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新疆自治区中医院治疗青春痘多少钱3 FamilyOne Modern dating现代约会 1 IntroductionA For millions of singles, e-mail has become an essential tool in the dating game. It's a good tool for casually getting to know people. It expedites the whole dating routine.对于成百万的单身者来说,电子邮件往来已经变成了谈朋友期的一个必不可缺的工具。是人们无意间彼此认识的一个好方法。它可以加速别人谈朋友进程。B It's easier to have the courage to ask her/him out over e-mail because it saves the embarrassment of rejection. And you're also not putting the other person on the spot. So nowadays many more people prefer this way to ask people.以电子邮件的方式把她/他邀请出来比较容易一些,不需要有那么多勇气,因为拒绝的话,也不会有那么难堪。而且你也没有把别人杵在一边。所以现在很多人都比较喜欢通过这种方式邀请对方。C There are some popular ways for singles to meet in America. Internet personals are very popular these days. Single people – some are divorced – attend special activities held just for the purpose of meeting other single people.在美国,让单身者互相认识有很多很受欢迎的方式。目前,网上刊登个人广告就很流行。单身者——有些是离过婚的——参加一些特殊的活动,目的就在于结识另外一些单身者。 2 Sample Sentences 1. We talked online a couple of times then decided to meet.我们在网上聊过几次,然后决定见面。2. He lived 180 miles away, but I figured we would just be online friends, and distance was irrelevant. 他住在180英里之外,但是我在想我们只会成为网上的朋友,所以距离不是问题。3. From the very first e-mail exchange, we both knew there was something different - we just "clicked", if you'll pardon the pun.从第一次交换电子邮件以来,我们都知道这里面有些不一样——我们只是连接了一下,(上网连接,感情连接),请原谅我的俏皮话。4. What were the odds that Peter, a PhD candidate from Germany, and I, a public health worker from Los Angeles, would have ever met without Yahoo?如果没有雅虎,彼特,德国的一个士攻读者,和我,洛杉矶的一个公共医疗工作者,在一起相遇的机会又有多大了!?5. So I responded, came to find out I had known this girl from high school and she had a crush on me then.所以我回信了,发现我以前在中学认识她,从那后她就爱上了我。6. When Brian responded to my ad on the 28th of September, I had no idea what I was getting myself into by arranging to meet in person.当九月二十八日布赖恩回我的征婚启事时,我根本不知道安排见面会给我带来什么结果。7. It seemed so difficult to find someone suited to me and Internet made it all so much easier. 找到一个适合我的人似乎很难,但是互联网让这一切都变得容易多了。8. So there I was, browsing the personals and there he was.所以就是在我浏览征婚启事时,而他就在那里。9. We began talking and e-mailing each other daily for a while.有段时间,我们开始每天谈话以及互相发电子邮件. 10. We kept e-mailing one another because we could never catch each other online. 我们彼此保持电子邮件往来,因为我们从来在网上都不能碰到一起。 3 Conversations1. Fast love. Judy: So, where are you going to spend your winter vacation?Charles: Oh, I’m going to meet my girlfriend in Thailand1. Judy: You have a girlfriend in Thailand? Interesting. How come I have never heard of that? Charles: Actually it will be my first time to meet her. Judy: You mean you haven’t seen her before? Then, how could she be your girlfriend? Maybe you don’t even know her. Charles: That’s true. But we have known each other over the Internet for a few months now. Actually we are on an intimate2 level. We even plan to be engaged next month. Judy: Congratulations! It’s good to follow your heart. But I just didn’t expect to be so fast. Charles: The Internet is making interaction3 much faster. People are getting to know each other much more quickly this way.Judy: Probably you’re right. Charles: Don’t call me crazy, though. There are 75 million singles in America, so the market for romance-related Web sites is huge. In the last year alone, nearly 6 million people logged on4 to find their soul mates. Judy: Oh, my gosh! You must be kidding! Then those dating agencies5 must have been closed now. ——那么,你准备去哪里度寒假?——噢,我准备去泰国见我的女朋友。——你在泰国有个女朋友?太有意思了。我怎么就没听说过了?——老实说这将会是我第一次见到她。——你是说你以前还没见过她?那么,她又怎么会是你的女朋友呢?也许你根本不了解她。——也许。但是现在我们在网上已经认识几个月了。实际上,我们关系很亲密。我们甚至打算下个月定婚。——恭喜!跟着感觉走是好的。但是我只是没想到会这么快。——互联网使相互交流更快了。通过这种方式,人们可以更快地了解对方。——也许你说得对。——但不要叫我疯狂。美国有七千五百万单身者,所以与谈情说爱相关的网站市场很大。就去年一年,将近六百万的人上网寻找爱情。——哦,天啊!你肯定在说笑!这么说那些婚姻介绍所现在都该关门了。