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By now, almost everyone is aware of the powerful benefits of meditation. When we become conscious of our breathing and direct our awareness inward, our body relaxes, our blood pressure and heart rate drop, and our brain state shifts from anxiety producing beta waves to the smoother experience of alpha waves.  如今,几乎所有人都知道冥想的好处。当我们关注自己的呼吸和意识时,我们的身体会放松,血压和心率会降低,大脑发出的电波也会从焦虑的β波转为平缓的α波(小编注:β波,人的四种基本脑波之一,在清醒时出现,伴有需努力能够达到的注意力集中。α波,四种基本脑波之一。是连接意识和潜意识的桥梁,是有效进入潜意识的唯一途径,能够促进灵感的产生,加速信息收集,增强,是促进学习与思考的最佳脑波。)  But here's the problem – who has the time? Most of us have jobs to go to, families to care for, and errands to run. In the midst of the chaos of daily life, we simply don't have the luxury of meditating all day like monks in a monastery. There is, however, a simple solution to this problem. It requires that we rethink the very nature of meditation.  问题在于,哪里来的时间?我们中的大部分不仅要上班,要照顾家人,还要料理各种生活琐事。在繁杂的日常生活中,像僧侣们那样冥想实在是一种求之不得的奢侈。但其实,这个问题很好解决!只是需要我们重新反思冥想的真正本质。  1. It's All About the Breath 一切在于呼吸  You can get lost in the details of meditation. You can become obsessed with posture, mantras (repeated phrases), and mudras (finger locks). But reduced to its essence, meditation is all about the breath. We always breathe, but, when we meditate, we breathe consciously. We bring our awareness to each inhale and exhale. So while you may not be able to sit in lotus pose during a board meeting, that doesn't mean that you can't meditate.  你可能被冥想的种种细节弄的摸不着头脑,也可能纠结于姿势、祷文、马德拉舞这样的细节。但是说到底,冥想只与呼吸有关。我们每时每刻都在呼吸,但当我们冥想时,我们的呼吸是有意识的。我们把意识带入每一次吸气和呼气。所以,开会时,你也许没法打坐,但不意味着你没法冥想。  2. Finding the Gaps 见缝插针  All of us, no matter how busy, have small gaps in our day that are perfect for meditation. It might be the five-minute wait in line at the grocery store, the 10-minutes you spend stuck in traffic, or the two minutes you spend waiting for your computer to start up. In these moments, try shifting from frustration to meditation.  不论我们有多忙,也总能见缝插针的找到一些零碎的时间来冥想。也许是在杂货店排队时的5分钟,也许是堵车时的10分钟,也许是等电脑开机时的2分钟。在这些空隙中,试着从“沮丧模式”调整为“冥想模式”。  3. Meditative Multitasking 一心多用  You can also bring meditation into almost any workday task. Take meetings. In my experience, most meetings only require about 50% of our attention. So this leaves about 50% of your attention open for meditation. So rather than getting bored, try meditating. Experiment with bringing your attention to the breath as you follow the flow of the meeting. With practice, you can learn to meditate while doing just about any task – while checking emails, talking on the phone, or commuting to work.  你几乎可以在做任何日常工作时进行冥想。就拿开会来说,大部分会议只需要我们付出50%的注意力。也就是说你可以用剩下的50%来冥想。所以,不要陷入无聊,开始冥想吧。试着将注意力放在呼吸上同时还能跟上会议的进度。多多练习,你将变得能在做任何工作是进行冥想——处理邮件、接电话、在上下班路上等等。 /201109/153869。

World's Tallest Man 世界上最高的人   Sept. 17, 2009 after his Ukrainian rival dropped out of the running by refusing to be measured. Guinness World Records said that 8 foot 1 inch (2.47 meter) Sultan Kosen, from the town of Mardin in eastern Turkey, is now officially the tallest man walking the planet.   2009年9月17日,在乌克兰竞争对手因拒绝测量身高而退出角逐后,吉尼斯世界纪录称来自土耳其东部马尔丁镇的Sultan Kosen为世界上最高的人,他的身高为8英尺1英寸(2.47米)。 /200909/84650。

