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黄氏星宸激光去痘手术多少钱重庆纹身价格有声名著之双城记CHAPTER VIHundreds of PeopleTHE quiet lodgings of Doctor Manette were in a quiet street-corner not far from Soho-square. On the afternoon of a certain fine Sunday when the waves of four months had rolled over the trial for treason, and carried it, as to the public interest and memory, far out to sea, Mr. Jarvis Lorry walked along the sunny streets from Clerkenwell where he lived, on his way to dine with the Doctor. After several relapses into business-absorption, Mr. Lorry had become the Doctor's friend, and the quiet street-corner was the sunny part of his life. On this certain fine Sunday, Mr. Lorry walked towards Soho, early in the afternoon, for three reasons of habit. Firstly, because, on fine Sundays, he often walked out, before dinner, with the Doctor and Lucie; secondly, because, on unfavourable Sundays, he was accustomed to be with them as the family friend, talking, ing, looking out of window, and generally getting through the day; thirdly, because he happened to have his own little shrewd doubts to solve, and knew how the ways of the Doctor's household pointed to that time as a likely time for solving them. A quainter corner than the corner where the Doctor lived, was not to be found in London. There was no way through it, and the front windows of the Doctor's lodgings commanded a pleasant little vista of street that had a congenial air of retirement on it. There were few buildings then, north of the Oxford-road, and forest-trees flourished, and wild flowers grew, and the hawthorn blossomed, in the now vanished fields. As a consequence, country airs circulated in Soho with vigorous freedom, instead of languishing into the parish like stray paupers without a settlement; and there was many a good south wall, not far off, on which the peaches ripened in their season. The summer light struck into the corner brilliantly in the earlier part of the day; but, when the streets grew hot, the corner was in shadow, though not in shadow so remote but that you could see beyond it into a glare of brightness. It was a cool spot, staid but cheerful, a wonderful place for echoes, and a very harbour from the raging streets. There ought to have been a tranquil bark in such an anchorage, and there was. The Doctor occupied two floors of a large still house, where several callings purported to be pursued by day, but whereof little was audible any day, and which was shunned by all of them at night. In a building at the back, attainable by a court-yard' where a plane-tree rustled its green leaves, church-organs claimed to be made, and silver to be chased, and likewise gold to be beaten by some mysterious giant who had a golden arm starting out of the wall of the front hall--as if he had beaten himself precious, and menaced a similar conversion of all visitors. Very little of these trades, or of a lonely lodger rumoured to live up-stairs, or of a dim coach-trimming maker asserted to have a counting-house below, was ever heard or seen. Occasionally, a stray workman putting his coat on, traversed the hall, or a stranger peered about there, or a distant clink was heard across the court-yard, or a thump from the golden giant. These, how-ever, were only the exceptions required to prove the rule that the sparrows in the plane-tree behind the house, and the echoes in the corner before it, had their own way from Sunday morning unto Saturday night. Doctor Manette received such patients here as his old reputation, and its revival in the floating whispers of his story, brought him. His scientific knowledge, and his vigilance and skill in conducting ingenious experiments, brought him other-wise into moderate request, and he earned a, much as he wanted. These things were within Mr. Jarvis Lorry's knowledge, thoughts, and notice, when he rang the door-bell of the tranquil house in the corner, on the fine Sunday afternoon. `Doctor Manette at home?' Expected home. `Miss Lucie at home?' Expected home. `Miss Pross at home?' Possibly at home, but of a certainty impossible for hand-maid to anticipate intentions of Miss Pross, as to admission or denial of the fact. `As I am at home myself,' said Mr. Lorry, `I'll go up-stairs.' Although the Doctor's daughter had known nothing of the country of her birth, she appeared to have innately derived from it that ability