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特别声明:该文章中的迷你对话精选自口语书籍,对话精讲为可可编辑编写。第一、迷你对话A: I want to leave home, mum.妈妈,我想离开家了。B: Why?为什么?A: I am a grow-up, and I can stand on my own two feet.我长大了,已经能够自食其力了。B: It’s up to you.由你自己决定吧。第二、对话精讲【地道表达】stand on one’s own feet【解词释义】to be independent and provide yourself with all the things that you need to live without having to ask anyone else to help you 独立自主,有主见【持范例】Ive supported those children long enough - its time they learned to stand on their own two feet.我已经认为这些孩子够大了,现在是他们学会独立自由的时候了。If he doesnt stand on his own feet at his age, hell lose his self-respect.如果到他这样的年龄还不自立,他会失去自尊的。Websters want someone who can stand on his own feet. 韦伯斯特公司需要有独立见解的人。 I dont want allowances made for me. I want to stand on my own feet for what Im worth. 我不需要谁来原谅我,我应该凭本事自力更生。 第二、 词海拾贝be up to sb.【短语释义1】由......决定I dont care when you clean the house. Its up to you. 我才不管你什么时候打扫房子呢,这由你自己决定。 It is up to you to decide when we will start. 这该有你来决定我们什么时候出发。 I have given you the idea; its technical implementation is up to you. 我已经给你们出了主意,至于技术上的事儿该看你们的了。 Youve got eight hours to make up your minds. Its up to you. 你们必须在八小时内拿定主意。主意由你们去拿。【短语释义2】胜任,适合My passive vocabulary in Spanish would not be up to the task.我的西班牙词汇不够用,因此难以胜任。It s a tough assignment, and I hope he ll be up to it. 这是个艰巨的任务,我希望他能胜任。 There can be no doubt that she is up to the job. 毫无疑问,她是胜任做这工作的。It is evident that he is not up to the job. 显然,他不能胜任那个工作。 /201305/238069。

Subject:I was out like a light. 迷你对话A: Wake up! The library is going to be closed. We have to leave for lunch now.醒醒!图书馆要关门了,我们得去吃午饭了。B: My God! I was out like a light.天啊,我睡着了。 地道表达 be out like a light 1. 解词释义Like a light的意思与“灯”没有任何关系,其实际意思是“睡着”。而对话中在like a light前面有个副词out,即为:out like a light,其意思就带有“不省人事,昏睡,被击昏”的意思了。 2. 拓展例句e.g. After the sustained effort of the day I lay down on the bed and went out like a light.持续不断地苦干了一整天后,我一躺在床上就昏昏入睡了。e.g. After working a twelve hour shift yesterday, I was out like a light as soon as I got into bed.昨天经过十二小时轮班工作后,我一躺到床上就睡着了。e.g. He was out like a light after five beers.他喝了五瓶啤酒后就醉的不省人事了。e.g. Something swished and she went out like a light.只听见什么东西嗖地一声,她立刻失去了知觉。 Ps:leave for something的意思是“离开呆在的地方去做某事”。例如:I am about leave for study. 我要离开去学习了。 /201404/287658。

I enjoyed that,the Grammys are viewed as the most glamorous night,So its a perfect time to look at Glamour Shot in our segment;Hot Glam Girl;我喜欢 格莱美之夜被认为是最光夺目的夜晚 接下来到;Hot Glam Girl;环节 来看看光夺目的照片Karen Brooks from Wyoming Michigan,I went to with my husband to take this photo,来自密歇根州怀俄明市的Karen Brooks说 我跟我丈夫一起去拍的这张照片All the girls wanted to watch him,He didnt know if he should be impressed or embarrassed.当时所有的女孩们都想看他 他不知道该骄傲还是尴尬Im gonna go with embarrassed.我觉得应该尴尬Enga Kerinton from Tacoma Washington,Glamour shots thought this photo was so good,they put it on display and gave it to me for free.来自华盛顿州塔科马市的Enga Kerinton写道 照相馆觉得这张照得太好了 还挂了起来 而且没收我钱Now when I look at it,I dont even know what to say.现在看这张照片我真是不知道说什么是好Say you got your moneys worth.Ill say that.Its quiet something.说你钱花的值 我会这么说 真精Eddie Adams from Mount Prospect lllinois,this is a picture of my mom Terry Lyn.伊利诺伊州Mount Prospect地区的Eddie Adams说 这是我妈妈Terry Lyn的照片She and her friend drove 85 miles from our lttle town to get this taken.她跟她朋友从我们的小镇开了八十五英里去拍这张照片Looks like she has a little bit of black eye there.看起来有点熊猫眼Im guessing somewhere during that 85-mile trip there was an argument that ensue.我猜八十五英里的路程中 发生了点小擦 /201704/502790。

Subject:You cannot buck the system. 迷你对话A: My assistant was promoted only because he came to this company three years earlier.我的助理升职了,就是因为他比我早来这个公司三年。B: You cannot buck the system.你无法抗拒这个制度。 地道表达 buck the system 1. 解词释义Buck作为名词是“公牛”的意思或“美元”的意思,它还可以做动词,意思是“反对,抗拒”。Buck the system意思自然是“抗拒制度”。其英文解释为:to fight against the usual way of doing something。 2. 拓展例句e.g. Its no use trying to buck the system. 企图反抗这种制度是徒劳的。e.g. Dont try to buck the system. Otherwise, you will get fired.不要反对这个制度,否则你会被开除的。 /201406/303692。