Rihanna, Michelle Obama, and Stella McCartney. Rihanna joined U.S. first lady Michelle Obama, British fashion designer Stella McCartney and nine others on Monday to be honored as "Women of the Year" .Rihanna joined U.S. first lady Michelle Obama, British fashion designer Stella McCartney and nine others on Monday to be honored as "Women of the Year" .The annual Women of the Year Awards, published by Glamour Magazine for the past 20 years, pay tribute towomen who have made major contributions to entertainment, business, sport, fashion, science and politics.Barbados-born Rihanna, 21, whose hit songs include "Umbrella" and "Disturbia", joined the list after taking a public stand on domestic violenceand urging other women to follow her leadafter being beaten by her ex-boyfriend, singer Chris Brown.Michelle Obama received an award of special recognition for bringing the importance of mentoring to the forefront."She has demonstrated a commitment to helping the next generation of girls expand their horizons by providing them with the information and inspiration to envision themselves as the leaders of tomorrow," the magazine said in a statement.Tennis champion Serena Williams was honored for using her Serena Williams Foundation to give grants to U.S. college students and recently opening a secondary school in Kenya.Susan Rice, the first female African-American U.S. ambassador to the ed Nations, was praised for putting women's needs at the forefront of the American agenda at the U.N. while Maria Shriver, California's first lady, was credited for redefining her role into a platform for change and leadership for women.The winners, featured in the December issue of Glamour magazine on newsstands from November 10, were picked by an advisory board made up of past honoreesranging from Jennifer Lopez to Nora Ephron to Katie Couric. /200911/90366。

1. “dreamt” is the only English word that ends in the letters”mt”.“dreamt”是英文当中唯一一个以“mt”结尾的单词。 /201103/128284。

摘要:颅相学的理论是由德国医生加勒与他的学生斯帕津姆创建的,他们研究如何靠分析人头骨的开头来测定特定的性格与才能。颅相学一度被认为是科学,但现在人们认为它缺乏科学根据。Phrenology is the practice of analyzing a person' s character by examining the shape of the skull. It was developed during the early 19th century by two German physicians. Fanz Joseph Gall and his student Johann Kaspar Spurzheim. Phrenology was once considered a science, but now we know the theory has no scientific basis. So it should be called a pseudoscience.Phrenology was based on the belief that the brain is composed of many areas, each of which governs different character traits and intellectual abilities. Gall and Spurzheim believed a map could be made of the skull to show where these areas were. The strength or weakness of each trait or ability is determined by the size of the area where it is centered. They said they could tell whether a person was a musician, a poet, a businessman, a thief, or anything else, simply by feeling the bumps on the person' s head.Phrenology became very popular in Western Europe and North America during the 19th century. Maps showing the different intellectual qualities centered in each of the brain' s areas were printed and sold in large numbers. Studies on phrenology continued to be popular until the early 20th century. Famous people who believed in phrenology included Queen Victoria of Britain, the American poets Edgar Allan Poe and Walt Whitman.Today, scientists know the shape of the skull does not correspond to the shape of the brain, and there is no evidence that particular character traits are centered in specific areas of the brain. Different parts of the brain have different functions, but the parts interact in a more complex way than phrenologists realized. Nevertheless, phrenology did help pave the way for the scientific study of personality, and thus for modern psychology. /200905/70461。

After Euro 2008, now Austria is preparing to host RoboCup, where 500 robots take to the football field hoping to prove their mettle.Held annually since 1997, the RoboCup, one of the world's largest demonstrations of robotics, will take place in the southern city of Graz in July 2009, organiser Gerald Steinbauer said."Robot-football is more than just entertainment. It is the ideal scenario for developing moving robots in a mobile environment," said Steinbauer, a robotics specialist at Graz Technical University.The 500 robots will be joined by 2,500 human players, with teams competing in four championships, depending on the size of robot.A fifth, completely virtual, competition runs alongside the four championships, with two teams of 11 players pitted against each other in a simulator.A more serious addition to the programme will test the efficiency of robots as potential life-savers in an earthquake scenario, Steinbauer added.On the sidelines of the tournament, international experts will give public lectures on the latest developments in robotics and artificial intelligence. 继2008年“欧洲杯”之后,目前奥地利又在筹办明年的“机器人世界杯”(RoboCup),届时将有500个机器人齐聚绿茵场一展球技。据组织者格劳德#8226;斯坦鲍尔介绍,明年的机器人世界杯赛将于7月份在奥地利南部城市格拉茨举行。一年一度的“机器人世界杯”从1997年起开始举办,是世界上规模最大的机器人技术展示活动之一。格拉茨科技大学的机器人技术专家斯坦鲍尔说:“机器人足球不仅是一种,它是在动态环境中研发可移动机器人的最理想场景。”届时,500个机器人将配备2500名真人球员分组竞技,依机器人体积的大小,将分为四组角逐冠军。而同时进行的第五组比赛则是完全虚拟的,两各有11名球员的球队将在一个模拟器中竞技。斯坦鲍尔说,此外,比赛中还将增加一个更为重要的环节,用以检测机器人在地震环境中的救援效率。除正式比赛外,国际专家还将就机器人及人工智能技术的最新发展做系列讲座。 /200809/49809。