to make much of little means, which is one of its most useful and most agreeable characteristics. Simple as the furniture was, it was set off by so many little adornments, of no value but for their taste and fancy, that its effect was delightful. The disposition of everything in the rooms, from the largest object to the least; the arrangement of colours, the elegant variety and contrast obtained by thrift in trifles, by delicate hands, clear eyes, and good sense; were at once so pleasant in themselves, and so expressive of their originator, that, as Mr. Lorry stood looking about him, the very chairs and tables seemed to ask him, with something of that peculiar expression which he knew so well by this time, whether he approved? There were three rooms on a floor, and, the doors by which they communicated being put open that the air might pass freely through them all, Mr. Lorry, smilingly observant of that fanciful resemblance which he detected all around him, walked from one to another. The first was the best room, and in it were Lucie's birds, and flowers, and books, and desk, and work-table, and box of water-colours; the second was the Doctor's consulting-room, used also as the dining-room; the third, changingly speckled by the rustle of the plane-tree in the yard, was the Doctor's bedroom, and there, in a corner, stood the disused shoemaker's bench and tray of tools, much as it had stood on the fifth floor of the dismal house by the wine-shop, in the suburb of Saint Antoine in Paris. `I wonder,' said Mr. Lorry, pausing in his looking about, `that he keeps that reminder of his sufferings about him!' `And why wonder at that?' was the abrupt inquiry that made him start. It proceeded from Miss Pross, the wild red woman, strong of hand, whose acquaintance he had first made at the Royal George Hotel at Dover, and had since improved. `I should have thought---`Mr. Lorry began. `Pooh! You'd have thought!' said Miss Pross; and Mr. Lorry left off. `How do you do?' inquired that lady then--sharply, and yet as if to express that she bore him no malice. `I am pretty well, I thank you,' answered Mr. Lorry, with meekness; `how are you?' `Nothing to boast of,' said Miss Pross. `Indeed?' `Ah! indeed!' said Miss Pross. `I am very much put out about my Ladybird.' `Indeed?' `For gracious sake say something else besides ``indeed,'' or you'll fidget me to death,' said Miss Pross: whose character (dissociated from stature) was shortness.' `Really, then?' said Mr. Lorry, as an amendment. `Really, is bad enough,' returned Miss Pross, `but better. Yes, I am very much put out.' `May I ask the cause?' `I don't want dozens of people who are not at all worthy of Ladybird, to come here looking after her,' said Miss Pross. `Do dozens come for that purpose?' `Hundreds,' said Miss Pross. It was characteristic of this lady (as of some other people before her time and since) that whenever her original pro-position was questioned, she exaggerated it. `Dear me!' said Mr. Lorry, as the safest remark he could think of. Article/200903/64070四川重庆星宸医院激光祛太田痣多少钱 Survivors found from missing ferry 发现印尼失踪渡船幸存者Relatives of the ferry passengers at Manado harbour遇难渡船乘客的亲属们守候在万鸦老港湾 Ten survivors from an Indonesian ferry which sank with heavy loss of life have been rescued at sea after clinging to debris for more than three days. The ferry, the Cahaya Bahiri, was carrying an estimated 500 passengers - most of whom were fleeing from religious violence on the northern Moluccan islands of Halmahera. Setio Rahardjo, head of the government's search and rescue agency, said survivors had confirmed that the heavily overcrowded vessel had sunk after taking on water in rough seas and strong winds. 印度尼西亚一艘渡船沉入海底,人员损失惨重,其中十名在沉船残骸上爬了三天的幸存者获救。这艘渡船,Cahaya Bahiri,据估计共载了500名乘客--多数是想逃离哈马黑拉岛的鹿加群岛北部的宗教冲突。印尼政府救捞机构负责人Setio Rahardjo说,幸存者实这艘严重超员的渡船是因大风浪中轮船进水而沉没的。 Article/200803/31351For the Love of Chocolate! 浓情巧克力Most people know that chocolate is made from cocoa and that the origins of chocolate can be traced back to Central and South America. For centuries, the natives there regarded cocoa as a gift from the gods. But how did chocolate go from being the food of the gods to being the food of love?Around A.D. 600, the Mayas were the main aboriginal group in Central America. They established the first cocoa plantations and used the cocoa bean as the main ingredient in a dark, bitter drink that we would call “chocolate.” The Mayas believed that chocolate had mystical properties---but cocoa also had commercial value. In fact, cocoa beans were used as a form of currency that was worth its weight in gold!Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortez was the first European explorer to realize cocoa's commercial possibilities. When he arrived in the New World in 1519, he soon established his own cocoa plantation. In 1529, Cortez returned to Spain and introduced chocolate---as a drink mixed with sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon---to European society. It caught on---especially with the nobility, who fancied hot chocolate as an aphrodisiac. As its popularity sp, people found new ways to make and use chocolate. These days, chocolate is enjoyed as both a tasty treat and a romantic indulgence. Whether it is in delectable desserts or crunchy candy, people the world over are still in love with chocolate.1. plantation n. 种植地,农园2. cinnamon n. 肉桂3. indulgence n. 恣纵,放任4. delectable a. 美味可口的大多数人都知道巧克力由可可制成,它起源于中南美洲。几个世纪以来,当地的居民把可可看作神的恩赐。但巧克力是怎样从神的食品变成了爱情食品的呢?公元600年左右,玛雅人是中美洲主要的土著居民。他们建立了第一座可可种植园,并用可可豆为主要原料,制成了一种又黑又苦的饮料,我们叫“巧克力”。玛雅人相信巧克力具有神秘的特性,也具有商业价值。实际上,可可豆曾经被当作一种与金子等值的货币形式!西班牙征者赫尔南多·科蒂斯是第一位了解可可的商业潜力的欧洲探险家。他1519年抵达新大陆,不久就建立了自己的可可种植园。1529年,赫尔南多·科蒂斯回到西班牙,他将巧克力——一种混合糖、香草及肉桂的饮料引入欧洲社会。巧克力倍受贵族们的亲睐,他们视热巧克力为一种。随着巧克力广为普及,人们发现了一些制造和使用巧克力的新方法。现在,巧克力被人们当作一种可口的美食和浪漫的享受。无论是在美味的甜点里,还是在酥脆的糖果中,世界各地的人们依旧对巧克力迷恋不已。 Article/200803/30276重庆星宸整形玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱

大坪医院激光祛斑多少钱他承认班纳特是漂亮的,可惜她笑得太多。赫斯脱太太同意他这种看法……可是她们仍然羡慕她,喜欢她,说她是个甜儿,她们并不反对跟她这样的一位做个深交。Mr. Bingley inherited property to the amount of nearly a hundred thousand pounds from his father, who had intended to purchase an estate, but did not live to do it. Mr. Bingley intended it likewise, and sometimes made choice of his county; but as he was now provided with a good house and the liberty of a manor, it was doubtful to many of those who best knew the easiness of his temper, whether he might not spend the remainder of his days at Netherfield, and leave the next generation to purchase.His sisters were anxious for his having an estate of his own; but, though he was now only established as a tenant, Miss Bingley was by no means unwilling to preside at his table--nor was Mrs. Hurst, who had married a man of more fashion than fortune, less disposed to consider his house as her home when it suited her. Mr. Bingley had not been of age two years, when he was tempted by an accidental recommendation to look at Netherfield House. He did look at it, and into it for half-an-hour--was pleased with the situation and the principal rooms, satisfied with what the owner said in its praise, and took it immediately.Between him and Darcy there was a very steady friendship, in spite of great opposition of character. Bingley was endeared to Darcy by the easiness, openness, and ductility of his temper, though no disposition could offer a greater contrast to his own, and though with his own he never appeared dissatisfied. On the strength of Darcy#39;s regard, Bingley had the firmest reliance, and of his judgement the highest opinion.In understanding, Darcy was the superior. Bingley was by no means deficient, but Darcy was clever. He was at the same time haughty, reserved, and fastidious, and his manners, though well-bred, were not inviting. In that respect his friend had greatly the advantage. Bingley was sure of being liked wherever he appeared, Darcy was continually giving offense.The manner in which they spoke of the Meryton assembly was sufficiently characteristic. Bingley had never met with more pleasant people or prettier girls in his life; everybody had been most kind and attentive to him; there had been no formality, no stiffness; he had soon felt acquainted with all the room; and, as to Miss Bennet, he could not conceive an angel more beautiful. Darcy, on the contrary, had seen a collection of people in whom there was little beauty and no fashion, for none of whom he had felt the smallest interest, and from none received either attention or pleasure. Miss Bennet he acknowledged to be pretty, but she smiled too much.Mrs. Hurst and her sister allowed it to be so--but still they admired her and liked her, and pronounced her to be a sweet girl, and one whom they would not object to know more of. Miss Bennet was therefore established as a sweet girl, and their brother felt authorized by such commendation to think of her as he chose. Article/201105/138349重庆星辰皮肤美容医院做隆胸手术多少钱 ;Ladies first, partner?; Edward asked. I looked up to see him smiling a crooked smile so beautiful that I could only stare at him like an idiot.  ;搭档,女士优先?;爱德华问。我抬头看见他一脸坏笑,可笑得是那样的好看,害得我只能像个白痴似的盯着他瞅。  ;Or I could start, if you wish.; The smile faded; he was obviously wondering if I was mentally competent.  ;要不我先来,如果你愿意的话。;笑意逐渐消失了;他显然是想知道我的智力是不是能够胜任这个问题。  ;No,; I said, flushing. ;I#39;ll go ahead.;  ;不,;我红着脸说道,;我先来。;   I was showing off, just a little. I#39;d aly done this lab, and I knew what I was looking for. It should be easy. I snapped the first slide into place under the microscope and adjusted it quickly to the 40X objective. I studied the slide briefly.  我这是在卖弄,不过也就一点点吧。我早就做过这个试验了,知道我要找的东西。应该很容易。我啪的一声把第一张玻璃片放到了显微镜下面合适的位置,并迅速调整到了40倍物镜。我简短地看了一下玻璃片。  My assessment was confident. ;Prophase.;  我对自己的估计很有信心:;前期。;  ;Do you mind if I look?; he asked as I began to remove the slide. His hand caught mine, to stop me, as he asked. His fingers were ice-cold, like he#39;d been holding them in a snowdrift before class. But that wasn#39;t why I jerked my hand away so quickly. When he touched me, it stung my hand as if an electric current had passed through us.  ;可以让我看一下吗?;我准备把玻璃片拿开时,他说了一句。说这话的时候,他的手抓住了我的手,不让我拿。他的五指冰凉,仿佛上课前一直插在雪堆里似的。但那还不是我把手猛一下子抽出来的原因。他碰我的时候,把我的手扎了一下,就像一股电流从我俩身上穿过去了似的。  ;I#39;m sorry,; he muttered, pulling his hand back immediately. However, he continued to reach for the microscope. I watched him, still staggered, as he examined the slide for an even shorter time than I had.  ;对不起,;他喃喃道,马上把手缩了回去。不过,他还是继续去够显微镜。他察看玻璃片的时候——时间比我的还要短——我看着他,心还在跳。  ;Prophase,; he agreed, writing it neatly in the first space on our worksheet. He swiftly switched out the first slide for the second, and then glanced at it cursorily.  ;是前期,;他同意我的判断,并在我们的活页练习题的第一个空白处工整地记下来了。他迅速将第一块玻璃片拿走,换上了第二块,然后好奇地瞅了一眼。  ;Anaphase,; he murmured, writing it down as he spoke.  ;后期,;他低声说道,边说边记了下来。  I kept my voice indifferent. ;May I?;  我尽力保持我的语调如常,;我可以看一下吗?;  He smirked and pushed the microscope to me.  他得意地笑了一下,把显微镜推给了我。  I looked through the eyepiece eagerly, only to be disappointed. Dang it, he was right.  我急切地把眼睛对准了目镜,结果很失望。该死,他没弄错。  ;Slide three?; I held out my hand without looking at him.  ;第三块呢?;我伸出了手,连看都没看他一眼。  He handed it to me; it seemed like he was being careful not to touch my skin again.  他递给了我;看上去他好像很小心,生怕再一次碰到我的皮肤。  I took the most fleeting look I could manage.  我以最快的速度看了一眼。  ;Interphase.; I passed him the microscope before he could ask for it. He took a swift peek, and then wrote it down. I would have written it while he looked, but his clear, elegant script intimidated me. I didn#39;t want to spoil the page with my clumsy scrawl.  ;间期。;他还没来得及要,我就把显微镜递给了他。他快速地扫了一眼,便记下了。他看的时候我本来可以记的,但他那一手秀丽、优美的字把我吓得不敢班门弄斧了。我不想我那笨拙不堪的鬼画符把作业纸给毁了。  We were finished before anyone else was close. I could see Mike and his partner comparing two slides again and again, and another group had their book open under the table.  在所有的小组都还没头绪的时候,我们第一个完成了实验。我看见迈克和他的搭档拿着两块玻璃片在那里比来比去,另外一组则在桌子下面翻着书。  Which left me with nothing to do but try to not look at him… unsuccessfully. I glanced up, and he was staring at me, that same inexplicable look of frustration in his eyes. Suddenly I identified that subtle difference in his face.  这让我无事可做了,惟一可做的就是努力不去看他……结果还是没忍住。我抬头瞥了一眼,而他正盯着我看,眼神还跟原来一样,充满了莫明其妙的失望之情。我突然发现他脸上的微妙差异。  ;Did you get contacts?; I blurted out unthinkingly.  ;你戴了隐形眼镜?;我想都没想就冒出这么一句话。  He seemed puzzled by my unexpected question. ;No.;  他似乎让我这出乎意料的问题给问蒙了:;没有。;  ;Oh,; I mumbled. ;I thought there was something different about your eyes.;  ;噢,;我咕哝道,;我觉得你的眼睛有什么地方不一样了。;  He shrugged, and looked away.  他耸了耸肩,望到一边去了。  In fact, I was sure there was something different. I vividly remembered the flat black color of his eyes the last time he#39;d glared at me — the color was striking against the background of his pale skin and his auburn hair. Today, his eyes were a completely different color: a strange ocher, darker than butterscotch, but with the same golden tone. I didn#39;t understand how that could be, unless he was lying for some reason about the contacts. Or maybe Forks was making me crazy in the literal sense ofthe word.  实际上,我敢肯定有什么地方变了。我清清楚楚地记得,上次他瞪我那一眼的时候,两眼是百分之百的黑色——和他苍白的皮肤及赤褐色的头发形成了极为明显的反差。今天,他的双眼完全是不同的颜色:一种怪怪的浅橘黄色,比淡棕色要深一点,但却有着同样的金色调。我不明白这怎么可能,除非他出于某种原因,不承认自己戴了隐形眼镜。要不可能就是福克斯使得我成了真正的疯子了。  I looked down. His hands were clenched into hard fists again.  我垂下了头。他的双手又使劲地攥成了坚硬的拳头了。 Article/201204/179472西南医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱

重庆做双眼皮The End 结局 It was evening in the parson#39;s house at Emminster.Mr and Mrs Clare were waiting anxiously for Angel#39;s return.一天晚上,在爱敏斯特的牧师家,克莱尔先生和夫人正焦急地等待着安吉尔的归来。‘He won#39;t be here yet,my dear,’said old Mr Clare,as his wife went to the front door for the tenth time.“亲爱的,他还到不了,”老克莱尔先生说道。他的妻子已经第十次到前门探望了。‘Remember his train doesn#39;t come in till six o#39;clock,and then he has to ride ten miles on our old horse.’“记住他的火车直到六点才能抵达,然后他还得骑着咱们那匹老马走上十里路呢!”‘But he used to do it in an hour,’said his wife impatiently.Both knew it was useless to talk about it,and the only thing to do was wait.“可是,以往他在一个小时内就骑到了,”他的妻子焦躁地说道。两个人都知道谈论是没有用的,唯一能做的就是等待。When they heard footsteps they rushed outside to meet the shape in the darkness.他们听到脚步声,急忙冲到了门外,迎接那个黑暗中的身影。‘Oh my boy,my boy,home at last!’cried Mrs Clare,who at that moment cared no more for Angel#39;s lack of religion than for the dust on his clothes.“哦,我的孩子,我的孩子,终于到家了!”克莱尔夫人叫道。在这个时候,她关切的仅仅是安吉尔身上的尘土,而不会在乎他缺少宗教信仰。What woman,in fact,however firm her beliefs,would not sacrifice her religion for her children?Nothing was more important to Mrs Clare than Angel#39;s happiness.实际上,哪一个女人,不管她的信仰多么坚定,不会为了她的孩子们牺牲她的信仰?对克莱尔夫人来说,没有任何东西比安吉尔的幸福更重要。But as soon as they reached the living room,she saw his face clearly in the light of the candles.She gave a cry and turned away in sorrow.‘Oh,it#39;s not the Angel who went away!’可是当他们进到了起居室,她在烛光映照下端详起他的脸庞时,她不禁惊叫了起来,痛苦地转过头去,“哦,这不是离开时的安吉尔!”Even his father was shocked to see the change in his son.They would not have recognized him if they had passed him in the street.甚至他的父亲在看到儿子的变化时也很震惊。如果他们在街道上经过他身旁,他们会认不出他来的,The cruel climate and hard work had aged him by twenty years.He was like a shadow,thin and bony,with no spring in his step and no enthusiasm in his eyes.恶劣的气候和艰苦的劳动让他苍老了二十岁。他瘦骨嶙峋,步伐沉重,目光黯然失神,简直不成人样了。‘I was ill over there,’he said,noticing his parents concern.He had to sit down,being weak after his journey.“在那边我一直生病,”注意到父母的忧虑,他说道。旅程之后,他已很虚弱,不得不坐下来了。‘Has any letter come for me?’he asked eagerly.‘The last one…’“有我的什么信件吗?”他急切地问道,“最近的一封……”‘From your wife?’“从你妻子那儿来的?”‘Yes.I didn#39;t get it until very recently,as I was travelling.If I had received it earlier,I would have come sooner.’“是的,我直到最近,当我在旅行的时候才收到。如果我早点儿收到信的话,我会更快赶回来的。”They gave him a letter that had been waiting for his arrival.Angel it rapidly.It was Tess#39;s last letter,short and desperate:他们给了他一封一直等他回来看的信。安吉尔快速地浏览了信,这是苔丝最近一封信,写得简短、迫切:Oh why have you treated me so badly,Angel?I do not deserve it.You are cruel! I intend to forget you.You have been so unfair to me!啊,安吉尔,你为什么对我这么狠哪?这不是我应受的惩罚,你真是残酷!我要设法忘掉你。你对待我太不公平了!‘It is all quite true!’cried Angel hopelessly,throwing down the letter.‘Perhaps she will never take me back!’“说得一点儿不错!”安吉尔绝望地叫道,信掉到了地上,“也许她永远不会再接受我了!”‘Angel,don#39;t worry so much about a country girl,’said his mother,anxious about her son#39;s state of mind.“安吉尔,不要对一个乡下姑娘过分担心了,”他母亲说道。她对儿子的心理状态非常忧虑。‘You know,I#39;ve never told you,but she is actually a descendant of one of the oldest,noblest families in England,a d#39;Urberville in fact.“你们知道吗,我从来没有告诉过你们,可是她实际上是英国最古老、最高贵的一个家族的后裔,事实上就是德伯。And do you know why I left her?How could I be so narrow-minded!I left her because I discovered she was not the pure country girl I thought.你们知道我为什么会离开她吗?我怎么会这般心胸狭窄!我离开她是因为我发现她并不是我认为的那样,是个纯洁的乡下姑娘。She had been seduced by a so-called gentleman.But it wasn#39;t her fault.And I Know now that her whole character is honest and faithful.I must get her back!’她曾被一个所谓的绅士先生诱奸过。可是这不是她的过错。现在我知道了她全部的品质就是诚实和真挚。我必须让她回到我的身边!”After this outburst Angel went to bed early and thought about the situation.这一番倾诉之后,安吉尔早早地上了床,他考虑着现在的情形,他在巴西时以为,无论什么时候,只要他宽恕了她,他都可以轻而易举地返回她爱的怀抱。In Brazil it had seemed easy to rush straight back into Tess#39;s loving arms whenever he chose to forgive her.However,now he knew she was angry with him for leaving her for so long.然而,现在他知道因为自己离开她过于长久,她对他愤怒了。他承认她的愤怒是合情合理的。于是,他决定给予她时间来思考他们之间的关系。He admitted she was right to be angry.So he decided to give her time to think about their relationship,and wrote to her,at Marlott,instead of going to see her.To his surprise he received in reply a note from her mother.他没有去看望她,而是给她写了封信,寄往马勒特。