2. Over the Internet. Tina: What are you up to? Allen: I'm busy chatting with someone over the Internet. Tina: Over the Internet? Who? Allen: Some girl I met in a chat room. Tina: Really? I rarely go to those things; there are too many weirdoes6. Allen: Maybe you're just not going to the right ones. I know where to look, and because I've found the perfect girl for me.Tina: Perfect girl? What has she told you about herself?Allen: Well, let's see… she's a twenty year old college student studying literature7 at Harvard, and she's a former model. Tina: Seems good so far. Anything else you know about her?Allen: What else do I need to know? Tina: Well, it sounds a bit sketchy8 to me. I mean, what else do you really know about her? Allen: Listen, why do you need to rain on my parade9? Tina: I'm not saying there's anything wrong, only that you should be careful. There are a lot of pranksters10 on the Internet. Allen: I don't care what you say. I love Jasmine and she loves me!Tina: Loves you? How long have you two been chatting?Allen: About two hours. But I know it is love.Tina: Here, let's learn more about your chat partner… here, see? It says that your ‘perfect’ girl is a twelve-year-old boy. He's been playing with you for over two hours. Allen: Damn!——你最近在忙什么?——我忙于和别人在互联网上聊天。——在互联网上?谁?——我在聊天室遇到的一个女孩。——真的吗?我很少做这些事;怪人很多。——或许你只是没有去对地方。我知道去那儿看,因为我碰到了我理想中的女孩。——理想中的女孩?她告诉过你有关她的什么?——唔,让我想想……她是一名21岁的大学生,在哈佛大学学文学,而且她以前还是个模特。——听起来不错。你知道她其它的事吗?——我还需要知道什么?——唔,在我看来听起来有点不完全。我是说,你真的知道她其它的事情吗?——听着,你为什么要给我泼冷水?——我没有说有什么问题,只是你应该小心。互联网上有许多恶作剧的人。——我不介意你说什么。我爱茉莉,而且她也爱我!——爱你?你们俩聊天有多久了?——大约两小时。但我知道那是爱。——这儿,让我们对你的聊天朋友多做些了解……这儿,看见了吗?上面说你“理想中的”女孩是一个12岁的男孩。他已经玩弄你两个多小时了。——该死!3. Some good ways to meet people.James: This has got to stop! Another Friday night without a date! What can I do?Joanna: What about looking through the personal ads on the Internet? That’s how I met Steven. James: Actually, I’ve tried that. But the people you meet are always different from what you expect. Mike: Do you often go to a chat room on the Internet?Joanna: No, that’s the last thing I would do. You never know what kind of people you’re talking to. People hide their true status11. It’s just a waste of time. Mike: I bet many people don’t agree with you. They think it’s very interesting and relaxing. They find an outlet12 to express their inner13 feelings, which they may not want to talk about to anyone in person.Joanna: But a lot of traps14 too. To tell you the truth, I was trapped one time and it really hurt my feelings. The Internet pal turned out to be homosexual15. Mike: Well, why don’t you join a dating service? A friend of mine met his wife that way. Joanna: That’s not a bad idea.Mike: Also, it might be a good idea to check out single’s night at the bookstore. Joanna: Yeah. If I don’t find a date, at least I might find a good book! ——不能再这样下去了!又一个星期五的晚上没有约会! 我怎么办?——去网上浏览一下征婚启事怎么样?我就是这样认识斯蒂芬的。——其实我也试过。但是你遇见的人总是和你所期待的很不一样。——你经常上网聊天吗?——不,这是我最不愿做的事。你根本想不到你是在和什么样的人谈话。人们隐藏他们的真实身份。这只是浪费时间。——我想很多人不会同意你的意见。他们认为这很有意思,很令人轻松。他们找到一个出口发泄他们内心深处的感情,这些他们可能不想面对面地和任何人讲的感情。——但是也有很多陷阱。说实话,我就被陷进去一次,这真伤了我的感情。网友结果是个同性恋。——那么,你为什么不参加一个婚介机构?我的一个朋友就那样认识了他的妻子。——这个主意不错。——而且,去书店的单身晚会看看,可能也不失为一个好主意。——是啊。如果我没有找到一个伴,至少我可能找到一本好书!4 Words and Expressions1. Thailand 泰国2. intimate 亲密的,熟悉的 3. interaction 互相影响,交互 4. log on ]开机5. dating agency 约会代办处6. weirdo 怪人;怪物7. literature 文学;文学作品8. sketchy 概略的;不完全的9. rain on my parade 破坏气氛,泼冷水10. prankster 爱开玩笑的人;恶作剧的人11. status 地位,身份12. outlet 出口;发泄途径(或方法)13. inner 内部的,里面的14. trap 陷阱,圈套,诡计15. homosexual 同性恋的,同性恋者 /200603/5415乌鲁木齐天山区减肥医院哪家好【中文这样说】一般情况下,萨姆很难按时完成作业。【英文对比翻译】Chinese Style——Most of the time, it is difficult for Sam in finishing his work on time.American Style— Most of the time, it is difficult for Sam to finish his work on time. /200604/6458克拉玛依处女膜修复多少钱