Assuming your doctor approves, exercise can help keep you healthy and feeling good during pregnancy.Assuming your doctor approves, exercise can help keep you healthy and feeling good during pregnancy.While you should avoidstrenuousactivity, light exercise can offer many benefits during pregnancy.The Nemours Foundation offers this partial list:Feeling better, having more energy, and getting better sleep at night.Reduced back pain and stronger back, thigh and buttock muscles.Reduced stress and anxiety.Reduced risk ofconstipation.Less weight gain during pregnancy, and a quicker return to your pre-pregnancy weight.Your body should tell you if it's had enough. Stop exercising immediately if you have any of the following symptoms:Fatigue.Dizziness.Heart palpitations.Shortness of breath.Pain in your back or pelvis. 如果医生允许,“准妈妈”们在怀期间应注意锻炼身体,这有益于你的身心健康。准妈妈在怀期间应避免剧烈运动,但轻微的运动确实能给带来很多好处。杜邦基金会列举了运动能给妇带来的一系列好处:1、可以使你状态更好、精力更充沛、睡眠质量更好2、缓解背部疼痛,增强背部、大腿和臀部肌肉的力量3、缓解压力和焦虑感4、防止便秘5、控制体重的增加,可以使你产后迅速恢复身材你的身体会告诉你运动量是否足够。如果出现以下几种症状,应立即停止运动:1、疲劳2、头昏眼花3、心悸4、呼吸短促5、背部或盆骨疼痛 Vocabulary: constipation: 便秘strenuous: requiring great effort, energy, or exertion(剧烈的;强度大的) /200803/29468。

Peugeot PantsIf you can't afford a Peugeot, just buy the pants! 标致汽车(Peugeot)裤子如果买不起标致汽车,那就买条裤子吧。 /201104/131275。

Breaking up is never easy. Here are some tips to help you get through this very painful time. For more detailed information about surviving a break up, you may want to my article, Break-ups: How To Survive Them* Acknowledge the loss* Let yourself feel your feelings* Be with the pain* Know that you are not alone* Get help if you need it* Give yourself time to heal* Remember that the healing process has its progressions and regressions* Breathe!* Get lots of rest* Stick to your schedule* Keep decision-making to a minimum* It's OK to go through the motions in slow motion* It's OK to need comforting* Seek the support of others* Find ways to be touched and hugged* Find others who have survived a similar loss* Surround yourself with things that are alive* Know that Sundays are the worst* Earlier losses may surface* Be gentle with yourself* Heal at your own pace* It's OK to feel afraid, depressed, angry, guilty, or anything else that you feel* Feed yourself nutrious food* Remember, you're vulnerable* Pamper yourself* Keep a journal* Let yourself heal fully* Affirm yourself* Laugh!* Let go of the loss* Praise yourself for having the courage to relate* Start anew* Invite new people into your life* Develop new interests, and reconnect with your old ones* Connect with old friends /200902/62546。

SIGN #1Your hair has no volume.The top is flat, the sides are bulky, and it no longer frames your features. "If your hair just sits there, even after you've blown it dry, set it, or curled it, at the very least get a trim," says Mark Garrison of the eponymous New York City salon.头发没有形状顶部很平,两边却很蓬松,和你的脸型也不是很对称了。 /201001/95111。