意外地,他收到了她母亲回复的一张便条。Dear Sir,敬爱的先生,My daughter is not with me at the moment and I don#39;t know when she#39;ll come back.I will let you know when she does.I cannot tell you where she is staying.We don#39;t live in Marlott any more.Yours J.Durbeyfield我女儿现在没有和我住在一起。我不知道她什么时候能回来。若她回来,我会设法让您得知。我不能告诉您她现在住在哪里,我们不再住在马勒特了。你的 J·德北At first Clare decided to wait for further information from Tess#39;s mother,but then he re- the letter sent on to him in Brazil,written from Flintcomb-Ash:起先,克莱尔决定等着从苔丝母亲那里获得进一步的消息。可是之后他又重读了那封写于弗林特库姆地区、他在巴西时收到的信:I live only for you.Don#39;t think I shall be bitter because you left me.I am so lonely without you,my darling!我只是为你才活着,不要以为你离我而去,我会怨恨什么。亲爱的,没有你,我是多么孤寂啊!Haven#39;t you ever felt one little bit of your love for me at the dairy?I am the same woman you fell in love with then,the very same.As soon as I met you,the past was dead for me…难道你没有感觉到过一丝一毫你在牛奶场时对我的爱吗?我没变,我还是你以前爱上的那个女人,一点也没变。当初,我一见到你,过去的事情对我就都消亡了……He was so touched he felt he must go immediately to find her,however angry she and her family might be with him.While he was packing,the letter from Izz and Marian arrived,and made him hurry even more.他被深深地触动了,他觉得自己必须立刻去找到她,不管她和她的家人可能会对他有多气愤。他正收拾东西时,又收到了伊茨和玛丽安的信,这让他心情更为迫切了。His search for Tess took him first to Flintcomb-Ash,where he discovered she had never used her married name.他寻找苔丝的第一步是到了弗林特库姆地区。在那儿,他发现她从来都没用过她婚后的名字。He began to realize,too,what hardship she had suffered rather than ask his family for money.他同时也意识到,不管她遭受多么艰难的处境,她都不愿向他的家人要钱。Next he travelled to Marlott,but found the Durbeyfield cottage occupied by others.接下来他又辗转到马勒特,可是他发现德北家的房舍住着别人。As he left the village he passed the field where he had first seen Tess at the dance.当他离开村子时,他经过了他第一次在舞会上见到苔丝的地方。He could not bear to see it,because Tess was not there.In the churchyard he saw a new headstone,on which was written:他不忍再看下去,因为苔丝不在那儿了。在教堂墓地,他看到一块新墓碑,上面写着:In memory of John Durbeyfield,rightly d#39;Urberville,of the once powerful family of that name,and direct descendant of Sir Pagan d#39;Urberville.Died March 10th,18-纪念约翰·德北,恰当地说,是德伯,这个姓氏的家族曾经非常强大,他是培根·德伯先生的直系后裔,死于3月10日,18时。A gravedigger noticed Clare looking at it,and called to him,‘Ah sir,that man didn#39;t want to be buried here,but in his ancestors#39;tombs at Kingsbere.’一个掘墓人注意到克莱尔正盯着墓碑看,便对他喊道:“啊,先生,那个人可不想埋在这儿。他想葬在王陴那边他祖先们的坟墓里。”‘So why wasn#39;t he buried there?’“那么,为什么不把他葬到那儿去?”‘No money.In fact,sir,even this headstone has not been paid for.’“没有钱呀。实际上,就连这块墓碑的钱还没付呢。”Clare went immediately to pay the bill for the stone,and set out towards Shaston,where he found Mrs Durbeyfield and her children living in a small house.She seemed embarrassed to see him.克莱尔马上掏钱付了墓碑的账,又动身朝夏斯顿去了。在那儿,他发现德北夫人和她的孩子们住在一间狭小的房子里。看到他,她显得有些局促不安。‘I#39;m Tess#39;s husband,’he said awkwardly.‘I want to see her at once.You were going to write and tell me where she is.Is she well?’“我是苔丝的丈夫,”他窘迫地说道,“我想立刻见到她,您本来是要写信告诉我她在哪里的。她还好吗?”‘I don#39;t know,sir,but you ought to.’“我不知道。可是,先生,您应该知道呀。”‘You#39;re right.I ought to know that about my own wife.Where is she?’“您说得对,我应该知道我自己妻子的情况,她在哪儿?”Mrs Durbeyfield would not reply.德北夫人不愿回答。‘Do you think Tess would want me to try and find her?’“您认为苔丝愿意让我努力找到她吗?”‘I don#39;t think she would.’“我认为她不会。”He was turning away,and then he thought of Tess#39;s letter:If you would come,I could die in your arms!I live only for you…I am so lonely without you,my darling!He turned back.他转身欲走,这时,他想起了苔丝的信:“如果你来,我就可以在你怀里安息了!我只是为了你才活着……亲爱的,没有你,我是多么孤寂啊!”他又转回身来。‘I#39;m sure she would!’he said passionately.‘I know her better than you do!’“我确信她会的!”他充满热情地说道:“我比您更了解她!”‘I expect you do,sir,for I have never really known her.’“我希望您是对的,先生,因为我从来没有真正了解过她。”‘Please,Mrs Durbeyfield,please tell me where she is!Please be kind to a miserable lonely man!’“请您,德北夫人,请您告诉我她在哪儿!请您对一个可怜又孤独的男人仁慈一点吧!”There was a pause after this cry from the heart.Finally Tess#39;s mother replied in a low voice,‘She is at Sandbourne.’他从心里发出了这声呼唤,此后,是片刻的沉默。苔丝的母亲终于低声地回答道:“她在桑德伯恩。”‘Thank you,’he said,relieved.‘Do you need anything?’“谢谢您,”他说道,并感到宽慰了些,“有任何需要吗?”‘No,thank you,sir,’said Joan Durbeyfield.‘We are well provided for.’“不用了,谢谢您,先生。”琼·德北说,“我们被供养得很好。”Clare took the train to Sandbourne.On his arrival at eleven o#39;clock in the evening he took a room in a hotel,and walked around the streets,in the hope of meeting Tess.But it was too late to ask anybody.克莱尔搭乘了一班火车赶往桑德伯恩。在晚上11点到达之后,他在旅馆里订了个房间,之后就到街上四处逛,抱着能碰到苔丝的希望。可是已经太晚了,连个可问的人都没有。