres a reason this Trans-Pacific Partnership took five years to negotiate. I wanted to get the best possible deal for American workers. And that is what weve done. Heres why it matters. Ninety-five percent of the worlds consumers live outside our borders – 95 percent. They want to buy American products. They want our cars, our music, our food. And if American businesses can sell more of their products in those markets, they can expand and support good jobs here at home. So its no wonder that exports played a huge role in helping America recover from the Great Recession. In fact, last year, we set a new record for American exports for the fifth year in a row, selling more than trillion in goods and services. Our exports support roughly 12 million American jobs – and theyre jobs that typically pay better than other jobs. But heres the thing: Outdated trade rules put our workers at a disadvantage. And TPP will change that. Right now, other countries can cut their costs by setting lower standards to pay lower wages. This trade agreement, TPP, will change that, holding partner countries to higher standards and raising wages across a region that makes up nearly 40 percent of the global economy. Right now, other countries charge foreign taxes on goods that are made in America. Japan, for example, puts a 38 percent tax on American beef before it even reaches the market. Malaysia puts a 30 percent tax on American auto parts. Vietnam puts taxes as high as 70 percent on every car American automakers sell there. Those taxes and other trade barriers put our workers at a disadvantage. It makes more expensive to make goods here and sell them over there. Well, TPP is going to change that. It eliminates more than 18,000 of these taxes on American goods and services. And that way, were boosting Americas farmers, ranchers, manufacturers, and small business owners – make it easier for them to sell their products abroad. Thats what it means to level the playing field for American workers and businesses. And when the playing field is level, and the rules are fair, Americans can out-compete anybody in the world. Now, Im the first person who will say that past trade agreements havent always lived up to their promise. Sometimes theyve been tilted too much in the direction of other countries and we havent gotten a fair deal. And that makes folks suspicious of any new trade initiatives. But lets be clear. Our future depends not on what past trade deals did wrong, but on doing new trade deals right. And thats what the TPP does. It includes the strongest labor standards in history, from requiring fair hours to prohibiting child labor and forced labor. It includes the strongest environmental standards in history. All these things level the playing field for us, because if they have to follow these rules, then they cant undercut us and sell their products cheaper because theyre violating these rules. And unlike past trade agreements, these standards are actually enforceable. Without this agreement, competitors that dont share our values, like China, will write the rules of the global economy. Theyll keep selling into our markets and try to lure companies over there; meanwhile theyre going to keep their markets closed to us. Thats whats been going on for the last 20 years. Thats whats contributed so much to outsourcing. Thats what has made it easier for them to compete against us. And it needs to change. With this Trans-Pacific Partnership, we are writing the rules for the global economy. America