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动物行为并不复杂,但却是复合的。尼古拉斯·佩罗尼研究动物个体如何—不论是苏格兰梗犬,蝙蝠,还是猫鼬—遵循简单的规则,而共同产生出更大的行为模式。以及这种由简单性导致的复合性如何帮助它们在新情况出现时能够适应。 Article/201407/313141

The State Council of China has released a plan of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, complete with details of the goals of the free trade area.国务院已经公布了上海自贸区试点计划及达成目标的细节。The plan sets out five major objectives for Shanghai#39;s new pilot free trade zone: boosting investment opportunities, transforming trade growth patterns, increasing financial innovation, improving legal regulation and accelerating the transformation of government functions.该计划为上海自贸区设立了5大目标:增加投资机会,转变贸易增长方式,增强金融创新,提高法律监管及加快政府职能转变。And the key areas include finance, shipping and trade. Among the liberalizations within the zone, financial sector reforms are attracting the most attention. The reforms include free RMB currency conversion, the relaxation of capital account controls and the liberalization of interest rates. More detailed policies are expected to be announced at the official launch on Sunday。主要领域包括:金融,海运和贸易。在自贸区的自由化方面,金融部门的改革最为吸人眼球。改革包括:人民币的自由货币转换,资本账户管制的放松及利率的自由化。更多详细政策将在周日的官方发布会上公布。 Article/201310/259337



  I#39;m European champion, so I#39;m not one of the bottle.我是欧洲冠军,我不是普通的一个。I think I#39;m the special one.我觉得我是特别的一个。重点词汇:special one 特别的一个例句:Could you make it a special one?你能不能搞一个特别点儿的? Article/201406/307041

  Northern Canada#39;s wild frontier.这里是加拿大北部荒野Here nature stages one of her greatest dramas.大自然正在此上演着一幕最壮观的演出Every year three million caribou migrate across the Arctic tundra.每年,300万迁徙的北美驯鹿都将穿越北极苔原The immensity of the herd can only be properly appreciated from the air.庞大的鹿群只有在空中才能完全领略它的壮观Some herds travel over 2,000 miles a year in search of fresh pastures.有的鹿群一年得走上2000多英里,才能到达新鲜草场This is the longest overland migration made by any animal. They#39;re constantly on the move.这是动物界中最长的陆地迁徙。它们总是不停地赶路Newborn calves have to be up and running the day they are born.新生的小鹿必须在出生的第一天就站起来奔跑But the vast herds do not travel alone.但是庞大的鹿群并非独自旅行 Article/201409/328533There#39;s a pretty good chance that you#39;ll get a TV series in the States called The Warrior in which you use, what, the martial arts in a Western setting?你有一个好机会能在美国出演一部叫做勇士的节目,在节目中,你在欧美的场景设定中表演武术?That was the original idea.Bruce Lee had an idea for a TV show called The Warrior which later became the series Kung Fu which we all know and love.那是初步的想法,李小龙对于勇士有自己的见地,后来他把它发展为功夫系列,这个系列脍炙人口.David Carradine did a good job but Kung Fu, the TV series, was Bruce Lee#39;s role.大卫·卡拉丁干得不错,但是功夫系列才是李小龙的角色所在.The better guy doesn#39;t always get the job in the movie business.There#39;s a lot of politics involved.Have people come up in the industry and said ;We don#39;t know how the audience are going to take a non-American?;电影产业中,优秀不等于衣食无忧,电影界人际关机错综复杂。有没有业内人士说过我们不知道观众会不会认可非美国人.Well, such question has been raised.In fact, it is being discussed and that is why The Warrior probably is not gonna be on.这种问题的确出现过,事实上还引发过讨论,这也是勇士不能上映的原因.I see. - You see?Because unfortunately such thing does exist in this world.Bruce Lee was a bigger star, both in Asia and America.明白了 -明白了吗.因为很不幸,这种事情确实存在.不论在亚洲还是美洲李小龙都十分出名.He was a world-class martial artist.He had aly done The Green Hornet.And then he did not get the role for being too Asian.他是世界级的武术家,他成功出品了《青蜂侠》,但从此以后再也没机会饰演纯正的亚洲角色.He had such disdain for Hollywood and all those old movies having Caucasian people play the parts of Chinese characters.他十分鄙视好莱坞和所有那些让白人饰演中国人角色的老电影. Article/201312/268209

  在这个简要的演讲里,索格里芬斯揭示了他的发明,以及他的新公司马卡倪能源所开发的:巨大的可以提供惊人的干净和可再生能源的风筝涡轮. Article/201305/241989

  And you were playing with the new player,当你跟新的球员一球踢球,and I know from the first game, I felt that it was going to be a special season.第一场后,我就知道这个赛季非同寻常。重点词汇: season 赛季例句:Man City crush Man ed to win first derby of season曼城队在本赛季的第一场德比中大胜曼联队。 视频介绍:赛季(Season)一般指某些体育项目每年或跨年度集中比赛的一段时间,欧洲的大型足球联赛大多数都是跨年度的,一般是在前一年的8、9月份开始,次年的6月份结束。


  ANNOUNCER: See, if you can I.D. me. 看你能否鉴别出我。I became a U.S. state in 1912. 我于1912年成为美国的一个州。I#39;m one of the ;Four Corners; states. 我是“四角落”州中的一个。And I#39;m surrounded by Arizona, Colorado and Texas. 我被亚利桑那州、科罗拉多州和德克萨斯州所环绕。My nickname is ;Land of Enchantment.; 我的昵称是“魅力之城“。I#39;m New Mexico. And I#39;m the fifth largest state in size.我是新墨西哥州。我是面积第五大的州。AZUZ: The fifth largest state is under a statewide disaster declaration. 这个第五大州正在宣布进入灾难状态。That means government funds will be made available to help people, and that#39;s after severe floods washed through parts of New Mexico. 那表示政府基金会用来帮助人们,那是在严重的洪灾冲过新墨西哥州部分地区以后。People in the town of Madrid are cleaning up from water, mud and coal. 马德里镇的人们正在清理水、泥和煤。Piles of it from nearby abandoned mines broke loose and flowed across people#39;s property. 附近废弃的矿井变得不结实,被冲倒人们的物品上。Officials say the coal doesn#39;t pose any additional health risks. 有关人士表示煤并不会造成额外的健康风险。 /201309/258129



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