It seemed a strange place to Clare.It was a bright,fashionable holiday town,with parks,flowerbeds and amusements.对于克莱尔,这是个陌生的地方。它是个光鲜、时新的度假城镇,有公园、花圃和各种休闲设施。This new town,a product of modern civilization,had grown up near the ancient Egdon Woods,where the paths over the hills had not changed for a thousand years.这个新城镇,作为现代文明的产物,在古老的埃格登森林附近渐渐发展了起来,而那里山峦上的小径千年来都不曾改变过。He walked up and down the wide streets,trying to admire the modern buildings.He felt confused.他在宽阔的街道上走来走去,极力想去欣赏这些现代的建筑。他觉得思想很混乱。The sea murmured,and he thought it was the trees.The trees murmured,and he thought it was the sea.大海的瀑瀑细语被他听成是树木的声音;而树叶的沙沙作响又被认作是大海的声音。He could not understand what had brought Tess here.This was a town for relaxation,for pleasure,not for a working girl like Tess.他不能理解是什么把苔丝带到了这里。这是一个休闲、消遣的城镇,不适合像苔丝这样要干活儿的姑娘。There were no cows to milk here,and no vegetables to dig.He looked at the lights in the bedroom windows,and wondered which one was hers.这儿没有奶牛可以挤,也没有蔬菜可以挖。他透过卧室的窗子看着万家灯火,急于想知道哪一盏是属于她的。Before going to bed he re- Tess#39;s passionate letter.He could not sleep that night.At the post office next morning they knew nothing of the names of Clare or Durbeyfield.上床之前,他又读了苔丝那封热情洋溢的来信。那一晚,他辗转难眠。第二天早晨,他来到了邮电局,可是他们不知道有叫克莱尔或德北的人。‘But there is the name of d#39;Urberville at Mrs Brooks#39;,’said the postman.“可是在布鲁克斯夫人那儿住着个叫德伯的,”邮递员说道。‘That#39;s it!’cried Clare,pleased to think she had taken her ancestors’name,as he had suggested.“就是它了!”克莱尔叫道,他很高兴,认为苔丝采纳了他的建议,使用了她祖先的姓氏。He made his way quickly to Mrs Brooks#39; house,following the postman#39;s directions.顺着邮递员指引的方向,他急忙奔向布鲁克斯夫人的房子。It was a large,impressive house,and he wondered if he should go to the back door,as Tess was probably a servant here.But he rang at the front.Mrs Brooks herself appeared.这是一座宽敞、奢华得令人惊叹的房子,他怀疑他是否应该走后门,因为苔丝也许在这儿做用人。可是,他在前门按响了铃,布鲁克斯夫人亲自开门来了。‘Is Teresa d#39;Urberville here?’he asked.“苔莉莎·德伯住在这儿吗?”他问。‘Mrs d#39;Urberville?’“德伯太太吗?”‘Yes.’He felt pleased that she was known there as a married woman.‘Please tell her that a relation wants to see her.Say it#39;s Angel.’“是的。”他感到很高兴,因为苔丝是以已婚妇女的身份住在这里的。“请转告她有一个亲戚想要见她,就说是安吉尔。”‘Mr Angel?’“安吉尔先生吗?”‘No,just Angel.She#39;ll know.’“不,就是安吉尔,她会明白的。”Angel waited in the sitting room,his heart beating painfully.安吉尔在起居室里等候,他的心在痛苦地跳动着。‘Whatever will she think of me?’he thought.‘I look so different,so much older!’He was still weak after his illness.He could hardly stand,and held on to the back of a chair,as she entered the room.“她对我到底会有什么看法呢?”他在想,“我看起来完全不同了,老了这么多!”病后他的身子还很虚弱。当她走进房间时,他几乎无法站立,紧紧地抓着椅子的靠背。He was not prepared for what he saw.Tess was wearing fashionable clothes,and looked even more beautiful than he remembered.对他所见的情景,他没有心理准备,苔丝穿着时髦簇新的衣,看起来比他记忆中的她更为楚楚动人。He had held out his arms,but they fell to his side,because she stood still in the doorway.He thought she could not bear his changed appearance.他伸出双臂,可又垂落下来,因为她木然不动地站在门口。他心想,她不能接受他改变了的模样。‘Tess!’he whispered.His voice was low and breaking with emotion.‘Can you forgive me for going away?Can#39;t you…come to me?Why are you… so beautiful?’“苔丝!”他轻轻叫道。他的嗓音低沉,因情绪激动而断断续续。“你能宽恕我离你出走吗?难道你……不能向我走过来吗?为什么你……如此漂亮?”‘It is too late,’she said,her voice hard and her eyes shining unnaturally.“太晚了,”她说。她声音有些刺耳,眼睛的光芒也是躲躲闪闪的。‘I didn#39;t see you as you really were!Please forgive me,Tessy!’he begged. ‘Too late,too late!’she said,waving her hand impatiently.“我过去没有看出你真正的本质,请你宽恕我,苔丝!”他请求道。‘Don#39;t come close,Angel!Keep away!’“太晚了,太晚了!”她焦躁地挥着手,说道,“别靠近我,安吉尔!站开!”‘But is it that you don#39;t love me,my dear wife,because I#39;ve been ill?I#39;ve come to find you.My parents will welcome you!I#39;ve told them everything!’“可是,我的好妻子,是因为我生了病,你就不爱我了吗?我是来找你的,我的父母也会欢迎你!我把一切都告诉他们了!”‘Yes,yes!But it is too late.’Every moment seemed like an hour to her.She felt as if she was in a dream,trying to escape,but unable to.“是的,是的!可是,太晚了。”每一秒钟对她都像一个小时那样难捱,她觉得自己如同在梦中,想要逃,却不能。‘Don#39;t you know what has happened?I waited and waited for you.But you didn#39;t come!And I wrote to you,and you didn#39;t come!“你还不知道发生了什么事吗?我把你等了又等。可你没有来!后来我给你写了信,你还是没有来!He kept on saying you would never come back again,and he was very kind to my family after father#39;s death.He…’他老是说,你永远不会再回来了,父亲去世后,他待我们家非常好,他……”‘I don#39;t understand.’“我听不懂。”‘He has won me back to him.’“他重又把我拉过去了。”Clare stared at her.He saw her fashionable clothes.He saw her relaxed,well-fed body.He saw her white,delicate hands.At last he understood,and fell into a chair,as if hit on the head.