is leading in the 21st century. Our workers will be the ones who get ahead. Our businesses will get a fair deal. And those who oppose passing this new trade deal are really just accepting a status quo that everyone knows puts us at a disadvantage. Look, you dont have to take my word for it. In the coming weeks and months, youll be able to every word of this agreement online well before I sign it. Youll be able to see for yourself how this agreement is better than past trade deals – and how its better for Americas working families. You can learn more at WhiteHouse.gov. And I look forward to working with both parties in Congress to approve this deal – and grow our economy for decades to come. Thanks, everybody. And have a great weekend.201510/403371。

  • Clearly, people didnt want us to talk about death,显而易见,人们并不希望我们和他们谈论死亡,or, we thought that.或者,我们自己如此认为。So with loads of funding from the Federal Government所以,在联邦政府和地方卫生部门资金的持下and the local Health Service, we introduced a thing我们在John Hunter医院引入了at John Hunter called Respecting Patient Choices.一个名为“尊重病人的选择”的项目We trained hundreds of people to go to the wards我们培训了成百上千的工作人员,and talk to people about the fact that they would die,派他到病房去告诉别人他们大限将至and what would they prefer under those circumstances.然后问他们有什么打算。They loved it. The families and the patients, they loved it.此举受到病人和家属的欢迎。Ninety-eight percent of people really thought98%的人真的认为this just should have been normal practice,这应该成为一种常态化的做法,and that this is how things should work.同时,这也是顺应自然的做法。And when they expressed wishes,而当这些病人表达他们的意愿的时候,all of those wishes came true, as it were.所有这些意愿都可以实现。We were able to make that happen for them.我们可以帮他们实行他们的意愿。But then, when the funding ran out,然而,当这笔资金用完之后中,we went back to look six months later,六个月后我们再来评估这一项目,and everybody had stopped again,这一做法又被停止了。and nobody was having these conversations anymore.也没有人去进行这方面的谈话了。So that was really kind of heartbreaking for us,这是一种很令我们心酸的结局,because we thought this was going to really take off.因为我们一直以为,这会成为一种常态化的东西。The cultural issue had reasserted itself.文化问题又一次得到了体现。So heres the pitch:这就是问题所在。I think its important that we dont just get on this freeway我认为,在我们决定走上去ICU这条路时,to ICU without thinking hard about whether or not我们真的要想thats where we all want to end up,我们是否真的想死在ICU里,particularly as we become older and increasingly frail这点在我们老态龙钟和变得脆弱不堪时尤其重要,and ICU has less and less and less to offer us.这时,ICU能为我们做的事情是少之又少的。There has to be a little side road如果不去ICU,肯定还有其它的选择的off there for people who dont want to go on that track.前提是——你不想死在ICU里。And I have one small idea,而对于可能发生的事,我有一个“小”主意and one big idea about what could happen.我一个“大”主意And this is the small idea.我的小主意是:The small idea is, lets all of us让我们所有人engage more with this in the way that Jason has illustrated.更多地象Jason所描述的那样。Why cant we have these kinds of conversations我们为什么就不能和Jason一样with our own elders和我们的长辈and people who might be approaching this?或者那些正在慢慢变老的人和Jason一样谈一下这个问题呢?There are a couple of things you can do.你可以为此做一些事情。One of them is, you can,其中一个是,just ask this simple question. This question never fails.你只需问一个简单的问题。这是一个很有用的问题。;In the event that you became too sick to speak for yourself,“万一你病得不能讲话了,who would you like to speak for you?;你想让谁代你表达你的心声呢?”Thats a really important question to ask people,这真是一个非常重要的问题,because giving people the control over who that is这是因为,给予谁这个权利produces an amazing outcome.会给你带来不同的结局。The second thing you can say is,你可以说的第二个事情是,;Have you spoken to that person“你和哪个人谈过了about the things that are important to you你认为对你来说是很重要的事吗so that weve got a better idea of what it is we can do?;那样我们就比较清楚我们能为你做些什么。