大家好,欢迎来到可可茶话会,“有钱就是任性”,这是一句网络流行语,可“任性”的表达你会吗?接下来,我们学习几个相关的短语。1. Youll never persuade him; hes as stubborn as a mule. 前半句是说“你永远也说不了他”,persuade是“说”的意思。为什么呢?Hes as stubborn as a mule. As...as短语表示“像...一样”。Stubborn是形容词,“顽固”的意思,mule则是一种动物——骡子。中文里咱们常说某个人倔得跟头驴一样,英文里也差不多,只不过把驴换成了骡子(mule)。看来这种动物的任性指数在人类心中还是蛮高的。Be as stubborn as a mule就是指非常顽固。Youll never persuade him; hes as stubborn as a mule. 你永远也说不了他的,他特别顽固。2. They dug in their heels and wouldnt lower the price.他们一点儿也不让步,不肯再降价了。dig,有挖的意思.Dig in ones heels把某人的脚后跟挖进去就是指绝不妥协。想象一下,如果别人要拉你走,为了使自己还呆在原来的位置,你也许就会立起脚尖,把脚后跟陷入泥土里。任性的人从来都不肯退让,按照自己的想法来,那是必须的,英文里表示这种执拗就可以用上这个短语,Dig in ones heels站稳脚后跟,绝对不动摇。They dug in their heels and wouldnt lower the price.他们一点儿也不让步,不肯再降价了。3. He runs the business with a firm hand.他以铁腕作风打理生意。Run business表示做生意,经商,做买卖,用a firm hand来打理生意。那么什么是firm hand呢?Firm在这里表示“坚固的”,a firm hand其实就是我们说的“铁腕”,严格得没商量、雷厉风行的果敢风格。统治者以铁的手腕统治着这个国家。The governor ruled the country with a firm hand.他以铁腕作风打理生意。He runs the business with a firm hand.这里是,今天我们学习的短语是:as stubborn as a mule/dig in ones heels/a firm hand。关注,更多口语知识等你来掌握,今天的节目就到这里,我是Canace,感谢收听,再见! /201510/402667。

特别声明:改节目中的迷你对话精选自口语书籍,其余讲解部分均为可可原创。迷你对话:A: There was something wrong with the plane last Thursday.上周四飞机出事了。B: Which flight?哪个航班?A: Flight 198. Fortunately, there were few passengers.198航班,幸运的是,飞机上的乘客不多。B: How about the passengers?那么现在乘客情况如何?A: Well, all the passengers and crew members landed on their feet finally.哦,所有的乘客和机组人员最后都幸免于难。地道表达:land on one’s feet解词释义:该短语的字面意思为“双脚着地”,作为口语的意思是“安全脱离困境”“(无论发生什么)总会成功”,所以该短语的引申义为:化险为夷,转危为安,幸免于难等。持范例:Whatever risks Jim takes, he always seems to land on his feet. 无论吉姆冒什么样的险,他似乎总是能免于伤害。When his father was behind him, he could land on his feet, whenever he made troubles.在他的父亲在世时,无论何时他惹了麻烦,他总能非常安全的脱身。It took several years and much hard work for Alan and Linda to land on their feet.Alan 和Linda努力奋斗了好几年才从困境中走出来。 Even through all the changes at work, I was still able to land on my feet.即使经历工作中的所有变化,我依然能安然脱险。句海拾贝:1. There is something wrong with...译文:......出问题(故障了,出事,出毛病)了。例句:There is something wrong with my stomach. 我肚子疼。There is something wrong with the radio, and I cant get it right. 这台收音机有点儿毛病, 我总弄不好。2. How about...? 译文:......如何(怎么样)?使用情境及范例:一、向对方提出建议或请求。例句:How about going out for a walk?出去散散步好吗?How about another cake? 再吃块蛋糕好吗?二、征询对方的看法或意见。例句:How about the playing the violin?(你认为)她的小提琴拉的怎么样?How about the TV play?那个电视剧怎么样?三、询问天气或身体等情况。例句:How about the weather in your home town?你们家乡的气候如何?How about your uncle now? You can’t leave him by himself.你叔叔近来身体好吗?你们不能单独让他生活。四、寒暄时用作承接上下文的转折语。例句:I am from Beijing. How about you?我是北京人,你呢?五、对所陈述的情况做出反诘,常给予对方一种暗示。例如:How about that time you left your key to the office at home?那次你将办公室的要是忘在家里算是怎么回事呀? /201212/211655。

come/go with the territory to be a normal and accepted part of a particular job, situation, etc. 成为必然的部份(或结果) ,是...难免的put your foot in your mouthto say or do something that upsets, offends or embarrasses somebody (在语言或行为上)使人不安,冒犯别人,使人尴尬 /12/92050。

网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。 本期节目的topic:吃喝不愁 周末过后,迎来了忙碌的周一。很多上班一族都说周一是 非常忙碌的。在你忙得焦头烂额的时候,你是否向往吃喝不愁的生活呢? 今天是教师节,Ukki祝福全天下所有的老师节日快乐。教师,多少人向往的不愁吃穿的职位。Pretty不是个生词,它的意思是“漂亮的“, 但是习惯用语sitting pretty可不是“坐著很漂亮”的意思。 让我们从下面这个例子来体会sitting pretty这个表达的确切含义:    My friend Joe has been a poor farmer working hard all his life. But hes sitting pretty now on: a big oil company found a big pool of oil under his land and today hes a millionaire.  我的朋友Joe向来是个辛劳耕作的穷苦农民,然而一家大石油公司在他的土地下发现了一大片油田。他顿时成了百万富翁,当然从此就不愁吃穿,安享清福了。 既然他的地下有丰富的石油蕴藏,石油公司必然要出高价买他的地。他顷刻间家产百万,再也不必终年操劳,就能坐享其成了。所以这里的sitting pretty描绘的是某人处于不愁吃穿、经济宽裕的状况。  再看一个例子:  Mike really is sitting pretty with his new job.  马克的新工作让他过上了吃喝不愁的生活。 /201209/198761。