克莱尔盯着她看。他看到了她时新的衣,他看到了她松弛的、保养得很好的身子,他看到她白皙娇嫩的双手。终于,他领会了她的意思,一下子瘫倒在椅子上,像是被人在头上击了一下。She continued,‘He is upstairs.I hate him now,because he told me a lie,that you would never return,and you have returned!Will you go away now,Angel,please,and never come back?’她继续说着:“他在楼上。我现在恨他,因为他向我撒了谎,说你再也不会回来了,可你却已经回来了!安吉尔,现在请你走开吧,永远别再回来,好吗?”They looked at each other without joy and without hope,desperately wanting to be sheltered from reality.他们面面相觑,没有欢乐也没有希望,只是竭力地希望躲避这严酷的现实。‘It#39;s my fault!said Clare.But talking did not help.The Tess he had first loved had separated her body from her soul.“这是我的错呀!”克莱尔说。对是这已经无济于事了。他最初爱过的苔丝已把她的身躯从她的灵魂中分离开了,Her soul remained and would remain faithful to him for ever.But what happened to her body no longer interested her after he had rejected it.她的灵魂保持着,而且将永远保持着对他的忠诚。可是在遭受他的拒绝之后,她已不再关心她的身躯所要承受的一切了。After a few moments of confused reflection,he realized Tess had left the room.His mind was in a fog.He felt very cold and very ill.Somehow he found himself in the street,walking,although he did not know where.一阵胡思乱想之后,他发现苔丝已经离开了。他的心被迷茫的大雾笼罩着。他觉得很冷,极其不舒。不知不觉中,他来到了街上,走着,尽管他并不知道要走向何处。Mrs Brooks was not usually curious about her guests.She was too interested in the money they paid her,to ask many questions.布鲁克斯夫人平常不太爱管客人们的闲事。她太关心他们付给她的钱了,顾不上问许多问题。However,Angel Clare#39;s visit to her wealthy guests,Mr and Mrs d#39;Urberville,as she knew them,was unusual enough to interest her.然而,安吉尔·克莱尔对德伯先生和太太的拜访——据她所知,他们可是非常富有的客人——有些太不寻常,引起了她的兴趣。She could hear parts of the conversation between the two lost souls,and when Tess went back upstairs,Mrs Brooks crept quietly up to listen outside the bedroom door.她能断断续续地听到一点儿这两个失魂落魄的人之间的谈话。当苔丝返回到楼上时,布鲁克斯夫人也蹑手蹑脚地摸上来,偷偷地在卧室门外听着。She heard Tess sobbing,and through the keyhole could see her half lying over the breakfast table.她听到苔丝啜泣的声音,贴着钥匙洞眼,她看到她半瘫在早餐桌上。‘And then my dear husband came home to me…And it#39;s too late!Because you persuaded me,you with your fine words as you did when you seduced me!“后来,我那亲爱的丈夫回家找我来了……可是,太晚了!因为你用你的花言巧语劝诱我!就像你诱奸我时做的那样!You told me he would never come back!But he did!And you helped my family—that#39;s how you persuaded me so cleverly.你对我说,他将永远不回来了!可是,他回来了!你帮助我的家人——你聪明地利用这个劝诱我,But when I believed you and came to live with you,he came back!And now I#39;ve lost him a second time,and this time for ever!可是当我相信了你,来和你一起生活时,他回来了!现在我又一次失去了他,这次是永远失去他了!He will hate me now!’She turned her tear-stained face and Mrs Brooks could see how she was suffering.他现在会恨我的!”她转过那张泪痕满面的脸,布鲁克斯夫人能够明白她正遭受多么大的痛苦。‘And he#39;s dying,he looks as if he#39;s dying!It will be my fault if he dies!You have destroyed my life and his!I can#39;t bear it,I can#39;t!’The man spoke sharply,and after that there was silence.“他命不长了,他看上去是命不长了!如果他死了,那是我的罪过!你毁了我的一生,也毁了他的!我受不了啦!我受不了啦!”那个男人尖声说了句什么,之后,一阵沉寂。Mrs Brooks went back downstairs to wait until she was called to take their breakfast away.布鲁克斯夫人返回楼下等着,等着被召唤去端走他们的早餐。She could hear Tess moving about,and then saw Tess leave the house,fully dressed in her fashionable clothes.她听到苔丝发出了些响动,然后看到苔丝齐全地穿着那身时新的衣,离开了房子。Perhaps Mr d#39;Urberville was still asleep,as he did not like getting up early.Mrs Brooks wondered who this morning#39;s visitor was,and where Mrs d#39;Urberville had gone so early.也许德伯先生还睡着呢,因为他不喜欢早起。布鲁克斯夫人暗自纳闷早上的来访者到底是谁,而德伯太太这么一大早又要去哪儿。Just then she noticed a mark on the ceiling.It seemed to be sping.It was red,and when she stood on the table and touched it,it looked like blood.就在这时,她注意到天花板上有什么痕迹,看起来正在扩散。是红色的,她爬上桌子,摸了摸,像是血。She ran up to listen at the bedroom door again.The dead silence was broken only by a regular drip,drip,drip.她跑上楼,又在卧室门边偷听。死一般的寂静被这有规律的一滴、一滴、又一滴的声响给打破了。She ran wildly out into the street and begged a man she knew to come back with her.Together they hurried upstairs and pushed open the bedroom door.她疯狂地跑到大街上,请求一个她认识的男人同她一起回去。他们一起急急地上了楼,推开了卧室的门。The breakfast lay untouched on the table,but the large knife was missing.They found it in Alec d#39;Urberville#39;s heart.早餐一动未动地摆在桌子上,可是那把大刀子不见了。他们发现它插在亚历克·德伯的心脏上。He lay on the bed,pale,fixed,dead,still bleeding.Soon the news sp all over Sandbourne that Mrs Brooks#39; guest had been killed by his young wife.他煞白地、僵硬地躺在床上,已经死了,还在流血。布鲁克斯夫人的房客被他年轻的妻子杀死了。这个消息很快传遍了整个桑德伯恩。 Article/201203/175512 有声名著之傲慢与偏见 Chapter3 相关名著:查泰莱夫人的情人简爱呼啸山庄 Article/200809/47805重庆星宸医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱重庆哪家医院做祛斑好




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