So thats the little idea.这就是我的“小”主意。The big idea, I think, is more political.我的大主意,我认为更实用。I think we have to get onto this.我认为,我们必须做好一件事。I suggested we should have Occupy Death.我建议搞一个“占领死亡”运动(Occupy Death)My wife said, ;Yeah, right, sit-ins in the mortuary.我妻子对我说,“对,对,到太平间去静坐”Yeah, yeah. Sure.;对,应该的。So that one didnt really run,所以,这个行不通,but I was very struck by this.但我还是受到一些打击的。Now, Im an aging hippie.现在,我是一个老嬉皮士。I dont know, I dont think I look like that anymore, but我不知道,我并不认为我还象一个嬉皮士,但是I had, two of my kids were born at home in the 80s在90年代,我的两个小孩都是在家里生产的when home birth was a big thing, and we baby boomers那时,在家生小孩是件大事,而我们这帮婴儿潮年代出生的人are used to taking charge of the situation,已经习惯了处理这些事,so if you just replace all these words of birth,所以,如果你要替换掉这些关于生产的字,I like ;Peace, Love, Natural Death; as an option.我会选择“和平、爱和自然死亡”I do think we have to get political我真的认为,我们必须得面对现实and start to reclaim this process from并且重申这一进程the medicalized model in which its going.从我们现行的医疗化模型中解放出来Now, listen, that sounds like a pitch for euthanasia.听走来,好像我又在鼓吹安乐死。I want to make it absolutely crystal clear to you all,我想向各位澄清一下I hate euthanasia. I think its a sideshow.我讨厌安乐死。我认为那是一个次要的问题。I dont think euthanasia matters.我不认为安乐死会有什么好处I actually think that,事实上,我认为,in places like Oregon,在象Oregon这类地方,where you can have physician-assisted suicide,你可以寻求到一些在医生的辅助下的自杀方式,you take a poisonous dose of stuff,你可以吃点毒药之类的东西,only half a percent of people ever do that.可只有0.5%的人做过这样的蠢事。Im more interested in what happens to the 99.5 percent其实,我对其它的99.5%的of people who dont want to do that.不想通过毒而死去的人感兴趣。I think most people dont want to be dead,我想,大多数人都不想死,but I do think most people want to have some control但我认为,大多数人都想能够控制over how their dying process proceeds.自己死亡的过程。So Im an opponent of euthanasia,所以,我反对安乐死,but I do think we have to give people back some control.但我又认为,我们应该给病重的人一些自己控制权。It deprives euthanasia of its oxygen supply.这能够让安乐死失去理由。I think we should be looking at stopping我认为,我们应该去尝试了解病人the want for euthanasia,想要安乐死背后的原因,not for making it illegal or legal or worrying about it at all.而不只是让它合法代或非法,或者毫不关心。This is a e from Dame Cicely Saunders,这是Dame Cicely Saunders的一句话,whom I met when I was a medical student.我还是一个医学院学生的时候遇过她She founded the hospice movement.她创立了护理所运动。And she said, ;You matter because you are,她说,“你就是你,你是重要的,and you matter to the last moment of your life.;直到你生命的最后一刻。“And I firmly believe that我坚定地相信thats the message that we have to carry forward.这是我们应该继续前行的旨意Thank you.谢谢201507/388609。
  • And I realized it had to come from the people.我意识到和平必然来自人民。After all, they decide,and they did.毕竟是他们的抉择,而他们这样做了。So the sounds that were before distorted and loud,were suddenly a melody.于是之前嘈杂混乱的声音,变成和谐的乐章。The sounds of the voices were harmonious.人民和谐地表达想法。So it could happen.这是可能的。A democracy could be upheld peacefully.民主可以以和平手段来实现。It could be, by the will of the masses who were now urgently pressing with all their heart and all their will for peace.它可以通过人民的意愿实现他们正为之急切地努力着并全心全意地努力着来实现和平的。Now heres an interesting comparison.现在有个有趣的对比。We in the West,we preach the values,the golden light of democracy,that we are the shining example of how its done. 在西方,我们宣扬,民主的力量,我们是其完美模范。But when it comes down to it,Ghana found itself in the same place in which the U.S. election stalled in the 2000 presidential elections Bush versus Gore.但实际上,当加纳处在和2000年美国大选的相同处境时,布什对戈尔那样的处境时。