新疆自治区人民医院激光去痣多少钱乌鲁木齐面部脱腋毛哪家医院好【中文这样说】我习惯于早睡早起。【英文对比翻译】Chinese Style I make a rule of going to bed early and get up early.American Style I make a rule to keep early hours. /200604/6378And Im not just talking about your love lives, either 这里说的显然不只是爱情生活I am talking about all those papers you poured your heart into 我讲的是你们倾注心血完成的那些论文all those caffeine-fueled all-nighters 所有那些靠咖啡因撑的不眠之夜those moments of anxiety as you set out on your own 以及寻找能够交心的朋友looking to find new friends you clicked with and a new community to call your own 和有归属感的群体时 那种焦躁不安的心情And for so many of you, I know that graduating from college我知道对于你们很多人 大学毕业was not a foregone conclusion 并不是早已成定局的事情Some of you came from high schools that dont send a lot of kids to college 有些人来自没有多少学生能读上大学的高中Some of you had to work full time so that you could not only pay for your degree 有些人需要专职工作 不仅需要赚钱付学费but also support your family 还要撑自己的家庭And so many of you, as Ive seen, are first in your 我知道 你们很多人 都是家里families to graduate from college 第一位大学毕业生So, I know you faced all kinds of doubts and uncertainties所以我知道 你们首次来到这个校园时when you first showed up on this campus心里充满了各种疑惑和不确定感And I know a little bit about that from my own experiences 我个人经历中 也曾感受到这些As youve heard, my parents were working folks 你们也听说了 我父母都是普通劳动者who never earned a degree past high school 他们甚至没有高中文凭They didnt have a lot of money 他们也没有什么钱So sending me and my brother to school was a huge sacrifice for them 供我和哥哥上学 他们作出了巨大牺牲The vast majority of our tuition came from loans and grants 我们的绝大部分学费来自贷款和补助But let me tell you, every month my father would write out his small check 不过我要告诉你们 我父亲每月都会开出他的小额票He was determined to pay his portion of that tuition right on time 他下定决心按时付他那部分的学费even if it meant taking out loans when he fell short 哪怕当他没钱时 这意味着要去借钱See, what our parents had to offer us was a whole lot of love 可以看到 我们的父母 为我们提供的是深深的爱201603/432180吐鲁番去咖啡斑多少钱英语日常口语 17:Booking tickets本单元是关于订票的对话。Agent: Good morning, London Attractions.Michal: I'd like to book two tickets for next week. For River Boat cruise please. Agent: OK. When?Michal: Next Thuesday.Agent: Sorry?Michal: Thuesday.Agent: I'm sorry sir, is that Tuesday the first or Thursday the third? Michal: Thursday the third. Agent: Right, and what time would you like?Michal: In an evening.Agent: Because it's winter, the last trip is at 7.00. Is that OK? Michal: Yes thanks.Agent: OK, just let me put you on hold for a moment please?Vocabulary:To put someone on hold (used in business telephoning): To ask a phone caller to wait (usually music is played while s/he is waiting).本单元的语言点是冠词,英语中有三个冠词,下面是关于冠词的用法。There are three types of articles in English. The definite article (the), the indefinite article (a or an) and the zero article (when we don't use a, an or the). Here are some of the rules about when we use each of them:The indefinite article (a or an)To refer to something (that is singular and countable) for the first time in a conversation or piece of text:She's got a dog and a cat. Do you want to see a film tonight?With job titles, professions or to explain what people do: She's an artist.Alice is a nurse.Helen's a student.He's a house-husband. Note: He's an unemployed. (incorrect) He's unemployed. (correct) With expressions of quantity:a pair of, a few, a little, a piece of, a bit of, a hundred, a thousand, a million, an hour, a day, a weekThe definite article (the)To refer to something (that is singular or plural, countable or uncountable) when both the writer and er, or speaker and listener, know which thing is being referred to: She's got a dog and a cat. The dog is friendly but the cat always scratches me. Do you want to see a film tonight? Yes, let's see the new Harry Potter one. With rivers, seas and mountain ranges: the Thames , the Atlantic , the Alps Where there is only one of these things or people: the White House, the moon, the UN, the EU, the president With superlative adjectives: She's the best in the class at English. They're the fastest team in the race.The zero article (when we don't use any article) To refer to something (that is plural or uncountable) when talking about things in general: France makes very good cheese. She hates that kind of music. That shop sells fantastic cakes, sweets and chocolates. With streets, cites, countries, mountains:Fifth Avenue, Beijing, India, Mount Fuji With some places and some modes of transport:to/in bed, at home, to/at work, at/to school/college/university, by bus/train/car, on foot /200707/15909阿图什市做黑脸娃娃多少钱

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