But instead of the unwillingness of the candidates to allow the system to proceed and the people to decide,Ghana honored democracy and its people.候选人没有表现出任何不情愿去让体制和人民做抉择,加纳尊重了民主和它的人民。It didnt leave it up to the Supreme Court to decide;the people did.它没有把选举带到最高法庭上;而是让人民决定。Now the second round of voting did not bring forth a clear winner either.然而第二轮选举也没有诞生获选者。I mean, it was so incredibly close.我说,票数非常接近。The electoral commissioner declared,with the consent of the parties,to run an unprecedented second re-run. 选举委员会,在各党派的同意下决定,进行前所未有的第二轮复选。So the people went back to the polls to determine their own president,not the legal system.人们回到选举站去决定谁做他们的总统,而不是让司法系统来做。And guess what, it worked.结果如何?成功了。The defeated candidate gave up power and made way for Ghana to move into a new democratic cycle.失败的候选人放弃职权加纳踏入新的民主进程。I mean, at the absolute time for the absolute need of democracy,they did not abuse their power.在民主需要的时候,他们没有滥用职权。The belief in true democracy and in the people runs deep,proving that the African is capable of governing himself.人们深深坚信真正的民主,这明了非洲人民有能力自治。Now the uphill battle for Ghana and for Africa is not over,but I have proof that the other side of democracy exists,and that we must not take it for granted.现在加纳和非洲艰难的(民主)斗争还没有结束,但我有据,民主的另一面是存在的,我们不应该视而不见。Now I have learned that my place is not just in the West or in Africa,and Im still searching for my identity,but I saw Ghana create democracy better.现在我意识到我的定位不仅是在西方或是非洲,我仍在寻找我的定位,但我目睹加纳开创了更好的民主。Ghana taught me to look at people differently and to look at myself differently.加纳告诉了我用不一样的视角看人看自己。And yes,we Africans can. 是的我们非洲人能行Thank you.谢谢。201508/391840。
  • Fear is whispered in our ears and shouted in our faces. Faith must be fostered by the man or woman you see every day in the mirror. The former forever snaps at our heels and our synapses and delays our course. The latter can spur our book heels to be wandering, stimulate our creativity, and drive us forward.恐惧在我们耳畔低吟,在我们面前咆哮。信念必须由你每天在镜子里看到的自己——男性或女性——来培养。前者永远猛咬我们的后脚跟,阻碍我们前进的道路,后者可以鞭策我们探索的步伐,激发我们的创造力,驱使我们前行。Fear or faith: which will be our master?各位,恐惧或信心,何者将成为我们的主宰?Three men found that they could no longer sleep because of their deep-seeded lives fears. This is a story Im telling. Their lives were in the state of stasis because of their constant worreis. So they set out on a pilgrimage to find a wise man who lived high in the mountains, so high up above the tree line, that no vegetation grew, no animals live, not even insects could be found so high up in the mountains in that thin air. When they reached his cave, the first of the three said:有三名男子发现,因为深藏于心的恐惧,他们无法入睡。这是我要讲的一个故事。因为他们不断地忧虑,他们生活在抑郁的状态。所以他们踏上朝圣的路,决心找到一个住在高山上的智者,山非常高,高过林木线,空气稀薄,没有植被,没有动物,甚至没有昆虫。当他们走到他的洞穴,为首的朝圣者说:;Help me, wise man, for my fear has crippled me!;“救救我,智者,我的恐惧快折磨死我了!”;What is your fear?; asked the wise man.智者说:“你的恐惧是什么?”;I fear death,; said the pilgrim, ;I wonder when it is going to come for me.;“我怕死,我不知道它何时来临。”朝圣者说。;Ah, death...; said the wise man. ;Let me take away this fear, my friend. Death will not come to call until you are y for its embrace. Know that and your fear will go away.;“啊,死亡……让我帮你去除这种恐惧,我的朋友。死亡不会拜访我们,直到我们准备好同死亡相拥。知道这一点,你的恐惧会自行消失。”201406/307245。
  • Another story of trauma and recovery that I came across was actually a few years ago.我遇到的另一个从创伤恢复的故事是几年前。I was in Thailand to do some research.我在泰国做一些研究。I met a monkey named Boonlua, and when Boonlua was a baby, he was attacked by a pack of dogs, and they ripped off both of his legs and one arm, and Boonlua dragged himself to a monastery,where the monks took him in.我碰到一只猴子名叫布鲁纳,在布鲁纳很小的时候被一群攻击了,它们扯掉了他的双腿和一条手臂,然后布鲁纳把自己拖到了一个寺院,一个和尚把他带了进去。They called in a veterinarian, who treated his wounds.把他交给兽医治疗伤口。Eventually, Boonlua wound up at an elephant facility,and the keepers really decided to take him under their wing, and they figured out what he liked, which, it turned out, was mint Mentos and Rhinoceros beetles and eggs.。最后布鲁纳去了一个大象收容所,饲养员决定把他留下,还发现他喜欢薄荷味曼妥思、独角仙和蛋。But they worried, because he was social, that he was lonely, and they didnt want to put him in with another monkey, because they thought with just one arm, he wouldnt be able to defend himself or even play.但他们很担心,因为他喜社交却也很孤独,他们不想把他跟其他猴子放在一起,。因为他们觉得,一只手臂的它根本无法自卫,甚至根本不能一起玩耍。And so they gave him a rabbit, and Boonlua was immediately a different monkey. was extremely happy to be with this rabbit.然后,他们就给了它只兔子,。它很喜欢跟这只兔子腻在一起。They groomed each other, they become close friends, and then the rabbit had bunnies, and Boonlua was even happier than he was before, and it had in a way given him.它们帮彼此梳毛, 成为了很亲密的朋友,然后这只兔子生了宝宝,而布鲁纳比之前更快乐,这给了他早晨起床的动力。A reason to wake up in the morning,and in fact it gave him such a reason to wake up that he decided not to sleep.实际上动力太足他干脆不睡了。。He became extremely protective of these bunnies, and he stopped sleeping, and he would sort of nod off while trying to take care of them.他对兔宝宝有极强的保护欲,他不睡觉了。结果在照顾兔宝宝时坐着打瞌睡。In fact, he was so protective and so affectionate with these babies that the sanctuary eventually had to take them away from him.实际上他的保护欲太强,收容所不得不把它们分开。Because he was so protective, he was worried that their mother might hurt them.因为他保护欲过强甚至担心兔妈妈会伤害它们。So after they were taken away, the sanctuary staff worried that he would fall into a depression, and so to avoid that, they gave him another rabbit friend.所以当兔宝宝被拿走后,收容所的员工们担心它会沮丧,为了避免这样,又给了他另外一直兔子朋友。My official opinion is that he does not look depressed.我的专业意见是 它看起来完全不消沉。So one thing that I would really like people to feel is that you really should feel empowered to make some assumptions about the creatures that you know well.所以 有一件事我很想让很多人知道,你们其实被赋予了准确猜测你所熟悉的动物的能力。So when it comes to your dog or your cat or maybe your one-armed monkey that you happen to know, if you think that they are traumatized or depressed,youre probably right.所以, 当你自己的或猫,又或者你认识的独臂猴。如果你觉得它们有创伤或消沉的话,你八成是对的。This is extremely anthropomorphic, or the assignation of human characteristics onto non-human animals or things.他们可以被极端拟人化。即是说,其他生物或事物被赋予人类的特点。I dont think, though, that thats a problem.但我不觉得这是问题。I dont think that we can not anthropomorphize.我们别无他法,只能拟人化。Its not as if you can take your human brain out of your head and put it in a jar and then use it to think about another animal thinking.因为你不可能把人脑从脑袋里取出来。再放到一个罐子里用来思考其他动物的思维。We will always be one animal wondering about the emotional experience of another animal.我们永远会是一个动物好奇另外一个动物的精神体会。So then the choice becomes, how do you anthropomorphize well?所以我们的选择是, 把拟人做得贴切。Or do you anthropomorphize poorly?还是做得糟糕?And anthropomorphizing poorly.而糟糕的拟人实在太常见了。It may include dressing your corgis up and throwing them a wedding, or getting too close to exotic wildlife because you believe that you had a spiritual connection.装扮你的威尔士矮脚,让它们结婚,或跟野生动物靠的太近。因为相信自己和它们灵魂相连什么的。Theres all manner of things.。Anthropomorphizing well, however, I believe is based on accepting our animal similarities with other species.要拟人得贴切我认为是基于接受我们跟其他物种的相似之处。And using them to make assumptions that are informed about other animals minds and experiences.然后再用来做一些假设,使我们更了解其他动物的思维和经历。201412/349864。
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